"Dude, I don't know why you don't want to jack off," teased Mark. Kevin made a hand motion in front of his pants as though he were masturbating while moaning, "oh, oh, oh..." Ryan pushed Kevin in the chest causing him to fall backwards, "man, shut up," While Kevin regained his footing laughing, Ryan turned to Mark, "I just don't want to waste it, okay." Mark punched him in the shoulder, "man, you've got more control than I ever did! I'm just to horny!" "Me too," said Kevin sitting back down on the bench, "that's why I work out a lot. Other wise, I'd never be able to leave the house 'cause I'd be in my room with my Playboy stash all day." He grabed the 25 pound dumbells and laid back on the bench. Looking up at Ryan, Kevin motioned with his head,"I'm ready for another set, spot me, will ya." Ryan knelt at the end of the bench to help Kevin with the weights while he did dumbell presses.


My dick was so hard and it felt so good to tease myself. I'd let myself get really close to an orgasm, then stop and wait just a minute until the erection got a little softer then I'd begin pumping so slowly.

Ya see, this is the last time I'm going to masturbate. I'm giving it up. Not that it doesn't feel good, but I just want to start having more control in my life. I was reading some book on perserverance - is that the right word? Well, discipline, that's it. The guy wrote that to have discipline in the larger things "one must begin with discipline in the smaller elements of life." Therefore I'm giving up masturbation, because I want to prove to myself that I can. Besides, my ultimate goal is to become a bodybuilder and that takes total determination. So I figured if I could give up beatin' off, then I could work up to the discipline needed to body build.

They're awesome. I'd love to have a big, muscular body that all the girls would look at. I was talking to Kevin and Mark about it and they didn't think I was crazy at all. I know, I know... We've been working out together for about a year, but we haven't gotten any bigger. We're all just lean fifteen year olds.


We were just hanging out lifting at the gym. Me and my buds, Kevin and Mark. We'd been going for about a year. Though we lifted religiously, the three of us were nothing more than lean, athletic fifteen year olds.

After each work out we usually shared a blender full of protein drink. Not having much money, there wasn't much we could put into each drink except some low grade protein and maybe some fruit now & then. All that changed one afternoon.

It was workout as usual and afterwards the ritual sharing of the drink at Mark's house. We were all talking about getting bigger and I told them I'd decided that I really didn't want to be some big muscle bound freak show.

"Why not, dude!" asked Mark, "I think it'd be awesome, I'd love to be so big and thick that everyone just stared at me... Damn!"

Kevin flexed and posed like he really was some kind of a bodybuilder, "Yeah, that would be awesome, check it out!"

"I don't know, guys. First of all, we've been coming to the gym every weekday for the last year and we're still not huge. It's a lot of work and I'm starting to think that maybe it's not for me."

Kevin rolled his eyes, "Okay, wait a minute. This is coming from the same guy who's giving up masturbation?"

Mark started laughing as he tried to sip his protein drink, spilling it onto his chin, "That's right. You said that like what, two weeks ago. How many times have you actually done it? There's NO way you made it a whole two weeks."

"I almost made it."

Mark's laugh became a cackle as he slapped his legs and doubled over.

Kevin pointed to my chest, "I knew you wouldn't make it. You were were hitting the hand at least three times a day, and you tried to go cold turkey on it... I knew it."

"Okay, Okay," I interjected, "I know, but I only did it once the whole two weeks."

Having chugged the last of his drink, Mark threw it into the sink, "yeah, whatever."

I decided to head home and finish up some algebra homework, thinking now more than ever about jacking off again.

While sitting on the couch after I left, Kevin and Mark once again started wishing out about gettin big.

"Dude," Kevin said while looking down his shirtless chest, "I don't care what Ty says, I'd LOVE to have some big 'ole pecs. Just huge," he said flexing.

Mark ripped his shirt off to examine his development too, "Yeah man, Ty's fuckin' on crack. He doesn't know what he's talking about... quit jacking off - right." "If he had huge muscles, he'd love 'em. Man, he'd never want to give 'em up. Some big muscular titties, huge biceps and massive legs!"

"Your right," Kevin said, watching Mark flex, "if he had 'em he'd hate his body now."

They watched TV for another hour and perused bodybuilding magazines during commercials, ogling over each massively muscled body. Kevin was reading about creatine and androstendisone while Mark laughed at a Viagra commercial when an idea came to him.

"Hey, what if we mixed all this stuff up and tried that to add some muscles."

