The Boys Are Beeped


By ParisPhoto

Ethan was trying all means necessary to get even a passive signal response from the communicator. It was their only way to locate Father and AlphaMan, and the reports of his brothers as flew farther and farther afield on their fruitless search gave his efforts the motivation of desperation. Suddenly he heard a beep from the locator. He quickly homed in on the location andshouted to his brothers via their commmunicators to rendez-vous with him near the locator coordinates.

In the abandoned geothermal plant in the mountainside AlphaMan was sizing up the situation which appeared desperate. His body had been transformed by the intervention of his enemy. His friend DeLeone had been abused and was attached naked in front of him. He himself was firmly chained to the metal frame.The Intoxicator had discovered the communicator he had managed to swallow before being taken from the lab by the villain's thugs. He had been violated by a feeding tube through his mouth and an enema up his ass, spared the latter indignity only by his post-treatment sleep. AlphaMan considered the situation and smiled... He felt the strength of this this new body and in an instant had ripped free of his chains.

The Intoxicator's thugs responded by whipping out their automatic weapons. The bullets bounced off the hulking hero's naked body. AlphaMan knew that the priority was to get DeLeone clear of the line of fire. He bounded over to his friend, tore his chains and hugged him to his chest to protect him from the hail of bullets. He gave a leap to fly away, but only landed with a thud. He would have to worry about that one later. He knocked down the steel doors using his massive shoulder as a battering ram, turning slightly to protect DeLeone from the impact, and continued bounding down the corridors then out mouth of the artificial cavern. He had a moment's lead on the Intoxicator's goons, so he left the naked DeLeone on the access road in front of the entrance, tried again to fly, and again fell heavily to the ground. DeLeone was suprised to see the massive hero clambering clumsily clambered up the rock face surrounding the cavern's mouth. Once above the opening, he struck a stone to the rocky surface, and detecting the cleavage fault with his superhearing, hit the weak spot with a mighty blow, far more powerful than any punch he had ever given before. The rock face sheared off, entombing the villain and his thugs inside the mountain cavern.

He jumped down from the 30-foot height, still surprised at his inability to fly. Half expecting this failure, nonetheless, he was able to land somewhat more gracefully, hoist DeLeone over his shoulder and run like the fastest running back in the universe down the access road.

Far above, the BetaBoys were streaking toward the now-ruined power station. Carl was the first to see the naked figures below.

Carl: That looks like Father! But...

Dan: Who's carrying him?

Ben: It's...

Ethan: AlphaMan! He's safe! They're both safe!

Carl: Sure does look like AlphaMan, but....

By this time the boys had reached their father and friend.

Ben: Who is responsible for this, Father?!

AlphaMan: They're in no position to go anywhere for the moment. Get us home and let the authorities deal with them.

The boys flew the two men home. Getting their father there was easy enough. But the new powerlifter-style AlphaMan was a bit trickier. The solution found was for AlphaMan to raise his arms and for two of the boys to swoop down and lift him by the armpits. Soon they were home... •

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