Mike Gets Huge

Healing Old Wounds


By Clarence591

by Clarence591 and Corwin

Mike saw the larger Kyle standing over Donny's battered, lithe body and figured out what happened. He grabbed Kyle by the neck with his left hand and easily lifted him off the ground. He quickly did the same with Justin in his right hand. Both men were gasping for air and clawing at Mike's powerful arms while trying to kick his sore balls, his only vulnerable spot. "Are you okay, dude? You look like shit", Mike asked Donny.

"I'll be okay. He didn't take anything I can't get back in time", Donny said struggling to sit up.

"I'm starting to think you were right. Maybe having Justin as our water boy is not a good idea after all", Mike said before flashing his brilliant smile at Donny. He had to adjust his grip on Justin's neck but didn't bother to look at him.

Donny chuckled then rubbed his bruised gut. "Stop, don't make me laugh. It hurts too much. Thank God, you arrived in time to..". Donny had returned his gaze back to Mike and stopped in mid-sentence at what he saw. Mike noticed Donny's expression change from relief to horror. Mike turned his glance toward Kyle, who was no longer struggling, to see him grinning like a cat that had swallowed a canary. Then he turned to Justin and was shocked. Justin's body was mutating. While he was growing larger; all the muscles under his skin were changing randomly, like bubbles in a pot of boiling water. His facial features where changing in the same manner. Worse of all were his balls. Each was expanding and deflating rapidly, independent of each other. Justin looked like a hideous monster one second, then a gorgeous hunk the next. Mike was having a hard time keeping his grip as Justin's neck got thicker and his body became heavier. Justin's feet finally touched the floor as he grew as tall as Mike. With that leverage, Justin grabbed Mike's forearm and started to twist it backwards. Mike resisted at first, but soon Justin's increasing strength allowed him to overpower Mike. Mike lost his balance and had to let go of Kyle. Kyle's massive body fell on top of Donny. The impact causing Donny's head to hit the floor knocking him out. Justin continued to twist Mike's arm backwards demonstrating the incredible power his larger muscles possessed. Mike was down on one knee, his face showing the immense pain he was experiencing. Justin just laughed then hit Mike's square jaw with his other hand; the blow causing Mike's head to twist violently in the opposite direction. Mike fell onto his ass as Justin let go of this arm. Justin stood in front of Mike.

"Get up, wimp", Justin said almost growling.

Mike got back on his feet and threw a punch into Justin's gut. Justin barely flinched and retaliated with a punch into Mike's armored waist. He then picked Mike up over his head and throw him into a row of lockers on the other side of the room. Mike felt fear for the first time in years as Justin shuffled closer to him. Justin's grotesque, but powerful physique seemed unstoppable. Mike struggled to his feet as Justin reached him. Mike's whole body felt weak from the abuse it had endured all day. Mike threw several combination punches using all his depleted strength attempting to weaken his opponent, but it had the opposite effect. Mike grew tired and winded while Justin continued his approach not even having to defend himself from the weaker man. Justin was now on top of Mike, who just stood there trying to catch his breath. "Is that all you got?", Justin asked. Mike just looked up at Justin unable to speak between deep inhales. Not giving Mike's body the time to recover, Justin threw a punch into Mike's gut and another at the other side of his face. Mike collapsed onto the floor. "Get his clothes off him", Justin bellowed at Kyle. Kyle scurried over to Mike's limp body and pulled his jersey up over his head. He then quickly removed his shoes and loosened the laces of his pants. Kyle pulled the tight pants down over Mike's round ass, finally exposing his red, throbbing balls. As Kyle struggled to get the pants past Mike's thickly corded thighs, Mike grabbed Kyle's arm.

Mike looked at Kyle. "Why?" he asked weakly.

"You made me feel inferior and no one is ever going to do that again" Kyle snapped back, he then took his other hand and flicked Mike's balls with his index finger. Mike clenched his teeth together in pain while letting go of Kyle. "Not such a tough alpha male now are you?", Kyle mocked.

