Mentoring Muscle


By Londonboy

“Stephen, you didn’t even touch yourself. What do you mean you came?” Jack asked in disbelief.

“I didn’t need to,” I began and then paused for a second, “you flexing your arm and your sleeve ripping was too much for me. That caused me to get off.” It was obvious by the look on his face that Jack had forgotten about his sleeve. He lifted his arm and sure enough, the seam underneath was split down to his armpit. He looked from his sleeve back to me.

“I don’t understand Stephen,” he said and the look on his face once again made me realize he was sincere. He had no idea of what he did to me – or did he? I decided to just let everything out. What did I have to lose at this point?

“Listen, Jack. I’m gay and nothing turns me on more than a guy having a huge muscled body. I can get hot quicker than anything from seeing the kind of arm you are packing, or noticing a guy with a huge chest, or heavily muscled glutes, or whatever. I’m sorry if this turns you off or makes you mad at me, but your body has made me hard since I first laid eyes on you at the store. And to top it all off you are really a nice guy.” I stopped talking and Jack remained silent. He just stared at me. I could tell he was trying to sort something out, but I couldn’t tell what it was. “Please say something Jack – even if you are mad. I can take you home right now if you want me to. I just had to be honest, okay. I didn’t mean to offend you.”

“Stephen, I’m not mad. Really. Don’t think that. I knew you liked my body when I saw you staring at the store. I even arranged it so I could come here myself to fix your water heater – so I might be able to find out more about something I felt deep inside when I was talking to you. You see, something made me want to spend more time with you. I can’t explain it. I just got this feeling that you could teach me some things.” Jack said all of this almost in a whisper. It was as if he was wondering if I would be offended by what he said.

“Have you ever felt this way before,” I asked.

“Yes. I’ve known all my life I was attracted to men. I’ve never acted on it, though. I’ve just been too scared. I guess today I felt something, I don’t know, maybe I felt safe with you,” Jack was saying all this fast and I could tell it made him nervous. My heart leapt, though. “I think I’ve always needed someone to guide me, Stephen. Someone to help me.”

We sat there in silence. He looked down at the table. I could tell he had a hard time looking me in the eye. I decided to move ahead slowly.

“Jack, I can help you. And I would love to guide you. If you will let me I think I know a way to start right now. Come with me,” I said standing up. He looked at me and I could tell he was ready. He stood up quickly and followed me to my bedroom. The closet doors in my bedroom were full-length mirrors. I had never thought they would be used like I was planning on using them now. “Stand here, Jack,” I said positioning him so we were standing beside each other looking into the mirror. “Take off your shirt.”

“What?” he said quickly as he took a step away.

“Jack, you got to trust me. I promise I am going to help you really. You just got to give my idea a chance. You trust me don’t you?” I asked as I motioned him back into place. He stood there for a second, nodded his head slowly, and returned to looking in the mirror. He reached down, pulled his shirt out of his pants, and began to lift it over his head. It was like a slow motion movie. I saw his chiseled abs first. The only think I could think of was give me a mallet and I would play that double xylophone of muscle. His stomach was incredible. It was all I could do not to reach out and run my hands up and down those abs. But that was just the beginning. I had never understood it when people said a man’s chest could be so think that his nipples pointed slightly down – I thought it was as mysterious as the unicorn. Jack’s chest made a believer out of me. It was two huge mounds of muscled, hard flesh resting on top of that muscled stomach. I could only dream of using those pecs as pillows – hell, four guys my size could use those pecs as pillows. I knew as some point we would have to find out how big that chest was. It was then that I saw his shoulders and arms completely out of the shirt. Now his shirt didn’t hide the arms that much, but it didn’t matter. When you saw those huge slabs of beef hanging from those shoulders that seemed to go for days it was like seeing them for the first time. I could feel my cock straining again. I decided to focus back on Stephen’s face. I saw him looking at me. I think he knew exactly what I was thinking. I suddenly got embarrassed. I grabbed the shirt from him and threw it on the bed. “What do you see?”

“What?” he asked again.

“Slow down Jack. Remember – trust me. You can do this. Look at yourself. Tell me what you see.” I used my firmest and most calm voice. I saw Jack look at himself.

