Life Store, The: Hot Cop

By Aardvark2

I love the way this story has turned out -- stick with it to the end, that's the best part, trust me! :-D My first story with real cum and sex, so get exicted. Ha.

“Well, I just don’t care, Vince. I don’t want you pulling that shit, you hear me? We are getting divorced because that’s what I want to do, and that’s final.”

Marcia McCoy flipped her phone shut and drove the Escalade up the steep, winding driveway to her home at the top of the hill. She turned to her son. “Sorry about cursing, sweetie. There’s just nothing else to say to such a jackass.”

Eric slumped in his seat and mumbled to the window. “Don’t call Dad a jackass.”

“Well, I’m sorry, honey, but that’s what he is. I’m sorry, I really am. Can I buy you something?”

“Stop trying to buy my love, Mom! I’m sick of just getting random shit whenever you need me to forgive you.”

“What a terrible thing to say.” She pulled up the car to their circle drive and unlocked the passenger door. “Now, sweetie, I’m going to my nail appointment. Be good.”

“Mom, I’m 14. Don’t tell me to be good.”

Marcia didn’t say anything, but flipped her dyed platinum tresses over her shoulder and snorted.

Eric stepped out of car, shot his mother an icy glare and stomped inside. “Stupid materialistic L.A. bitch.”

Eric’s cell rang. “Hey, Eric. We’re going shopping downtown. Wanna come?”

“Of course I do!”

“Great. We’ll meet you downtown, near Hornby’s. How’s that sound?”

Eric winced. How was he gonna get to downtown from his house? “Sounds great.” He hung up and looked around, catching sight of one of his Mom’s many, many purses. Was there money in it?

He checked, and was in luck. He grabbed two twenties, a credit card, and called the Taxi.

“Thanks.” He handed the driver both the twenty-dollar bills and walked up to Hornby’s. No one was in sight. He flipped open his phone. “You comin’, dude?”

“Sorry Eric, I got grounded, so it’s off. I kept calling you but the call wouldn’t go through.”

Eric rolled his eyes. “Right, sure. Shit.” He ended the conversation without saying goodbye.

He turned around and stuck his hands in his pockets. Life sucked.

Then, in perfect cinematic fashion, as he was feeling his very worst, a car came along and splashed the contents of a street puddle all over him.

He shivered. He shook. This was shit.

His cell phone rang again. “Eric, where the hell are you?! Why did you just leave? I needed you to serve drinks at my party tonight. Goddamn it! You’d better get back here soon!”

Oh, great. Another lovely call from his lovely mother. What a bitch.

He didn’t know the number for the cab company in order to get back home – he liked how his Mom had just told him to get home, not offered to give him a ride. Glancing around, he caught sight of a small clothing store. He could see the proprietor behind the counter and that no one besides him was inside – it seemed like a good place.

He opened the door. “Hey, sir, do you have a phone book?”

The guy behind the counter looked about forty, and Eric couldn’t help but notice that they were basically the same size. At fourteen, Eric was of average build for his age, about five-six. The clerk was just short, but stocky.

“Yeah, sure, son.” The short clerk reached under the counter and pulled out a phone book several inches thick. “Here ya go.”

Eric reached out to take it. As he extended his hands, the shopkeeper’s eyes widened.

“Holy shit, son! Let me see your hand.”

Eric obliged and extended his hand meekly. The clerk grabbed it and began to feel it, running his fingers over Eric’s palm. “Son, have you ever had a desire to be a cop?”

“Uhh…actually, yeah.”

“No kidding. You have one of the strongest desires I’ve ever felt.”

“Excuse me?”

“Kid, what if I told you I could…make your dreams come true?”

“Uhh, I think I’m gonna leave…”

“No, really.” The man grabbed Eric’s hand and took him into a back room. Eric began to get nervous. “I really have to go, dude…”

“No, wait, really. Look at this.” The man grabbed a pair of keys and unlocked a file cabinet, pulling open one of the drawers. “See this file? It’s all the cops you could become.”

Eric hesitated. “Uh, what?”

“This is a life store, uh, uh…what was your name?”


“This is a life store, Eric. The front part is just a kind of cover for me. I take people who don’t enjoy the cards they’ve been dealt, and I give them a new life. Whatever they want.”

“That’s so weird.”

“Want to try? It’s only ten grand.”


“For a new life, son, that’s a pretty good deal. You can always pay in increments.”

Eric fingered his Mom’s credit card. “Oh, that won’t be necessary. Here. Just take this; I don’t want it back. I don’t even care if you really can give me a new life or not, but I do want you to rob that bitch blind.”