"Enough playing around", Justin grunted. Kyle quickly finished removing the pants leaving Mike completely nude. Justin picked Mike up with one hand around his neck holding him up against the lockers. He then started to punch Mike's entire body systematically starting with his mountainous shoulders. The powerful blows forced Mike's super dense muscles into the metal wall behind him. Mike was defenseless, the relentless beating making him weaker and weaker. The lockers bent like tin around him, encasing Mike's muscular physique, imprisoning him in steel. Justin no longer had to hold Mike up; he was totally supported by the molded metal. Justin stepped back suddenly feeling weaker. He rubbed his forehead with his enormous hands.

Mike could see Justin's muscles slowly deflating. Mike could hear Justin begin to mumble 'no, not now... no...'. Mike knew he now had an opportunity. In his most commanding voice, he looked at Kyle and said "Kyle find something to bind his hands behind his back. Then go get some help". Mike's massive manhood ached as he demanded it exert his hypnotic control over Kyle. Kyle didn't want to do what Mike asked of him, but he couldn't resist Mike's direct order. Kyle picked up a roll of Ace bandages that had fallen out of one of the lockers. He grabbed one of Justin's wrists and forced it behind his back. Then Kyle reached for the other hand, but found it more difficult to control Justin.

As the two men struggled, Justin felt strong again. His muscles started to grow, his strength increasing every second. Mike saw Justin's face snarl, 'yes' as he began to flex with power. Soon he reversed Kyle's hold on him and threw Kyle across the room, his body slamming onto the floor.

"Your mind is as weak as your body, boy" Justin teased. He stood up and put his face up against Mike's. "Your powers won't work on me, wimp. And with your help, my body will soon stabilize and I'll be the strongest man in the universe." he said before he threw another punch into Mike's gut forcing his body deeper into the lockers. Justin opened his fist and lowered his hand to Mike's huge fuck pole. He started to roughly stroke Mike's cock. Mike's hyper-masculine body produced 100 times more testosterone than the average man, making him extremely potent. Not having felt the touch of another person in over a week, Mike's cock started to inflate; the coursing blood quickly bringing his manhood to its full foot long length. Justin got down on his knees and started to suck Mike's perfectly shaped meat. Justin sucked with such force it instantly caused Mike to orgasm. Justin then took his hand and squeezed Mike's sore balls crushing them in his powerful grip. Mike's thunderous scream resonated throughout the room. Justin emptied every last drop of super cum from Mike's balls, using his cock like a straw. "Painful isn't it. Now you know how I felt when you did it to me", Justin said as he wiped his mouth with the back of his huge hand. Justin felt his body calming, the violent mutations of his muscles slowed and both balls expanded in unison. He was able to think more logically again too. Justin's hope that Mike's cum would heal him seemed to becoming a reality. Justin was caressing his own painful scrotum when Mike's caught his eye. Mike's balls were expanding too. It looked as if Mike's body was instantly healing itself, draining power from the rest of him to protect the epicenter of his masculinity. This made perfect sense to Justin. After all, doctors give patients steroids to speed the healing process. Mike's body was producing mega doses of steroids every second. Justin's hand went to Mike's cock again and started to stroke it. His meat expanded at the touch again.

"No, please. Not again", pleaded Mike without lifting his head.

"You can't resist my touch. Your body was meant to be a fucking machine. Its sole purpose to provide pleasure to others" Justin said before putting his mouth around Mike's 11" rod. After some creative tongue work by Justin, Mike shot another load into Justin's eager mouth. Again Justin grabbed Mike's ball sack and squeezed with all his might. Mike screamed again, this time in a higher pitch.

Kyle was woken by Mike's screams and stumbled over to his team mates. He saw Justin finishing his second blow job on Mike. "What are you doing? I am the one who is supposed to be taking his cum. You promised me I was going to be the strongest man in the world", Kyle yelled at Justin.

