Mike Gets Huge

Change in Plans


By Clarence591

by Clarence591 and Corwin

The ball was snapped and the Valley Stream team pushed past Bayville for the first time. But they didn’t go after Kyle, the quarterback; they were focused only on getting Mike. The Valley Stream team instinctively knew all of Bayville’s plays. Mike’s cum had given them the accumulated football knowledge and skills of the entire team. They were aware of every player’s strengths and weaknesses. Bayville’s greatest strength was Mike and they had orders to weaken him. Kyle handed the ball off to Mike who started his usual slow jog to the goal line. Each member of Valley Stream’s defensive line crashed into Mike. They made sure their hard shoulder pads slammed into Mike’s unprotected crotch. Each man would hit him, then roll off and hit him again further down the field. One by one, as if it was expertly choreographed, they took turns hitting the large, impressive target that was Mike’s manhood. By the tenth impact Mike was starting to feel each blow, especially since he was still tender from Kyle’s punch earlier in the locker room. After making the touchdown, Mike headed for the bench as the defensive team took the field. He just wanted to give his sore nuts a rest. Kyle was talking to the coach as Mike approached.

“Good idea Kyle. We’re going to need you out there Mike”, the coach said, “I don’t know how, but they’re just too strong of a team now”.

Mike looked at the smirking Kyle and reluctantly put his helmet back on and jogged into position on the field. Mike crouched in front of Rob, the biggest player on the opposing team. When the ball was in play, Rob grabbed onto Mike’s shoulders and rammed his powerful knee into Mike’s balls. Mike felt a lot of pain but was able to continue the play. Valley Stream’s empowered quarterback tossed a perfect 60 yard spiral to the open arms of a receiver, who easily outmaneuvered Mike’s team mates. They had their first touchdown of the game. Mike headed back to the bench to speak with the coach.

“I need to rest. Can I sit out this play, coach?” Mike asked.

Before the coach could answer, Kyle ran up and said, “Coach, we need Mike out there. He’s our best player. We’re going to lose our point advantage if Mike doesn’t play”.

The coach thought for a second, beating the state champions was his only concern now. “Mike you’re in for one more play. We need your power on the field”.

Kyle caught the kicked ball and immediately knelt down on the field. Mike joined the others in the huddle. Kyle was going to use the same play as before. “No. Don’t give me the ball this time, Kyle. Use someone else”, Mike interrupted rubbing his tender package.

Kyle noticed and answered slyly, “Okay, Mike. If that’s the way you feel. But if I don’t see anyone else open, I may have to use you man. You understand it’s for the good of the team. As the quarterback it’s my decision.”

Kyle yelled out the play, with the ball in his hand he took a few steps back. Mike was soon surrounded by the other team leaving the receivers wide open. But Mike was surprised when he saw Kyle throwing the ball to him. Mike used his powerful legs to jump over the other inferior players and caught the ball with ease. Reluctantly Mike headed toward the end zone. Again the Valley Stream targeted his crotch. Each hit sent bursts of pain through his body, slowly weakening him. Almost at the goal line, Rob slammed his entire massive body weight into Mike’s masculine bulge, causing Mike to stumble for the first time since his change. Mike got into the end zone and feel to his knees. The crowd gasped at seeing a sign of weakness from the hulking giant. The Valley Stream players surrounded Mike. Rob stood in front of him. He took a few steps back as if getting ready to make a punt and kicked Mike forcibly between his legs. Mike fell unto his ass holding his battered package. Rob leaned into Mike’s tortured face and said, “An eye for an eye. Balls for Balls. Justin sends his regards”. Rob put his hand on Mike’s helmet and pushed him back. Mike fell onto the turf still holding his nuts. The players, still surrounding him, got on their knees and started pummeling Mike’s balls with their fists. The immense pain weakened Mike dramatically, making it easy for his tormentors to push his hands out of the way. He was unable to defend himself. Tears welled up in his eyes from the assault his balls were taken. He yelled for help. Mike’s team mates ran up and pulled the other men off of him. As Rob stood he took his foot and ground his cleats into Mike’s throbbing basket. Donny got to Rob and pushed him away. Donny was the only one willing to take-on the big man.

“What’s wrong with you dude. Your whole team is fucking crazy” Donny screamed as he helped Mike stand up. Rob just raised his hands and smiled before walking away with the rest of his team. Donny put Mike’s arm around his shoulder and escorted him to the sidelines. As he passed by the referee he commented, “And why didn’t you stop that?”

“I didn’t see anything” the ref said then looked at Mr.Barker who threw him a kiss.

“Are you okay, man? I don’t know what’s got into those guys. They come back from half time all muscular and crazy.” Donny said kneeling in front of Mike who was sitting on the bench. Mike always sat at the end of the bench far from the other players. He knew his presence would arouse his team mates, so he tried to keep his distance.

