Altered Reality

Day 6


By Blackbird


The words of a young teenage boy echoed around Chad's consciousness as though they were his own thoughts. He was watching a scene he recognized as his cousin's tenth birthday party. However, the memory was clearly not his own, since he could see a version of himself at twelve years old standing several feet away. The young Chad was leaning awkwardly against a wall, apparently gawking at a girl somewhere else in the room. The entire scene was blurred and distorted, as if he were seeing it out of the corner of his eye on a fast moving train. However ,the image of his younger self stood out in sharp relief from the shifting backdrop. Young Chad was dressed in a loose fitting, striped T shirt, out of which dangled skinny arms that had clearly been tanned from a summer of playin ball with his buddies. Below the untucked shirt were long denim shorts and a couple of rail looking, hairless legs. It was obvious he was in the throws of early puberty, being stretched taller than his muscles could keep up with.


The scene instantly changed to what appeared to be a school corridor. Again, the young Chad stood out in sharp definition, this time against a background of blurry red lockers. His new host's vision bobbed up and down as he walked towards the younger Chad. As the focus narrowed in on Chad's boyish face, he could feel a jolt of hormones pulse through his host's body. "....WHO'S THE NEW KID..." an unfamiliar voice asserted itself over Chad's thoughts. He became aware of the future sex appeal his smooth, unblemished face held at this age. His thin black eyebrows looked cute as they furrowed over a locker combination he was obviously trying for the first time.


Now apparently in a locker room, Chad's younger self sat on a nearby bench with his back to the current host's vision. The school mascot printed on the grey fabric of his P.E. shirt was surrounded by sweat stains running down the middle of his back. ".....PLEASE.....JUST TAKE IT OFF......" his host thought to himself. Almost on que, the young Chad lifted the loose shirt over his head and tossed it in a locker in front of him. His host's little prick jerked to life at seeing the moist, tan skin stretched smooth across the developing back muscle of his classmate. As he watched the young teenager's muscles twitch and flex with the effort of changing, Chad felt embarassment flood his hosts system, having popped a chubby around the other guys.


Still shirtless but facing forward now, the young Chad was smiling and nodding next to a blurry image of his first girlfriend. His smooth, tanned chest already held the promise of the greatness to come. A faint outline delineated his developing pecs and an almost visible six pack. His chest was hairless except for a thin black trail above the button of his jeans. As he lifted a skinny but toned arm to wave a friend over, a patch of black under arm hair broadcasted to the world that puberty was indeed blessing him. ".....IF ONLY HE DIDN'T LIKE GIRLS....." his host thought, as Chad again experienced the awkard sensation of being turned on by his own body.


"Suck on that!" a triumphant Chad screamed as he spun around and threw the football to the ground. He was noticeably taller than the last image, and looked to have gained about ten pounds of muscle. As he struted past a defeated opponent, the young teenager thrust his burgeoning sweaty pecs forward and beat once on them with a loud slap. Sprinting closer, he approached the current host's vision with a broad, white smile. ".....AWESOME CATCH DOOD....." the host said outloud. "Awesome pass," Chad replied, coming closer. With the cocky young muscle teen now feet away, Chad felt raw hormonal desire flood his system. As Chad collided into the hosts firm chest, he relished the feeling of young muscle on muscle.


More visions followed, each one with Chad in different situations and different clothes, or occasionally naked in the school showers. He literally was watching himself grow up, and turn into a man. By the time the visions reached tenth grade, the feeling of his hosts' lust towards him grew more powerful. Even as a freshman, he was already popular. Many scenes involved him socializing amongst a large group of friends. Girls were often squeezing his baseball sized shoulders, or playfully lifting the bottom of his tank top to feel his washboard stomach. He experienced the jealousy certain hosts had towards these girls.

Chad observed himself becoming less tan and then more tan as the seasons progressed. His hairstyle would abruptly change; altering, but never diminishing, his sex appeal. His jaw became more pronounced and square, covered with an increasingly dense stubble that usually hadn't been shaved in several days. His nose maintained some of it's boyish charm, juxtaposed with the masculine, deep set eyes developing above. His black eyebrows thickened and his eyelashes got longer and denser, framing the laser green of his eyes.

By the senior year of high school, he was a walking wet dream for most of the students (and teachers). He rarely wore much more than a tight tank top plastered to his bulging chest, and cut off shorts that rode up his thick thighs. He realized one host was his flaming highschool English teacher. Chad remembered the first day of class well, where Mr. Peterson kept stumbling over his words and losing his train of thought. It was obvious to Chad, now, how much his exposed muscle distracted the teacher, having just experienced it first hand. Many scenes involved classmates seated behind him, their field of view taken up largely by his increasing width. He experienced them commiting to memory the contours of his thick neck and hard, round shoulders. He felt one host rubbing his own crotch quietly, as he watched the broad tricep in front of him twitch and flex during a test. He felt another host go weak with the mere smell of his cologne.

