God Revealed, A

The following weeks


By AdvnturPup

So I go off to my day, my week, wondering about this phenomenon I've come upon. Could there actually be a Muscle God walking the earth? The kind I've only read about in over the top muscle sex fiction on line? But His Voice is in my head now. The chant - I haven't memorized it but phrases come out to me at odd moments of my day. I buddy list some of the Brothers he's mentioned to me so that I can talk to them and find out more.

The first thing I notice is that things at the gym get a little...strange. I've never been a successful gym cruiser type. It's not my forte. Sometimes a little action in the steamroom, but that's a rare event.

Not this week. Monday morning I'm at the gym and feel like hot stuff walking around - getting cruised like I can't recall... Now I've been working on the diet, so I'm looking better and better, but I haven't been able to workout fully, focussing on cardio, because of a shoulder injury that I'm getting physical therapy for. I haven't been feeling very studly as a result - but apparently I'm looking hotter than usual, because I'm getting these looks!

And then I go to steam at the end of the workout and find myself in the midst of a very intense, very aggressive jo and oral appreciation scene with two Muscle Boys, super NYC deluxe Muscle Boys, at that! And its not just about me being the worshipper - they are as into me as they are into each other. In fact, it was my entrance into the steam room that seemed to catalyze the action! Each of them cums along with me, into our towels, and as we're cumming I think of DemonMusclGOD, I hear His voice in my ear... But then I go on with my day...

Tuesday comes and I have an evening workout. Again: getting looks! Feeling very confident, doing my cardio, doing my shoulder exercises, and thinking of the chant as I do it. I have moments that aren't great: at minute 15 on the treadmill, do I really want to keep going? "I want the power, I need the power, I will have the power..." I push the speed up on the treadmill and sprint to the end of my run. One more rep? My shoulders aching now and its been a long hard day at work. "I want the power, I need the power..." BAM! I do those last reps that I know will really get me somewhere. I feel good. I feel strong. And I go to the locker room, smiling about how good it feels to push myself, and how the steam is going to be nice. I'm smiling too, thinking about the steamroom from last night - knowing that things like that don't happen often, but I'm tired anyway, so that's ok...

But I'm wrong. I'm in there with one other guy, a wiry, cute, all American jock boy type. He nods hello and smiles as I come in and I sit opposite him in the horseshoe shaped seating. I stretch, crack my knees and knuckles and close my eyes. I hear the door open again and look up to see this Man walk in. A Muscle Man I have seen at the gym for several years now. I've watched him do roid cycles, obvious from the way he will suddenly bloom and bulge over the course of a few months in a stunningly dramatic way. He doesn't always keep everything he gains, but, step by step, he moves toward Muscle God status. He has never really looked at me much, though I'm sure he recognizes me as someone from the gym, but nothing more than that, a familiar face. He sits between the other guy and me. I gaze at him for a moment, but know better than to expect anything from this fellow. But, as I drop my head and close my eyes I feel a foot touching up against my foot. I move my foot instinctively and open my eyes and see him gazing intently at me. I look at the jock boy sitting opposite and he's totally focussed on the subtle foot action that just occurred. His towel is stirring.

The Muscle Man smiles at me and reaches toward my knee! I reach toward his arm and stroke along it, feeling the veins, the heat, the muscles. He then glances at jock boy and moves his other foot in that direction. Simultaneously, jock boy and I move into Muscleman's chest, both his arms around our heads and he starts to moan. I reach and feel his cock springing to life under his towel and, pausing from his pec for a moment, spread some spit on my hand and reach under his towel to bring things along still further... Jock boy moves down and takes the now fully erect cock in his mouth as Muscleman's towel drops away, and Muscleman moves his hand from my head, still on his chest, down my spine, to my butt, starting to tease my hole. I move into a position that makes this more efficient and, still working on his pec with my mouth begin stroking my own cock. Things move fast now, under the pressure of this being a public space and as he starts to moan and shoot under jock boy's attentions, I shoot on to his thigh!

Again: the Voice of DemonMusclGOD sounds in my head - I feel a presence within me, that something, Some One, is bringing this astonishing event to completion. As though in answer to that silent thought, Muscleman puts his hand on the back of my head and guides my face to where I have bespattered his pumped up thighs (he had been doing legs this evening, I had seen...) I lick, consuming my cum as I had when on the phone with Father two days before... And I think: I am doing His Service here...