Mark turned to face Kevin and the magazine he held outstretched. "What stuff, what do you mean, Viagra?"

Kevin glanced at the TV. "Well, we could put that in there too." He concentrated on the magazine, "we get some DHEA, HMB, creatine, androstendisone and even some Viagra and mix it up with some mega doses of protein and see what happens."

"Dude, that's a kick-ass idea. We could get huge!"

Mark's exitement faded as he thought, "hmmm."

"Where are we going to get the money for that stuff, though."

"Got that figured out," Kevin said with a snap of his fingers, "I've got like three hundred dollars in my savings. I'll just pull some out for the stuff and we're set."

"Oh! Oh!" Mark exclaimed with excitement, "my uncle's got some of that Viagra, I could lift some from him." "Dude, this is going to be awesome!..."

Mark stopped to look at Kevin deep in thought.

"What?" Mark asked.

"Well, that's a lot of stuff to mix up. What if it's not healthy? We'd be fucked up. Maybe just one of us should try it first."

Searching the ground as Kevin said this, they both looked up at one another at the same time with a smile forming on one another's lips.


The following Monday was workout as usual after school. Followed by the ritual drinking of the protein drink. However, Kevin and Mark had spent the weekend procuring the ingrediants for their special potion with which to experiment on Me.

"Dude's, this stuff's a little different fromt the stuff we were buying." Kevin lied. "It's a little less expensive, but you get more stuff. The catch is, it doesn't taste as good." Hopefully, this explanation would coax me into drinking their concoction of chemicals without question.

With that, he doled out a large glass to Mark and I after quietly adding the potion to mine.

"It does taste a little different," I said, "but it's not un-drinkable," finishing the glass.

For the next week our workouts continued as did the protein drink bonding and, beleive it or not, the non-masturbating.

Something strange started to happen, though. For the first time, I was REALLY turned on by looking at muscular guys. They're all over the gym; big, huge, muscular guys young and old. I've seen them for the last year and never really paid them any attention - except to get out of their way so I don't piss them off, but now, I got excited by their bodies.

I'm not gay, so I don't get it. Okay, we're going through the store and I walk by the magazine section and this guy on the "Health & Fitness" cover just made me so horny I thought I'd lose it right there. It was a little too freaky. I don't know why I was so messed up looking at some GUY, but I certainly wasn't going to jack off to that thought. I gave up masturbating, and besides, I'm not jerking off with a guy.

Try as I did to forget them, thoughts of hot, muscular men became more and more prevelant each day that week, though everything else was totally normal. I went to school. I worked out each night. Hung out by Kevin's blender and continued to look like a lean stick. By Friday, it was even beginning to bother the guys.

After I had left Friday night, Kevin and Mark began to question the potion.

"Kevin, are you putting all that stuff into Ty's potion?"

"Yeah, I even put more in since Wednesday. I mean, we're just about out of Viagra. You're going to have to get some more."

"Well, what's the point," Mark countered, throwing up his hands,"it's not doing a damn thing!"

"I know, I don't get it. There should be enough testoterone juicer in there to fill out Michael Jackson!"

"Shit, I don't know. I guess we're fucked. If it won't work on Ty why would it work on us?"

Kevin put away the blender, "yeah, maybe you're right. Let's buy a couple more weeks worth of stuff, then we'll call it quits."

Marked wiped off the counter after him, "yeah that sounds good."

When I got home that night, no one was home. Sorting through the mail I came to a male underware catalog - I was instantly hard. My heart was pounding in my chest. I don't think I was ever so horny in my whole life. I looked around the kitchen and living room as though I were about to commit a crime, even calling into the empty house, "hello!"

With no answer I raced up the stairs. My dick was so hard and wet with pre-cum, I wasn't sure I'd make it to my room. Shutting the door, I nearly jumped out of my clothes. The magazine flopped open on my bed I wildly stroked my 5 inch cock as my eyes examined the hard muscular underwear model before me. The excitement and intensity was so great I began to moan. When I realized it and heard myself my dick got even harder!

Stopping long enough to flip a page to the most beautifully muscled man I'd ever seen before me, my balls crunched towards my hard cock and shockwaves of orgasm raced through my body. Cum was pouring from my hard dick in thick, full streams unlike it ever had before. Where I usually came four or five times, now my body kept pumping and pumping. Eight. Nine, Ten times! The last was even more intense than the first one had been!