The man didn’t respond to the last statement, but took the card gratefully. “Now, let’s pick you out a policeman, shall we?”

They filed through the cabinets. The folder contained several cards, each with different names, ages, and descriptions on them. To Eric, they all seemed too old. “Fifty-five years old? Don’t you have anything younger?”

“I have just the thing.” The Man – as he will from now on be called – flipped through and handed Eric a card. The card had a tiny packet with two pills inside attached to it. Eric read. “Chris Langford, 26. Hot Cop.” He smirked. “’Hot Cop?’ That’s all it says?”

“That’s all it needs to say. How about you try that one? I’ll get you the uniform.” Man scurried to the back. Eric sat there, holding the card in his wet fingers, laughing at how ridiculous the situation was. These were probably the drugs, maybe the guy wanted to rape him? He obviously didn’t want to rob him, since he already had the credit card. Maybe The Man was just a flat nutcase. Who knew? Who cared? Not Eric.

“Alright, here it is. Primed and ready.” He set the clothes down on a table and Eric looked them over.

“These are HUGE. And why is the shirt missing those top three buttons?”

“You won’t need those.”

“Why not?”

“Just trust me.”

Eric laughed again. “So how’s this magic work?”

“Oh, it’s most certainly not magic.” Man’s voice was stern. “It’s science; glorious, sexual science. This one pill contains what is needed to speed up your growth process and change your hormones, genes, and DNA, whatever is needed.” He picked up the second pill. “This pill has a chip that will actually alter and enhance your memories and brain. You just take them both orally, and it will happen. It seems magical, but it’s not. Trust me.” Man’s eyes shimmered. “Now, how about you put those clothes on? You can go into the changing room over there.”

Eric smirked, still not believing a word, and picked up the police uniform.

The Man sat outside, waiting for his newest project to emerge. He held the pills in his hand and stared at the card, then muttered to himself, “Chris Langford. Such a good name.”

Eric came out, looking completely ridiculous. The missing buttons left the blue cop shirt hanging open and completely exposing his lily-white, bony chest, while the pants were so big that he had to hold them up. The shoulder seams on the shirt almost went down to his elbows, and he could barely keep his feet inside the oversized shoes, which were entirely covered by the puddles that were his pant legs.

“Well, I look ridiculous, so it’s a damn good thing the shirt is nice and soft. Why the fuck did you make me put on a black silk Speedo thing?”

“You look just fine. Now, how about you use that changing room for a different type of changing?”

“That was such a bad pun.”

“Just get in there, kid.”

“I can just take them right here, can’t I?”

“Well, the change is very…private. You’ll probably want to be by yourself.

Eric laughed mockingly and opened up the door. “This is such horseshit. You’d better be glad I have a sense of humor.”

Man just smiled.

Eric turned back around. “Wait…this isn’t going to work, but I’m not gonna take the second pill. In fact…” He tossed it across the room and heard it clatter. “Eating computer chips is too weird for me.”

Eric stepped in the room, then poked his head out the door and popped the first pill in his mouth. “This is just to spite my Mom, by the way.”

“Shut the door, Eric.”

Eric slammed the door loudly. “Ya know, this material feels so nice. What is it?”

“Just a cop shirt. Be quiet, just sit silently, Eric. You’ll want to savor this; it feels good.”

Eric sat down on the floor and leaned his back against the wall. Every now and then, his finger would twitch or his stomach would growl, but nothing was different. He kept looking at his hands dramatically, like transforming people would do in movies, but they were always the pale small hands of a boy.

Man looked at his digital watch. Ten minutes had gone by, that was the usual time it took. “How’re you feeling?”

Eric rolled his eyes, looked at his scrawny body. “Nothing changed in…whoa…is that my voice?”

The voice coming out of him he had never heard before. It was deep, sexually charged, resonant. He put his hands around his neck and felt the comically protruding Adam’s apple that stuck out of his scrawny neck. “It’s…working…oh, God…it was supposed to work! I didn’t think it was gonna work…”

Every time he heard that deep sexy voice, he got hornier. What was happening?

He could hear Man laughing outside the room. He wanted to get bad, to say the Man had tricked him, but he couldn’t – Man had actually been telling the truth the whole time. Talk about being stranger than fiction.

He could feel his hands being forced apart by his neck. It felt like it was getting longer, but also much thicker. The big veins stuck out as the power rippled through his whole body, making him quiver like a leaf. “WHY AREN’T THERE ANY MIRRORS HERE?” The beautiful voice was roaring out of him. “I wanna see this!”

Man just kept laughing.

