Gym of Dreams: Jasper


By xythan_shadow

“You’ve got to be kidding me Sam! Another guy at the gym!”

I laugh as I talk on the phone with Mike. He’s coming down this weekend and I thought I would inform him of the newest developments. “That’s right cub, you’ve got a new playmate.”

“You know, you two are the only ones that can call me cub. To everyone else here, I’m a musclebear. I enjoy it too, showing my own little cubs how it’s done.”

“But you still love being our little cub, don’t you.” I laugh into the phone.

“You don’t know how true those words ring,” Mike laughs back. “I should be getting in town just in time to catch the work out. It’s back day, right?”

“Yeah man, same as usual. You’ve been upping your weights, right?”

“Fuck yeah man. Coach keeps wondering how I keep getting stronger, but I just say it’s because of the inspiriation I have back home.”

“Don’t forget your desire. It’s all you that is accomplishing this man, we just assisted.”

“Yeah, I can never forget or repay you guys.”

“Man, think nothing of it. Anything for our little cub.”

Mike laughs once again at being called a cub.

“Ok papa bear, I’ll see you three at the gym Friday.”

I hang up the phone thinking about what Armstrong told me the other day. I think to myself how I wish I could’ve been there when our newest cub finally released himself. I go to my bed, boxers tenting upward in anticipation of Friday.

************************************************** **********************

So, the last few days have been pretty uneventful. Joe is always here when I arrive, even when I tried to be around 30 minutes early. I don’t know how that man stays so energized through the day, but he really is something. He usually is doing cardio when I arrive, and then he’ll break into a workout after he’s sufficiantly warmed up. I spend my mornings washing the towels left over from the previous night and cleaning the locker rooms. Then it’s off to the sauna, making sure it and the tanning beds are ready for use. Spraying down all the benches and cleaning them with disinfectant comes next. Then I have to make sure all the supplies are there for making the shakes and open new cases of bars if it’s needed. All this hard honest work feels so good though.

Yesterday, Sam, Armstrong and myself went to the sports supply store. I wanted to pick up some punching bags, boxing gloves and some other stuff for my classes. It all was on Joe, seeing as how he wanted this class to go over well. The moment the two big guys walk in the store, everyone’s fawning over them. A couple of females are being extremely blatent by grabbing onto Armstrong’s giant arms and there’s a guy practically throwing himself at Sam. I chuckle a bit, but think to myself how nice it would be have attention like that. We walk to the boxing section, shedding the entourage that wanted to accompy them. I walk around to the punching bags that are hanging up. Slowly drawing my hand over them, I feel the firmness of the bag and the material. Sam walks up and gives a firm barefisted punch. I feel the bag almost fly off the chain from the force of his punch. I walk around it, looking to the spot where he punched. I don’t see any permanent damage to the bag, and I turn to Armstrong and ask him to give the bag a whack. Armstrong winds up and gives the bag a huge hit and it swings wildly from the force of his massive blow. I watch as it thrashes around for two minutes and I say, “Boy, I never want to be hit by you two full force.” The duo laughs and I inspect the bag. “Good good, no damage it seems. But if you two are going to be in my class, we’re going to need some heavy duty restraints to hold the bag up.”

I walk over and grab some safety gear while Sam tracks down a salesperson. Armstrong is near the bag, measuring and estimating how much heavy chain he’s going to get to put up the three bags. I stop for a moment to admire the two bears. They’re wearing these insanely tight shorts that don’t leave anything to the imagination. Their quads bulge against the tight denim fabric and the pants sink into the sitrations of their legs. Of course, their cocks also apply tremendous pressure to the clothing, threatening to burst free and rampage over their next conquest if they were aroused. From the sex I’ve had with Armstrong, I know how powerful his tool is and I can only assume Sam’s is similar. Forcing myself not to get aroused by their amazing tools, I shift my gaze towards their upper bodies. Both of them are wearing what I can only call spagetti string tank tops. The shoulder straps didn’t even begin to cover their perfect nipples and their slabs of muscle hung out life two free mounds of beautiful flesh. I saw the sales clerks earlier rubbing their hands through the crease of their muscles and through their chest hair, and I knew how they felt. Unlike the entourage though, I’ve seen these two bear gods topless, and they don’t know what they’re missing. I know that under that flimsy layer of cloth are sixteen of the most perfect blocks of muscle, eight on each of them. Their abs look like a brick wall, and from how it felt during my duel with Sam the other day, they feel and act like one too.

I shake myself out of my daze and collect my bounty of gloves and helmets. I work my way to the counter where Sam is engaging the young male clerk in chit-chat.

“So, how may I help a large man such as yourself?” the clerk inquires with a shy smile.

Sam absent-mindedly flexes his huge arm as he scratches his head and responds, “My buddies and I are here collect some boxing practice gear.”

I walk up beside Sam and he places his huge limb across my shoulders, “Hey man, found what you need?”

