Alphaman Transformed


By ParisPhoto

In the Intoxicator's lair in the geothermal plant DeLeone tried to study AlphaMan's new appearance with scientific detachment, but it was hard to avoid feeling shock at what the Intoxicator had done to his friend. The more than 100 pounds of muscle gained during the treatment session remained on his frame. The hero's bladder evidently remained full, the clip on the catherter preventing it from emptying, and the pain the pressure was causing internally was visible from AlphaMan's tortured expression. Before DeLeone's eyes, the 150 pounds of liquid protein force fed to the hero had been transformed to fat, stretching AlphaMan's already taut skin. The man who could have been the greatest bodybuilder in the world now looked more like an old-style professional wrestler or like the biggest powerlifter in history.

The Intoxicator decided he wanted a urine sample from his enemy, and had one of his henchmen remove the clip. The overburdened bladder released its load, drenching the thug who responded in fury by punching the hero's bloated belly. It sank in slightly without causing any reaction from AlphaMan who despite the abuse his physique had taken seemed to have remained invulnerable. The internal torment now ended, the natural post-treatment reaction kicked in, and despite the situation, he fell asleep, swaying from his chains like a fattened pig hanging from the butcher's hook.

The Intoxicator had his goons carry out some routine examinations, very few given the fact that AlphaMan's invulnerability made blood samples impossible to collect. They did examine his urine, took swabs from inside his mouth after roughly janking out the feeding tube, and began to use some external scanning equipment. Meanwhile the Intoxicator turned his attention to DeLeone. He had the scientist stripped, exposing his firm, defined muscles and his dark hairy skin.

Intoxicator: I see where your sons got the gift that makes them so interesting in their spandex....

DeLeone: My sons are none of your business!

Intoxicator: We shall see. In the meantime, how do those bull balls of yours stand up to pressure? Perhaps we will get more of a reaction from you than from your friend here...

DeLeone: Argggghhhh!

The Intoxicator's pleasure was interrupted by the discovery by one of his goons that there was a foreign object in AlphaMan's big belly. Thanks to a metal detector, it became clear that AlphaMan had swallowed some sort of metallic body.

Intoxicator: Is this the secret of your treatment, DeLeone?... You know how I hate guests who refuse to make polite conversation!

DeLeone: Argggghhhh!!

Intoxicator: Hmmm. I need an answer now. Well, there is more than one way to find out.

The Intoxicator had his men prepare an massive enema for the superhero. He had them hold apart the chubby ass cheeks of his enemy as he kept for himself the pleasure of pushing the tip up AlphaMan's virgin ass. His fury at being deprived of the sleeping lardboy's reactions made him even more keen to force the tube up his rectum. He had his goons release the enema bag and watched the sleeping giant's already fat belly expand even more.

The release of the tube provoked the evacuation of the superhero's bowels, and with it the sought-after object. The Intoxicator had his henchman clean it up and hand it to him. The Intoxicator manipulated it carefully, but could not resist the tempation to press the various panels. He felt a slight warmth from the silver metal but had no chance to investigate further. The enema seemed to have roused the sleeping behemoth.

AlphaMan awoke from his post-treatment sleep to find that what he had hoped was a nightmare was in fact a horrifying reality. He saw DeLeone facing him, naked and bruised. He looked up and saw his own arms hanging from the framing like prehistoric hams. He looked down and saw only his belly peering out from below his heavy pecs. He felt the moisture on his butt and legs. He shook he head and took a deep breath. Most of all, he felt his body as best he could from within the mass of muscles and the layers of fat. He contemplated what lied ahead for him and DeLeone... •

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