The duration of the scenes he experienced shortened, as the transitions came with increasing frequency. All the while, he kept hearing the hosts thoughts echoing through his own mind. Their obsessions, desires, fantasies. They started to overlap, and collide with each other. As he watched himself graduate from highschool and start his collegiate life, the hosts' voices became a discordant cacophony. Chad had to block it out like background noise, as their words became unintelligable.

Focusing on eyesight instead, he watched himself evolve from a studly teenager to a full fledged man. He experienced repeated visions of himself in the gym, pumping, flexing and posing. The images moved quick enough to where he could literally see pound after pound of muscle being attached to his bulky frame over time. The muscle striations became more pronounced and thick cords of veins became more obvious under the taut skin. Any boyish traits of his face slowly evaporated into pure, fierce masculinity.

Often Chad didn't recognize the person who was observing him. Occassionaly, though, he'd realize it was a classmate, a friend or even a casual acquaintance he knew. As the scenes progressed to the start of sophmore year, it stunned Chad to realize he was experiencing the memory of his first encounter with Matt. Although Matt's thoughts weren't evident amongst the background chatter, the surge of hormones to his crotch made it perfectly evident that he was attracted to Chad. A few scenes later Chad again experienced Matt lusting after his body in the showers after their first practise. Many more incidents involving Matt played out during the span of the school year.

As the events of summer passed and junior year began, Chad's mind snapped into the dorm room he'd been given only months earlier. Towering above Timmy's bed and clothed in a sweat stained jersey, Chad was looking down at him with a grimace. It was the day he met his new roommate, seen from Timmy's perspective. From within his field of view outstretched a skinny arm and delicate hand. With a forced smile, Chad swung his arm around and slapped Timmy's hand in a firm, bonecrunching handshake. Chad's consciousness experienced Timmy's physical reaction to the situation as a mixture of pain, intimidation and savage lust. Through the cacophony of background voices, Chad's mind boomed with Timmy's voice. "......HOLY FUCK......"

Several scenes followed with Timmy taking in and mentally cataloging his mammoth new roommate's physique. During scenes where Timmy watched him walking shirtless around the room, Chad experienced a raw physical lust that was stronger than any other host's. Timmy's thoughts made it clear that he not only wanted to be WITH Chad, he also wanted to BE Chad. The jealousy over Chad's body was as powerful as the lust. Eventually fear and humiliation became equally as strong as the scenes started to involve times when Chad would torment Timmy. Chad snapped into a vision of himself passed out on his bed one morning, naked expect for a pair of tightly stretched briefs that were bulging obsenely at the crotch. Chad experienced Timmy studying his body from bottom to top, memorizing every contour, every bulge, every hair. He felt Timmy's insatiable desire to worship Chad, and the powerful dispair at the knowledge he never could. And then the thought came ".....IF ONLY HE KNEW HOW MATT AND I FELT....."

It took a few seconds to register the thought. How him AND Matt felt? Matt had confided in Timmy? When? Why? Was it because he knew Timmy was gay too? "......IF ONLY HE KNEW HOW BADLY WE WANT HIM.......HOW MUCH WE WANT TO WORSHIP HIM....HOW MUCH WE ADORE HIM......."

Holy shit. All the times he had tormented and humiliated Timmy, and yet the guy still adored him. And all this time Matt felt the same and couldn't do anything to protect Timmy without blowing his cover. Chad felt like such a worthless asshole. "....IF ONLY I COULD BE HIM......."

Chad felt an overwhelming desire to be himself too. Not so he could reclaim his old body and get his muscle back, but so that he could set things right with Timmy and Matt. Through the incessant background chatter, Timmy's words echoed loudy, ".....I'LL HAVE TO SHOW HIM WHAT IT'S LIKE......."


It was nighttime in the dorm room this time. Chad looked at himself sitting on his bed with the back of Heather's head riding up and down on his meatstick. He looked down at the leather bound book in Timmy's arms and back over to see himself prematurely blowing his load. From Timmy's vantage point, he watched the events of several nights ago play themselves out. Chad dismissed Heather because he was feeling out of it. He heard Timmy's voice say out loud, "next time, you can do me" as she scoffed at him and shut the door. Timmy proceeded to tell Chad that "things were going to change" and Chad tried in vain to intimidate him. After Timmy collapsed on his bed and Chad followed suit, Timmy's eyes started scanning the wierd characters printed inside the leather bound book.

Strange words eminated from Timmy's mouth as he chanted the text he was apparently reading. The volume of the background chanting grew even louder the more Timmy read. Chad felt his consciousness separate from Timmy and drift slowly towards his motionless body across the room. Feeling like he was slipping into some old familiar clothes, Chad's consciousness settled back into its proper home. With one final SNAP, the chanting instantly stopped and Chad's world fell black and silent. •

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