I could hardly breathe. Shaking from the pleasure, I just stood there awestruck at what had just happened. The magazine was soaked, my bedspread was soaked. Cum was everywhere. Thick, wet, cum. More than I had ever seen in my life, let alone just from one person - especially me.

Regaining myself, I buttoned up my pants and began cleaning it up. I folded up my bedspread for the wash and wiped off the magazine. It occured to me that the greatest orgasm I'd ever had was while looking at a man. Weird. I wasn't certain what it meant, but I wasn't gay, so it didn't really matter. What I did know was it was the greatest orgasm I'd ever had and I now had the greatest appetite to match.

After checking myself in the bathroom, I headed down to the kitchen to see what I could eat. For some reason I was famished. Most of what looked good was meat. I ate for an hour while watching TV. I finished off about a gallon of milk, a couple of scrambled eggs, two sandwiches, and some left-over spagetti. It seems like I ate something else, but I'm really not sure what it was because after dinner I was exhausted.

For some reason all my feelings and drives were overly intensified my libido was so great I nearly came at the sight of those hot guys. My hunger drove me to eat nearly everything I saw and my fatigue now overwhelmed me. I couldn't overcome it, no matter what. So I went straight to bed.

When I awoke, it was as though I'd been through an incredibly intense workout. My whole body was sore. Every muscle I had was stiff. Stangely, they were also really full. I felt like I was pumped after a workout. I limped into the bathroom and began brushing my teeth. While I did my body finally began to come into focus. HOLY SHIT!

I was fuckin' awesome. The first thing I noticed were my incredily defined and muscular abs. I ran my fingers along each rippling ridge where my flat stomach used to be. Counting each one there were four ripples in two perfectly symetrical rows from the base of my sternum to just beneath my navel.

My eyes followed my hand to my chest which had been nearly flat yesterday, but now held two slightly raised pecs. Each was maybe a half an inch off my chest and perfectly formed, nearly square with a nipple at the outward bottom corners.

Above them my shoulders had become slightly meatier, more rounded. I grabbed it and I could feel the muscle. Pulling my gaze back to take in my whole body, my profile was becoming more manly and less like an athletic kid. The rounding shoulders were wider and my body tapered to the still trim, 28 inch waist.

It was SO hot. Without realizing it I was rock hard. There were mucles visible that I didn't even know I had. I was no body builder, but I had definately put on some weight. The more I looked, the more excited I became. I decided to step on the scale and see if I really had gained any weight.

5 pounds! Wow, I was up to 145! My hear pounded in my chest and my breath began to come in short bursts. As I turned around to face myself in the mirror my new body made me so intense my mouth dropped open to the feeling of pleasure rocketing outward along my body... I was cumming! Just like the night before. Oh My God! Wave after wave of intense cum shot from my dick into my boxers still covering my throbbing cock! I caught myself gasping for air as each wave hit me. I tried to calm down for fear of my parents hearing me, but the orgasm was so incredible; it was unstopable!

After nearly two minutes of body shaking orgasm I stood before the mirror dripping with sweat, my body flushed red and trembling from the intensity. Panting, I sat down on the closed toilet lid to catch my breath and recuperate.

Though my dick was still hard and my balls still yearning to deliver yet more cum, I decided to take a shower before I was late for school. While the soothing, warm water streamed over my body washing away giant clumps of coagulating cum, I began to consider what was happening.

Why was I so horny all of a sudden? Why was I so attracted to men? Best of all, how did I suddenly grow so much new muscle? What had changed???

Water softly pelting my head caused me to be so relaxed in the shower I was suddenly able to think clearly for the first time in a few days. It was the first time that muscular men weren't on my mind. Thinking back to the last couple of weeks the only things that were different, aside from that algebra test, were no masturbating and that new protein drink...hmmm. I didn't masturbate for two weeks, then suddenly everything builds up so much that I literally blow; all while drinking some new protein that Kevin bought. Maybe there is something going on. I decided to wait and know for sure, before I said anything to Kevin & Mark.

