Shane and his Muscle-Belt

Prisoners of Paradise?


By Jason Jarman

Justin was bound and blindfolded. He was led out into the hallway, and down the corridor. He heard doors slide open. He was led into a small chamber. Someone pushed a button and the doors closed. Justin felt the chamber going downward. He was in an elevator. The chamber rattled and hummed and landed hard at its destination.

Justin was led out. They walked down a damp, musty corridor. His guides stopped him after a few paces. He heard the jingle of keys. A heavy door creaked open. He was shoved inside and led backwards to a wall. “Move forward,” a voice said.

Justin did as told and felt the shock of cold metal against his back. It was some kind of post. The cold was almost paralyzing. Then Justin heard Shane’s voice: “Pop the ropes, dude! Before it’s too late…”

Justin concentrated, and with one forced move, he burst the ropes around his wrist. Justin took wild swings at the air around him, making contact with one boy’s solar plexus. Another boy grabbed him and slammed him back against the pole. Justin struggled, and kicked one boy hard in the chin.

“I got to teach you a lesson,” the boy said. He pulled his muscle-belt one notch tighter and flexed his biceps. His belt was weak, and his guns barely measured 19 inches. But it was enough to overpower belt-less Justin. He was shoved hard against the pole. Suddenly he felt cold metal around his wrists. He heard a sharp, loud click. He tried to move his arms, but they were handcuffed.

“You can’t bust those,” one of the boys said. A wide belt was strapped around his waist and pulled tight against the metal post. The boys laughed. The belt was yanked so tight it hurt. Three more belts were strapped around his torso and buckled tight to the metal. A thick belt was lashed around his neck and tightened against the metal. “Dare ya to get outta that, Houdini!” The laughing boys left the room, locking the door behind them.

Justin felt so helpless. He wished the blindfold were off. He wanted to know where he was. “Shane?”

“I’m right here, dude,” Shane’s voice replied. “I couldn’t get away, neither. But it was worth a try.”

“I love you, Shane.”

“Love you too, dude…”

“I’m gonna cry. I’m so scared.”

“Don’t be scared, baby. We’re here together. Kev’ll get us outta this. Just be cool, OK?”

Justin felt a little better hearing the voice of his lover. Whatever was happening, at least they were together! “Tell me everything’s gonna be alright…”

“This is some majorly fucked-up shit. We don’t know what’s gonna happen. We just gotta chill out and see what happens.”

They were alone in the dark for a long time. Shane’s body ached, and he longed for his muscle-belt. Justin was worried, and fell silent. There was no point in even talking, for when they spoke, all they could talk about was getting away, and there was nothing they could do about it.

It seemed like hours before the door opened again. It opened slowly, with great effort. They heard hard breathing and a heavy shuffling gait. “Who’s there?” Shane asked. There was no answer. “Who the fuck’s in here?” The shuffling feet came closer.

Then they both heard the voice from the loudspeaker. Only it was in person, in this room with them. They heard its breathing… a regular wheeze… in-out-in-out…

“I suppose, Mr. Hardin, that I should have warned you about Saylor from the start. I’ve been keeping him a secret from you. He has been my ace in the hole, as the saying goes.”

“Fuck you. Let me go!”

“I wish you had waited, and listened to me. We could have worked together, and formulated a plan of action. You don’t know the risk you went through. I couldn’t have you getting killed. Saylor is a killer. There’s no doubt about it. If it weren’t for the promise of the constant power boosts I give him, and for his total ignorance of higher learning, I’m quite sure he would kill me as well."

Doctor Z got a frog in his throat, and hacked up and spat on the floor. "He was on Death Row, in prison. The youngest inmate ever to be on Death Row. But he escaped, and fell into my influence. He was the first one to receive the perfected ‘Saylor’s belt,’ back in 1967. He is 50 years old.”

“No way. He ain’t a day over 20.”

Doctor Z’s garlic breath came close to Shane’s nostrils. “Ah, but that’s where you’re wrong. The belt retards the aging process.”

“Retarded what?”

“It gives the wearer permanent youth. You both have it. You will never age one day past the time you first tightened the belt. Isn’t that marvelous?”

“I don’t know,” Shane said. “Yer fuckin with my head…”

“I want to make myself clear,” the Doctor said. “I… I desperately need your help. I haven’t been able to tell you this before. But this is the reason I chose you, Shane. You must help me with Saylor…”

“Take off my blindfold, dude.”

“I wouldn’t advise it.” The voice trembled.

“I don’t care. I can’t help you like this.”

“Oh, dear. I knew it would come to this…” The thick black cloth was pulled off Shane’s face. His eyes focused on a shriveled, gray figure. The man had stooped posture, and had only a few wisps of flat white hair on his head. He wore a pristine white lab coat, two sizes too large for him, and checked gray polyester slacks. “I’m not much to look at, I’m afraid…”

“Now take his off.”

