Muscle Drain

The Power of Jason's Muscles


By 2VienyBiceps

Jason wakes the next morning to the feeling of someone's hands groping his still sore pecs and droplets of liquid falling on his abs. He opens his eyes to see Andy, a very skinny version of Andy, straddling him. One of Andy's hands is on Jason's pec. Andy's other hand is milking the last droplets of cum out of his own dick. Jason looks down at his own stomach and sees cum running through the valleys between his defined abs.

"Damn, this is unbelievable", Andy exclaims. "Look at all of this muscle. You're hot as shit!"

"I thought you weren't gay", Jason says.

"I'm not…or at least I wasn't".

"You sure seem to be now", Jason chuckles. He starts to stretch but stops immediately. The pain in all of his muscles is unbearable.

"I've never experienced anything like what happened last night before", Andy explains. "I still can't believe what happened."

"Me neither", Jason replies, rubbing the sleep from his eyes and looking down incomprehensibly at the incredibly sore muscles now covering his body.

"It was the most awesome, incredible experience I could have ever imagined" Andy says as he slowly rubs his own cum into Jason's six pack abs.

"Well, I don't need to tell you how hot it was for me" Jason answers as he fondles one of his new pecs.

"I never had any desire for a guy before, but feeling myself, my muscles, becoming a part of you, it was like I just wanted to be completely inside of you... and I wanted to have you completely inside of me", Andy continues.

"You wouldn't believe how much and how long I've wanted your muscles inside of me", Jason replies. "Shit, I didn't mean to take so much of them, though. Look how skinny you are."

"No, I wanted you to have it all. I wanted you to take everything. All I wanted was to be a part of that body with you".

"I guess that's what I was after also", Jason thinks aloud. "Something just kind of took over. I was like a rabid animal. I wanted every ounce of your muscle".

"I'm completely infatuated with your body. I've been sitting here for about on hour while you were sleeping just looking at it and feeling up all your muscles. I got so worked up, that...well I couldn't control myself".

"I can see that" Jason replies looking down at Andy's still-hard dick.

Jason starts to sit up, but the painful soreness in his abs makes him grimace and lie back down. "Damn, I'm so sore I can't even move".

"I'm not surprised" Andy replies. "Your muscles went through quite a bit last night."

"Yeah, I guess I should just be happy they're so fucking sore", Jason replies sarcastically.

"But, you know what I was thinking, and what really made me just have to beat off?" Andy continues. "You know you said I should be able to build my own body back to the size it was in a month or two, just like I was recovering from an illness, or an injury, right?


"Well, once I build some muscle back, say 20 or 30 pounds or so, you can have that too. Then you'll be even that much bigger!

Jason looks dumbstruck. As much as he had planned and dreamed of having this body, he had never thought past the first transfer of power from Andy.

"And if you work out during the same time, you're bound to gain even more muscle on your own", Andy continues. "But here's what I was thinking that really got my cum boiling. I can keep building my muscle back and you can keep transferring it to your body. You could keep gaining like 20 or 30 pounds a month. I'd be like your own personal muscle factory. There's no telling how huge you could get".

Jason's mind races. He can't believe he had never even considered the possibility before. He had been so focused on his initial encounter with Andy, he had never even thought of what could happen afterwards.

"You could be up past 300 pounds in 6 months and pushing close to 600 pounds by next year!"

Jason's mind starts working through all the probabilities and practicalities. "Why couldn't it happen?", he thinks to himself.

"That's 600 pounds of muscle, Jase!" Andy continues excitedly. "And after that… who knows how much muscle your body could hold. You could be superhuman, a muscle god!"

Jason's mind continues to race. "How far could I go?", he ponders to himself. "What are the physical limits of how much muscle I can cram into myself?" He thinks to himself that theoretically there is no set limit. If his muscles get too big for his body to contain them could he continue cramming and compressing more power into them? He thought of the word Andy used, "Superhuman". Yesterday, superhuman was a fantasy word from a comic book. Today... was it possible that he could actually become this?

"Do you think that would work?" Andy interrupts into Jason's train of thought.

"I don't know…", Jason replies slowly as he lies his head back and his thoughts trail off into world of muscle he had only previously fantasized about. "Superhuman", he mutters to himself as he closes his eyes.