For nearly two weeks I kept up the routine as usual and watched my body transform. At first I wasn't sure exactly what was going on. There were some days that I would grow five pounds of lean muscle overnight and other days I wouldn't grow at all. Finally, I figured it out. I was certain it was the protein drink AND the masturbating. If it were the masturbating alone, I would be a heavy-weight bodybuilder by now because I used to "hit the hand", as Kevin would say, at least twice a day. Likewise, it couldn't just be the protein drink, because I only grew after I both drank the drink and jacked off. Now that I figured it out, I wanted to see just how big I could get.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Mark weren't growing. They looked just like I had two weeks ago. Well, suddenly this week they spouted these beautiful muscles. I thought I'd figured it out. I think those guys used me as a guinea pig with that new protein and when they saw me growing, they started taking it too. Of course I wasn't sure and I couldn't prove it, but it didn't matter, because my best buds and I were becoming the finest, most muscular 15 year olds I've EVER seen! I resented them teaming up against me though. If I could get back at them some how, I think I would...

They'd always been that way to some degree. They seemed to always keep me at somewhat a distance. What I would love to have is something that would draw them to me no matter what and muscularity was certainly my ticket.

Just last Wednesday, Mark came into the gym in a tank top. A month ago, that would have been a joke. He wouldn't have filled a tube top, much less a loose muscle shirt, but now, he looked hot!

Being of sometype of latin american Mark had dark hair and eyebrows. His features were a sultre mix of european with enough native american to make his features striking and one-of-a-kind. To many people, he almost looked Asian or Polynesian. At any rate, he was totally cute before he began to fill out with those fantastic muscles and now he was becoming an overwhelming stud!

I was at the stretching mirrors when He and Kevin walked up and I didn't recognize him at first. He was wearing a black tank top with what seemed tight black shorts. They weren't tight, though. His shorts were the same ones he'd worn for the last year, but his legs had grown so muscular they filled them out now. It was so sexy I was amazed... and those were only his legs.

"Hey guys! What's up!" I called.

Mark smiled at me and took my hand in our special handshake while feeling my bicep, "My-Ty, you ready to pump up some muscle!"

I pushed him away, turning to fake a punch to his stomach, "you bet! Where've you guys been?"

Kevin joined us, having stopped for a drink at the fountain, "we stopped off at my house for a warmup shake."

Smirking at him, "uh huh. What's up with those shakes anyway?"

Kevin played innocent, shrugging his shoulders, "what do you mean. Just low grade shakes. We thou..."

"Bullshit!" I said pushing him away. "What do you call this?" I asked grabbing Mark's full, rounded breasts.

"Hey man!" Mark turned away and flexed his pecs.

"You guys are up to something... You put something in those shakes that wasn't just protein powder."

Mark turned back around with his poor poker face, "why do you say that?"

"Why do I say that? I'll show you"

I took off my now tight large t-shirt and looked toward the mirror. In the last two weeks I'd put on a total of 18 pounds of muscle. Now I weighed 158 and it showed. My shoulders were full and round. Just inside flaring lats were broad pecs with just a hint of curvature to reveal their depth that became slight cleaveage when I flexed. My abs were rock-hard slabs of washboard, eight ripples down to my twenty eight inch waist.

Below that my package bulged out, even in my sweat-shorts, because now my once five inch penis had grown to a man-sized, seven inch cock when hard! Adding to the mass in my pants were balls the size of small eggs.

Further expanding the shorts were legs that had been toothpicks just a couple of weeks ago. Now they pressed against the holes in my shorts with thick massive muscularity. I figured they were about 28 inches around, as each thigh looked about as big as my waist.

Kevin and Mark just stared when they saw my half-naked body. I was leaner than I'd ever been, but there was still a hint of youth to my skin - duh, I'm fifteen. The silky smoothness of my richly bronzed skin beneath my blonde hair gave me an almost heavenly looking body. I had just enough vasularity for a few veins to show through and add to the sensuality of my body. Just looking at myself in the mirror made me instantly hard... now, all seven inches.

"Dude..." was all Mark could manage. I'd seen them taking more notice to me as we worked out for the last couple of weeks as I started to grow, but they managed to keep things fairly normal. Now there was no disguising the fact that something had changed and changed for the better.

"Holy shit, Ty. You're... You're..." Kevin stammerd, looking at my pecs.

"Lookin' pretty good, huh... "

"Good! You're fucking hot!" Mark exclaimed comparing our two bodies in the mirror.

"So, what's in the drink."

Kevin moved closer as though he were being watched and began stretching trying a little too hard to look casual.

"We mixed up a bunch of body-building stuff and a couple of prescription drugs."

I was expecting steroids, now I was sure. Prescription drugs - had to be steroids. As I considered it for a second the side-effects of steroids began to whirl past my mind and suddenly this didn't seem like a good thing at all.

"Steroids!" I said a little louder than Kevin wanted me to as he looked to see if anyone had heard.

