Hanazin Warrior Academy, The


By Oliver904

“What happened here?”

Sean was busy cleaning up the mess he and Kyle had made during their rather fun time together. Jason raised his palm and the leftover cum disappeared from the walls, floor, and Sean’s bed.

“Whoa!” Sean said. “What’d you do?”

“It’s a trick my dad showed me,” Jason said. “What? How do you think they keep the school clean with peoples cocks blasting loads by the second?”

“I was wondering how my dad cleaned it up so fast back home,” Sean said. “I used to feel guilty about it.”

“So who was here?” Jason asked.

“His name was Kyle,” said Sean, “the one standing next to me in class—the Behlmore.”

“Kyle Sparks?”

“You know him?” asked Sean.

“You could say that,” Jason said. He sighed. “Just so you know, in this dimension, sex is just that…Sex.”

“Yah, I pretty much got that,” Sean said. He saw Jason was staring at him. “What?”

“Do you want to work out with me before next class?” Jason asked.

“You know how to make the bands work?”

“No,” said Jason. “There’s a gym downstairs with modified weights.”

“Modified weights?”


“Push it, Sean! Come on, push!”

Sean finished his last benchpress with the 5-Ton bar, his pecs bulging, the veins by his collar pulsing, thickening, and crawling to his nipples in upside down ‘Y’s and ‘V’s as the muscle expanded. Jason was his spotter, his throbbing cock bouncing before Sean’s eyes in sync with his heartbeat. Sean also had his dick out, unable to contain it in his now ruined gym shorts, the remains frustratingly thrown in the trash. In fact, not one person was clothed in the entire gym, not even the upperclassman, which Jason explained that although they had gained control for their class lessons, they often liked to let loose in the gym. Sean couldn’t imagine being able to control his monster cock, watching it harden and grow as he stood from the bench. In the short while he had been at the Academy, he had learned to accept the strange, highly sexual culture.

Oftentimes, students would stop in between sets just to suck each other off, the weights and bars rattling along with the room every time somebody was ready to blast their load. Sean was due for a good blow, but still didn’t feel comfortable doing it with his roommate.

He was luckily saved by an eighth year student who had crept up from behind. Sean lost his breath when he turned around to look at who was rubbing his ass.

“You need help with that?” the gorgeous eighth year said, his beautiful green eyes looking down at Sean’s thick, dripping cock.

Sean found it hard to speak as he glared at the young man before him. “Um, I—um, sure, I could…” His brain had turned off, the young man’s model-like body overloading his comprehension skills—pecs like the Statue of David, hard and smooth as marble, his eight pack complemented well by his lean v-muscle at his waist, and a cock like no one would ever believe pushing out from his brown bush. The monster dick dwarfed Sean’s by its length and girth. It sat there bobbing up and down, pre-cum flowing from its tip, veins bulging and retreating through his engorged balls and ripped upper thighs as the blood flowed through his massive pole.

“How ‘bout you?” the eighth year said to Jason. “I can do you both if you want.”

Jason, like Sean, was speechless and could only manage a nod. As he walked over to the young man, a loud banging started in the far corner of the gym. The three of them looked over to find Professor Richardson, the same from the orientation, punching a steel wall, his fists moving in single strikes at first, but then turning to rapid pummeling, the banging sounding like a drive-by shooting, the steel weak under Professor Richardson’s hands, denting and bending under the pressure. Professor Richardson wore only a Black Speedo, his package, disappointing to all the observers, well contained and controlled within.

The eighth year was now the one having trouble breathing. Professor Richardson wore the weight training bands on his wrists. There was no telling how many tons he was bearing, as he pummeled the wall, his quads appearing deadly as they held his stance, the kind of legs that would seem to shake the earth with each step. Thick veins climbed from his bare feet, up his ankles, and through his calves, pulsing and throbbing like the boys’ cocks.

With one final strike, Professor Richardson punched right through the metal wall. When he was done, it seemed the training tool would never recover, but Professor Richardson, like so many responsible Hanazins, repaired it with the wave of a hand, the metal unbending itself, flexing and self-mending where the hole was.

Professor Richardson glared at his palms, opening and closing them, watching the vascular, ripped muscles of his arms grow beneath the skin. His chest pulsed like the beat of one’s heart, each seeming to supply more muscle fiber to his already perfectly striated pecs. He left the gym almost as quietly as he had come in, not saying a word to anyone, his muscles still growing as he made his exit.

Everyone in the room grabbed a partner, needing to rid themselves of the excitement they had pent up from Professor Richardson’s unbelievable presentation.

The Eighth year immediately grabbed Sean by his ass and tossed him into the adjacent wall. It reminded Sean of the event with Kyle, except Sean was being held in the air by some unknown force. The young man flew up to meet him, his enormous cock already dropping dollops of cum, landing on the floor in loud plops. He stuffed his mighty piece into Sean, Sean brought down only to strained guttural sounds as he felt his ass squeeze the iron pole of the eighth year.

