Muscle Drain

Jason's Muscles Get MORE POWER


By 2VienyBiceps

3 days after Jason has gotten his new muscles from Andy, Jason wakes in the middle of the night with a hunger - a hunger he has never felt before. It isn't a hunger in his stomach, but his muscles actually feel hungry…hungry for more power. He gets up and hits a few poses in the mirror flexing his muscles. "They aren't as big as they were", he thinks to himself. He flexes out a few more poses checking his newfound muscles carefully. He can see that they clearly aren't as big or as hard as they had been. "Fuck! This can't be!" he thinks, then screams, "Andy! Andy, wake up!"

"What is it Jase?"

"I'm losing them, they aren't permanent"

"You're muscles?"

"Yeah, look - they aren't as big anymore and they feel funny too" Jason replies as he hits a few poses for Andy.

"Shit, you're right. They aren't as big" "Try some lifting and see if they're still as strong"

Jason walks over to the 110 pound barbell he was curling the day before and tries doing some curls. "Fuck!, I can't curl it!" He takes two 10 pound plates off bringing the weight down to 90 pounds and starts curling this weight. He gets to 5 reps and can't go any further. "Fuckin' shit!" Jason screams. "I can't even curl 90 for reps and my muscles all really feel weird".

"What do they feel like?" asks Andy.

"They ache, every muscle aches,. But…it’s not a sore ache. It's kind of a hungry ache…like they need feeding".

"Maybe you just need to work out - pump them up a bit." Andy suggests.

Jason works through several sets of bench presses, disappointed at the amount of weight he is able to handle. He then proceeds to some delt work. Halfway through delt presses he stops. "It's not working Andy. Working out is only making it worse. Fuck! My muscles are really aching. They need more power."

"I've gained back 4 pounds so far Jase, you can have that", Andy offers.

"No, I need more than that", Jason counters, climbing on the scales. "Fuck! I've lost 12 pounds!"

Jason nervously paces the room thinking…then finally makes a decision. "This is crazy. I knew it was too good to be true. I had my dream. I've lived it for 4 incredible days. I gotta be okay with loosing the muscle now".

"Oh, man Jase. You're so fucking beautiful with that muscle body. There's gotta be a way to keep it”, Andy counters.

"No, it would get too crazy. We'd have to bring more people. We gotta come back down to earth, get back to normal, go back to work and live life normally now", Jason says half-heartedly. "Maybe when you gain you're weight back again, we'll do it again. We'll just have a muscle party every couple of months or so."

"Shit, I guess you're right, Andy resigns.

"It'll be okay", Jason says lying back down. He massages a small twitch in his pec and falls back asleep trying to ignore the hunger in his muscles.

Jason wakes several hours later. His body is shaking uncontrollably. The ache in his muscles has magnified 10 fold.

"Andy, it's worse. I can't stop shaking." Jason's voice trembles.

"Shit. I'll get you some blankets", Andy offers.

Jason watches Andy go to the closet and get 2 blankets out. He watches Andy's skinny body with the slight bit of muscle he has gained back onto his frame as Andy walks across the room. Andy's stringy muscles look so good. Jason imagines how good it would feel to have that 5 or 10 pounds of muscle on Andy's body in his own body. It would be maybe just enough to quench his body's thirst for more muscle. "Just a little", he thinks as he watches Andy's skinny arms spread the blanket over him. "That's all I need". Jason's hands start to reach toward Andy. His muscles stop trembling as his eyes fix on Andy's pecs that show a faint outline of the ribs beneath them. "Just a little muscle. That's all I need", he says as he grabs Andy's arms.

Andy immediately melts into a trance-like ecstasy at the touch of Jason's hands. "Ohh yeaahh Jase! Take it - take my body."

Jason's body starts automatically connecting to Andy's body, searching through his muscles for their power, preparing to pull the power from them. Jason's body shivers with anticipation as it quickly finds all the power in Andy's recovering body. Jason feels his fingers start to tingle as the power from Andy's body starts to move toward them.

"Yeah, Jase, take it all. Feed those muscles. Make my body yours" Andy moans.

Jason looks at Andy in a sudden realization of horror. He feels his muscles grabbing and pulling at Andy's body, starting to rip every ounce of power from the skinny body. "No!" he screams as he tries to release his grip from Andy's arms. "Stop!" Jason's body has taken control. His body’s only want is to feed it's hungry muscles. The veins in Jason's forearms start to swell as Andy's power begins to flow into them. The power feels so good - an incredible warm sensation flowing into his hungry forearms. Jason shakes his head as if to shake the incredible feeling out of it and screams "No!" again as he pushes Andy onto the floor, breaking his grip on the body. Jason's muscles protest his ripping Andy's power from their grip with violent shudders and shakes. Jason doubles over in pain.