"No! No! They weren't steroids."


Mark came to his aid, "My-Ty, they weren't steroids. Honest, dude."

I considered both of them and Kevin again turned to me, "honest, really, Ty. They weren't."

"What, do you think I'm crazy. There's no way I would take steroids. That stuff's too dangerous."

Mark grabbed my shoulder, "yeah man, those'll fuck you up. There's no way I'd take any of that."

"Alright," I countered, "what was it then. What's your 'magic potion'?"

"Alright it's: HMB, androsted-whatever, creatine, DHEA, Chromium-Picolinate, Dibencozide, and..." he stopped, trying to think of the rest.

I looked back and forth between the two of them, "there's more?"

Kevin looked up, "oh, yeah..."

My mouth dropped in disbelief.

"Don't forget the Viagra," Mark interjected.

"Oh, yeah, oh yeah. There's some chinese things in there too. Mau-something and guana-something... a couple others too, I've got the bottles at home."

"There's a lot of stuff, Mark added."

With a 'no-shit' look I glared at Mark.

"And you guys decided to test it out on me?"

"Well..." Mark started.

I wasn't sure whether I was pissed or happy. Obviously it worked. That made me happy, but what if it was dangerous?

Kevin leaned in towards me, "Dude, I'm sorry. We fucked up, but you kept saying you didn't want to get big. So, we figured you wouldn't do it with us."

"Well, you're right, I was thinking that way, but that was then," I said, looking up and down my muscular, hung body.

Kevin followed my stare, "no shit. Ty, you look so fucking awesome, it's incredible!"

"I know, I can't beleive I ever had second thoughts about this... I don't care anymore, let's just hit the weights and get back to another magic potion!"

"Fuck yeah," Mark yelled with triumph.

We worked out for nearly two hours. I can't ever remember anything that hot before. While I spotted each of them I kept getting more and more horny watching their lean, hard muscles becoming engorged with blood and swelling to massive proportions with each successive pump. My dick was so hard, and I was so turned on by these guys I could feel the precum oozing into my shorts.

Finishing off with a tremendous ab set, we headed for Kev's house.

"Dudes, you know my folks went to Montreal for my dad's conference... and I'm all alone until Sunday."

Marks' and my eyes bulged, "your kidding!"

"Nope, I say we chill at my house for a while. Hang out in the pool, the hot tub and sample some of Dad's booze!"

"Yeah!" we high fived. This was going to be incredible.

Kevins parents were so liberal, they'd been leaving him alone since he was forteen. Since his grandparents lived down the street, he was supposed to check in when he got home and before he went to bed, and if he needed anything they'd drive him whereever.

All of our families were pretty middle class, except for Kevins. His dad had gotten some big promotion to Vice president, I think, after he saved his company a bunch of money or something. Since then he outfitted their house with THE coolest stuff and his pool sounded perfect this hot evening!

With the grandparents notified that all was well, we set about making 'the potion'. Everything was mixed in exact proportions. Pyruvate, and Tribestan were the missing ingrediants no one could remember. Tonight though, we decided to add something to give it some kick!

"Absolut vodka, dudes... nothing but the best!" Mark exclaimed as he filled the remaining space in the blender to the brim.

Huddled together with glasses in hand, Kevin held his up for a toast, "to gettin' huge, boys!"

"fuck yeah!" yelled Mark.

"Yeah, I'll drink to that."

After clanking our glasses together we chugged the first round of potion... WHOA!

Kevin's teeth were clenched and Mark's eyes teared, "holy shit, that's powerful stuff!"

"Yeah, but it feels good, doen't it," Kevin said.

I shook as though a chill had gone through me, but it was my muscles simultaneously flexing in waves.

"Kev-bo, this stuff is awesome, I'm glad you made me take it."

He smiled,"Ty, I knew you'd like it. You my boy-ee!"

Mark looked back and forth at us grabbing our shoulders in the "bonding" moment, "another round!"

"Skaken, not stirred!"

We laughed and Kevin poured three more glasses of the potion.

With the last drop sucked out of that batch, we exhaled with fullness and stuck out our glasses, asking for more.

Kevin wiped his mouth, "Dudes, I'll make another round and let's go swimming."

"Yes!" Mark said grabbing my overgrown breast.

I wrapped my arm around his neck and shoulder pulling him to the floor wrestling while Kevin dumped ingrediants liberally into the blender.

