Gym of Dreams: Jasper


By xythan_shadow

“Ok man, I’ll take you back to the homestead and show you around a bit.” Armstrong says to me. I look up at this mammoth and smile. They both seem so kind. This place is perfect. They lead me out of the locker room and I feel lighter. Truly a burden was lifted today for me. We head up to the front and they bellow an order for “the usual” Joe calls me in the back and shows me what they meant. “The Usual” is a chocolate and peanut butter milkshake, but for Sam and Armstrong, I’m supposed to add around a teaspoon of this clear liquid. I examine it a bit, thinking it might be steroids, but the substance isn’t oil based, so I don’t concern myself about it. Perhaps it’s a sugar substitute or something.

After making their shakes, the duo downs them almost instantly. I gasp at how fast these two put away those drinks. The cups were 64oz cups and I filled them to the brim and these two drank them like they were in the desert for years. They smile at me and I smile back. Joe says to us, “See you tomorrow guys, and I’ll see you at 4 Jasper.”

We arrive at Armstrong’s house. It is massive, almost unbelievable that just one guy lives here. I ask him if his wife would mind me staying with them, but he responds that he’s single. I look at him in awe as we walk in the front door. He leads me on a tour throughout his pad. There’s a really nice kitchen with tons of modern appliances and several large oak cabinets. Then the living room which has a few comfortable looking chairs and a nice TV/DVD combo. Then he shows me my bedroom where I’ll be sleeping and the bathroom. He explains that there’s some spare workout clothes from when Mike was staying on the weekends that might fit me, then he heads off to his room which is right down the hall.

I put away my few belongings before relaxing on the bed. It’s been ages since I’ve slept in a bed and this one is really comfortable. But, I think to myself, I should probably wash up. I spend a few more minutes struggling to find the energy to get out of the bed before I head to the bathroom. I look around and notice that there’s no soap, so I head towards Armstrong’s room. I knock on the open door, but hear no answer, so I decide to just go into his bathroom and grab some soap. I turn the corner into is room and I see something that completely shocks me beyond all belief.

Armstrong was standing in front of a mirror, completely soaking wet. There was a towel laying at his feet absorbing the random drops of water that fell from his immaculate body. He had a razor in his left hand and was hefting his enormous meat with his right. His cock was hard and erect, extending easily into the sink and slightly speckled with shaving cream. His arm bulges ever so slightly as he guides the razor down a path around his crotch. I watch as he draws circles around his pubic hair, trimming it into a neat but evident patch. He then lifts his balls and begins to shave them too. I watch as he performs this simple act, but I start to become so aroused. I can not take my eyes off his titantic manhood or his bulging muscles. My eyes lust over him, starting at his thick neck snaking with veins, down his torso and arms covered in beautiful man-fur and back down to his huge meat. I begin to rub my crotch as he slowly guides his hand around the freshly trimmed forest of his cock and his gloriously large and smooth balls. I stand in his bedroom, mouth agape and drooling profusely at this huge muscle man. He grabs the can of shaving gel and squeezes a copious amount into his hand. Then he clenches his cock firmly and slowly slides the gel covered hand up and down the throbbing shaft with stops at the base to spread it on the hair. I watch as his forearm buldges with power as he slides slowly toward the head of his member, then returning to the base, each movement increasing the length and girth of it. He then hefts his huge meat back onto the sink top and dips his hands in the water, washing the remments of the gel from his paws. Lifting them from the water, he shakes them slightly, then slowly rubs them along his swollen pecs and cobbled abs. I watch as stray drops of water flow down the canyon of his chest and the rivers of his abs before coming to rest in the cream that surrounds his huge cock. Taking a firm hold of his member once again, he returns to shave the stray hairs that stand outside the pattern he had dictated. My heart skips a few beats as I see his enormous hand grip his cock firmly, the beautiful mushroom head swelling larger and larger. I can barely breathe when he starts to stroke his meat slightly to remove the excess shaving cream he so liberaly applied a few moments earlier. With each stroke, his cock gets harder and firmer, pointing more and more towards his perfectly sculpted abs, and I feel my cock pressing more and more against my own pants. Every stroke finds his giant paws dipping in water and then rubbing across his chest, making them glisten in the floresent light of the bathroom. Each movement makes his body ripple with power and his cock jump and I grow harder than I’ve ever been in my life. After a few more strokes, his cock is cream free and I feel the front of my pants wet with pre. He bends down and reaches for the towel lying on the floor. I watch as his quads jump and dance with the simple movement, threating to burst forth from the skin.

He continues to brush his crotch and without looking toward me, he comments, “So are you bi or gay?” I studder a bit in shock as he continues, “I could feel you looking at me, and only bi or gay guys look at me like that. So which one are you?”

“I’m gay.” I examine his countenance to try and distern any pleasure or disgust. He turns and smiles at me and says, “Hey man, that’s good. Sam and I are bi ourselves.” I sigh in relief as he continues, “So, you like this man?” He raises his unreal arm and slowly flexes a few times. “God, he has to know what that does to me,” I think as I nod my head in agreement. “Well don’t just stand there, come on in.”

