Hanazin Warrior Academy, The


By Oliver904

“So, people screw each other in the wide open?”

“All the time, from what my dad says. He told me it’s part of the normal behavior and development of Hanazin men.”

Sean and Jason sat on the beds of their dorm room, discussing the events that took place before and after the orientation. It happened to be a rather long event, starting with a quick tour of the classrooms and corridors of the main manor house and concluding with all the students standing in a line for their extra Karate Gis, books, training bands, and all the rest of their school supplies. Not one person had misbehaved, as anyone would’ve been quite crazy to do so after Prof. Richardson’s display.

Sean and Jason had decided to room together. The night had come early in the new dimension and they had just finished putting all their stuff away in their proper places. Sean wore one of the new red Speedos he had bought back home, while Jason settled in just his boxerbriefs.

Sean’s eyes roamed over Jason’s slender, but muscled form, his skin like smooth ivory. He didn’t even try to hide his gaze from his roommate, as Jason kept it no secret that he was doing much the same.

“So, your father never told you anything?” Jason asked, rubbing his fingers over his meaty chest and across his chiseled eight-pack, his index finger circling the hair under his navel.

“What? —No,” Sean said. “Nothing…” He stretched back, raising his ripped arms over his head, his six-pack accentuated nicely in the Speedo. He sighed, his flawless, striated chest rising and falling with the inhales and exhales. “I thought something was funny about my dad, though. It was like he didn’t even have to try in life, ya know? Like he could have whatever he wanted. Money, Muscles…”

“It’s why a lot of Hanazins live in our dimension,” said Jason.

“But why were you there?”

“Me and my brother live with our Uncle,” Jason said.

“Did he go to school here?” Sean asked.

“No. He’s not even one of us—just a normal human—my dad’s half brother,” Jason said. “It’s a shame. He doesn’t know what he’s missing.” He flexed his bicep, the peak made higher by thick veins pumping to the surface in vertical and horizontal directions, shapely like a huge, hard lemon. The separation from his tricep was incredible, the valley a clear border between the two muscles, the bulging vessels peaceful roads between the two.

Sean felt his cock pulsing beneath his Speedo. If he allowed it to continue, even the stretchy fabric wouldn’t be enough hold. He decided against allowing his mind to entertain doing anything with Jason. It seemed too soon. “Yah, a shame,” he said.


Their first class of the morning was Strength and Muscle Training with Professor Benson. He was one of the larger professors, built thick like a Champion Weightlifter, his body covered in beautiful black fur, though unable to hide the sheer definition of his muscles. Sean and Jason brought their training bands as instructed, Sean bringing the ones his father had given him, the ones he had claimed were better.

Professor Benson didn’t wear the top portion of his Karate Gi and when he paced through the large classroom, there wasn’t one of the 20 students (10 Ferunah in Grey, and 10 Behlmores in Red) who weren’t staring at the ripped, powerful muscles of his back. His lats alone were enough to demand respect, and as his arms swung to his sides, the striations, from his traps to the erector muscles of his lower back flexed and faded with each step.

Professor Benson stopped when he reached front and center. He placed his hands on his hips, his thick, slab-like pecs twitching, and gave the class a stern glare. "Hopefully you have all gotten over the immature behaviors that plague your age group, but for those of you who haven’t, pray you don’t make me angry.” He paused. “Your Karate Gis…remove them, and remain quiet.”

The class obeyed, taking off their top-coats first, exposing their muscled torsos—some ripped and slender like world class runners, others like junior bodybuilders—and then pulled off their pants, their thick, hard, dripping cocks finally free of their prisons.

“—And don’t think for a minute that I can’t tell what house you hail from. I know EVERYTHING about you: your house, your strengths, and your weaknesses,” Prof. Benson said.

Sean looked over to Jason who stood right next to him, his cock pulsing, veins pumping blood from his abdomen and scrotum. But Jason’s face was stern and serious.

“Put your training bands on,” said Prof. Benson.

Again the class obeyed. Sean had to look over at the other students to see what exactly to do, placing two of the metal bands on his wrists and the other two on his ankles. They seemed to tighten the second it made contact with his skin.

“First exercise,” Prof. Benson announced, his booming voice echoing in the room. He raised his palm and all the bracelets on the student’s wrists glowed blue.

Immediately everyone fell to their knees. Sean felt as if he’d just been pulled down by an unbelievable force.

“That’s Two Full Tons,” Professor Benson said. “Close to 5,000lbs. Now stand to your feet, and curl up with your arms.”

For the first time Sean felt his muscles actually having to work. He wondered why the floor beneath them wasn’t giving way. He got his right foot under him, then his left a little behind that one, his quads blasting forth every muscle fiber, the teardrop shaped portions becoming more vascular, feeding his legs with the power to stand. Sean was in the middle of the class, watching the students in front of him, their striated glutes, lean harmstrings, and diamond cut calves working to stand. There was no mistaking anyone who wasn’t glad to be naked, their throbbing cocks still on display before them, twitching with every powerful beat of their hearts.

When everyone got to their feet, Sean noticed that some of his Ferunah colleagues were shaking, but none of the Behlmores were. They stood quite sturdy like Sean himself. He remembered that they were the house known for their Supreme levels of Strength. He looked to Jason, who seemed, like he, unbothered.

“Now, bicep curls!” Professor Benson said, his voice thundering about the walls.

Sean curled both his arms up, the bracelets a substantial factor, the muscles of his forearms bulging and twitching, veins swelling. Sean again looked over at Jason, his arms corded like his own, the “Y” shaped veins pulsing in his biceps. He was moving a bit slower than Sean, but keeping up much the same. Sean had already pumped out 30 reps in the first 10 seconds, higher than even the Behlmores next to him.