He grabbed the small of his back next, and felt it swell. His waist started growing and was now wide enough to hold the pants up by themselves. Pretty soon, the layers of fabric over his shoes began to stretch out normally as he grew in height.

“Why is this happening to MEEE…Augh!”

Eric was becoming so wildly horny at the sight of his increasingly hot body – and the silk sensation against his cock – that he began to feel the cum dribble down his legs. The bulge in his pants was wildly sprouting outward, past seven inches, past ten, up to a foot.

He was panting like a porn star. His body seemed to glow and radiate power, his tan skin popped against the bright blue of the tightening cop shirt – a bright blue that matched his empowering baby blue eyes. His boring brown hair began to develop natural highlights, and lightened until it was a soft brown with near-blond streaks. His hair was getting thicker all over his body. The thin wispy pubes on his balls turned wiry and curly, then crawled up to his bellybutton in a sexy treasure trail.

“Goddamn! This is so fuckin’ hot!”

Eric was beginning to attain his full adult height of six-four, and full length of thirteen cut inches. His face was beginning to sharpen into adulthood as well. His lips were full and plump, his eyes deep and inviting, and his jaw sharp and square. His deeply bronzed skin began to roughen slightly, but still kept the silky purity of a twenty-six-year old.

His hips gyrated into the ground and his powerful fists smashed at the wall. It felt like his body was being pulled in opposite directions, top to bottom. Finally, the testosterone boost kicked in, and the real changes began. Huge, massive muscles began to burst forth from the formally recessive canyons in which they resided. His twig arms morphed into bowling ball size within seconds. The sleeves that had once reached his elbows now barely covered his shoulders, and the fabric curled back and stretched tight to conform to the massive biceps beneath it. His shoulders were so wide that he had to go through a door sideways, and his V-shaped back rippled down to a small waist and huge shelf of an ass. The black pants were stretched so tightly to his bulging cock and ass that he could hear the fabric trying to rip. He pulled the shirt open more to see his abs popping out of his chest, one after the other.

He dropped his pants and began to shoot ropes of cum all over the walls. “UNNNNGHHH, yes…this was NOT supposed to happen to me today…YESSSS…” Everytime he heard his deep hot voice, he came more. The blue shirt was beginning to stretch tightly too, as his pecs swelled into bodybuilding categories. His muscles were at the point that, if any bigger, he would begin to turn into a bodybuilder. As they were, they were massive and luscious, perfect for his frame. He rubbed his nipples through the tight, thin shirt, and tried to see his reflection in the shining gold “LANGFORD” name badge pinned to his pectoral pocket. All he could see was the growth of beard sprouting on the chiseled line of his jaw, moving his head slightly, he could see his full lips and white teeth. With a mouth like that, he should be a stripper, not a cop.

He felt his toes finally touch the inside front of his shoes, and his feet grew to their full size. He grabbed his head and moaned. “AHHH, shit!”

The cum began to shoot out less, and his body stopped growing. He was so incredibly muscular that he couldn’t fit his hand around his wrist, and so tan that his body literally radiated and his brown-blond hair seemed almost platinum against his skin.

He just wanted to say something, to hear his hot voice again. “God, I have GOT to fuck someone!” He barely even knew what fucking was.

He pulled his pants back up and tried to dramatically look at his hands again. The hands he’d been used to seeing earlier were now huge and powerful weapons, with thick burly fingers and scarred, bruised palms. The veins bulged so thick and far that it seemed unnatural.

He ran a finger down the crack in his pecs, and then tweaked his nipples, which caused more cum to shoot down his pant leg. “Nnnngh. Not…happen…today…fuck…” He felt the stubble on his face and his square jaw, then pulled out a single hair to look at its color. He felt his bangs hitting right above his arched brows.

His neck was as thick as his jaw, and his pecs were so tight in his shirt that it looked like they were desperately trying to escape. The missing buttons on the cop shirt caused it to stretch so far apart on Eric’s chest that his nipples were less than half-an-inch from exposure. He tucked in the shirt to accentuate his massive cock and balls, which he could feel pushing against the inside of his thighs. He slapped his own ass and bent over into a do-me position, listening to his own sexy laughter and running his hands all over his body. “Mmmmm, I’m so fuckin’ hot! Goddamn it!” He rolled his shoulders back and forward, getting horny to the sight of the fabric stretching and creasing over the massive lats and delts, then rubbed his dick as it pushed against the front of his pant crotch.

He opened up the door and, indeed, stepped slightly sideways to get his square, Colt-studio frame through it.


