God Revealed, A

The Epiphany


By AdvnturPup

Speaking with DemonMusclGod on line and with St. John as well i begin to piece together the story of the Epiphany: the revelation of Father to Himself, to St. John, ultimately to the world...

St John had gone to a "shaman", on the east coast, where he lives. He doesn't tell me why he went, but presumably had questions about his life and this shaman was recommended by another friend. It was the shaman who first recognized that something, Some One, was imminent. St John was told that a 'being' would appear from "out of the west", a God among men and that he would reveal Himself to St John, but that it would be St John who would recognize Him for who He was. The shaman also tells of a dream vision, of seeing a scene of worship between St John and the God, that it would take place in a grotto, near the ocean, and that in this grotto He would "take power and rise up to be confirmed as god."

I'm not clear on the details -- i think that St John met Father on line originally. But on a trip to San Francisco they meet. Telling Father of the vision, they drive northwards along the coast, following the crashing waves of the ocean as they drive. The sky is that particular dramatic mix of heavy silver gray clouds and dazzling blue. Following Father's instincts they pull of the road after some time driving and climb down a steep cliff toward the beach and there, from the beach looking back toward the cliff, they see, just as predicted, a grotto. But not only a grotto, an altar: "almost as if someone had been there before us, shaped like a tanning bed, actually... up on a rising of rock, made of grass - it was great! a broad platform... someone had had a fire there and slept there, recently, it was obvious..."

In this sheltered space they proceed to follow the instructions of the shaman by laying objects at the four compass points around this altar. North: Father's cock ring. East: Driftwood. South: Father's jock strap. West: Stones from the beach. The worship begins with prayer, to the Power, to God, to Father, sitting there on the edge of His altar. The prayer turns into worship, sex worship of the most intense kind, verbal and physical, St John beginning an ever intensifying adoration of Father's cock, Father's body, Father's muscles, Father's strength. "It was cold, but he heated it up with... the sex!" Father offers a first taste of communion to his first disciple, and St John takes Father's Muscle Piss as though it was indeed the elixir of a God!

And then the impossible starts to happen. It is as though Father begins to understand Himself for the first time and to truly feel the Power that coursed in his veins and sinews. He stands there on the altar, dark clouds skittering through the sky as St John's worship takes him to ever higher, more intense experience of His own Muscle Divinity! He stands there, over St John, howling, howling to the skies above, to the ocean before Him, howling as His own being as a force of nature begins to reveal Itself! The prayers! The howls! And then, with the crashing waves as accompaniment to the spectacle, he raises his arms skyward! Throws back his head! Lets go another howl and - flash! -- the clouds part and a shaft of light descends, illuminating Father in the shadows of this hidden cove! St. John reels from the sight falling to his knees and watches in stunned ecstacy as Father literally lifts from the altar and rises upward! A golden stream of piss flows from his fully erect cock as his howls continue i n this shaft of light from above! And, without having been touched, St Johns erect cock bursts with orgasm as the stream of gold hits him, cum shooting upward to its Risen God, in orgasmic recognition of The Epiphany!!! Shouts from both of them mingling to proclaim to the world that a New Power has been revealed! •

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