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When Chuck, Frazz and Adam touched down at IGE again, they were accompanied by three brand new Transformed men. And although the rate of new initiates had slowed down, it didn’t stop the Greeting Squad from doing what they did best. Justin and Reggie appeared as if by magic, but the three newcomers now understood that there was a deeper connection between Transformed men than mere appearance. The mind link was a form of that, but there was a feeling that ran more subtle and more true beneath that communication that somehow linked them all together.

Reggie was a freckled redhead, an ivory-skinned beauty with mischievous eyes and a ready smile. Justin was his opposite, with olive-toned flesh and dark hair that flowed from his head and waved in the gentle, warm breeze like a pennant. They stood hand in hand at the edge of the broad, white sand beach and watched the group descend. Justin’s mouth was touched with a slim, sideways grin as he looked at Chuck that spoke volumes. “Why, if it isn’t Chucker the Fucker! I thought we were rid of you and your sexy shenanigans once and for all.”

“Fuck you,” he answered playfully, gifting them both with deep, tongue-wrestling kisses.

“Time enough for play later, Charles. And Frazz, too! Looking ever so dashing and lickable.” Frazz beamed at the pair and posed his collection of dark-skinned brawn into raw muscular beauty. Adam rushed forward and took Justin and Reggie into his loving embrace, and was rewarded with kisses in return. “Hello, Adam.”


“But who are these lovely new friends you’ve brought with you! Greetings, gentlemen, and welcome to paradise. My name is Justin…”

“And I’m Reggie. I do hope you’re not too tired from your flight, I’m sure there are a few dozen men here who will be just too excited to see such handsome young things to be able to avoid fucking you into next Sunday.”

“What a friendly place!” said Moose, smiling brightly. “My name’s Moose.”

“Not really!”

Moose nodded. “At least, that’s what everyone calls me.”

“Well, it’s quite lovely and apropos. You’re as big as a moose and I’ll bet you’re quite…”

“Don’t say it.”



“Silly boy. Mooses don’t have horns!” Justin face scrunched up. “It is ‘mooses,’ right? Or is meese?”

“Moosi.” Reggie stepped forward and kissed Moose, Tommy and Jeff in order. “Well, Chuck, I can see your talent for picking out the best ones is still quite perfect. I may just have to claim the first fuck with this one for myself,” he said, poking Tommy’s meaty chest with his finger. “And he blushes! My god, I haven’t seen a man blush in months. You, my young pup, are definitely mine for the next hour or two.” He kissed him again, pressing his well-muscled form forward against Tommy’s firm body and grabbing his hardening dick in his capable grip.

Moose and his friends had been fully Transformed by Chuck and Frazz in a rather extended and enjoyable 6-way back in town. The logistics of which would be very difficult to describe, but just as entertaining to observe.

Start with six incredibly beautiful, highly sexed, overly horny men. Each stands in excess of six feet tall, most nearing six-and-a-half, with bodies that look like they’ve each been enjoying daily workouts at the gym since they were twelve years old. Fat muscle bodies line their limbs, chests uniformly wide and thick, some coated in dark curling forests of man fur, others smooth and clean. Looking down from their well defined torsos and yard-wide shoulders, one would observe that each man was also somewhat overly endowed by nature with a huge, thick, long, vein-covered prick overhanging a pair of fat, round, low-hanging balls. This set of equipment would be utterly unbelievable due to its size and unusually beautiful appearance if it were not hanging off these well-muscled and incredibly flexible bodies.

The action would begin as the men began to kiss and grope each other, exploring their powerful muscles and silken flesh with large hands that twisted nipples and caressed butts and dug fingers into moist, hungry holes. Those muscles would flex and twist and bulge under that tanned and flawless skin as they moved together and entangled each other in a series of increasingly demanding embraces, pushing into each other and pulling hard to command the attention of another man’s lips, arms, hands or dick.

And those dicks would be inflated to engorgement beyond even what one might have imagined possible, given their incredible size to begin with. “They couldn’t possibly grow any bigger,” one might think, but those words would prove untrue as soon as the brain conjured them as each man’s immense cock swelled fatter still, grew even longer and stretched bigger than imagination could dream.

Then something else impossible would fill your vision, and for a moment you would think that perhaps your eyes had become cameras and you were zooming in on the action, but what was really happening was that these men were growing larger before your eyes.

An arm would suddenly swell with increased muscle mass. A chest would spread wider, the fur growing more dense, the deep cleft darkening as it developed. Necks would thicken, with new cables of brawn stretching from shoulder to ear. And the shoulder it was attached to would also begin to swell, expanding with bands of raw strength, the very muscle stretching and growing and splitting.

The definition of these bodies, so clear and distinct before, would grow incredibly refined. You would watch as each muscle made itself stand out stark and powerful. Training your eye on any single part of any of the men would reveal to you that their bodies were swelling with new muscle, and indeed their frames were growing larger, their very bones extending, and the tangle of muscle and sex and fat cocks and long limbs would be expanding outward as each second passed.

Each man larger now than any normal human male, both in size and in muscular bulk, their development would continue as they sucked and fucked and licked and groped each other. Fountains of white cream would erupt from mammoth cocks, spraying in wide, high arcs again and again, only to disappear as if the bodies were soaking the cum inside. Deep masculine moans of pleasure, low as thunder and strong as the sea, would reverberate through you and shake the ground.

Their bodies would grow sleek and shiny with sweat and cum as they tumbled together and grew larger and larger. Impossible, now, to tell just how big they were. An arm would crawl from the pile and stretch for the sky, and you would witness its entire length swell with power, the muscles doubling in size in the space of your heartbeat, the fingers and tendons of the hand lengthening visibly. Another fat fountain of cum would erupt accompanied by another profound groan of ultimate pleasure. Cocks plugged into asses would pump load after load until it sprayed out and soaked the ground.

And on and on it went, until the six of them achieved the ultimate glory of a Transformed man, super strong, super sexed, super powered and ready to admit you into their fold.

Moose was ready to go along when Chuck asked, “Don’t you think they should be allowed to see the entire storewide selection before settling on the leftovers?”

“Oh, Chuckles, what a horrifically mixed metaphor. But you’re right! How callous of us. Thinking we could keep such delicious servings of fresh meat to ourselves.” Justin pulled his expert touch from the two young men and slapped them on their asses. “You two run along, now, and see what there is to see! If you head off in that direction, you’ll come to The Glade and you’re sure to find someone interesting there. If you’re more in the mood for conversation than connubial bliss, the Labs are off in that direction.”

“Or feel free to wander about aimlessly – you’re sure to run into some randy old thing without too much trouble.” Reggie grinned good-naturedly. “Not that you’re going to find anyone as handsome as Justin and I, of course.” He plumped up his ample muscular frame and ran his hands down the amazing curves of his brawn.

“I think, if you don’t mind, I’ll escort my friends to meet Todd and Carlos and anyone else still hanging about the place.” Chuck looked at the young men. “Believe me, I know who’s worth fucking around here.”

“Well, that’s very true, I must admit. No one’s fucked around as much as you have!”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Justin looked at Reggie, his brow furrowed. “Well, how else would one take it?” •

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