"Hey, homies! It's ready!" Kev announced, pitcher in hand.

Mark and I jumped up, tumbling over one another to the counter and our elixers.

Kevin had poured our three glasses and still had half a pitcher full.

"Hey, let's bring 'em to the pool!"

With that, Mark took off yelling, "race ya, pussies!"

Feeling wired, hot, horny and buzzed at this point, I followed him out the screen door, across the deck and down the stairs to the pool in the fenced in back yard.

"Hey shit-heads!" Kev yelled quick on our heels, pitcher in hand.

By the side of the pool Mark had set down his drink and was just pulling the tank top over his head as I rounded the bottom of the steps. As his arms came up his lats flared out wide. It was unreal. His back, though smaller than mine, was incredible. From broad, muscular shoulders they swept downward to his 30 inch waist extending beyond his torso like wings.

The rest of his muscles were rippling in bulges and shadows from the full moon above. I slowed from a run to a slow walk to watch him disrobe. He threw his full hair back from his face with his shirt off and looked down at his chest and abs. Seeing me approach, he smiled a drunken smile of endearment.

"Damn, Ty, this is so hot!"

Kevin walked up behind me, "shit Mark, you're drunk!"

He laughed, "maybe."


We all laughed together. Standing together in a circle Kevin took off his shirt and examined his chest as well while Mark looked on.

"You're right, though," Kevin said, flexing his pecs, "this is really hot! This potion kicks ass!"

Mark slapped Kevin's left pec, "Kicks ass, listen to your mouth, 'Sister Kevin'. You're fuckin' wasted too!"

"Yeah I know, this stuff worked fuckin' fast!"

Still looking at his pecs, "I wonder when we'll start growing this time? I can't wait for these to get huge!"

Again we laughed together and Mark looked to me, "you're pecs are what I want. They're fuckin' huge, man... like fuckin' breasts or somethin'!"

Though I loved them, I was still a little embarrassed, but turned on at the same time.

"Take your shirt off man!"

"Yeah, My-Ty, take it off, " Kevin flicked at the bottom of my t-shirt.

I looked at them with a shy smile and Mark pinched my nipple. Grabbing the bottom of my shirt I pulled it over my head and threw it behind me. They just stood there in awe again, fixated on my chest, shoulders and arms.

"Dude, I think you've grown since the gym, the potion must have really started to work!" said Kevin.

I looked back up at him, "it couldn't have started working yet."

"Why not?"

I looked to Mark.

He shrugged, "yeah, why not?"

"You guys really don't know?"

"Know what?"

"The stuff only works after you have an orgasm. It only works after you jack off."

They looked at one another then started laughing.

"You're so full of shit!" Mark started making masturbating symbols in front of his bulging crotch. Kevin joined him in rythm.

"Well, whatever guys. I'm telling you how it is."

"How do you know that?"

"Well, when you first started giving me this stuff, nothing happened for a while, right?"

Kevin and Mark exhanged glances, "he's right, remember."

"Yeah, no shit."

"That's when I had given up jerking off but, as soon as I started 'hittin the hand', that's when I started growing."

Mark started smiling, "dude, that's cool. I don't know how you gave it up, man. I jack off at least three times a day. Shit in the last week I've been going almost seven times a day."

Kevin just looked at me, "wow."

There was a long pause while we each thought about what we'd just said. We were all hard. Not only that, but we each had rown quite a package. My guess was that all three of us had the same increase in genital size as well as muscle size.

Kevin broke it by picking up the pitcher and offering the last round. Each of us chugged down the drinks and tossed them into the grass near the pool.

Apparently feeling incredibly full, hot, horny and drunk, Mark started taking off his gym shorts. He had to expand the elastic waist to get it over his bulbous underwear. Neither Kevin or I could look away from his hard dick curving downward between his muscular leg and his oversized ballsack.

At the tip of his dick, a dark spot had formed from his precum oozing. I was sure that if my cock were unvailed it would be running freely I was so turned on!

Mark walked over to me, "man, I want to feel those huge tits, man."

"Sure, just don't call 'em tits."

He began to run his hand over my chest. Reflexivly I flexed my fleshy pec hard as his hand brushed my nipple. I loved the feel of his smooth skin on my body. Cupping my breasts with both hands, he grabbed a handful of flesh and eased closer and closer to me.