The next day Jason and Andy have both recuperated some. Andy has regained some of his strength and the agonizing soreness in Jason's muscles has started to fade. Jason is feeling well enough to get up and put his new body to work.

"Let's see what these muscles can do", Jason says to Andy. "Help me load some weight on that barbell".

Andy struggles to lift the empty barbell into position on the weight bench.

"Sorry, I forgot, you're not quite up to lifting things yet", Jason says, as he grabs the bar. He puts it in place with one hand and hoists a 45 pound plate onto it with the other. He puts all the weights he has in his home gym, two 45 pound weights, eight 10 pound weights and six 5 pound weights on the bar. A total of 200 pounds. He lies down on the bench and starts doing bench presses. "It feels like there's nothing on the bar", he exclaims as he does 20 quick reps. "I couldn't even do one rep at that weight 2 days ago" he exclaims as he stands up.

"Damn, I bet you could bench about 300 now", Andy says in amazement.

"Obviously bench presses are no challenge. Lets do some bicep curls" Jason says, as he strips the bar down to the two 45 pound plates.

"Jase, no one at the gym can do barbell curls with two 45 pound plates for reps – with the bar added, that’s like 110 pounds. Maybe you should start lighter", Andy warns.

Jason grabs the bar and cranks out 10 reps with still plenty of steam left.

"That's baby shit", Jason says as he throws the bar down. "I'm loading this fucker up."

Jason proceeds to put another 10 pound plate on each side. The weight is now at 130 pounds including the weight of the bar. "Mmm, this feels better", Jason says as his big biceps slowly move the weight up and down. "Look at these huge things pump", he says as his biceps bulge out huge and defined from his arms.

Andy moves around behind Jason, reaches around him and wraps his hands across the working biceps feeling them contract. "Fuck, they're hard as shit!", he exclaims. "They feel like living rocks under your skin".

"Move your hands! I wanna see them pump!" Jason commands, surprised at himself for being so forceful. "Look at my arms Andy! Look at my fucking perfect, huge biceps!" Jason is entranced by his own arms, how strong they are, how big they are, how hard they are, and how they look even more huge now that they're getting pumped up. He moves in front of the mirror where he can watch himself pump his biceps. "Look at me, Andy. Look at this body! Look at my fucking pumped up arms!" Jason throws the barbell down and starts to flex for himself in the mirror.

"C'mere Andy", Jason sharply commands as his eyes fill his mind with images of his flexing body and all it's power. "Take your dick out and beat off while you watch me flex."

Andy eagerly takes his already stiff dick out of his shorts and starts to massage it as he moves in front of Jason to get a better look at all flexing muscles.

"Don't stand right in front of me! I can't see myself in the mirror!" Jason snaps in his muscle-induced daze.

Andy moves slightly to the side so that he doesn't block Jason's view of himself and beats his dick as Jason flexes.

Jason never takes an eye of of his reflection in the mirror. He flexes every muscle, examining and moaning to himself and Andy. "Mmm...Look at these huge thighs with all the cuts and striations in 'em...", he says as he flexes a thigh and twists it from side to side. The leg swells up thick and meaty, deep lines etch between the vascular muscles.

Andy stands 5 feet away, watching the show intently, his skinny arms working up and down on his dick.

"... and these pecs, thick slabs of beef, hard as armor", Jason continues as he tenses and squeezes his pecs.

Jason stares at his flexing body in the mirror. He is so entranced by his own body, he hardly notices Andy standing to the side of the mirror beating off furiously.

"Augh yeah...look at all that muscle" Andy moans, as he watches Jason's muscular body flex in front of him.

"You like all this muscle?” Jason asks.

"Ohh yeah", Andy breathlessly replies.

"All this muscle is gonna make you cum, isn't it?

"Yeah", Andy replies between his quickening breaths.

"I'm gonna make you shoot right now", Jason taunts. "Ready", Jason says, as he moves inches away from Andy's face. Jason is nearly a foot taller than Andy, so his chest is nearly at Andy's eye level. "Set", he says as he lifts his arms slightly. "Shoot!", Jason commands as he brings his arms down into a most muscular pose with his bulging pecs right in Andy's face.

Andy's field of vision is filled with nothing but slabs of hard, striated, thick pecs, flexing just inches from his face. "Uunnngh!", he groans, as his dick shoots a stream of cum against Jason's leg.

Jason brings his arms up slightly and then down again, flexing his pecs even harder.