“I see me,” he said innocently.

“Yes, I know that Jack, but tell me what you notice about yourself. Tell me about your body.” I said a little impatiently.

“I can’t do this Stephen. I’m too embarrassed.” Jack said pleadingly. I decided to try a different attack.

“Okay, let’s try it this way. Stand behind me.” I said as I took off my own shirt. I stepped in front of Jack and I saw a little smile as he glanced at my body. I looked into the mirror. Now, remember, I was only a few inches shorter than Jack but it didn’t matter. It looked like a ten-year old boy beside a grown man – and I mean a VERY grown man. Jack’s shoulders kept going for what seemed like a foot after mine stopped. His traps made mine look like mosquito bites. Jack seemed four feet taller than me just because of his size. He was just plain big in every way. I flexed my arms in front of him. “Now flex your arms like this behind me.” He hesitated. “Come on Jack, flex.” I said it again a little more forceful and he instinctively did as I said. His arms shot up into muscled mountains – it was a sight that sent shivers down my back. “Now tell me what you see.” Jack laughed a little. “Tell me, Jack.” I was thinking how much I got off on admiring his body and something inside told me he liked to admire his body too.

Continuing to laugh a little he said, “Well, I see how puny your arms are to mine,” and then he stopped laughing and said, “I’m sorry Stephen.”

I quickly said back, “Don’t worry Jack, it’s true. Look how much bigger your arms are to mine. Tell me more about what you see. Tell me what you feel, too.”

Jack stared at the picture reflected back and began, “I see years of hard work. But I also see that we were made differently. I’m so much bigger than you. I guess it’s what they mean when they say bigger boned.”

“How does that make you feel Jack,” I asked softly.

“I don’t know – I guess – no, I’m sorry, I do know,” Jack continued. It makes me feel strong. I look at my arms behind yours and I see power. May arms are huge next to yours. And putting them next to each other like this just makes mine look so much bigger and more powerful. It’s not that I’m putting your arms down, Stephen, it’s just that looking at them this way makes my biceps look like small muscle mountains. Especially when we both flex them. Yours stop flexing and mine just continue to swell. It’s amazing how much more I can get mine to peak than yours. I hope I’m not offending you, Stephen. I don’t mean to. It’s just that you asked me to share like this. And, uh, it’s just that I think it’s, um, great.”

“Does the raging hard-on in my pants show you that I am not offended? I’ve been waiting all my life for someone to show off and share the things you are.” I said smiling.

Stephen looked in the reflection in the mirror down at my crotch and just smiled. “That’s something I like too,” he said, “Having the power to do that to a man. It excites me a lot to give a man a hard-on. At work there are times when I am helping some guy and I can tell he’s checking me out. Guys are usually looking at my arms. So, sometimes, I run my hand through my hair like this (and he did) and watch for their reaction to my bicep swelling. Most of the time I glance down at their crotch to see what is happening. One time I actually saw a guy’s dick twitch when I did it. That was great. Sometimes I’ll be walking through the store and I’ll catch someone casually look up at me, glance back to what they were looking at and then see their head snap back towards me to make sure what they saw was real. That makes me feel good. Sometimes guys will follow me around the store thinking I don’t notice. I usually do something to show off my strength or body. One time I was in the appliance aisle at work with four different guys that I noticed had been checking me out and following me for a while. They were all at different places up and down the aisle. I was feeling a little devious so I reached down and lifted a washing machine out of the row and moved it down in a different place down the row. Most of the guys scattered as soon as I put it down but one guy was so stunned he stood there staring with his mouth open wide. I walked down the aisle and when I got to him I just lifted a finger to underneath his chin and pushed his mouth closed. I smiled and walked away. I left the store that day feeling great because I knew there were some guys at home getting off on my muscles. That excited me.”

Jack was in a semi-dazed state by now. He was still flexing his arms and just staring as he alternately made one arm peak and then the other. The quiet in the room made him snap back to reality. “I’m sorry, Stephen,” he said lowering his arms and turning to me. “I didn’t mean to get carried away. You might be freaking out right now. I’m sorry. I’ve just never gotten to say this to anyone.”