“It was Justin. He gave them something to make them big in return they were told to attack me. Back at his house, I must have crushed his balls without realizing it because I was so strong. He’s using them to get his revenge on me.” Mike said softly trying to catch his breath, spreading his massive thighs wide open to give his aching balls some additional room. He rested his elbows on his thighs. His face was still red and grimacing from the stinging pain.

“Justin, I should have known. And I bet Kyle and Barker are in on this too. I wonder what he gave them? Only you and I know where we hid the supplements.” Donny stood up and saw Justin walking toward the locker room. “I’ll be back in a minute, Mike”, Donny said as he started to walk Justin’s way. Donny made it past the bleachers when someone grabbed his arm.

“Where are you going? We need you on the field?” Donny turned to see it was Kyle.

“I’ve got to talk with your friend Justin about what he’s doing to Mike. Of course, you’d know all about it too”, Donny said jerking his arm free from Kyle’s surprisingly strong grip.

“I don’t know what you’re talking. But if you feel it’s more important than the game, go ahead”, Justin said as he turned to walk back to the field.

“I’m not done talking to you, Kyle”, Donny said as he put his hand on Kyle’s upper arm to stop him just as Kyle had done to him. Donny couldn’t believe the size and hardness of the muscle he felt there. He looked up at Kyle’s face who was smirking at him. Donny thought he looked different somehow; bigger, taller, more handsome and confident. Donny started to squeeze Kyle’s bicep to show he was still the stronger man. Kyle felt Donny’s grip tightening. Kyle bent his elbow making his bicep expand. Donny tried to stop the muscle from growing, but couldn’t. Kyle’s power could not be denied, Donny’s hand was forced opened. Donny was stunned, how did Kyle get stronger than him. Kyle took advantage of Donny’s shock and slammed his fist into the weaker man’s gut. The blow knocked the wind out of Donny and caused his body to buckle. Kyle grabbed Donny’s arm and forced it behind his back.

“I wasn’t planning on doing this now, but you can say you’ve forced my hand. Ironic huh?” Kyle whispered into Donny’s ear as he made him stand upright. Kyle pushed Donny forward still holding his arm painfully behind his back. “Let’s do what you wanted and go see Justin”, Kyle pushed Donny forward making him walk to the locker room entrance. As they entered Kyle called out for Justin. As Justin approached, Donny saw his water bottle hanging from Justin’s belt.

“Now I know you’re plan. You’re going to use the diluted formula on Mike to weaken him. Even if he drinks all that stuff he’ll still be stronger than any one else.” Donny said trying to make their plan sound futile.

“Oh, Mike’s not the only one we’re going to use the formula on” Justin said as he removed the bottle from his waist and moved closer to Donny, looking up at him with an evil grin. Donny started to struggle breaking Kyle’s hold on him and pushing Justin away. Donny turned to face Kyle, the two circling each other like warriors.

“I can’t believe you’re working with him again after what he did to you twice before. He’s more obsessed with power than even you. He’ll never let you become stronger than him.” Donny said trying to delay the inevitable fight to let his sore arm and gut recover.

“As you have seen, I already am”, Kyle said before he lunged at Donny forcing his body against a row of lockers. Donny swung his arm at Kyle’s face, but it was still felt rubbery from being forced behind his back. Kyle was able to block Donny’s punch with his left arm while his right fist hit Donny in the gut again. Donny’s body bent forward from the blow, Kyle quickly lifted his knee hitting Donny in the face, breaking his nose. Kyle grabbed the front of Donny’s shirt and held him up as he continued ravaging Donny’s face. Kyle felt so powerful beating the All-American stud. Donny was in a daze with blood coming from his nose, brow and mouth. Kyle saw that Donny was near unconsciousness and stopped hitting him. “Now that I’ve destroyed that pretty face of yours, I’ll take your perfect body too”, he said breathing hard from his efforts. He took the water bottle from Justin and put it to Donny’s mouth. Donny quickly shut his lips.

“Allow me”, Justin said as he reached for the bottle and squeezed Donny’s battered nose closed. The pain caused Donny to scream. Justin quickly poured the liquid into Donny’s open mouth. “Payback is a bitch isn’t it?” Justin commented as he saw Donny swallow the formula. He threw the empty bottle to the floor. Kyle let Donny’s limp body drop.