Andy gets up quickly off of the floor and runs back toward Jason. He takes Jason's hands and places them on his pecs. "Take it Jase, take it, you need it".

Jason jerks his hands away and screams, "Get away Andy. It might kill you!

"I want to be in you, Jase. Take me", Andy pleads, grabbing Jason's hands again.

"No!" Jason screams, getting up and stumbling into the bathroom, locking the door behind him.

Andy runs to the door and beats his fists on it. "Jase, please! Take my muscles! Please! I gotta be in you!"

Jason sits on the floor and looks at his trembling hands. His muscles start to jerk wildly, throwing his body around the floor of the bathroom. The pain in his muscles demand power. He looks up just as his head flails toward the rim of the toilet. Jason's head hits the toilet with a gonging sound as black clouds fill his eyes.

Jason wakes later that day. The hungry pain in his muscles is stronger than ever. His muscles shiver and shake and his mind is frantic - frantic for power to feed his muscles. He notices he is in his bed and he tries to move, but finds his hands and legs bound and tied to the bed. He struggles for a minute and then screams, "Andy, let me up! Untie me!"

Andy quickly comes in from the other room. He was in the midst of working out, trying to build his muscles back. He holds a dumbell in one hand.

Jason looks at Andy's sweaty body, the slight muscles glistening with sweat and a small pump from his workout. A wave of excitement and desire shoots through Jason's body. He claws at the bindings to free himself. "I gotta have you Andy. I need that muscle. Please! Let me loose!" Jason's voice trembles.

"No Jase, I can't. I was thinking - you were right for not taking the rest of my power."

"No, I need you. I need your muscle. Let me have you, please!"

"See, if you would have taken the rest of my muscle, you would just need more in a day or two and then what would you do?

"I don't care! Just let me have some, just a little! Awww god!", Jason groans, doubling up and trembling. "You don't know how much it hurts. I need more muscle".

"What I was thinking is you need me here now because I have to help you do one of two things. We can either keep you tied up and let you sweat this out..."

"No, shit, no! I can't! I need more muscle" Jason interupts.

"That's what I thought. You're addicted. So the only other thing we can do if we don't break the addiction is to feed it.

"Yes, yes! Muscle. Feed me muscle! Oh, god I need it so bad. I gotta..."

Andy interupts, "So we both know I don't have enough muscle to keep you fed. So that means you need me to go out and find you some muscle".

"Yeah, oh god, yeah."

"But you have to help me figure out who I should get. What does the person need to have."

"Muscle. He needs muscle. Big…"

"I know that." Andy interrupts again. "But how do I convince him to come here and let you feed on him?"

Jason tries to calm himself down and concentrate. "He needs to be willing to let me have some of his power".

"That's what I figured, but that's what I can't figure out. Who would want you sucking up all their muscle?"

Jason convulses with pain again and then painfully says, "Maybe someone who is into muscle - gets off on other guys with muscle. I still have enough muscle that I might be able to convince someone like that to give it a try. Like I did with you."

"You aren't gonna convince anyone to come within 20 feet of you in your frantic condition."

"I think I can control myself for a minute or two. If my muscles know they’re gonna get some power, I think I can keep them calm a minute.

Andy sits for a moment thinking, as Jason writhes in pain on the bed. "What about Chris"

"Chris who?" Jason asks. "The guy at the gym who always used to stare at me working out. I pointed him out to you before".

"The blond kid?"


"He's too much of a big queen"

"But that's what you're going to need if you're gonna easily convince someone."

"But he's too skinny, I gotta have someone with bigger muscles"

"I think he's got enough for you. You should be able to get a good 20 or 25 pounds from him.

"Auugh", Jason moans, as he doubles over from another wave of pain shooting through his muscles. "Okay, okay. Just get him quick. I gotta have muscle - now!"

"Do you have a sweat shirt?" Andy asks. "I need to layer some clothes on so I don't look so skinny if I'm gonna go down to the gym."

Andy layers 4 t-shirts and a sweat shirt and sweat pants and heads to the gym.