I start walking toward this beacon of manhood, eyes transfixed on his hypnotic arms. As soon as I step into the bathroom, I immediately drop to my knees with a unsatiable desire to shove his godlike cock into my mouth, but he stops me. He slowly lifts me up off the floor and takes my hand in his. Slowly, he guides my hand around his barreled chest and his bulging arms. I feel the light layer of man fur covering it all. I lean in and kiss the perfect dollar sized nipples and tease them slightly with my teeth. I hear him moan slightly and my cock throbbed more and more. I scrape my tounge along the split in his arm, taking in his luscious man sweat. I guide my hands around his shoulders and his back, feeling his thick pipe embed itself in my gut. He slightly rocks back and forth, slightly fucking my belly button and I moan from the way his hard rod feels. I grab his lats that spread like angel wings and I kiss him gently. He strips my clothing off me and lifts me off the ground with total ease before sliding my throbbing boner down his mouth. I’m a proud seven and a half inches, but he takes me completely. He creates a vacuum around my shaft and, using his tounge, almost forces me to explode on the spot. He slides me up and down as I lean forward to keep from hitting my head on the celing. I fight the urge to unleash myself, wanting to enjoy this expert blow job Armstrong was giving me, but it was getting harder and harder to do so. Armstron releases one of his hands and uses it to drive a pair of his meaty fingers deep into my hole. The stimulation from his beefy hand and his masterful takes me over the edge, and I explode in his mouth. He continues to suck my pulsating tool, not wasting one drop of my load and I feel myself tumble into bliss.

Wanting to return the favor, I lead him toward the carpetted floor of his bedroom. Laying him down on the floor, I slowly work my way from his buldging shoulders, down his peaked arms, and over to his massive paws with my tounge and fingers. After that amazing job, I just want to worship his perfectly toned body. Armstrong leans up a bit, flexing his cobbled abs and I remind myself to pay some attention to those. I lean over his chest and lick in a circular motion, swirling the beautiful layer of man fur beneath my tounge. I hear him moan and grunt, “Yeah, you like that muscle don’t you cub. We’re gonna build you up right. Make you a damn fine bear.”

I whimper back in delight; I would have never thought of being a bear, but with this muscle god here, I feel like I can do anything. My tounge leads me towards the crevice between his pecs, and from there, down to the wall that makes up his abs. I pay particular attention to these 8 bricks, guiding my tounge along and around each one, feeling the coarseness of his abdominal hair and the defination of the muscle beneath it. I glance towards his throbbing meat, magnificantly large and dripping with beautiful pre. I lick the mushroom head causing it to bob just gently before I take a large portion of his rod into my mouth. It feels so hard and good and I work it around with my tounge. Hearing the moans of my bear grow, I work it a little faster. After a few minutes of me enjoying his throbbing log in my mouth, he stops me. Standing up to his full height, he places his huge paws under my shoulders and lifts me up. Turning me around, he grabs my waist and I know what’s coming. The saliva-soaked fuck rod enters me roughly and I whimper, partly in pain, partly in delight. My ass is almost overstuffed with his god like meat and he flexes his cock a few times to remind me of it. He wraps his right arm around me and bunches the ball of muscle around my stomach. He picks me up off the ground and starts to slowly ram his meat back and forth out my ass. I grow stiff again, seeing this amazing display of power.

“That’s right little man, you like this muscle bear cock in your ass don’t you,” he growls into my ear. All I can do is whimper like the cub I am, so entralled in the eurphoric position I find myself in. He starts to grind faster and faster and I lift my feet off the ground. I see this huge muscled god fucking my ass, holding me up with just one giant muscled arm, and I explode once again.

“Fucking cub hasn’t cum in a while, has he.” Armstrong growls as he slaps his nutsack against my ass with tremendous force.

“No sir,” I whimper, still euphoric and dazed.

“You like being fucked by this huge fucking muscle bear, don’t you cub.”

“Yes sir,” I look in a nearby mirror seeing the sweat drip from his body, giving his muscles an almost unreal sheen.

“You want to be a huge fucking muscle bear don’t you.”

“God yes sir!” I reach and grab his pulsing arm, feeling the tight muscle and the awe-inspiring power it holds.

“Good cub. Tomorrow, you’re going to go to the gym and stop being a little pussy man. You’re going to be our cub and that means no more fear,” he thrusts even harder. He accents each following word with a huge thrust that threatens to tear me apart.













“Musclebear.” On this word, Armstrong thrusts so deep I swear it feels like his meat is in my stomach. He cums with such fury, I feel as if each drop is powering itself into my gut and being. He holds me there for a few minutes, letting me unconsiously grind myself on his throbbing fuck tool. I think to myself how amazing it is that he’s still hard even after that hour long driving and the torrent of man juice he unleashed in me. He lets me down gently, but I’m unable to gather the strength to walk or even rise from the floor.

“God that was so amazing!” I pant.

“Felt good, didn’t it cub?” Armstrong says with a gentle roar in his voice.

“Fuck yeah man.”

“Felt good not to think about any problems or past situations, just focusing on the here and the now.”

I look up with a sudden realization in my eyes. Throughout the whole watching, sucking, and fucking, I didn’t think once about the running or the problems or anything. All there was in that moment in time was the muscle and the sex.

“I know, you’ve been pent up with so much caution and despair. Every moment of your recent life has been spent looking over your shoulder. It’s time to let all that go. This is your new life, here at the gym, here with Joe, Sam, Mike, and me. Don’t worry, no one will find out if you don’t want them too, and we’ll be here for ya.”

I look up at this massive man. He reminds me so much like Josh, just the fact that he and the rest of the gang will be there for me. I now have someone I can trust watching my back again. It’s all too much for me. I jump up and throw myself into Armstrong’s giant chest, just happy and estatic about what he just said. He grips me in a tight bear hug and says, “I know man. You better get some rest, you gotta get up early tomorrow for your first day at the gym.”

I drop from his massive hold and float toward my room. I feel so relaxed and free, I don’t even notice that I’m naked when I drift into my bed and fall into glorious, peaceful sleep. •

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