I grabbed his wide body by the arms, still marveling at how rock hard his biceps and triceps were. “Jack, stop right now. This is exactly what I want. And not just because it excites me more than anything else in the world – but because I can tell by that huge hard log in your pants that you get off on it too.” Jack immediately turned red and covered his crotch with his hands. Even his big muscled hands couldn’t cover his obviously monster cock completely. “I’m sorry, Jack, I shouldn’t have said that. But you getting embarrassed is what I am talking about. You don’t have to with me. I want you to realize you don’t have to be shy about anything you feel and you can share any private thought you want to with me. I understood before you ever opened your mouth that you got off on your own muscles and liked it even more when other people admired them, too. Hell, I was one of those guys staring at you in the store. You said you knew it. You can really feel free to share anything. I think it is going to help you a lot. Look at it this way, I am saving you so much money that would have been spent in therapy!”

Jack looked at me seriously and said, “I noticed you right when I came out from the back of the store. Like I said, I just knew you were different than other guys. I don’t know what that means – I just knew it inside.”

“Listen, Jack,” I matched his seriousness, “Your body excites me very much – like I already told you. I’m not denying that every rock-hard muscle you’ve got is something I want to explore. But I’m realizing that more important than me getting off on your body is YOU really understanding how great you are. I want you to be comfortable with your body – with how it feels to show it off. I think you have no idea what power you have inside. I think you need to fully explore everything you’ve been stuffing inside for all of these years. Know what I mean?” Jack simply nodded his head again as he stared at me. I could detect that he was holding back tears.

“But what about you, Stephen. What do you get?” he asked so innocently.

“Ahhhhrgghhhh,” I said in exasperation, “I keep telling you. I get to watch you. I get to see you finally talk freely about your muscles. I get to see you flex. I get to see you finally see yourself as everyone else sees you – as a fucking muscle stud.” I saw the light bulb go off in his head. “I will get more excited, Jack, the more you get turned on by your own body. I promise.” By George, I think he finally got it.

Jack smiled and simply said, “Thank you.”

It was then I realized that no one had ever gotten this far with Jack because they didn’t focus first on his needs. I’m sure in the past Jack had picked up on the fact that most guys wanted to be with him just for a quick worship session and then move on. He knew other guys just wanted to feel his body. And I must admit that was high on my list. But I had quickly noticed that Jack needed a mentor. He needed someone to help release the muscle beast within him. He had lived for so long ashamed – not only of how big he was – but also mainly because secretly he LOVED how big he was. He had stuffed any feeling that reflected how much he got off on his own body – or how he got off on what it did to other guys. It was not so blocked that he had trouble even re-calling simple things – like how he loved staring at his own biceps. I was so glad that I hadn’t messed everything up by making a big pass at him. That would have sent him running. I knew, deep down, that I DID want to have hot sex with him – feeling every muscle for a whole night. I wasn’t denying that. But I quickly realized that I wanted to help him more. And as I helped him become that muscle beast I would have many more hours of pleasure than I would have if it had just been a quick session in the bed. I knew that I could use the time helping him develop an understanding of all he felt inside as an opportunity for me to study what we both liked and why we liked it. Jack was still staring at me.

“Shall we return to your arms?” I said smiling back at him. Jack nodded and turned to the mirror. “This time flex your right arm and feel it with your left hand. Tell me what you feel and what you are thinking. Don’t hold anything back. There’s nothing you could say or do that will offend me. I promise. Tell me everything.”

Jack flexed his right bicep and placed his left hand over the bulging mass. Even his large hand didn’t come close to covering that bicep. He stared and stared at his arm. I said softly, “Talk to me Jack. What are you thinking?”