Jason lies in his bed as his hungry muscles jerk and tense in uncontrollable pain. His face grimaces and he occasionally lets out a wailing moan. His mind wanders and he begins to dream... He is in a large room on an elevated platform, like a small stage, he looks down at his body. It is immense. His pecs are so thick he can't see down past them to the rest of his body. His arms are thicker than a huge pair of thighs. He feels powerful beyond all imagination. About 30 muscular young men stand crowded around the platform he is on. He looks at his hands, they are grasping the arms of one of the most muscled young men. Power from the muscular hunk he's holding is flowing into his body. The other 30 muscle studs around him are begging to be next, pleading with Jason for their muscles to be part of the magnificent body on the platform in front of them. Most of the guys are beating off at the sight of Jason's body as they watch him draw more muscle into it from the stud he holds in his hands. The muscular man he's holding writhes in ecstasy as Jason slowly sucks power from the muscular body to feed his own oversized muscles.

Andy comes through the bedroom door breaking Jason's dream. "Jase, he's here".


"Yeah, he's downstairs in the living room," Andy answers, as he starts to untie Jason from the bed.

"What'd you tell him?"

"Nothing. I just invited him over for a drink. Put on some shorts, get control of yourself and come on down".

"OK, I'll try."

Andy goes back down to the living room and gets Chris something to drink.

"This is a real cute place” Chris says to Andy as he comes back into the room. "Now you said you live here with that guy you work out with?"

"Yeah, Jason".

"I always thought you were straight. Are you two like…lovers or something?"

Andy's reflex answer is almost 'Hell no!', but after quickly considering the past few days, "Well, sorta" came out.

"Well, he is nice looking, but he's kinda tall and skinny, I like more muscular men" Chris says as his eyes quizzically survey Andy's sweat-shirt layered body.

Andy notices Chris looking strangely at him and quickly blurts out "I was sick for a week or so. Couldn't eat anything. I lost a lot of weight."

"I was kinda wondering" Chris replies, with a skeptical look on his face.

Just then Jason walks into the room. He is shirtless, wearing a pair of shorts.

Chris's mouth drops and his eyes nearly pop out of his head at the sight of Jason's still impressive body.

Andy notices the reaction, smiles and introduces Jason. "Chris, this is Jason".

"Yeah, I've seen you at the gym", Chris says, trying to act unimpressed. "I didn't realize you were so muscular…you should wear some tank tops or something when you are at the gym".

"Well, I don't like to show off" Jason replies.

"What's the use in having a body like that if you don't show it off some?" Chris answers back.

Jason looks down at Chris's slightly feminine, thin, but well toned body. The product of hours of aerobics and light weights. Jason immediately craves the slightly muscled body. It looks so good, so hard. He tries to take his mind off of it, but his hungry muscles keep directing his eyes back to the slim body sitting in front of him.

Chris and Andy continue small talk for a few moments. Jason tries to join in but can't concentrate on anything but Chris's tight little muscles. He can't keep his eyes off of them.

Chris notices Jason's staring and at first thinks it's odd but then, taking Jason's body into account, he starts to stare back.

Andy, sensing that the match has been made, excuses himself to go to the bathroom.

"You really do have an incredible body", Chris says to Jason as soon as Andy leaves the room.

"I'm glad you think so", Jason says sexily to Chris as he raises his arms up behind his head, pretending to stretch, but actually just trying to find an excuse to flex his arms.

Chris stares at Jason's arms as they flex.

Jason watches Chris's eyes as they drink in the sight of his muscular arms flexing. "You want tot see them closer?" Jason asks.

Without saying a word Chris gets up and starts to walk over to where Jason is standing, his eyes never straying from the sight of Jason's flexed arms.

Just before Chris reaches him, Jason brings his arms down and hits a 'most muscular pose' right in Chris's face.

"Oh, fuck! That body is beautiful!” Chris exclaims, as he reaches out to feel Jason's pecs.

Jason reels with pleasure as Chris's hands fall on his pecs. He can immediately feel the power in Chris's body. It isn't abundant, but there seems to be plenty there to satisfy his muscle's hunger.

Both Jason and Chris erupt into a muscle orgy, exploring, kissing and feeling each others muscles. Jason has to have Chris's muscles - he needs them. His own muscles scream with hungry pain for the power from Chris's body. Small sparks of energy follow Jason's hands as they roam over Chris's body as Jason begins to establish his grip on Chris's muscles.

Chris, between licking and kissing Jason's body, says, "Your fucking body is incredible! It almost feels like you're inside of me."

Adrenaline races through Jason's body, he knows the plan is going to work. His muscles tremble with excitement and anticipation. "You can feel me in your muscles, can't you?"

Chris is so into Jason's body, he offers no resistance at all as he answers, "Yeah, I can feel it, you're in me. It feels so fucking good. It's like you're feeling my muscles from inside of me."