"You?" Justin said looking at Kyle. Justin sat silent for a moment enjoying the feeling the new dose of Mike's cum was having on his body before continuing. "You literally don't have the balls for the job, dude. Do you think it was just chance that Mike became the ultimate man? It was his huge balls that allowed him to become a God. Mike's always had the biggest set of low hangers in town. When I gave Mike's cum to the Valley Stream team, their man with the biggest balls became their alpha-male. It's that natural advantage over other men that makes him superior. Your little peas can't take it," and Justin started to laugh while he rubbed his own huge eggs that were pulsing painfully and growing huge.

"Mike has a natural advantage over me? He's supposed to be the alpha-male?" Kyle mumbled to himself trying to make sense of the information. The last several weeks have been all about Mike taking away something that rightfully belonged to him. Now that was all a lie. Kyle's introspection was interrupted by another scream from Mike. Justin had just sucked him off for a third time. Kyle looked up at Mike. His body had changed. To heal his testicles, Mike's body was draining the masculinity from the rest of him. His chest and forearm arm hair had fallen out. His skin became paler and freckles formed on his shoulders. His chiseled muscle definition and river of veins were now hidden by a thin layer of fat. His perfect ten pack had turned into a smooth slightly rounded belly. Even his facial features had softened. He looked like a huge NFL linebacker or an off-season bodybuilder, instead of the super muscular, morphed anatomy chart he once was.

Justin sat back on his ass still rubbing his painful nuts. Mike's smaller and shorter body fell from the custom formed metal restraint landing in Justin's lap. Justin pushed Mike off of him. Mike's spent body laid still on the concrete floor where he landed. Justin's balls continued to grow in unison turning bright red and more painful. Justin groaned loudly and grabbed his sack as he stood and walked away; slamming his fist into the wall as he tried to relieve the pain he felt. The burning sensation in his balls increased dramatically like someone had poured iodine on an open wound. He fell to his knees groaning. The burning finally subsided and his balls started to itch like a scab on a wound. Then they started to shrink to the perfect proportion for a man his height. His balls no longer hurt for the first time in over a week. Justin smiled knowing Mike's cum had healed him. Then Justin's body started to change again. Now that Justin's maleness was whole again, his body could totally absorb all the benefits of Mike's cum. The cum that had lain virtually dormant within him for several days, its great power only appearing briefly during moments of physical stress.

He walked to the mirror on the other side of the room where Kyle admired himself earlier. Justin saw his muscles thicken and separate, while all his body fat disappeared, making his physique exquisitely defined. His cock grew to match the perfect proportion of his balls. His skin deepened into a golden bronze. His shoulders widened while his hips narrowed. The hair on his head lengthened and became shinier. His eye color became a paler shade of blue and his teeth brightened. Justin's face morphed into piece of art. Not as ruggedly handsome as Mike was, but more refined like Donny. Every male trait was now exaggerated to perfection. Justin's body had stabilized into an ideal specimen; 6' 8" and over 390 pounds of pure masculinity. Justin started to pose in the mirror showcasing his flawless physique. Kyle stood by and stared in awe. Justin noticed Kyle's hypnotized look and laughed before he spoke, "It's good to have things back to the way they should be. You once again look like a little puppy dog drooling over a piece of prime tube steak. That's what you'll be, my little puppy dog. Bark for me, puppy."

Kyle was outraged; there was no way he was going to humiliate himself like that. Then he heard barking and realized it was coming from his mouth. He tried to stop by couldn't, Justin had total control of him. Justin laughed louder, "I can't believe Mike was afraid of all this power. He gave up so much of it like a fool. I can't wait to make them worship me."

Mr.Barker entered the locker room and gasped at the bloody face and battered body of Donny. He then raised his head and saw the diminished Mike lying at the end of the aisle of damaged lockers. He was saddened to see such beauty destroyed. He turned to his left and saw only the back of a huge, nude muscular man. "Kyle!", he said with glee. Then Justin turned to face Barker. This allowed the teacher to see his favorite student barking like a dog with an embarrassed look on his face. "What happened? Justin why are you so big instead of Kyle? I only went along with your plan because Kyle asked me to help him. For God's sake Kyle stop barking", Barker's emotions went from surprise to anger to sorrow as he spoke. "What have you done Kyle? What have you become?"