It was strange having no ground beneath him, but the young man made him forget anything else but the strong thrusting of his cock. Sean could feel the young man’s chest thickening as he pressed his torso against his back, his arms pulsing and growing as he grasped Sean’s midsection, turning to a more upward thrusting, his lower abs rock hard as they slammed into Sean’s backside.

“Oh, Fuck me,” Sean managed.

“You like that?” the young man asked. “I might need a little help with your friend. Wha’d’you say?”

Sean threw out his trepidation about doing anything with Jason. The young man asked for his assistance, and Sean, at this point in time, would do anything he told him to do.

The walls and metal weights rattled from all the others in the room, cum blasting in torrents, muscles growing all around them, lats becoming broad canvases of striated meat, quads becoming thundering, ripped, perfectly sculpted, vascular pillars. Some actually radiated so much power that a blue aura glowed from their bodies, and gym equipment slowly slid away from them like they were being pushed by that invisible energy.

This seemed to turn the young man on even more, for his thrusting changed to hard-core ass beating, the skin of his crotch spanking Sean’s muscular glutes. Sean had to put a hand on the ceiling to counteract the force of the young man’s fuck power. Jason was having trouble waiting around, and went to doing military presses with the modified weights, pumping up his shoulders for his round of fun, his cock sputtering cum with each rep, his ball sack rising and falling as if it were breathing.

Then the shaking started, the metal clanging of the weights and bars ringing in their ears. Sean could feel the young man’s dick pulsating inside of him, and his midsection almost crushed under his unyielding grip, as the young man detonated inside him. Hot cum fell in torrents from Sean’s ass, the young man’s bellowing booming throughout the room, causing more things to shake—the five windows near the back finally giving out, shattering one after the other, left to right. The young man glowed that same blue aura like the others, Sean feeling the power passing into him, feeding his muscles. The young man slid his cock out of Sean and grabbed him around the waist. The two of them glided on down to the floor next to Jason, Sean’s muscles widening, his veins pushing to the surface. His forearms actually looked like the skin was no more as so many vessels channeled in and around his inflating muscles, some thick, some wiry, but all crawling up the skin in a rhythm like running water, in patterns of ‘Y’s and complicated ‘V’s and ‘F’s.

Sean grabbed the weights from Jason, easily tossing the 6-Tons away like they were nothing to his new muscles. He picked up Jason by his waist and lowered him onto his now throbbing, engorged, sputtering piece. The young man supported Jason’s weight from under him, already busy sucking his cock, for it long begged for someone to do so.

Jason could only inhale and exhale in shaky patterns, his hands placed on his head like he was relaxing, but his face in utter ecstasy. Sean smelled his thick, corded neck, and the sweet, bitter scent of man gave his body an almost electrical shock. His muscles were still growing, his legs lengthening and pulsating like Jason’s now moving eight-pack.

The others in the gym had gone back to working out, some cleaning up, others not caring, and some still mid transformation, the testosterone wafting in the air like a pungent muscle growth formula. Sean wished the ecstasy could last forever, but his cock felt otherwise, the quake starting up again, combined with Jason’s effect of his now blasting load in the young man’s mouth. The young man held tight to Jason’s swelling hamstrings, and amazingly kept his mouth at work as the girth of Jason’s cock expanded mid orgasm. Sean watched Jason’s traps pulse and tighten, becoming more ripped and defined, his lats lengthening and spreading out. Sean’s hands felt every bit of growth, and the same electric feeling shot through him, the quaking becoming almost major—the others actually stopping to observe as Sean exploded into Jason’s ass, too much cum to be contained in such a tiny space. It sprayed back onto Sean’s crotch, running down his vascular quads, the warmth keeping him going in an almost endless cycle…but then it stopped.

“Holy Shit!” said a voice from one of the others behind them as Sean pulled his dick out of Jason.

The young man stood up from the ground, grabbed the back of Jason’s head, and pulled him in for a ferocious kiss, moving around his lips like a ravenous being.

“I’m Alex by the way,” the young man said when he pulled away, his muscles still reshaping themselves, throbbing rapidly under his skin. “Alex Workman.” He chuckled, his smile a piercing charm. “Let’s do it again some time, huh.” He slapped Sean on the ass as his abs finished their transformation creating a masterpiece of six chiseled squares and two rectangles, cavernous lines etched between them and throbbing veins lining the muscle up and around his fuzzy navel. He lifted his palm and the broken windows repaired themselves.

Sean turned to Jason, the two of them collapsing back on the puddles of cum and sweat, every muscle in their bodies shaking, pulsating, or throbbing under their skin—their pecs filling out together. Sean placed his thick, powerful fingers over Jason’s expanding chest, feeling the striations form near the deep center.

He sighed. “That was quite a workout.” •

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