He began again, “I’m thinking about how big it is. Look, I can’t even fully grab it with my hand. I am also thinking about how hard it is. It even looks hard – like marble. And then look at this vein,” he said as he ran a finger across the vein that ran across the peak, “It’s beautiful isn’t it. I can’t help but think of strength as I feel this arm. This is what turns a lot of guys on. They think big biceps make the man. That gets me hot. In the store sometimes I’ll catch myself feeling my own arm when some guy is staring at them. When I work my arms in the gym I always get a hard-on. I liked feeling these guns strain to lift heavy weight. I also like how they’re sore the next day. I get off on how they stretch the sleeve when I’m wearing a short-sleeved shirt and bulge out as I bend my arm. That’s why I always wear short-sleeved shirts at work. I want to let these muscles be free to be seen and admired. At home I sometimes wear a tight t-shirt just to catch myself in mirrors. I like it when the t-shirt is so tight you can actually see the vein on my arm stretching the material too. I really like to pull the sleeve up to the shoulder and let my arms just hand down. I just look at how they still bulge out even when I’m not flexing. I sometimes…” Jack trailed off. He was still staring at his arm and groping it with the other hand.

“You sometimes what, Jack,” I asked softly.

“I . . . I . . . sometimes flex it hard like this,” he said not really recognizing I had asked the question. He raised his right are, flexed it, never removing his eyes from it and said, “And then I kiss it.” Jack didn’t have to move his head or arm much to make his lips meet the bulging bicep. He brought his lips slowly to the side of the huge mound nearest his face and gently placed them on his skin. He just rested there for a moment and then I saw his tongue break through his lips and touch his skin. He moved it slowly across the part of his arm where his mouth rested. He then brought his lips together again. I noticed that the skin was so tight and hard on his bicep that his lips couldn’t gather any of it when he gently sucked in with his mouth. He parted his lips again and simply ran his parted teeth up and down the hard surface. Even his teeth couldn’t pull at the skin. Jack had closed his eyes. He was somewhere else. He continued to kiss, suck, and attempt to bite his bicep for a few seconds. The room was only filled with the sound coming from Jack’s mouth and my heavy breathing. I was in heaven. I had moved beyond just having a hard-on – my entire body had become rigid and covered in goose bumps. I was the definition of ecstatic.

Jack then opened his eyes and moved his mouth slightly so his mouth came to where the vein snaked across the peak of his bicep. He slowly ran his tongue along the length of the vein and back. He kept this up for a few seconds. I finally asked, “What about the left arm?” Jack again did not acknowledge me in any way. He simply raised his left arm into a bicep flex and turned his attention there. It was as if I were merely a voice in his head. He repeated the same mouth worship on his left peak. He took his time and covered every inch of both biceps. He started going back and forth from one arm to the other. Sometimes while he was licking one arm he’d drop the other arm and shake it out – only to return it to a powerful flex for more admiration from his mouth.

I was in rapture. I decided to try and take him further. “What are you thinking Jack – what are you feeling?”

He filled the room with his whisper. “My mouth likes to feel the power of these arms. I could do this all day. My arms deserve to be kissed. These are solid rocks of muscle. There is so much power stored up in this bulging bicep,” he said kissing the right flexed arm, “and this one, too.” He then turned to his left bicep and kissed it. “I have to worship these guns because they allow me to do so much - lifting things, twisting things, breaking things. These guns make other men’s legs weak with lust.” Jack was now kissing each arm harder and harder – going back and forth. “These arms are full of raw muscle.” At this point Jack stopped and looked straight in to the mirror and hit a hard double bicep pose. I was about to explode with lust. It was an incredible sight. I could tell he was flexing hard. Veins were popping out all over his body. Both of us were holding our breath. Through gritted teeth (and never looking away from his arms) Jack said, “Look at that, Stephen. Have you ever seen anything more powerful? More beautiful? These arms are monsters. These huge arms make your arms look like matchsticks. Both of your biceps flexed don’t come close to one of mine. Can you see the power Stephen? Can you feel it? Do you see what real biceps look like? Jack squeezed his arms even tighter as he screamed, “These guns are pure muscle beast power!” We both came at the same time. We both shouted as we unloaded everything that had been built up that afternoon. Jack’s knees buckled from the release and he fell kneeling on the ground. I had leaned back against the wall as I felt the rush of my second incredible load of the day being released. Both of us were breathing hard. My ears were still ringing from both of us yelling in ecstasy.

There were a few minutes of silence and then I opened my eyes. Jack looked up at me in the reflection in the mirror. There was much joy in his face. “That was incredible,” he said.

“Fucking incredible,” I replied. •

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