Altered Reality

Day 5


By Blackbird

Out of a deep, peaceful void, Chad's mind became aware of low rumbling noise all around him. From the darkness he struggled to comprehend what it was. Snoring. Someone was snoring. The hard, irregular surface of the floor he was laying on kept raising and lowering with the rythmic snoring.

In the dark expanse around him, Chad's mind became aware that he'd been sleeping. His left ear was resting painfully on a rock, that resonated with the rumbling snoring above his head. As he lifted his heavy eyelids, he squinted at the fuzzy row of rocks beyond his nose. But they weren't rocks at all. They were tanned flesh, with a belly button between the rows. His head was laying on a giant's stomach.

Panic filled him as he held his breath, hoping that the snoring would continue. It did, reverberating through his frame. As his eyelevel rhythmically rose and fell, he looked out into a room he knew well. He was in his dorm room. But it looked like it had ballooned in size or exploded outward or something. The only visible damage though were cracks in the plaster around the bathroom doorway, where the wood jamb was cracked and splintered, and the door itself was missing. The memories of Timmy's growth in the shower the night before flooded Chad's head. That's who was under him!

Between snores, he carefully slid off the mound of leg muscle he'd been resting on. Careful to avoid the tree limb of an arm lazily hanging off the edge of the bed, he extended his legs to the floor, where his feet finally reached the carpet. It felt like his bed was several feet off the ground. He gazed across the ripples of chest muscle in front of him, eager to get a glimpse of his muscle master's face. To his surprise though, Timmy had morphed into what looked like a larger version of Matt's face. In fact, as sexy as the body was that was sprawled out around him, it wasn't as chiseled and well defined as the one he'd worshipped the previous night. Chad recognized it as Matt's body, but again, bigger than normal.

Realizing how high the ceiling was above him, and the increased proportions of everything in the room, Chad cringed at the realization that he was tiny now. Maybe four feet or less. Memories of him as a boy, standing next to his parents bed flashed through his mind. Looking down at his body, it was clear he wasn't a boy, but he was by no means manly either. His skeletal frame was covered in a thin, ghostly white skin, devoid of almost any body hair except at his crotch. The darkness of his sparse pubes contrasted sharply with his pale white skin. He was surprised to realize the little shaft pointing up at him was fully erect. He instinctively grabbed it with his little hands and started stroking, trying to release the unquenched desire of the previous night.

"Damned if it isn't ready for more," a voice boomed. Chad looked up to find Matt, or was it Timmy, looking down at him. Recognizing the voice, Chad realized it probably was in fact Matt. He just looked huge from this new perspective. Reliving the humiliation in the cafeteria, Chad was overcome by a mixture of loathing, fear and raw hormonal lust. The fear seemed to win out as he started to stumble backwards. His steps were hampered though by the natural bowlegged stance he now had. It was like he'd been riding horses his whole life.

"It's alright, I could probably go again before Timbo gets back," Matt rumbled. The massive arm that had been lounging next to the bed swung out like a crane, reaching towards the terror-stricken Chad. In an instant, a large palm slammed painfully against his bare chest, with fingertips digging into one armpit, and a thumb tip digging into the other. The crane arm flexed and bulged as it hoisted Chad into the air, giving him an aerial view of the muscle mountain range below. Like a ragdoll, he was plopped down on the smooth, firm surface below Matt's belly button. The course treasure trail tickled his little balls. With a slap, something hit Chad's exposed back.

A second crane arm swung around, clamping around his midsection. Slowly he was hoisted up and down the warm column behind his back. He watched as Matt closed his eyes, tilting his large head back onto the pillow. The warm column became moist and slick along his back, as the pace of the stroking quickened. His bare legs bounced along the cobblestone road beneath him, as his feet kept slamming up and down the firm edge of Matt's pecs. Eventually, Matt roared and thrust his hips off the bed, causing Chad's bony ass to slam against the hard muscle beneath him. The thrusts continued and each time, hot fluid would spray against the back of Chad's head.

The giant below him finally collapsed in an apparent slumber. Chad spent the next ten minutes licking the warm cum off the still erect shaft. The effort repulsed him, but he felt compelled to clean his new master. After he finished, he sat with the now flaccid fire hose laying across his lap, looking around the room. Both sides were littered with large clothes, football gear and the occasional panty some woman probably left behind in appreciation. Sports trophies, plaques and photographs adorned both sides of the room now, with not a single book to be seen, especially not the old leather bound one. It was obvious that Matt was Timmy's roommate now. Chad was probably just kept around as a sex slave. His stomach lurched.

Lifting the heavy python out of his lab, Chad climbed his way back down his old bed, careful not to arouse the slumbering giant. Stepping lightly towards the door, the floor was rumbling like there was big truck driving by or some construction work nearby. Worried that it would wake Matt up, Chad decided to make his escape. With his eyes focused on the sleeping titan across the room, he quietly opened the door and slipped out into the corridor. Heaving a sigh of relief, he turned around, only to come face to face with a thick, veiny shaft dangling from a forest of dense, dark pubic hair. Gasping, his nostrils filled with a familiar scent of musky seamen and sex. The walls rattled with the low rumbling sound of "Hmmmm."