"Both of you shut up and be still" Justin ordered. The two weaker men's mouth immediately snapped closed and froze in place. "He belongs to me now, Barker. He's my new puppy dog. You'll have to find yourself another pet. But I'll be fair and give you something in return". Justin walked toward Barker not stopping until he was less than an inch from the shorter man. Justin's immense chest surrounded Barker's face. Barker's vision was totally blocked by two huge mounds of hard man tit; his nose deep in the cavernous cleavage. Justin stood there while Barker breathed in his scent. Instantly Barker's cock hardened. Justin reached down and traced the outline of the large bulge in Barker's tight shorts with his index finger. Justin's finger was longer and thicker than older man's cock. "Cum now", Justin whispered. Immediately Barker's pelvis thrust forward and out spurted a large load of crème, the look of complete pleasure quite obvious on Barker's face. "Again", Justin said. And Barker released another smaller load. "Again", Justin ordered. Barker's face now grimaced as his body tried to comply with the command, his balls contracting in vain. "Again, I said". Barker crotch ached, his eyes pleading for Justin to stop. Justin just laughed as Barker collapsed to the floor in exhaustion. "Now you watch how you speak to me old man or I'll make you cum until you have a fucking heart attack. Do I make myself clear?" Justin asked. Barker shook his head yes. "That was fun. Maybe I'll do the same thing to the President of the United States one day on national TV. It's not as if anyone could stop me". Justin turned back to the mirror to watch himself flex, "So old man, did you come here for a reason?", Justin asked. Mr.Barker looked up at him and pointed to his mouth. "Speak", Justin said waving his hand in front of the teacher's mouth.

Barker took a couple of deep breathes before speaking. "Yes sir, the coach sent me to look for all of you. Valley Stream has tied the score and there's only a few minutes left to play. Word's got out about what's been happening on the field. The bleachers are full and reporters from the local TV stations and papers are here too. The coach wants to use this opportunity to get his name in the news".

"I see", Justin said thinking for a moment. "Someone will get there name in the news, but it won't be the coach. Kyle, fetch Mike's uniform for me." Kyle did what he was told and brought the clothes to Justin. Justin stepped into Mike's pants, pulling them up over his larger frame. The inner thigh seams ripping under the pressure from the bulkier muscles. Justin reached down and ripped the left pant leg completly off and then the right; the super durable, rip-strop nylon material tearing like tissue paper in his powerful hands. Justin's pants were now shorts which barely covered his ass cheeks. His huge basket hung lower than the shorts making it look even larger. Justin then put on Mike's jersey inside out, to hide Mike's name. He pulled at the tight collar tearing the shirt down the center to better accommodate his massive chest. He flexed his arms bursting the short sleeves to shreds. "Now I'm ready to play. I'll win the game for the team and start my rise to fame and fortune. Maybe I'll become a professional football player, or baseball player, or maybe an Olympic gold medalist in weight-lifting. For that matter, being the strongest man in the world means I can win the gold medal in every strength sport. That will definitely make me a household name." Justin said as he did another double bicep pose in the mirror, savoring the awesome power his body possessed. His hand moved to adjust his hardening manhood. "Of course I have what it takes to be the world's greatest porn star too", he laughed. "But why choose only one; with this body I can do it all. The world is going to enjoy me and I'm going to enjoy taking everything the world has to offer."

Just then Mike started to wake-up, his groans echoing through the locker room. "I almost forgot about him. Mike's the only one that can truly challenge me one day. I'm going to have to destroy his balls for good this time and eliminate that potential threat." Justin reached for a sledge hammer that was leaning up against a nearby wall. It was one that was used before for Mike's massage. "This should do the trick in his weakened condition", Justin smirked as he tossed the thirty pound hammer in the air like a feather.

"Please let me do it, sir", Kyle blurted out.

"You, why?", Justin asked.