Doctor Z removed Justin’s blindfold. “There! Now you’ve seen me. Your lives are in peril. Will you listen to me now?”

“Let us loose,” Shane said.

“After I tell you what I need to say. My dream, as I told you, has been to establish a paradise for young men such as yourselves… young muscle-gods free of all care, to spend an eternity in the company of their kind. I hoped to create an absolute Utopia, a paradise for my final days on earth and a paradise for the generations of muscle-gods to follow. Those boys you saw – the ones who captured you -- were recruits for Adonis Island. But all that’s in peril now!”

“Why?” Justin asked.

“It’s Saylor. He has different ideas. He wants to use the Corps for his own purposes… to establish destruction and anarchy across the nation! He has been after me to arm the boys with high-powered muscle-belts, so that he can train them to kill and destroy. It would be so easy for this power to get out of hand. That’s been my fear ever since I developed the muscle-belts. Young minds can be cruel ones… unaware of the impact of their actions.”

The Doctor paused to make a brief glance in Shane’s direction. “Saylor has gone out on sprees before… there are stories that never made the newspapers. Stories of looting… mass rape… mass murders! They would have frightened America… sent the country into a terrible panic! I’m getting too old… I can’t control him anymore. It’s up to you!”

“To me?” Shane asked.

“To the three of you, including Mr. Thorson. You must defeat Saylor, by any means possible. His strength is so incredible… and he has no conscience… no…”

The Doctor paused. Tears welled in his eyes. He looked at Shane with a pitiful expression. “I’ve done terrible things. Terrible! I’m aware of it. But he… he has done, and will do, things so horrible I can’t even describe them! The three of you, working together, are stronger than Saylor. You alone can defeat him, and remove his belt. His power shall become yours, Shane Hardin. Ultimate power… my masterpiece of genetic engineering… will be in your hands. And you will use it, perhaps, for selfish reasons, but you are good-natured and a sweet boy. I feel I can trust you with this great power. Do you want that power?”

“Hell, yeah,” Shane said.

“Well, then, let that be reason enough to defeat him.” “I’m achin to kick that sucker’s sorry ass!” Shane got an erection, thinking of all the power he would soon have. “But I can’t do shit this way. I need to be hella strong!”

“If you can wait a bit, I can return the belt to you.” “How long?”

“It could be a week. I hope it to be sooner. Saylor, as I’ve said, lacks a real solid intellect. He was foolish enough to have the belts brought to me for safekeeping. They’re being power-charged in the atomic chamber as we speak. I’m exposing them to maximum power. I am also in the midst of perfecting a special power adapter on your buckle. If my theory is right, it should help matters immensely.”

“What is it?”

“A device to funnel power from Saylor’s buckle to yours. If my calculations are correct, you may be able to drain his belt of enough power to defeat him. His power would automatically become yours…”

“Holy shit.” Shane’s erection grew larger.

“My goodness,” Doctor Z said. He stared at Shane’s massive hard-on.

“You wanna touch it, Doc?”

“Er… some other time.”

“Please pump it, dude. I’m so hard it hurts!”

“If you insist…” With feigned distaste, Doctor Z grasped Shane’s raging woody with both hands. He ran his wrinkled hands up and down the shaft.

“Tell me about all that power again, Doc…”

“You shall be the strongest young man in all of history. Your muscles will burst with unimaginable size and power. Men will fear and desire you. Anyone, man or woman, shall lust for your physical beauty and unsurpassable might. Your biceps may well measure 150” or more. No man or machine, known or unknown, shall be able to defeat you, when you strap on my ultimate muscle-belt and pull it tight around your waist…”

Shane groaned, and a thick jet of his hot cum shot up to the ceiling. The Doctor moved out of the way just in time to avoid a spunk-bath. Shane’s cock kept pumping out thick spurts of fragrant cum. “Oh, man, I needed that. Thanks, dude.” Shane looked at Doctor Z, who had a noticeable rise in his slacks. “You musta got a kick out of it, yerself…”

“Er… well. As I was saying. We… we have so little time, and I… I have no proof that the, er, the device will work properly. But I have the chargers on overdrive, so there will be some increase, at least. We must wait until I can drug Saylor…”

“What about Kevin?” Justin asked.

“Oh, dear. I wish I could have spoken with him. We must warn him to play along, to not make waves. Even his belt is no match for Saylor’s strength. If he can win Saylor’s confidence, we may find ourselves at an advantage. But you must wait in here. I’m sorry you are tied up, but you are safe here, until Mr. Thorson arrives. I don’t think Saylor will do anything to you… yet.” The Doctor made his way for the door. He removed a key on a chain, and locked the door behind him.

