Mentoring Muscle


By Londonboy

Jack was still kneeling on the floor and smiling at me as I pulled my body away from the wall. My knees were still wobbly. I had to sit on the side of the bed. My body was already sore from being so incredibly tense while watching Jack’s incredible body – not to mention the two intense orgasms. To top everything off I had not ever unzipped my pants. I definitely needed a shower. More than anything I just needed a pause from being overcome with so much muscle. I looked at Jack in the reflection of the mirror. He was so incredibly beautiful. He watched me stare at him. His breath was beginning to even off a little. I could tell this had been an orgasm like no other he had ever experienced. It was hard for me to look him in the face – my eyes wanted to keep going down to his chest, his shoulders, or those incredible guns. He saw my eyes move over his body.

“I need you Stephen. I need you to show me so many things. I need you to help me gain confidence about my body. I need you to help me feel more comfortable in expressing my desires. I don’t think anyone else can help me the way you can. Will you help me, Stephen, please? I want to see my body the way you see it. I want to be able to talk about my muscles openly. I have not ever been able to do what we just did. That was the biggest explosions my body has ever felt. And you helped me do it. I think, maybe, if you help me I might be able to do something for you sometime. I’ll try my best, Stephen. Really.” Jack had turned as he spoke to me and was looking straight into my eyes. He really had no idea how beautiful he was. Hell, he had no idea how big he was. He was like a baby just learning to walk. “Be my teacher, Stephen. Teach me all there is about being proud of who I am. I need you.”

That was it. Wrap me up and send me home because I was totally done. He did not need to beg, believe me, but these last few sentences had convinced me that I would do anything for this giant. I was a sucker for puppy dog eyes, but more than anything I was a sucker for arms that looked like they could lift anything. And to think he wanted to do something for me. Well, big man, I don’t think I would ever run out of ideas of what you could do for me. He had already made one of my fantasies come true – but we both knew deep down that I had many more. Of course I could help him. “Jack, I will try my best to help you – I promise. I know we can get you to a place where you see your body as everyone else does. I also think we can have a lot of fun getting there. You just need a little encouragement. You just need…” I lost my train of thought because a great idea jumped into my head. “Jack, have you ever been to a gay bar?” He looked confused but shook his head no. “You gotta trust me, Jack. That’s all I ask. Do you trust me?”

“I think more than I trust myself,” Jack answered honestly. He was smiling big but looked like he was a little nervous about my plans. I knew what we had to do first. It was clear that Jack needed to experience more worshipping and admiration. I knew the place. There was a neighborhood gay bar called the “Flagpole.” It was the perfect place to debut this muscle stud.

“Let’s take you home so we both can get a little rest and get cleaned up,” I said as I handed him his shirt. I was very sad that those muscles were going to be covered up, but I knew I’d be getting the chance to see them a lot. “I’ll be back to pick you up around 10:30pm, okay.” He immediately looked disappointed. I immediately got it. “Alright, I will take you to your house and you can get some clothes and we’ll come back here right away. It’s just that I don’t have anything that will cover that monster body of yours.” That made him break into a huge grin. I realized then and there that he liked it when I commented on his body. I filed that in my mind so I could do it more often. “I even have a better idea, don’t wear that shirt as we go to your place.” The look on Jack’s face was priceless – so much confusion. He loved the idea of going bare-chested, but he obviously had never done it before. I was not going to give him time to think about it. “Come on big guy, it’s time to show the world your muscles. Let’s get moving.” I started walking out of the room and I saw him look at the shirt in his hand. He debated for a quick second and then threw the shirt on the bed. He was hooked.

Riding in my car was different this time. Jack did not hesitate to run his hands over his body like he had hesitated before. There was nothing sheepish about his groping now. It seemed that he most liked to grab some part of his body and then flex it hard. He started with his chest. He took his right hand and grabbed what he could of his left pec. When he would flex his pec I would notice how his fingers were pushed out. Even his strong grip was nothing for that muscled pec. He then moved to his arms. Grabbing one bicep and holding tight as he flexed seemed to delight him. After a while he grabbed my hand and said, “Stephen, you gotta feel this,” and placed my right hand on his left bicep. Even though I had already been through a lot that day my cock instantly got hard. Then he FLEXED the bicep and my cock got even harder (I didn’t think it was possible). The car swerved because of my reaction to Jack’s flexed bicep and I almost ran off the road. I turned the steering wheel sharply and stayed on the road but I never took my hand off that bicep. It was a feeling that I could never begin to describe. I know Jack knew what his arm did to me. I also know the fact that his bicep could get me hard excited him. He didn’t stop flexing while I nearly drove off the road. He just kept looking at my hand on his bicep and watched his bulge go up and down as he flexed. I finally said, “Jack, I gotta take my hand away or we’re going to have an accident.”

“Sure, Stephen. Did you feel how hard it is?” he asked innocently.

“Yeah, Jack. It is one hard big bicep.” I replied looking at him as he moved on to his legs. He pulled his pants up high and started feeling his thighs as he flexed them. He had huge legs and when he flexed them striations appeared over all. I could have run a finger down the grooves in his legs. He was a fucking muscle machine. He was also, for the first time, truly enjoying himself. We pulled up to his apartment complex and I followed him as he walked to his place. He was walking fast. I think not having a shirt on made him really self-conscious here. When we walked into his apartment I was blown away. His living room did not have any furniture. It was just full of weights and training machines. The walls were completely bare. It was a little sad.