"AUGH!", Andy screams, as Jason's pecs tighten harder in front of him and another jet of cum shoots from Andy's dick.

Jason squeezes his pecs as hard as he can. Viens pop out from the straining, rock hard muscles.

"UNNGHAUGH!" Andy screams, as another stream of cum shoots from his dick. His balls ache from being drained so much, so fast. But his dick keeps squirting and oozing cum at the sight of Jason's pecs flexing inches from his eyes. Cum drenches his hand and runs down and drips off of his balls. The gobs that had squirted onto Jason's leg run down between the muscles on Jason's thick thigh.

"Yeah! I can make you shoot at the mere sight of my huge pecs!", Jason pronounces, his mind swimming with the power of his body. Not only is his body physically powerful, but it is sexually powerful. And Andy's desire for his muscles feed Jason's sense of power all the more. He has muscle, he has power, and he has Andy to worship and admire it all. Jason's dick, already plump, starts to harden.

"Fuck, those pecs are incredible!", Andy says breathlessly, as he sits, lightheaded, on the floor in front of Jason.

"You like these thick slabs of beef?" Jason taunts, looking down at him.

"Fuck yeah!" Andy says as he looks up, past Jason's rigged abs at the huge pecs hanging relaxed, but thick and heavy looking, on Jason's chest.

"I'm gonna make you cum again", Jason says in an almost evil tone.

"Fuck Jase, I'd love to but my balls hurt I drained 'em so much".

Jason starts to caress and grope his own pecs. "You wanna feel these big pecs, don't you?”, he taunts again.

Andy gulps as he watches Jason feel his pecs.

"You want to feel how thick…and hard…and powerful they are, don't you?", Jason says as his own dick hardens.

Andy nods his head slowly as he watches Jason grope his pecs. He watches how Jason's fingers kneed the thick, unflexed muscles. Then when he flexes them, how his fingers rub over the rigged, striated surface. Andy notices his own dick is rock hard again as he takes a deep breath and slowly, almost trancelike, says, "Ohh, yeaah".

"Stand up" Jason commands.

Andy slowly stands, never taking his eyes off of the thick pecs Jason is fondling.

"Move closer".

Andy moves to within a few inches of Jason again. His eyes are at the same level as the pecs on Jason's 6' 5" body. Jason's powerful body towers in front of him.

Jason looks down at Andy as he continues feeling his own pecs. "Look at these huge pecs! Look at them!" he screams. "Look at all the power crammed in them and how monstrous they are"

Andy's eyes stare at the massive muscles. They seem even bigger than they were just a few minutes before. He notices Jason's nipples are erect and stand out excitedly near the bottom of the huge muscles.

Jason continues alternately kneading and lightly flexing his pecs. "Beat your dick again", he commands.

Andy grabs his dick and is surprised at how hard it is again after he had just put it through such torture.

"Yeah, look at that hard dick. It's ready for some more of my pecs", Jason says in a low voice as he flexes a pec and slides a hand across it's hard surface to one of his erect nipples.

"Oh, fuck! Your pecs are incredible Jase. They've got me hard again. But I'll never be able to cum, I completely emptied my balls already."

"You'll cum again", Jason says confidently. "Watch this!" Jason flexes one of his pecs hard. Striations etch across the muscle as it hardens into a thick slab of concrete. Jason takes a hand and places it at the top of the flexed pec and slowly runs his fingers down it. His fingers trace in and out across each striation. He can see Andy's eyes soaking in the power his pecs possess.

"Ohhh fuck!" Andy says as he beats his dick harder, his balls ache in protest against another erection. "Jase, my balls hurt, they can't cum again"

"You're going to!" Jason says he flexes both pecs in a most muscular pose.

"Ahhh, shit!, They're beautiful Jase" Andy screams, as the monstrous pecs explode with power again in front of his face. "There's just no cum left Jase, I can't do it." Andy whines, as he keeps beating his erect dick.

Jason relaxes his pecs and commands "Grab my pecs! With both hands!"

Andy immediately reaches out and grabs the huge unflexed muscles and begins kneeding them as he had seen Jason doing. His dick stiffens harder as he feels the size and weight of the massive unflexed muscles.

Jason lightly flexes the two pecs. "Feel them as they come alive", he says in a low voice.