“Shane, what will we do?” Justin said.

“Just wait. Damn… I feel so fuckin helpless now.”

“Me too. But we’ll make it happen. Don’t worry. Soon as Kev gets here…”

An hour or so later, the door opened again. Kevin was led in by a group of Adonis Corps members. None of them wore muscle-belts this time.

Kevin looked disgusted. His belt was gone, his clothes were torn, and he had a black eye. “What the fuck have we gotten our sorry asses into?” Kevin said, as the boys bound him to a steel post. “What the fuck… Jesus, you don’t have to make those so tight.” They tied him tight around the post with belts and rope. Kevin struggled against the belts, and managed to partially split one of them open. The boys had to work hard to get Kevin’s arms behind the post. His body was still full of muscle-belt strength. It took eight boys to pin his arms back and handcuff them.

“So you met Saylor,” Justin said.

Kevin strained against the metal cuffs. He managed to rip the torn belt completely in two, but the cuffs were too strong for him to break.

“You gonna behave, dude?” One of the Adonis Corps boys stood before him. “’Cause we can make it worse for ya.”

“I’ll behave,” Kevin said, his voice brimming with contempt. “Don’t wet your diapers worrying about it.”

The boy scoffed, and Kevin shot him a look that made him step back a few feet. “OK, dude, you just chill…” The boy turned back to stare at Kevin before leaving the room and locking the door behind him.

“The nerve of that fucking kid… no respect around here for anyone…”

“That Saylor dude sure had a lotta respect for me,” Shane grumbled.

“Who the fuck is he? Why the fuck didn’t the doctor tell us about him?”

Justin and Shane filled Kevin in on Saylor’s story. The more Kevin heard, the angrier he got. “I can’t believe he kept this fucker a secret! He should have told us right from the start. Well, if the doctor isn’t shitting us about giving the belts back, we can work together and kill that bastard! Try to get out of your binds! Your muscles are still huge. They must be full of strength.”


“Take a deep breath. Expand your chest and rib cage. You might have enough power left to break those belts.”

“OK, Kev.” Shane strained, concentrated, and inflated his rib cage. His pecs were still enormous, and although he felt great pain, he could also feel the leather giving way. Shane was nearly blue in the face by the time his chest popped the buckles off of every belt that held him prisoner. One of the buckles narrowly missed hitting Kevin’s head.

“Whoa! Watch it!”

Shane laughed. “Well, that was easy.”

“Now try the cuffs. Pull your wrists away from each other, in a straight line.”

Shane tried, and he could feel the metal strain, but the pain was too great. “Ow! Fuck!”

“I know it hurts, Shane, but you’ve got to keep trying…”

“OK…” Shane gritted his teeth and tried again to break the metal. He could hear it bending, but the pain overwhelmed him. It was too strong for him. “Shit. I can’t do it, dude.”

“Rest for a little bit. We’ll try it again…”

The door flung open. It was Saylor, wearing a white tank top, a form-fitting pair of black leather shorts and his belt. In his hands was a shiny black leather whip. “OK, boys, it’s time to earn your keep! Let’s see how strong you really are!”

Doctor Z trailed behind him, concern creasing his brow. “Saylor, I implore you! Do not do this…”

“Shuddup!” Saylor shoved the Doctor aside. “We got some maintenance work needs doin. Ain’t that right, Doc?” “No, it’s not necessary to…”

“Shuddup!” Again, the trembling Doctor was shoved aside. “C’mon in, boys. If these jerks try somethin, let ‘em have it!” A dozen of the Adonis Corps’ finest, also clad in tight black leather shorts, entered the room.

“Hey, this one broke all his belts! An’ he almost popped his cuffs.”

Saylor fingered Shane’s scruffy beard. “Well, looks like yer plenty strong. We’ll work you the hardest!”

“What the fuck do you want, asshole?” Shane said, a defiant sneer on his face.

“We’re goin’ outside. You’ll see then.” Saylor offered a sneer that faded Shane’s. The three were marched out of the room. Six of the dozen boys stayed in the hallway.

Saylor followed. Doctor Z tagged behind him. “I really don’t see the purpose of this exercise, Saylor. Aside from torturing these poor boys, I can’t…”

“You got the picture, doc. You got the picture.” Saylor smiled.

They were led outside, into a large, walled patio area that constituted the back yard of the estate. It was in disrepair, with weeds growing up through the cracks in the stone and cement. Over in a corner was a large, moldering pile of large stone slabs. “Over there,” Saylor said. “That should keep you busy for awhile.”

“What do you want?” Kevin said.

