Special Potion, A

By Jon Burke

It was with some hesitation that Phil approached the house. He was scared and excited all at the same time by what waited for him inside. In the house was the lab of Dr. Cunningham. He had become known in the small community of Yorktown as "a mad scientist." But Phil had learned that Dr. Cunningham had developed a new growth potion, and he was willing to take the chance to become the muscle man he had always wanted.

Phil was a pretty impressive figure to begin with. He was just 22, and measured 6'3". But he was quite thin, despite everything he tried. He weighed just 170 pounds. He had always fanaticized about becoming a massive man. He wanted pecks that protruded far ahead of him. He wanted biceps that could tear his t-shirts, and massive thighs that could crush a man. Dr. Cunningham, Phil hoped, would be able to fulfill that fantasy.

He knocked on the door; a young strong man answered. He stood at nearly 7' and he was like no one Phil had seen before. His chest measured 60", his arms 35inches, and the bulge in his pants was like nothing he had seen before. All of it shown through the tight shirt and pants he was wearing. Could it be that this is the result of Dr. Cunningham's special potion? Phil couldn't wait to find out.

"I am here to see Dr. Cunningham," Phil explained.

"I see. Well, come in," the tall man responded in a deep, deep voice. The muscle man led Phil into a small office where he was asked to sit down. Phil did quickly, as he tried to hide his growing hard-on. It was not long before Dr. Cunningham entered.

"You wanted to see me," Dr. Cunningham said.

"Yes. I understand that you have developed a new growth potion, and I want to be one of the guys who tests it, " Phil spurted out quickly.

"I see," Dr. Cunningham said, as he walked around his willing subject. "Well, let's get a look at you," the good doctor said. "Now strip!" he shouted. Phil was a little nervous. He had never been demanded to strip before, and while he welcomed the chance to become a big muscle man, he was reluctant to strip. Dr. Cunningham realized this, but was not willing to wait for Phil to gain some nerve.

"Bruno!" Dr. Cunningham shouted. Soon the same tall man from before entered. This time, he wore nothing. He left himself for display. Phil was even more reluctant because of what he saw. In addition to the massive muscles he noticed before, Phil saw the still soft 8-inch cock that hung between Bruno's mighty legs. Phil marveled at how long it was.

"Strip him," Dr. Cunningham ordered of Bruno, who moved towards Phil. Taking hold of his T-shirt collar, Bruno ripped the cloth from Phil's body. The mighty muscle man also ripped Phil's shorts and underwear from him. In seconds, Phil was naked. Dr. Cunningham moved around and around Phil's body examining his physique. It was tall, and had great potential. The doctor decided that Phil would be a great test subject for his new drug.

"Prepare him," Dr. Cunningham ordered.

Bruno picked up Phil and carried him into an adjoining room. He put him down on a cold metal table and strapped him down.

"What the fuck!" Phil screamed. He was willing to be a test subject, but what were these two planning, he wondered?

Dr. Cunningham re-entered the room with a large needle. The doctor inserted it into Phil's small arms, and injected half of the serum.

Phil could feel the substance enter his body. As the warm fluid moved through his blood stream, Phil's muscles began to spasm. Each muscle tightened intensely as it swelled. The pain was so intensive that Phil could not scream. He gained 20 pounds, all of it muscle. He gained pecks that protruded. His chest size grew from 35 inches to 50 inches. His biceps started to bulge now at 15 inches. His stomach became tight, and new ripples were added. Phil also grew an extra four inches. His cock too had gained some girth. What was once 6 inches and quite thin, had become 8 inches and more hefty. He felt as though a piece of salami hung between his legs.

As soon it began, it was over. The straps that held Phil were now incredibly tight. Bruno rushed in and relaxed them.

"Very nice," Dr. Cunningham said, as he moved to examine what had occurred. He jotted it down in a notebook as he surveyed his new creation. Phil felt much larger too. He had started to reach his dream. His cock was now 2 inches longer than it had been, and was thicker. He now sported a six-pack and some hard pecks but he wanted more. So did Dr. Cunningham.

"Let's add some more," Dr. Cunningham said, as he thrust the syringe back into Phil. He injected the entire potion into Phil. This time the results were more dramatic.

Phil cried out as his body began to contort. His muscles swelled and swelled. His shoulders became broader, and he gained an extra 8 inches in height. The straps now broke as Phil's muscles grew beyond anything he could have hoped for. His chest grew to 60 inches, his arms to 30 inches, his ass checks became tight and hard. His veins were like water hoses across his body. His skin was tight as his muscles grew far beyond his wildest dreams. Bruno now seemed small to Phil, who was now 7'3 inches.

Phil now sported a hard-on that measured 14 inches long. He couldn't believe it. His cock was mammoth, and he was overtaken by a super-sized libido. Phil decided that Bruno should feel its effect, since he had been so rough to him earlier that night. Phil moved quickly towards Bruno. He forced the 7' stud on to his side, as Phil thrusted his 14-inch monster into Bruno's tight muscle ass.

"Ahhhhhhh," was Bruno's response. Phil was merciless as he tore Bruno's tight hole. He pumped harder and harder, despite Bruno's cries. Dr. Cunningham could only look on in a mix of horror and pleasure. Just when Bruno could take no more, Phil shot his load and withdrew. Bruno's magnificent ass was covered in Phil's cum.

"Your turn," Phil said, as moved towards Dr. Cunningham.

"No, No, No!" Dr. Cunningham yelled, but Phil would have his way. Just as Dr. Cunningham's ass was left bare, he realized that he had created a monster. Phil could not be stopped, and he thrust his mighty cock into his creator's ass.

"How do you like it," Phil asked, as his thick, fat cock penetrated Dr. Cunningham's ass. The doctor felt ill. His ass was torn apart by Phil. Yet, deep inside he enjoyed what was occurring. Once shooting his second load, Phil showered. Before he left Dr. Cunningham's home, he took off with the remaining special potion. He decided to fulfill the fantasies of others, and maybe further his own. •

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