Man stepped forth out of the shadows of his store, greatly changed himself. The short, stocky man had grown to Eric’s new height of six-four as well. He was buck naked, with a huge cock, bulging muscles, thick hair that went down to his shoulders and a short goatee.

The new man that was Eric did not shrink away, but stepped straight forward, inquisitively cocking his head.

Man spoke. “I’ve been known to sample my own products, Eric. I have to make sure they work.”

Eric stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Man, stroking the scientest’s silky long hair. “I…how did that…I look so fucking hot…”

“Yes you do.”

Man leaned forward and kissed Eric tenderly. Eric’s powder-blue eyes clouded. “That was my first kiss.”

They kissed again, more passionately, then again, with tongue. Suddenly, Eric felt himself on the floor. The buttons flew across the room as the shirt was ripped off of him, and his pants were pulled to his calves. “Uuuuunghhhh…I knew this would happen. And I couldn’t WAIT for it cause we’re both so HOT…”

Their whiskers rubbed against each other and created a sandpapery sound, and as they viciously made love, they moaned and shouted, even screamed. Eric was feeling more manly and confident every second. He began to roll his muscles and grin slyly at every good move, and Man would stroke his hair and kis him tenderly and tell him he was doing a good job.

Eric began to develop his adult persona of Chris Langford, the Hot Cop – he was such a flirt, every person, guy or girl, would want to bone him even if he smiled their way. He had a cute half-smile that showed off the whiteness of his teeth without subtracting any masculinity, and his permanently-erect nipples would always push against his shirt, because his chest and back were so wide and developed.

Their fuck session had started out like a requirement at first, almost robotic, but as Eric became more and more sexual, they both enjoyed it more. Eventually, they craved each other’s amazing bodies.

Man smiled and sat on top of the panting Eric. “Oh, oh, God…that was amazing…I want more…”

“You always will, Chris.”

“Chris? I’m Er--”

Eric was cut short by Man shoving his tongue down his throat, and he could feel the computer chip going down into him. “Ohhhhhh, I’m losing control, I’m not Eric much longer…good riddance…”

He put his hands on his huge cock and began to whack off, but as soon as the chip began to do its work, he let out a shriek of pain and pulled at his hair. “Make it stooppp…”

“What’s your name?”

“Chris! CHRIS! AUUUGH GOD…no it’s not…it’s…I can’t think of it! What’s my name?!”

“Your name is Chris.”

“NO! It’s NOT!”

“Chris, what do you do for a living?”

“I’m a cop…but I’m so fucking sexy, I make most of my money as a freelance stripper and dancer…I…NO…I go to a school, I think…wait, nooo…”

“What’s your name?”

“I think it’s…AUGH…” He roared and snapped his neck forward, shoving his head into Man’s abs. “Chris! But it’s not! But…CHRIS…AUUUUGH CHRIS CHRIS…”

Chris wrapped his arms around Man and roared with more pain, shaking his shaggy hair and rubbing his stubble.

“Chris, how do you make money?”

“Look at me! I’m so FUCKING HOT…I make…wait…NO NO NO!”

“I’ll ask again…how do you make money?”

“I’m a cop! I’ve wanted to be since I was really little…but I’m so fuckin’ hot, I dance and strip too…that earns me a shitload of cash…NNNNGHHHH…”

Man stroked Chris’ hair and felt the grip around his waist weaken.

“What’s your full name, Chris?”

“Christopher Paul Langford.”

“What’s your occupation?”

“I’m a policeman, and stripper. I’m a Hot Cop.”


Man felt Chris head slump backwards as he fell asleep, completely exhausted. He lay the new man down and kissed him gently.

Chris woke up on the floor. Man was nowhere to be found. “Sir?!” There was a new shirt, exactly like the old, waiting for him, and extra-tight black pants. A shiny badge was affixed to them. Chris pulled on the shirt – translucent due to its tightness, and his thick fingers made it difficult to button. The pants showcased his ass and cock perfectly.

“Sir, my name is Chris Langford…I’m with LAPD.”

Chris looked around and pulled two dollar bills out of his belt. He folded it and stuck it in his billfold. “Sir? Ma’am? Who is the owner of this establishment?!”

No answer.

“Um, well…I’m going to leave. Thank you for the clothes!”

The bell jingled as Chris left. His shoulders heaved and his ass swung, naturally, as he more swaggered than walked. His pecs bounced slightly and his pouty lips were in a cocky smirk.

The Man stepped out from the shadows, pulling his brown silky hair into a ponytail, with a white tee and jeans “covering” his glorious Adonis body.

He popped the pill that would revert him, and smiled. •

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