"Looks like someone got loose."

A rough, wide thumb scraped along his soft belly as four rows of powerful fingers clamped down behind him, completely encircling his lower back. As he was elevated off the floor, he watched the highrise of muscle passing by his eyes. He rose passed row after row of cinder block abs, separated by crevices so deep he could stick his hands and feet in them and climb the ladder. The entire facade changed as he passed the horizon of the protruding pec muscle. Silky, olive tan skin was stretched taught across a wall of muscle so wide it took up his entire field of view. An orderly carpet of short black hairs became thicker at a canyon of cleavage, just beyond licking range. He rose higher along the canyon until a bulging, bull neck was visible, flaring down on either side towards bowling ball sized shoulders. His ascent haulted as he gawked at an adam's apple that would have filled his mouth. He watched it bounce as the words "In you go" boomed thru the corridor.

Feeling like he was on an amusement park ride, Chad's stomach got butterflies as Timmy's hulking mass lowered to fit through the door frame. The floor creaked and moaned as the titan stepped forward through the doorway, angling one shoulder forward to fit through the narrow three foot width. With graceful agility, Timmy maneuvered his hulking frame into the room and kicked the door shut with a loud thud.

"What the...!" Matt's naked body jerked up reflexively in bed. Realizing it was Tim, he leaned back on his elbows, making his pecs protrude proudly. "Asswipe."

"Watch it pussy, or I'll cut back on your rations today," Timmy chuckled, as he jerked Chad's limp body towards Matt. As he sat down, Timmy's bed creaked in agony at the weight being placed on it.

Once Chad's feet hit the carpet again, he was able to look up at his musclegod's face. Instantly his balls churned and his little prick throbbed with pain at what he saw. Long wavy strands of shimmering black hair framed a portrait of male perfection itself. No supermodel alive could match his beauty and savage sex appeal. His fierce, piercing stare drove right through Chad's labido. He probably caused men and women alike to spontaneously orgasm, just by glancing at them. The perfectly shaped lips formed into a smirk, and then parted into a heart melting smile, revealing brilliant white, perfectly squared teeth. "Play time."

Chad heard a THWACK and looked down in front of him to see an elegantly shaped helmet proudly topping a tan shaft as wide around as thermos. With another THWACK against his ab cleavage, Timmy's helmeted shaft lifted higher. The rising shaft throbbed forward and snapped back with another THWACK. As veins pulsed and coiled their way around the surface, the helmet head reached towards the shadow under the pec cliff. With one more THWACK it lodged itself in the base of the cleavage canyon above it. Chad's open mouth started salivating as he stared at a shaft that was longer than his entire torso. Wanting desparately to lick it, Chad navigated his way closer.

In his way were two plateaus of striated, hairy leg muscle. Though Timmy's knees were spread apart, his quads were pressing tightly against each other. Chad wiggled his way between them, as though he was sandwiching himself between the two warm steel plates of a car crusher. He got close enough to start licking up and down the bumpy shaft surface. With Timmy sitting down, Chad's head was level with the helmit head lodged in the pec meat. He tugged it loose and started fingering the slit hole and nibbling the firm flesh around the base of the head. Low, rumbling moans seemed to eminate from the chest wall in front of him. He was pleasing his owner.

Chad continued to work the veiny pole until warm fluid started oozing out of the top. In an instant, a large hand grabbed his chest and pulled his little body free from the quad muscle vice. He was lifted high in the air where he could see Matt, who had sat down next to them, pulling strands of black hair off Timmy's shoulders and biting at the exposed traps. Chad looked forward again to see sumptuous red lips in front of him, curled into a primeval snarl. He leaned forward, sucking on the large bottom lip as sandpaper stubble scratched against his little chin. He felt hot blasts of air on his face as Timmy's breathing accelerated. Through gritted teeth, Timmy grunted "NOW".

Chad's waist was jerked up and forward as his mind registered what was about to happen. Terror stricken, he wanted to scream out in protest. Timmy's monster would rip him apart. As his bow legs brushed along either side of the thick, wet shaft, Chad whimpered as his mind raced. What had he become. He used to dominate everything and everyone around him. Chicks flocked to him, dudes wanted to be him. And here he was, shriveled down to become his roommate's sex toy. The same guy he used to ridicule and intimidate. The same guy he used to slam to the ground around campus, just to make his buddies laugh. The same freaky little faggot that used to get his rocks off just looking at him. Over a few short days, he had become that guy. And the worse part was, how much he was enjoying it. He found himself wanting nothing more than Timmy's immense shaft inside of him. Even if it meant death by impalement.

Chad jerked lower as the helmet head filled the space between his legs. Crazed with desire, Chad closed his eyes and spread himself as wide as possible. With a quick thrust downward, his vision flashed with starlight and he was briefly aware of his internal organs being shoved aside and sharp pain. But then an eruption of pure ecstacy flooded his system. With each thrust up and down, the euphoria intensified. Barely aware that his little balls had unloaded themselves, Chad was consumed with the pleasure radiating from within him. He sank deeper into a blissful oblivion. His final thought before he lost consciousness was that of gratitude. Gratitude that his master would give him so much pleasure. •

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