A shiver moves through Andy's body as he feels the muscles slightly tighten in his fingers. He notices he is no longer able to knead them. The power they possess is starting to change them into solid masses as Jason slowly starts to flex them. Andy can feel his balls starting to tighten, still painful and empty.

Jason slowly flexes his pecs harder. "Feel 'em harden".

Andy can feel the muscles slowly getting tighter and harder under his fingers. His dick throbs hard, tugging at his balls for just one drop of cum.

"Feel these striations", Jason says as his pecs tighten harder and striated lines begin to appear.

Andy rubs his hands over the striated muscles, feeling the hard ridges. His balls ache with pain as he moves his hips back and forth thrusting his dick into the air. "Ungh, flex 'em harder!"

Jason bears down hard flexing his pecs completely. "Yeah! Feel those monsters!", he says as his pecs explode into full flex.

Andy's hands literally slide across the tight skin glistening on the hard surface of Jason’s pecs. He is awe-struck at the hardness and density of the mighty muscles. "Oh shit, Jase! They're like fucking rock!" He screams as he smacks his fist into one of the hard muscles.

Striations now etch deep across the muscles. Veins, like the ones that fed the huge muscles a few days earlier, start to pop out all over them.

Andy's painful balls draw up into ejaculation position. His dick, still thrusting into mid-air, pulls at his balls for cum. He has to cum over Jason's muscle again - he HAS to. He stares at Jason's pecs as he feels them under his fingers. His fingers explore the striated, veiny mounds of hard flesh. Their grotesque beauty sends wave after wave of ecstasy through Andy's body. His dick throbs even harder. Pain shoots through his balls and they feel as if they are turning inside out. "Ouww, fuck! Jase it hurts!"

"Cum, fucker!" Jason screams, as he grits his teeth and flexes his pecs even harder. "Cum NOW!"

Andy watches and feels the already massively flexed muscles harden even more. The striations deepen and even more veins bulge out all over Jason’s pecs. "FUCK!", Andy screams as he gropes at the inhuman looking beast muscles. His fully engorged dick thrusts wildly in the air into an imaginary hole. His whole body tenses and his balls feel as if they themselves will rip loose and shoot out through his dick. "Aaauugh…FUCK!", he screams, as he digs his fingers in between the striations of Jason's pecs and shoots cum onto one of Jason’s beastly thighs

The sight of Andy cumming over his muscles again sends Jason over the edge. Waves of power and excitement crash through his mind. His realization that his body can make Andy cum again, with Andy not even touching his own dick, makes Jason's narcissistic lust for his own body uncontrollable. He turns toward the mirror again and begins to flex. His dick throbs between his legs as he watches one muscle after another harden and swell. "Suck my dick while I watch myself flex in the mirror!", he commands Andy.

"I've never...I don't know how", Andy replies.

"Just stick your lips around it and hold your head still. I'll fuck your mouth!"

Andy comes over, kneels in front of Jason and puts the throbbing dick in his mouth.

Jason begins to move his hips back and forth to make his dick go in and out of Andy's warm mouth. "Uhh, yeah, that feels good", Jason says as he looks in the mirror at the sight of his abs moving and undulating as they work with his legs to move his hips back and forth in Andy's face. He moves his hips around in several different directions and watches the definite lines between his firm six packs flex and move in his abdomen. He reaches around with both hands and grabs his own ass. It has been transformed into two hard globes of muscle that clench with each small thrust of his dick into Andy's mouth.

"Mmmm", Andy moans as the big dick slides in and out of his mouth. He looks upward with his eyes at the big body towering over him with all of it's muscle. He can see Jason is totally immersed in his own image in the mirror, flexing and groping one muscle after another.

Jason puts his hands on his hips and flexes his lats. It seems as if his whole upper body expands to twice it's width as his lats spread out wing-like. He looks in the mirror at his broad muscular shoulders atop his wide lats that narrow down from under his arms to his slim waist. His obliques stretch down from his lats and sweep into his tight abs as his slim hips keep thrusting back and forth into Andy's face. The sight of this propels Jason to move his hips a bit faster, pushing his dick more forcefully into Andy's mouth.

Andy momentarily gags and then falls into the new rhythm, sucking his lips a little tighter around the big dick.

Jason takes one hand from his hip while still flexing the other lat and feels the wide muscle spreading out from his back. He runs his hand up and down the spread lat noticing that it is not only wide, but thick, as it spreads down from the back of his arm pit. "Yeaah, look at these thick wide lats", he says to himself in the mirror. His hips thrust a little harder into Andy's face.