Meanwhile, Kevin stepped around behind me and began feeling the deep muscularity of my thick, rounded shoulders. He ran his hands up and down my lats. Reaching my shorts he began easing them off and pulled them back up to grab both my underwear and shorts and pulled them off together. My hard cock sprung out to stand almost horizontal, blocked only by Marks package.

He looked down to check it out and let made some guttoral noise of disbelief, "huge." With my pecs in each of his hands, he leaned in and began sucking and biting my pec and nipple. It felt so hot! I've never felt anything like it before. I thought I might cum right there!

"Dude, your dick is fucking huge! Mine isn't near that big!" Mark awed as his hands traced my eight pack of muscular abs down to where his eyes ogled.

Not having orgasmed in a while, well at least a few hours, I was so close that when Mark brushed my dick with his hand I began to stream precum freely just like Mark. Behind me, Kevin too was close to shooting his load as he began running his cock up and down my butt crack in the lubrication of his precum.

I was so excited! My heart was pounding like never before. Jacking off to my new body had been a turn on, but a three-some with my best friends who were now the hottest, most muscular 15 year old studs I'd ever seen was unbelievable. I was feeling Marks hard body from his beautiful hair, I traced down his shoulders and the overhang of his pecs when he bent over towards my dick.

Oh my god! He's going to suck it! I can't believe it! My breathing's getting short just in anticipation of his hot, wet mouth engulfing my now eight inch cock! Suddenly I began to shake as he slid his tongue along the bottom of my member while it entered his mouth. His warm breath sent a flood of adrenaline throughout my body and the shaking of all of my muscles countinued to increase. I was beginning to feel like I was in the midst of a seizure because the eroticism was so intense I could no longer move. All I could do is stand there and feel the tingling move through my shaking body toward my steel-hard dick. My eyes rolled back into my head, I inhaled one gasping breath and yelled with all of my strength as my orgasm flooded out of my cock into Marks mouth. Oh, Oh, OH, OH, OH!!! The shaking in my body was centered around my fierce orgasm. My muscular, young body pumped and pumped more and more cum into Mark, who just kept sucking and swallowing each quarter-cup blast.

After nearly a minute of orgasm it was over and I fell forward onto Mark and we both collapsed in the grass beside the pool. Not realizing it in the midst of my intensity, he and Kevin had also cum at the same time. The three of us huddled together in a mass of skin, sweat and jizzum panting from our ordeal.

Two hours of swimming and body watching later, we called it a night. The booze had worn off and we each retreated home. Before the mirror in 'my' bathroom I could tell that this batch of potion was really building me up. My chest was bigger than ever. I grabbed one of my breasts and lifted it to feel the weight of the intense meat. Framing my body were shoulders even some bodybuilders would be envious of. They had finally taken on a totally rounded look nearly as big as a grapefruit or something, but they were rock hard. It was so fucking hot. As I stood there inspecting my body my dick began to grow again and now it was - no shit, nine inches long! I measured it just to be certain. I couldn't help running my hand up and down its long hard shaft. Just three weeks ago I was only five inches and not that hard, but today it was so fucking huge, it matched my glorious body perfectly!

Within seconds I was panting once again in anticipation of another orgasm. My muscles flexed and bulged in the mirror before me as I slowly pistoned my hard cock. Then it happened, just as before. With a surge througout my body the surges of cum began spurting across the sink. Strangely, there was just as much jiz as before. Even though I'd just cum a few hours before I emptied nearly a cup of hot semen into the sink.

My red flushed body was finally exhausted and I hit the bed like a lead weight...

What seemed like only a few seconds later I awoke with a start to the obnoxious sound of the phone ringing!

"Tyler!" my mom called from down the hall, "it's your friend Mark... Does he know what time it is?"

I strained to see the clock beside my bed, it looked like either 2:42 or 3:42. I wasn't sure which.

"Okay Mom, I've got it... sorry."

Listening for the click as my mom hung up the phone, I turned my attention to Mark, wondering what could make him call at this hour!

"Mark? What's going on?"

"Dude, you've got to get over here, right now!"


"I shrunk!"

"What?" I was wondering if I was really awake.

"Something happened. I don't have any of the muscle anymore. I look just like we did before we took the potion!"

"Okay dud, calm down. You're probably just having a nightmare or someth..." Mark interupted, "NO!"

"I'm telling you it's really and I'm freakin' scared! I feel so weak!"

"Mark. Mark, just chill out a little. I'll come over in a couple minutes."

