Spell Growth of Chris, The

By maverick0095875

Chris was just an average kid somewhat strong but no where near the size of this kid Brad Bowen. Brad was huge for a high school senior and was at the point of looking freaky. Chris dreamed all the time about what it would be like to look that HUGE. One day in English they started getting into MacBeth and chris started to get into the whole magic thing. So he went on-line and started to look for spells that could make him grow. After about 20 minutes of looking he came across:Wish Spell

This spell has been used many times and the wished things have happened usually in a short time.

-Needed Supplies- *1 sheet of quality paper/parchment *a pen/pencil used in magickal works *candles (usually white, can change depending on your wish)

Do a relaxation ritual before this and clear your mind well. Concentrate on the spell not the joy afterwards. Take the paper/parchment and draw a pentagram in the middle of it. Then draw a ying-yang symbol in the middle of it. Now write down your wish on the top of the sheet. Write your wish such as ''make me get rich, make my mother/friend etc. get healed, make me get 'the thing you want''... Then fold the sheet 2-3 times and seal it with your candle. Then burn it with the fire of candle you sealed it. While it turns into ashes, repeat your wish inside yourself or out loud. When it's all ash,sprinkle the ashes from a window or such. 'Be careful what you wish for, it can come in any way' shape or form. He took the spell in hand back to his house that night he began to perform the spell and made his wish. I wish to grow bigger, taller, and stronger. But I want to be able to controll my growth whenever i please. Make me and Brad close friends. Soon he bagan to feel a warming sensation all in his body and then it died. He then told himself to grow to the size of a Heavyweight teenage bodybuilder who was 6'12 tall. Over the next minute he grew and grew and grew finally reach this great pleatu. Afterwards he recieved a call, it was Brad wanting to know if he could come over. I said it was ok but, that i had changed since the last time we saw each other. He said, whatever and that he would be here in 10 minutes. 10 minutes later he shows up i meet him in a towel (because i had just gotten out of the shower). He said hi and that i must have been glad to see me, i said why and then he reached done and grabed my dick and siad this is why. Oh, sorry i didnt think it would show like that.We walked down the hall and into my room where i said i hope you dont mind i have to change. He said to go ahead and that he had seen guys nude all the time after football practice, So as soon as i took of the towel he siad hold on. Come hear for a second. I did and he started to rub my muscles. He then got off the bed and on his knees, grabed my dick and put it in his mouth and started to suck. This i didnt mind because i always wanted him to be my little bitch, as he was doing this i ripped off all of his cloths and told him to get in the bed. We then went all to me fucking him in the ass-him sucking my cock and being my slave for the rest of the night. The next morning i decided to reward him for all the fun of last night so when he woke up i told he to suck my cock and watch me grow. •

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