Jason's narcissistic display feeds upon itself and becomes a frenzy of muscle flexing and self-adoration as he flexes muscle after muscle in the mirror. "Look at me! Look at these pecs and these delts! Look how thick and hard my thighs are!" he exclaims to himself as he works his way through every body part. He thoroughly flexes every muscle, from every angle, feeling each one, exploring every fiber and cut. Jason's eyes never leave the mirror except to look directly down at a muscle as he gropes at it. His narcissistic lust continues to spiral upward. He's in love with the muscles in the mirror, the muscles he feels with his hands, the muscles that flex at his whim, the muscles in his body – HIS MUSCLES!. "I'm huge! Look at the fucking muscles packed onto my body!" Jason says to himself as his eyes stare into the mirror.

Andy, after several minutes of practice, now hungrily sucks at the dick jabbing in and out of his mouth. He is equally entranced by Jason's total consumption with his own body. He can feel Jason's dick grow and throb in his mouth with each new muscle he flexes.

Jason holds both arms straight out to his sides admiring the meat that covers what used to be bony appendages. He twists his forearms around watching the sinewy muscle flex with veins standing out all over them. Then he starts to slowly bend his arms and contract his biceps. Jason watches as his thick upper arms start to thicken even more. He watches as his biceps slowly contract and start to rise from the tops of his arms. The muscles swell larger and larger, the tops of them rising and rounding out. They look like balloons inflating in his arms. "Look at the power in my biceps", he says as he continues to slowly flex his arms. His elbows bend his fists closer and closer to his head as the biceps continue to change dimensions, sprouting taller and rounder on the top of his upper arms. "Augh yeah!", he screams, as they reach full contraction. "They look like fucking baseballs inside of my arms". He jabs his dick harder into Andy's mouth at the sight of the two round, peaked muscles sitting on top of his arms. Jason's mind starts to race as he gets an almost frantic look on his face. He looks at the huge peaked biceps flexed in the mirror but realizes how much bigger they were when he had pumped them up earlier that day. He drops his arms down and, frustrated, says "They aren't big enough, I wanna see them bigger! I gotta pump 'em up again!" He disengages his dick from Andy's mouth with a popping noise, races across the room, picks up two 30 pound dumbells and then comes back in front of the mirror, sliding his dick back into Andy's mouth. Jason then proceeds to start pumping his biceps. "Fuck, these weights feel like feathers. I'll never get a pump from them", he complains, but then realizes they are the heaviest dumbells he has. He considers getting the barbell again, with it's 110 lbs. of weight, but that would require Andy to stop sucking his dick so that he could swing the bar freely. Jason swings the dumbells quickly, trying to get a pump in his biceps. The 30 pound dumbells fly up and down dozens of times. "C'mon fuckers, GET PUMPED!", he screams at his arms. As he nears 30 reps on each arm, the satisfying burn that tells him his arms are starting to swell slowly starts to invade his biceps. He looks in the mirror at the muscles that now curl the weights up and down a bit more slowly. The muscles are starting to look a little bigger. The big vein running up the front of both biceps starts to stand out thick and pronounced. He becomes entranced as he watches his biceps work in the mirror. They seem to grow and get harder looking with each rep. He watches at the beginning of each rep as the long muscles start to contract and swell. As each arm continues to bend, the muscle gets wider and protudes out further from the front of his arm until finally, at full contraction, it is a hard, tight ball. He holds the weight at full contraction, with each rep, squeezing the muscle hard, feeling the tightness of the flex. The dull pain of the pump sharpens with every rep until it becomes a striking, burning pain. The painful pump consumes both biceps and Jason watches in the mirror as his swollen muscles start to strain and labor more and more with each rep. Jason's mind feeds on the pain. He knows the more pain he can endure, the bigger his swelling arms will become. Jason rams his dick more forcefully into Andy's mouth as he watches his biceps swell bigger and bigger and feels the pain become more and more intense. Veins stand out all over the huge painful muscles as they continue to strain to lift the weights again and again. His biceps keep getting more pumped, more painful and more veiny with each rep. "Shit, my biceps are killing me!, he screams at Andy through clenched teeth. "But, you should see how fucking big and pumped they're getting!