“Take off his clothes, I want to see this happen” Kyle told Justin as he started to strip himself. Justin struggled to lift off Donny’s shirt and pads. He quickly removed his shoes and socks, then untied the laces to his tight pants. He pulled them off revealing his sweat soaked jock. Justin admired the size and scent of the garment before removing it. Donny’s balls were already beginning to expand from the effects of the MNR. The now nude Kyle picked Donny up and held him next to himself as he stood in front of a large mirror. He took his free hand and grabbed Donny’s chin lifting his head. “Look Captain America, you’re losing your superhero physique”. Donny’s saw his body shrink through his swollen, bloody eyes. He could feel his strength draining from his body into his expanding balls. Donny went from looking like an elite bodybuilder to a slender swimmer in minutes. His expanding cock ached from being so hard. Kyle went down to his knees and placed his mouth around Donny’s thick rod. Kyle kept a firm grip on Donny’s narrow hips to hold him upright. Donny tried to hold back his ejaculation but couldn’t. The power of the formula was too strong. He released his muscle load into Kyle’s eager mouth. Kyle could feel Donny’s shortening cock withdrawing from his mouth as the last bit of cum hit the back of his throat. Donny collapsed onto the floor. Kyle stood in front of the mirror to watch his body grow. His shoulders broadened, his legs lengthened, while his muscles swelled. Kyle brought his hand to his face to feel his more prominent jaw line, and then he followed the thick vein that ran down his bull neck to his more powerful chest. He continued to his more defined abdominals until he came to the most desired enhancement. He felt the weight of his egg size balls in one hand and squeezed his six inches of soft, thick meat in the other. The size and power of his body was intoxicating. -----------------------------------------------------------

Mike walked slowly to the coach. He took small steps trying not to jostle his king-sized package too much. “Coach have you seen Donny?”

“No. All my top players are missing and we’re being crushed out there. I can’t find Evan, Tyrone, Donny or Kyle. Hell, even the fucking water boy is gone”, the coach ranted as he saw his dream of beating the state champs slipping away.

“Justin”, Mike said to himself. Maybe Baker, Kyle and Justin were working together. Maybe they were getting their revenge on Donny this very moment. He had to find Donny.

“Mike are you feeling better? I need you back in the game as soon as possible. You’re our only hope to win this game” the coach pleaded.

“Sure coach, once I find Donny”, Mike answered absentmindedly scanning the field for his friend. He turned away without looking at the coach again. Mike felt someone was staring at him, so he looked down in front of him. There he saw Tiffany, the head cheerleader. Tiffany, like all the other girls in school, has been bugging Mike about the upcoming prom. They knew since Mike would obviously be elected prom king, whomever he took would be queen. “Sorry I don’t have time to talk now Tiffany. I’m looking for Donny”, he said slightly annoyed.

“I know I heard you talking to the coach. I saw where he and Kyle went”, Tiffany said looking up at the hulking stud.

“Great. Where did they go?” Mike said excitedly.

Tiffany didn’t answer. She just stood there staring at Mike. Being in his ultra-masculine presence and hearing his deep bass voice made Tiffany feel incredibly feminine. When Mike’s pheromone laden scent hit Tiffany’s nose, her subconscious took over her body. Erotic images flooded her mind, her pupils dilated, her breathing became shallow, her skin flush, both sets of her lips swelled, and her hardening nipples pushed out her tight uniform. Tiffany’s curvy body trembled in a combination of fear and desire. She was like a cat in heat. Mike was used to this reaction from women. He took a step back, “Tiffany, listen to me. Where did they go?”

Tiffany eyes refocused. She bit her lower lip to try to control the waves of pleasure her young body was experiencing. “Aahhhuh, th…th..they went into the locker room a ff..few minutes ago”, she softly stammered.

“Thank you”, Mike said as he ran his manly hand down the back of her arm. Tiffany’s body shuddered and she gasped as her panties became moist. She tried to catch her breath as she watched Mike walk away. ---------------------------------------------------------

Kyle reached for his old jock strap and held against his improved manhood, “I don’t think this is going to fit me anymore”. He looked down at Donny’s diminished physique and dropped the soiled garment onto his battered face, “This looks more like your size now”. Kyle walked over to where Justin had put Donny’s clothes and slipped on his team mate’s supporter. He raised the straps up over his massive thighs slowly, letting his hands caress the bulging muscles as he flexed. Kyle pulled the cup out to cover his man-meat; relishing the fact its extra-large size was barely able to hold all of him. “A tight fit for a man like me, but it will have to do”. Kyle then put on Donny’s pants, his larger muscles stretching the shining nylon material near the breaking point. He walked over to Donny and stood directly on top of the fallen idol. “I definitely fill out your uniform better than you ever did”, Kyle chuckled as he ran his hands over his tightly encased ass.

Donny stared up at the behemoth looking down at him, his view of Kyle’s upper body blocked by the enormous bulge protruding from between Kyle’s legs. “You’re still number two, Kyle. You used the last of the MNR formula on me. Mike is ten times stronger than you and always will be”, Donny forced the words from his bruised face defiantly.

Kyle got angry. “Shut up, wimp”, he said as he put his large foot on Donny’s chest and pressed down hard. Donny started to cough finding it hard to breath. Kyle looked at Justin, “How am I supposed to get Mike’s muscles without the formula? The plan was to bash his balls to weaken him so I could force him to drink the formula and steal his powers. What are we going to do now?”

“Like you said I’m the brains and you’re the brawn. I know exactly what I’m doing.” Justin answered with a strange tone in his voice. “Don’t worry. We’ll take care of Mike”.

“Did I hear someone say my name?” All eyes turned to the doorway as Mike entered the room. •

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