After putting on some jeans and a tank, I drove over to Marks - he was waiting in front of his house. Looking at him as I drove up I could tell that something was indeed different about him. He looked like he had just a few months ago before he and Kevin concocted the potion and began our growth spurts.

Mark ran up to my Jeep, "Dude, look," as he panned down his shrivelled body. "I've lost almost all my size! Holy shit! What happened!"

In the light on his porch I could tell that he was indeed smaller, but not as much as I'd first thought. We had gained so much weight that I had become used to seeing the "new Mark" and he actually only looked about 15 pounds smaller or so.

"You know what. It might have been the booze, or the... I don't know, the pool water or something. Who knows." I grasped for any consolation while surveying his new physique. "you guys are the alchemists."

Following my eyes down his body his panic seemed to be fading, "I just don't understand. I had gained 40 pounds since we started. It'll take me another couple weeks to gain it back, if I even can!"

"Mark, I'm sure you will. I don't know what happened, but we'll figure it out tomorrow and get it straightened out."


"I still think you're one sexy mother fucker, though!"

He smiled at me as I gave him a hug.

"Thanks Ty."

Though I didn't let Mark realize it was bothering me, I was trying to figure out what had happened myself. I didn't want to have it happen to me. Sure, I know I was pissed at those two for experimenting on me, and I'd find a way to get even, but I loved all that massive muscle and the way it made me feel. The last thing I wanted was for it to disappear.

We discussed Marks "shrinkage" all day. He and Kevin decided it was the pool water as well as the booze. I went along with their explanation, but I wasn't convinced. If that were the case, why didn't Kevin and I shrink as well... As the day wore on I began to have another theory. If it was correct it would be the perfect revenge for their little experiment.

Two weeks passed back at the same routine. Working out every day with the requisite Potion session, but Mark wasn't gaining any weight back. I'd decided that my theory was true and it was time to test it.

Ever since I figured it out I'd still kept the same routine: workout, potion, jack and GROW! At this point I weighed 190 pounds and with musclularity and body fat in perfect proportions. Somewhere in the back of my mind I'd always dreamed of being a muscular hunk, but certainly not at this age. Now my measurements were perfect: 30in waist, 32in legs, 56in chest, and 22in arms and of course a (yes literally), 10 inch dick!... I was a freaking god!

Without ejaculating regularly, I wouldn't grow and besides I was SO incredibly horny I don't think I would have been able to hold it in. The night I finalized my "theory" about Marks shrinkage I began cumming into small Dixie cups in the bathroom. There was so much that it was usually almost full. Labeling a box "Ty's Science Project" to throw off my parents I put the Dixie cups into the box and the box into our big freezer in the basement. Tonight I'd be entering my science project in the contest of wits to see if I was right.

On the was home from the gym, I told the guys I wanted to stop by my house and show them some cool new pictures from the web and Kevin asked if we could just make the shakes over there and chill out a while. "Of course," I said. Knowing this was going to make my plan even easier.

Upon entering my empty house, Mark headed straight for the 36 inch TV, with Kevin at his side. He tossed me the mix as I threw my books on the kitchen counter, "hey mix us up some potion, will ya?"

"Sure." Could this be any easier?

I loaded up the blender, checked in the fridge and headed downstairs, "we're out of ice, I'll get some from the basement."

Having previously peeled the cup from around the frozen forms of cum, I dumped them into the blender along with the other "potion" ingrediants. There were about ten cum-ice chunks in all, or about 5 cup fulls.

Back in the kitchen the blender's frenzy evened out and I poured two full glasses and a quarter of another. I swished the drink around the partially filled glass and made a chugging sound just as I set it down in the sink.

"Damn, boys, that hit the spot!"

Kevin and Mark turned towards me, "hey, what about ours?" Kevin asked.

"Here ya go. Looks like there'll be enough for two for all of us."

"You already drink two?"

"Sorry fella's bartender's gotta sample his drinks, right?"

They each downed their respective drinks, "damn, Ty, just because you're five pounds heavier, don't think you get ALL the potion."

"Dudes, you can have the rest."

Kevin made a fake punch move towards me, "that's right, you know who's boss!"

We all laughed as I watched them drink every last drop of the potion especial.

I couldn't help smiling as I watched them drive away knowing that in just a couple of hours they'd both be calling me about shrinking, probably 30 pounds or more and this time it might even be permanent. You see, the only thing different that night when Mark shrunk was cum. Mine. He drank my cum. Otherwise, we all did exactly the same things. If I was right. They would have had enough to shrink them incredibly. •

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