"You know I have always hated Mike. I've fantasized about destroying him over and over again", Kyle answered trying his best to convince Justin. "Please master; it would make me a very happy puppy. Plus you have to win the game and you're running out of time"

Justin smiled and put his hand on top of Kyle's head. "That's a good boy, you should get used to serving my needs first", then he handed the sledge hammer to Kyle. "Don't disappoint me". Justin gave another tug on the enormous bulge between his legs and headed toward the exit. "Barker you're with me". Barker gave a compassionate look at Kyle before scurrying off to catch up with Justin.

Kyle stood over Mike's massive form looking at the fallen god. Kyle kept asking himself why Mike didn't use all the power his body possessed to take advantage of everyone like Justin planned to do. Mike was even more powerful than Justin at one time. Kyle always treated Mike as the enemy, but Mike hadn't started it. Kyle had come to the team, taken what was Mike's without even talking to him. He felt it was his right. When Mike had muscled it back, Kyle was jealous and Mike had reacted to that. Kyle had started the rivalry, and Mike had continued it.

Kyle thought about the punching contest they had earlier today. Mike could have totally destroyed him with one punch, but didn't. He reached down for Mike's huge ball sack cupping it in his hand and admiring its size. It had swollen back to its huge size, but still lacked the power to reenergize the man's body. Kyle knew this was the natural advantage Mike had over Kyle all along.

Mike opened his eyes as Kyle let go of his nuts. Kyle raised the sledge hammer high over his head. Kyle looked at Mike and saw no fear, only acceptance. "I'm sorry Mike, but I don't know what else to do". Kyle put all his power into the swing and slammed the hammer down. Mike's horrific scream filled the room. Mike grabbed his crushed left forearm with his right hand. Kyle let go of the hammer and got down on his knees to whisper into Mike's ear. "I've just bought us a little time. But you must hurry, you are the only one you can defeat Justin. When he finds out you are still a complete man, he'll destroy both of us." Kyle took his hand and ran it along Mike's cheek. Kyle realized the anger he felt for Mike was just covering up his true feelings of envy and deep ceded attraction. Kyle kissed Mike passionately on the lips and left. Kyle stepped over Donny who was crawling toward his best friend. Either one said a word; Kyle couldn't even look at the man he destroyed.

Kyle was putting on his too tight jersey when he saw Justin and Barker waiting for him at the end of the hallway by the exit door. "It sounded like you completed your assignment. Did you? Tell me the truth, puppy", Justin ordered as if talking to a child.

"Yes master. I can honestly tell you I did to Mike want I've always really wanted to do to him", Kyle said sincerely.

"Good boy", Justin said as he again patted the top of Kyle's head.

Donny made his way to Mike's side. He lifted Mike's head onto his lap and started to caress his head and chest. He never saw his friend look was helpless before.

"I guess I'm not so super anymore, am I?" Mike asked groggily.

"You will be, I'll make sure of that", Donny said with tears running down his face.

Mike grabbed Donny's hand that was on his chest. "I've got what I wanted. I can feel your touch on my skin again". Mike brought Donny's hand to his mouth and kissed it before placing back on his barrel chest. "Just hold me Donny and don't ever let me go".

"Never, Mike", Donny said as he pulled Mike closer to him, "never".

Donny rocked Mike gently in his arms without speaking, the silence broken only by the sounds from the game being played outside. Both could hear the announcer's voice from the PA system over the cheering crowd, "The new, huge Bayville player has got the ball. He's slicing through the Valley Stream team like a chain saw through a forest of saplings. I've never seen such carnage on a football field before. This game is one for the record books. He's at the ten yard line. Touchdown! Is there no one who can stop this muscle giant?"

On the field, Rob lay at Justin's feet. He looked up at the muscle behmoth, seeing the huge bulge inside the player's shorts. Instinctively, the one-time punter kicked with the full might of his muscular legs. It felt as if his foot had hit a cannon ball. Justin just laughed. "Sorry Ballsy, that won't work on me anymore," Justin cupped his massive groin, "but after the game, why don't you and I have a little competition and see just whose eggs fill the basket better?" Rob's eyes glazed over with a desire he didn't understand but could not refuse. Justin just smiled. •

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