Sean looked over at the Behlmore standing to his left. His body was one of those Sean thought looked like a world-class runner’s; lean, ripped muscle defying his skin, light tufts of brown hair growing in the valley of his thick striated chest, and more descending below the navel of his eight-pack abs to the bush of his crotch. The Behlmore boy turned his head, and seeing Sean staring, smiled mischievously.

Sean, rather unaware of his leering eyes, averted them as quickly as he could, concentrating again on his curls.

In the next sessions, Professor Benson had brought them through a total body exercise routine, raising the weight to unknown levels. Sean found the full-body crunches the hardest to do, because they had to pull their arms over their heads and back again. Once they were done, his abs felt like they had no choice but to grow, and watched as his and other student’s stomachs etched themselves into leaner, more defined six-packs, eight-packs, and some rare ten-packs. All around, the student’s cocks were throbbing and dripping, ready to blow. Sean swore that his steel rod would explode if anyone was to even tap it. New muscle was forming by the second in all the students; leaner, meatier, their bodies filling out by a couple inches as their lats expanded. Their arms were left bulging, thick, and corded, the veins in their legs, pulsing and feeding the muscle to grow. Students grew taller, wider, and radiated power.

“That’s all for today,” Prof. Benson said. “Be ready for tomorrow. I can assure you today will look like child’s play in comparison.”

Everyone picked up their uniforms, but nobody put them back on, unable to stuff their massive, ready to blow packages into their pants.

“I’ll see you later,” Jason said to Sean as they exited the classroom. “I gotta have tea with my dad.”

Sean nodded, and Jason waved and left down the hall. Sean was bumped from behind.

“Oh, sorry about that.”

It was the Behlmore boy from earlier.

“It’s fine,” Sean said.

“You’re tellin’ me,” he said, that mischievous smile returning. He placed an arm on Sean’s massive shoulder, running his hand over the striated sections of his vascular delts. The energy that flowed through Sean at his touch was unbearable, but he wasn’t ready to follow the examples of those in the courtyard, even though he felt the Behlmore boy was. They would find themselves in good company though, as next to them a group of upperclassmen were busy stuffing their meaty cocks in each other’s mouths. Two were actually levitating in the air, a colossal black haired boy pumping his cock into the ass of an equally sized and unbelievably beautiful blond, their moans of ecstasy seeming to go unnoticed by everyone except Sean.

Sean did notice that the building rattled every now and then, small tremors at most, but still noticeable—and now he knew why, as the bodies of all those in the hall began their routine muscular growth, cum raining down the walls. You could feel the power in the air, the same Sean knew to be responsible for all the blown light bulbs, broken glass, and trembling foundations. It was probably why the school used only torchlight and forbade electronics.

“What’s wrong,” the Behlmore boy asked. “You shy, or something?” He drew close to Sean’s neck, his nose taking in the scent of his manly sweat. Sean could smell the Behlmore boy too, sweet, yet bitter, and for some reason, very pleasing. Professors passed in the hall, simply trying to get by, but none caring any more than the students, even when the backsplash of the airborne dripped onto their uniforms.

“I’m Sean, by the way.”

“Kyle,” the Behlmore said, his face still next to Sean’s, and slowly moving a hand to his bare ass. He sqeezed Sean’s ass, and Sean felt that surge.

Sean swallowed. “My roommate’s out, if you want—”

The Behlmore boy, Kyle, quickly gathered his things, and grabbed Sean by the wrists, starting down the hall and towards the dorms. Sean had to lead the way to the Ferunah Wing, the two of them passing under the Wolf-shaped Archway.

Sean placed his hand against the sensor lock, and the two of them went inside his dorm room.

Kyle pushed Sean against the wall, his cock visibly throbbing. He wrapped his lips around Sean’s cock, pushing his massive pole as far as his mouth would allow. He gagged a bit, but didn’t care and continued sucking and moving his hand rapidly over his dripping shaft. Sean felt an ecstasy that almost immobilized him. Kyle’s tongue worked around his tip like he’d been practicing for years, his shoulder’s widening as he worked, turning Sean on that much more.

Kyle retreated and moved up Sean’s body with his magic tongue, first starting at his navel then to the nipples of his pulsing chest. It was again reshaping itself after the class workout, Kyle rubbing a hand against him, cupping the expanding muscle.

They circled around each other, kissing, trying to eat each other’s faces, moving towards Sean’s bed. Kyle pushed Sean onto the sheets, pushed his legs above his head, and rammed his thick, pulsating cock into his ass. Sean didn’t care that he wasn’t in charge, the pleasure too good to think. Kyle smacked his crotch against Sean’s ass mercilessly, grunting louder with each pump of his now expanding tool. Sean could feel it pushing against the walls of his ass. He couldn’t hold it in anymore. It was too much, too good.

The room quaked and Sean blasted his load over his head and onto the wall behind him. Cum rained on them, his cock refusing to give up. Even when he stopped spraying his hot liquid, he could feel his dick preparing for the next round.

Kyle’s energy continued the quake, his grunting turning to a bellow. Sean watched Kyle’s abs tighten, the veins in his lower parts thickening, growing, and climbing up to his middle passed the navel.

The room shook so much that Sean and Jason’s things began falling off their shelves, nothing fragile, but all heavy. Kyle blew his load into Sean, the impact so powerful that Kyle had to hold tight to Sean’s legs. Sean wondered how so much could come from one so much smaller than he.

Kyle fell over onto Sean, and Sean could feel their bodies changing against each other, the muscles expanding, becoming leaner, dueling for space. Sean rubbed Kyle’s ass and back, his hand moving to his pulsing traps, feeling the bumps of hard, powerful muscle. •

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