“Sure did big guy, this should be good for everyone, including you two,” I look up at Sam then over to the clerk. I see the clerk is almost falling over himself at the attention I’m getting and I coyly smile back at him. Armstrong walks over to us and stands on my other side, laying his giant arm on me. I’m flanked by two bear gods and I swear I see the clerk almost cream his pants in envy. Armstrong’s massive voice breaks the silence, “We’ll take all these and three of those punching bags.” He points at the area towards his right, flexing his arm as he does so. I can see the sitrations in his arm and the softball sized bulge twist and move as he does so, and the clerk stammers, “Right away sir.”

The guys chuckle a bit as the clerk runs off and I look at them.

“You guys do that a lot don’t you?” I say.

”What do you mean? We didn’t do anything,” Sam says as they laugh.

“You know what I mean. That guy almost came just from you two flexing a little.”

“Yeah we know. That’s why we do just a little more too,” Armstrong chuckles.

I look at Armstrong in wonderment as they lead me towards the back room where the clerk ran off to. The duo looks around a bit before they walk in, beckoning me to follow. As we enter the storage area, the clerk runs up to us, “I’m sorry sirs, but you’re not allowed back here.” Armstrong closes the door behind me and then he and Sam go to sandwich the young clerk. Sam starts by peeling off his tank-top revealing more of his built torso and the clerk’s protests stop. Armstrong presses himself closer to the clerk and peels off his top. Both bears are now topless, flexing and posing for the clerk they have between them. I’m getting hard from the show and I can see the clerk already is lost in ecstasy, moaning and whimpering in delight. I lean against the door, propping myself up as Sam flexes his huge gun in the clerk’s face and he greedily grabs the mammoth muscle, gripping and licking it. Sam and Armstrong lean towards each other and deliver a most passionate kiss, compressing the clerk further. I see their cocks struggling against their shorts and the fabric stretching to the point of rupturing. The clerk’s smooth body contrasts against the two fur-covered muscle behemoths that surround him and he uses one hand to rub around Sam and Armstrong’s ripped abs. His fingers swirl the coarse hair on Sam as Armstrong squeezes him a little more, thrusting his bulge deeper into the clerk. I begin to rub my aching cock through my shorts as the clerk reaches up and grabs Armstrongs massive forearms and hangs slightly from them. Armstrong flexes them slightly, showing no strain from the weight of the average sized clerk. The clerk moans, obviously turned on by this display of power and the duo smiles.

Armstrong leans down and growls in the clerk’s ear. “How do you like that muscle little man?” I can’t make out the answer, but from all the whimpering the clerk was doing, I presume he was enjoying himself. Sam growls in response, “Never had this much fucking beef before, have you? Bet you want to spend all day just worshipping these huge muscles, don’t you.”

The clerk nods his head weakly and goes to lick Sam’s massive chest while rubbing back and forth on Armstrong’s arms that hang on Sam’s shoulders. The two look at each other and smile, then step closer to each other, squeezing the clerk even more between their enormous slabs of muscle. They look down at him and smile, seeing him so enthralled in the body before him. Armstrong reaches down and massages the clerk’s small body with his meaty paws. The clerk, unable to move any part but his head, works furiously licking as much of Sam as he possibly can. Armstrong’s arms approach the clerk’s shoulders and the clerk strains to lick the hairy arm. The two giants gyrate themselves, rubbing their throbbing meats along the small body of the clerk and his eyes roll shut as his head tilts back. He explodes in his pants, leaving a huge wet stain in the front of them. Sam and Armstrong squeeze him a little bit more, letting him feel the power of their muscles. After a few more moments of this, they separate the bear sandwich, letting the clerk fall to his knees, limp and exhausted. Armstrong leans over and picks up the clerk, giving him a gentle kiss. Sam leans in and delievers one of his own before the two set him back on his feet.

Sam takes a card out of his shorts, “If you’re ever looking for a place to lift, we work out here.”

Armstrong tosses Sam his shirt and comments, “Oh, and don’t even think about giving us any discount for what just happened. We’ll pay full price on all this gear.” They put back on their shirts and I adjust myself, preparing to follow them. Armstrong grabs two of the heavy bags, curling them up to his shoulders and Sam grabs the third. He hands me Joe’s corporate card and looks at the clerk. “We’d like to pay for these now, if you feel up to it." Sam’s voice seems to wake the clerk out of his euphoric daze and he rushes to put on a large apron to cover his pants. Racing around like a hyper kid, he sprints to the door, allowing us to leave first before heading to the counter.

On the way to the front, I chuckle to myself. These two seem to be able to read people so easily and freely give them what they desire. They could’ve easily convinced the clerk to give them anything they wanted including his left testicle for free, but they didn’t. My respect and admiration grows for these two gentle giants and I smile as I follow them to the counter. We pay for the equipment and smile at the clerk who is red and panting. He follows us to the door and out to Armstrong’s truck, obviously wanting to see more of the muscle in action. Armstrong obliges by curling the heavy bags a few times before tossing them on the truck. Sam does the same with his one bag, curling it a few times, then switching arms and curling it with that one before placing it in the back of the truck. The clerk smiles and says, “Thank you for shopping at ‘Sport Goods Emporium’” then walks a little closer and says a little more quietly, “and thanks.” Armstrong and Sam smile and pat the guy on his shoulder before we hop in the truck and head off back to the gym. •

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