Potion, The

By Raiensu

The potion had worked again. I had used the potion on Aaron, (one of the random men in the street), he had become a muscle mass after I had used my potion on him. He also remained in my total control for the rest of his life.

"Strip for me", I commanded him.

"Yes, Master." Sam said in a deep trance as he unbuttoned his shirt and showed his tight torso.

He suddenly lunged forward to me and pressed his body against me in deep ecstacy.

That night, He immediately came up to me and kissed me on the lips carressingly as he touched my body. I went with the flow and ran my hand down his hot abs and pecs and into his boxer briefs. I felt his tight rod crawling up his underwear as he stripped them off.

I was one of the scientists working at X - Labs until I got fired for creating a potion that would control human minds and transfrom their bodies into muscle masses. The company had put all of the potions out of order , but I had still kept a few samples of it in my house. I was out of business and depressed, so I went out into town to look for more victims of my dangerous chamical.

In town, I found three guys walking down the street, they looked great but had no muscle mass at all. They introduced themselves to me and told me that their names were Jake, Chris and Matt. They seemed very attractive so I decided to offer them a drink at a local restauraunt and put my potion into both of their drinks.

Immediately after they drunk the potion, their bodies started growing rapidly. Their shirts got tighter and tighter until they were almost about to rip, and the zippers on their pants had come all the way down. Their chests ballooned out of their shirts and they smiled with glee as they moaned, "Ohh YEAH.." They saw each other changing and started to touch each other like sex-crazed monsters. "Dude.. you are so hot.." Matt said. As soon as they looked at me, their eyes had suddenly changed into a feeling of pleasure. They had to have me.

I decided to take them home. "Who knows what I could do with them." I smirked.

Day after day, I went into town and I looked for more guys to morph and rip away their lives. I knew it was evil, but I couldn't control myself anymore. I had so many sex slaves, but I didn't know what to do with them. I finally started a muscle video business and earned thousands of dollars. Life couldn't be any better with all of these men under my control and giving me tips on muscle building and being my own personal trainers until I had a body like the rest of the men. I had the best time of my life with the men every night and controlling them in the day. They had become my slaves forever. •

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