The next morning, back at the gym. Action in the steamroom again! The next day, off to the baths for a "boy's night out." They're lining up at my door! Friday night, off to a hotel in Connecticut for a weekend of work and 'Wham!' impossibly sexy meeting with someone from on line! And I'm wondering: is this the power of suggestion? Or the Power? Does it matter even - either way, since speaking to Father on the phone, there is a presence and drive, a confidence about me that is a notch up from anything before.

I speak with some of the Brothers on line and hear similar stories. One fellow tells me of gaining 26 pounds of muscle in the 3 months since meeting Father. I hear stories about over the top worship Services with some of the Brothers - orgies with a purpose, directed at tapping into Father's Power, as He brings it down and shares it as they feed from Him. One Brother tells me of speaking in tongues during a phone call with Father. I hear of visions. Another Brother, going by the handle St John, apparently Father's chief acolyte, mentions, without elaborating on details, that he has seen some astonishing things in Father's presence: Father has levitated and it seems that His physical appearance can shift...

Can this be? I am a scientist by training and remain skeptical in the face of such statements, but, from my own experiences I do know that strange things can happen, that some people do have powers beyond the ordinary. While being a scientist I also am a serious student and practitioner in the spiritual side of things. There is a Hindu concept of an "avatar", a human being who is an incarnation of some aspect of the divine. I have had one life changing encounter with such a being, around four years ago and have no doubts that such things are possible. In fact, the similarities between how people speak of Her and how these Brothers are speaking of the Father impress me. Could he be an avatar of the masculine power aspects of the divine, the way this woman was seemingly an incarnation of the Divine Mother?

My head is spinning with possibilities, doubts, excitement... and lust. I don't know how many times I've cum this week, but I'm WAY over budget! While in my hotel room my last night I am looking at a bodybuilder mag I bought before getting on the train a couple of days before. I bought it both because there was some info I wanted about supplements and stuff, but also, of course, because I wanted to have some jo material in case on line 'dating' possibilities didn't manifest. I also did something I've never done before: I took a dildo with me on this trip. I laughed at myself when unpacking when I arrived and, mercifully (due to Father's influence?) didn't need to use an artificial version at the start of the trip. My last night I'm not even planning on trying to play at all as I'm just sexually tuckered out! But I get back to my room and there's the magazine. I open it up and there's this wonderful picture of some pro-bodybuilder. On automatic pilot I tear it out and place it on the bed. And another pic: riiiip. And another. And another. Geez: I'm getting hard and turned on and this was not what I was planning....

I go through the magazine and have about two dozen amazing pictures. What the hell am I going to do with them! I decide there's no reason to rush into things and decide to check on my email. I smoke a joint and watch some t.v. and then log on. One of the Brothers is on line. He asks how I am, where I am, and I tell him about being in the hotel. He asks if I want to speak with him on the phone and I say sure - and tell him about the pictures from the magazine... He says he'll call back and we'll have a free form worship service - get ready. So I do: I arrange all these pictures of Muscle Gods on the floor before me, I turn out most of the lighting in the room so that they all seem to be floating a dim twilight... I take out the dildo and get it and my butt ready... I wait, gazing at the pictures, unbelievably hard without even touching myself. Wolfman (not his real handle) told me to get ready and the words of the Chant of Power come to mind again. I roll them over and over in my mind as I await. .

The phone ringing!

I grab the phone and this voice - so like the God Himself! Deep and rumbling, commanding in my ear, reverberating through me... He asks me if I am ready to worship the Father, through him as surrogate - I declare my readiness and begin to listen to this voice as this images of Muscle and Men and Power float before my eyes! His voice tells me of how he will take me from behind and I sink down on to his cock, hard beneath me! I'm sweating and moaning as his voice guides me through this astonishing aural muscle worship and find myself pouring out cum in my hand! "Feed on it, boy!" he growls in my ear "Feed on Father's Power! Make it your own! Become one with me and with Father and the Brotherhood! HAIL THE FATHER! HAIL TO THE BROTHERS!" And I roll through a second orgasm, more cum flowing from my cock... where is it coming from? How can anything be left already?!?

I calm down slowly, my body settling. He asks me what has happened, am I ok. I tell him I'm better than ok... He laughs, gently, warmly, then thanks me for joining him and hangs up the phone...

I clean myself, but leave the pictures arrayed on the floor... I'm not sure I'm done with this make shift altar yet. And I'm not. I try to go to bed, but my cock is insistent that it has not yet received its due. Twice more, before I sleep, I kneel before images that portray dozens of versions of DemonMusclGOD and compulsively, insistently bring myself off and consume what flows into my hand... I think I'm crazy. I'm amazingly turned on. I don't know how to explain it but there it is.

And the next week brings me more of the same... •

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