Jason's hungry muscles scream with impatient pain, yearning to gorge themselves on Chris's power. "Would you like to feel what it would be like to be part of my muscles?” Jason asks.

"Ohh yeah! Chris replies trancelike.

"Feel yourself coming into me. Feel my muscles", Jason continues.

"Mmm, yeah, it feels so good".

"Imagine your muscles being part of my muscles. Try to feel your muscles becoming part of mine." With this, Jason grips Chris's arms tightly and bears down on the power in Chris's tight body.

Chris makes a quick gasp of pain and his whole body tenses as he feels a shock shoot through his body as Jason grabs control of his muscles.

Jason's muscles frantically grab and tear, like hungry rabid dogs, at the power in Chris's body. The power starts flowing into Jason's body. He closes his eyes and feels the warm strength pour into his body. "Ohh, that feels so good", he croons softly like someone tasting a rich chocolate cake.

Chris, between gasps of breath, says, "I can feel it. I'm in you. It feels like I'm becoming part of your body."

"You are", Jason answers, gripping Chris's arms tighter and pulling harder at the delicious power.

Chris looks at Jason's arms as the veins in them swell larger, carrying more power from his body into the muscular arms gripping him. He halfway realizes what is happening but considers it just must be a dream, - a fantastic dream. "Ohhh", he moans, "It feels incredible".

Andy, who had been around the corner listening, comes into the room. His eyes fall upon the most intense scene he has ever witnessed. Jason is staring fiercely at Chris's body as if devouring it with his eyes. Veins start to swell all over Jason's body as it feeds on Chris's muscles. Chris has a look of total ecstasy on his face as he moans with pleasure. Jason and Chris are both so into Jason's growing body that neither notice Andy enter the room, take out his dick and start to beat off over the incredible sight.

Jason's hungry muscles just can't suck in the power fast enough to satisfy their ravaging hunger. He pushes Chris down onto the floor and straddles him. "I need more! Give me more power!" he screams at Chris as he jerks at the body under him to extract more power faster. Small sparks start to crackle over Jason's hands and lower arms shooting into the growing veins of his forearms.

Chris's body writhes with a feeling somewhere between pain and ecstasy as Jason keeps ripping the power from his muscles. "Oh god. I need to be in you right now. Take me faster", Chris moans.

Andy moves in closer as he watches Jason's muscles swelling and bulging with the new power. "You're gettin' big again Jase. Keep goin', make 'em bigger!" He is amazed at how quickly Jason's muscles are filling with power. He beats his dick harder at the incredible sight in front of him.

Jason now frantically tugs at the raw power in Chris's body. Every muscle in his body tenses and strains to fight for it's share of the power. Jason breathes heavily and screams through his clenched teeth, "Give it to me! Fuck! I need more!" Jason lifts Chris's body slightly off the floor and his tensed, veiny arms jerk at the shrinking body to wrench more power from it.

The sight of Jason's body bulging with new power, and still growing bigger, is too much for Andy. "Fuck, Jase, look at you. You're more huge than you were before", Andy screams in disbelief. He shoots a huge load of cum onto the expanding muscles of Jason's back where it mixes with sweat. The streams of liquid run down alongside the pulsing veins feeding Jason's body.

Jason feels the hot cum rolling down his back and looks down at his body, swollen with new muscles and still expanding bigger. He keeps sucking power in and packing it into his muscles. "Andy, get my shorts off of me, and Chris's too!", he screams as he picks Chris's body up and puts him on the end of the coffee table. Andy quickly pulls Jason's shorts down to his knees and then Chris's. Jason immediately jams his dick into Chris's ass and starts pounding it.

Andy looks at Chris's face. His expression tells him he is in total ecstasy. But Chris's body is shrinking quicker and quicker as Jason sucks more and more strength out of it. "Jase, you gotta stop, he's gettin' really skinny."

Jason, dazed with power and a maniacal look in his eyes as he ravages Chris's body, screams "No fucking way! I'm taking it all! I want every ounce of this muscle!" He jerks hard at the skinny body again to increase the flow of power into his body. Chris's back arches up from the table as his body reacts to it's power being seized faster. The small sparks swirling around Jason's hands and forearms start crackling and swirling further up his forearms. They shoot into the massive veins in Jason's arms transferring more power into them. The veins swell larger as they carry the power up into and throughout Jason's body injecting more power even faster into his muscles. Jason roars, "Ye-ahh!", and pounds his dick faster into Chris's ass. "Look at me Andy. Look at the power surging in through my arms. Look at my fucking muscles!"