“I know it’s not much but it's home,” he said as he reached down and lifted a bar full of huge weights. I had no idea how much that bar weighed but I knew it was heavy. He moved it out of the way. “I’ll be right back.” And with that he went down a hallway on the right to what I guess was his bedroom. I bent down and tried to lift the bar. I could not even make it move. I tried pushing it with my foot and it didn’t budge. The weight bench at the other end of the room had a bar with what looked like twice as much weight on it. I walked over to the bench and began to count up how much weight was there. I lost count. “It’s almost 800 pounds,” Jack said standing where the hallway met this room. My mouth dropped open. “I’m trying to work up to a 900.”

“You mean to tell me that you bench press almost 800 pounds,” I said with a look of disbelief.

“You don’t believe me. Watch this.” And with that Jack walked over and slipped down on the bench. He shook out his arms and then grabbed the bar. He lowered it slowly and then pushed out three reps. I could tell it strained him. His chest blasted to an unbelievable size – even though he was lying down. Usually gravity deflate a guy's pecs a little. Not Jack's mounds of muscle. When he stopped he lay there and squeezed his pecs together. They came up beyond his chin they were so pumped. It was incredible. He sat up and just smiled at me. “Pretty good, huh?”

“That’s more than pretty good, that’s fucking unbelievable, Jack. You are the strongest guy I know.” I was still shocked. He just smiled. He then pointed to the bar the I had tried to move.

“That’s my curling bar,” He said as he walked over and lifted the bar that I couldn’t even budge. As he stood there talking to me he curled the bar perfectly ten times. His arms were bulging even more than they had earlier that afternoon. The veins were popping out all over. “This is about three hundred fifty pounds.” I just stood there dumfounded. I was looking at one powerful stud and he casually talked about what he could do as if everyone did it. His arms once again mesmerized me.

“Jack, do you have any idea how fucking strong you are? This isn’t something that most men can do. Hell, I doubt even Hercules himself could have lifted this weight.” This last statement made Jack laugh. He had started a second set of reps with the curling bar. He couldn’t finish these. He put the bar down.

“I used to love those Hercules films when I was growing up, Stephen. That Reeves guy made me want to lift weights. Did you ever see those films?” Jack asked completely ignoring what I had just told him.

“Yeah, I used to like them too. I watched them a lot. And his name was Steve Reeves. I always thought he was pretty hot.” I was immediately taken back to late night movies on television and how I would sneak downstairs to watch as many Hercules movies as possible without getting caught.

“Yeah, I liked his beard. He had a pretty good body, too. It turned me on. What was your favorite thing Hercules did?” Jack asked resting one foot on the curling bar. It was my turn to be embarrassed.

“I don’t know, Jack,” I said trying to ignore the question.

“Hey that’s not fair. I think you don’t want to tell me. After all I’ve shared with you. Well my favorite part was when old Herc would grab some guy and lift him over his head.” Jack said this as he moved toward me quickly. I didn’t have any time to react. Jack reached down and grabbed my right thigh almost at the crotch. His huge hand almost circled my leg. His other hand grabbed the front of my shirt. Before I could say anything he lifted me straight off the ground over his head. It was a clean jerk to up over his head. The next thing I knew I was looking down on Jack from about four inches from the ceiling. I quickly noticed how perfect his chest looked from up here. Jack kind of bounced me up and down. “I really liked it when Hercules would walk around with the guy over his head.” And Jack did just that – he walked up and down the length of his living room. My dick was hard for the upteenth time that day. This was another one of my fantasies. I had dreamed of a man lifting me over his head as a show of strength for a long time. I couldn’t believe it was happening. There was no way I could have been prepared for what Jack did next. “I always wanted that Reeves guy to press the man up and down a few times to get a good pump in his arms and to show everyone how strong he was.” Jack proceeded to press me up and down over his head. I was in awe of what was going on. I could do nothing but enjoy the ride. I reached out and grabbed Jack’s hard forearm to brace myself. It was so solid. “You like this, Stephen?” he asked on the sixth time he lowered me. He leaned his face into mine, a little, and he was grinning.

“You know I do. You better put me down before I shoot another load. I’m not sure I have anything left in me.” I said as helpless as any guy would be who was being lifted over seven feet in the air. Jack kept lifting me. “Come on big Herc, let me down.” I could tell this excited Jack. He pumped me up and down three more times very quickly and then set me down on the ground. He stood in front of me and grabbed me by the shoulders. I could tell he was trying to put on a serious face.

“I like that name, Stephen. I think that is what you should call me from now on. How about me being your big Herc, okay?” He looked at me and it was obvious it was what he wanted..

“I think it fits, Jack. Sure, you can be big Herc. Who am I to challenge what you want.” I said laughing.

“That is right, little man, you cannot challenge me at all.” Jack stepped back to the curling bar, bent down, and lifted it up to his waist. He did one very slow rep raising the bar to his shoulders and back down. “Let’s go,” He said as he went to his bag, grabbed a shirt, put it on, and headed to the door.

“Why the shirt, Big Herc?” I asked.

Jack turned to me and had a smile on his face. He said looking right at me, “Because you can’t handle seeing all this muscle for much longer.” I could tell it was hard for him to say and that he really didn’t believe it. He just couldn’t show off his body any longer. He was not fully comfortable with himself. That was going to take a while.

“Hey, Jack. I almost forgot. Did you pack one of those really tight t-shirts you told me about earlier?” That shirt was part of my plan, too. “And get a light jacket.” Jack looked a little puzzled but went back to his room and came back with a jacket. The t-shirt better be in the bag, I thought. This was going to be a great night. •

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