Andy, without taking his mouth from Jason's throbbing dick, looks up at Jason's arms, he can see that they really have gotten bigger, a lot bigger. He looks at Jason's eyes. They are fixed on the image of his arms in the mirror with a fierce, unblinking stare.

Jason now struggles through each painful rep as his arms keep swelling larger. More veins bulge out across the tortured muscles. The veins work to fill the muscles and swell them larger "Aughnn! Aaaugh!" Jason screams, now forcing and fighting his arms for each rep. The pain is unbearable, yet feels so good. He feeds on the pain to push him through more reps until finally the weights will move no more.

Jason throws the weights on the floor and stands for a minute as blood continues rushing into his tortured arms. His heart beats heavy and his chest heaves as he looks at his sweat drenched body, with 2 of the biggest, hardest looking, veiny arms he has ever seen, hanging at his sides. The sight is startling and not quite believable. He stands for another minute trying to comprehend the fact that this unbelievable sight standing in the mirror is actually him, that it is his own body. A sudden urge of animal lust races through his body. Lust for the body in the mirror. His body! His MUSCLES! He shoves his dick into Andy's mouth and begins furiously pumping his hips back and forth. Andy gags again but then hungrily joins in the burst of excitement.

Jason holds his arms extended out from his sides like he had done earlier. This time, his arms, which looked thick before, look absolutely massive and vein infested now. His dick throbs at the sight and he works it faster in Andy's mouth. Jason starts to slowly contract both arms. His thick biceps look like loaves of bread as they tighten up to start contracting. The swollen pump in his biceps feels awesome. His arms feel big, hot and tight. He continues to bend his elbows and watches in the mirror as the swollen biceps start bunching up and hardening. Jason watches in disbelief as the pumped up muscles rise higher and higher. The perfect round peaks become taller and taller. His skin shines with sweat as it stretches tightly over the huge, engorged, rising mounds. "LOOK AT THESE FUCKERS!" Jason screams, not believing how big his biceps have pumped up. He keeps contracting his arms slowly, watching his biceps rise higher and more round. As he pulls his fists in to full contraction, the peaks of his biceps rise well above the size they were before he pumped them up. The tortured muscles are now monstrous with perfectly round peaks. Jason's jaw drops as he mouths the words "Holy fuck". His eyes stare as big as saucers at the mountainous muscles rising from his arms. His dick throbs oversized as his balls start to tighten - ready to shoot. His hips start ramming his dick into Andy's mouth at high speed.

Keeping one arm flexed, Jason reaches over with his other hand and lightly touches the huge ball of tortured muscle. Amazement and disbelief still show on his face as he lightly runs his hand over the huge, round muscle. He tries to convince himself of the fact that the pumped up muscle truly is as huge as it is. Slowly the comprehension sinks in. "Look at this huge bicep...It really is real... And it's MINE! Look at the fucking, huge bicep on my arm!" Jason finally screams as he frantically gropes at his flexed muscle, feeling it licking it, examining every inch of it. It's hardness is astounding. He tries to press his fingers into it but can't. He can feel every fiber under the tight skin which tries to contain the massive muscle. Small veins criss-cross like a Boston street map all over the muscle. Jason's biceps had seemed as big as baseballs before he pumped them up, now they looked and felt more like softballs. "Look at me! Look at my fucking arm! It's huge and hard as shit!”, he screams, as he takes his hand off of the bicep, grabs the back of Andy's head and rams his dick all the way down Andy's throat. Andy chokes and gags on the huge, enraged dick. But Jason just pushes Andy's head harder into his groin smashing Andy's nose into his tight lower abs. Jason flexes his bicep completely, one more time, watching the monstrous ball of overpumped muscle harden and rise again. He feels his balls start to unload as he jams his dick even deeper into Andy's gagging throat. Jason stares at his sweaty body in the mirror - taking in the whole scene. Every muscle is tensed in ecstasy. Andy's face is impaled by his dick and that unbelievable bicep rises tall and hard on his arm. "YES! Fuck yeah! Look at me! I'm all muscle! I'm all power!", he screams as he feels cum race through his dick into Andy's throat. Jason pushes Andy's head harder into his groin , jamming his dick deep down Andy's throat. Wave after wave of cum gushes into Andy as Jason stares at his muscles convulse in orgasmic ecstasy in the mirror. "Yeah!...muscle!...power!'s mine!" •

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