Andy realizes Jason has lost control of himself and he will soon drain every ounce of strength from Chris's body. He knows he can't pull Jason off of Chris himself. Jason has gotten too big.

Chris isn't helping things as he writhes in pleasureful pain and moans, "Pull me deeper into your muscles. Get more of me inside of you."

Jason is like a wild animal as he pounds Chris's body, sucking every drop of strength out of it.

Andy thinks for a moment of a way to stop Jason and then quickly runs and pulls a large mirror off of the wall. He puts the mirror in front of Jason so that he can see himself. "Look at your fucking muscles, Jase", he says enticingly, hoping Jason will see himself and want to flex in the mirror, thus releasing his grip on Chris. "Look how fuckin' huge you are!"

Jason looks up at the mirror, he is immediately transfixed on the image of his body. He knew he had gotten bigger, but not this much bigger. "Ohh fuck!", Jason screams. "Look at my body!" He rams his dick into Chris's ass with new intensity. He yanks harder at the power in Chris's body to increase the flow into his muscles. Chris's back arches up higher from the table and he grimaces as sparks shoot up Jason's forearms and swirl around his biceps. The veins underneath all the sparks bulge and swell bigger as they draw more power, faster, from Chris's dwindling body. "Give me more! Make me bigger!" Jason yells, as he stares at his huge body growing in the mirror.

Andy's plan had backfired. He throws the mirror on the ground next to the frail skin and bones that is Chris. He whips out his dick again and starts beating it. "Let's see those arms, Jase. Show me those big round biceps. Make me cum again."

Jason momentarily looks at Andy's hardening dick and then focuses his attention back to wringing every drop of power out of Chris's body. The flow of power has slowed to a trickle as the strength in Chris's body starts to run dry. Jason grits his teeth and struggles to pull the last bit of strength out of Chris.

"C'mon Jase, flex those big arms. Let's see those huge new towers of muscle."

Jason looks at his pecs and squeezes them, watching them flex. He is momentarily distracted from Chris as he watches his thick pecs harden into rock-like slabs. He flexes his pecs a few more times while still maintaining his grip on Chris.

"Jase, I gotta see those arms. C'mon, make me cum again."

Jason slowly lets go of Chris with one hand and grimacing with pain, stretches his arm out ready to flex a bicep. "Pick the mirror back up, I wanna see it", Jason commands.

Andy picks up the mirror and holds it so that Jason can see himself.

Jason looks at his thick, veiny outstretched arm and then slowly starts to bend his elbow, flexing the swollen bicep.

Andy nearly drops the mirror as he watches the huge, veiny muscle roll up into a massive, grotesque mountain of skin stretching rock.

Jason, seeing the same image in the mirror, drops his jaw and his eyes grow huge and round as he stares at his flexed bicep in the mirror. After a 5 second pause to come back to reality, he bellows "Fuck! Look at this bicep!" He frantically pounds Chris's ass like an animal, takes his second hand off of Chris's other arm and flexes both biceps in the mirror. "Fuck! Yeah! Look at my fucking arms!", he screams as he rams his dick repeatedly into Chris's ass. "They're fucking huge!"

With Jason's grip released from Chris's body, Chris is starting to get pushed across the coffee table by Jason's pile driving hips. Andy, still holding the mirror with his hands, sticks a foot up against Chris's shoulder to hold him in place. Andy looks up at Jason who is totally immersed in the image in the mirror of his flexed biceps. He can see Jason's excitement level building beyond the level of frenzied.

"Fuckin' huge!", Jason screams as he keeps flexing his biceps, now slamming his dick violently into Chris's body. His arms, now at least 18 inches, feel massively pumped. The new power crammed into them makes them feel like they're inflated under high pressure. They burn intensely and the pain in flexing them is nearly unbearable. The huge new muscles glisten with sweat, the skin stretched so tight it is paper thin. Dozens of veins criss-cross all over the huge muscles under the tight, shiny skin. Jason's head spins, delirious with power. His whole body screams with pumped pain as he stares at the unimaginable image of himself in the mirror. He plunges his dick deep into Chris's ass, screaming, "Look at me! My arms! My body! My muscles! My fucking MUSCLES!" His eyes fix on the sight of his huge flexed arms as his dick finally shoots into Chris's ass. He keeps pounding and flexing and shooting cum for what seems like an eternity as he stares intensely at his flexed biceps. Finally, he slows down, takes a deep breath, and collapses on the floor, his body wracked in a painful, but incredible pump. •

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