“Well, I thought you could help the boys here. We got to lift up them stones, move em across the patio, clean up the area where the stones were, then put the stones back. There might be some dirt under where all them big heavy slabs was. It’s real important work.” “Those fuckers are huge! They must weigh a ton apiece!” Shane said.

“Yeah, they’re heavy. But you’re such a fuckin muscle stud, I figger you oughta be able to clear ‘em out in no time. That is, if yer strong enough.” Saylor gestured to one of the boys, and he entered a shed and returned with six muscle-belts. “OK, cadets, strap ‘em on, but no funny business! This is for work only.”

The six Adonis Corps members put the muscle-belts around their waists and pulled them tight. “No more ‘n six notches, unless you need ‘em!” Saylor shouted. All the boys went for the maximum, of course. Shots of lightning resounded in the courtyard, along with the screams of excitement and arousal from the boys pulling the belts tight.

“Oh, fuck!” one of the boys said, as he flexed his newfound muscles. Bolts of power flashed as his biceps peaked at 50 inches. A huge rise tented out in the crotch of his leather shorts.

“Yeh, yeh, look at Mr. Muscles. Now get to work!” Saylor cracked his whip and the muscle boys did as told. Shane watched as the Adonis Corps boys effortlessly lifted the massive stone slabs over their heads. He could almost feel it as the belts shot bolts of extra power into the boys’ hard bodies. The boy with the 50-inch guns hoisted two huge boulders over his head, one in each hand. The seam of his shorts burst open and his thick, throbbing cock bulged out.

“OK, you jerks. Get in there and start liftin.”

“But we need muscle-belts, too, to do that shit…”

“You don’t get ‘em. Now get in there.” Saylor lashed Shane’s pecs with his stinging whip. Shane looked into Saylor’s eyes with sheer hatred. Saylor smacked his palms with the handle of his whip.

Shane was still strong enough to lift a 200-pound rock over his head, and for a short while, he kept up with the Adonis Corp boys. With each major exertion, he drained his body of all the accumulated power from his muscle-belt. Soon he was so weak he could barely drag a 50-pound stone. Saylor lashed him with the whip and made him work on, harder and harder. Shane became faint. His wild spirit was being broken!

Justin was the next to feel the sting of Saylor’s whip. He and Kevin strained themselves to move a slab one half the size of the ones the Adonis Corps boys were moving. They still had a residue of strength in their bodies, but this work depleted it quickly. Justin began to weaken. “Git yer ass in line!” Saylor cried. He beat Justin’s back with the whip, leaving red slashes on his skin.

“You leave him alone!” Shane said.

Saylor’s whip slapped at his stomach. “Shut yer trap an get t work!” He turned to Justin and Kevin. “You, too! Get to it!” The whip again lashed out.

Shane dropped the stone slab onto the growing pile. Then he saw that one of the Adonis boys (the one whose cock had popped the zipper) was goofing off. He had peeled off his shorts and unbuckled his muscle-belt. It lay on the ground, near Shane’s feet. The boy stood watching another Adonis make muscle poses. As he watched, he pumped his hard, red cock, facing away from Shane.

The belt’s buckle sparked. Shane knew it was loaded with power. Shane grabbed the belt off the ground and strapped it around his waist. A flood of power rushed through his body. “Oh, yeah!” Shane groaned. He laced the leather through the buckle and pulled with all his might. Savage jagged bolts of power exploded from the buckle and throttled Shane’s body. The masturbating boy didn’t even notice.

Someone else did. “Hey!” Saylor shouted.

“Fuck you!” Shane replied. He kept pulling, yanking the leather hard and tight, filling his body with the magic strength, and flooding his bulging, veiny guns with power. He cranked the leather six inches past the last notch. He shoved the buckle tongue through the leather to make a crude notch.

Shane groaned with pleasure as his cock spouted cum like volcanic lava. He flexed his hard, shiny 75-inch guns. “Try an take this belt away, you Nazi shit-for-brains!”

“I’ll beat it off yer sorry ass!” Saylor whipped Shane hard, with full blows that should have slashed his skin. Shane didn’t feel the stings at all. They were annoying, like a buzzing fly might be, but that was it. Saylor beat Shane harder. Shane just flexed his guns and looked with defiant eyes at his tormentor.

Shane marched towards Saylor, hatred in his eyes, and rubbed the buckle of the belt to fill his body with even more power. “I need me some more of this shit!” Shane unbuckled the belt and pulled the leather even tighter, with savage yanks on the straining black strap. His tug and grip began to rip the leather. His pecs ballooned up to his nose. Shane ripped the end off the leather strap. He moved his hand and gripped the leather right next to the buckle. He couldn’t stop pulling the muscle-belt tighter and tighter, feeling the thunder flow through his veins. Shane crushed his waist, pulling down to 8 inches on the belt.

He buckled the belt. One of the Adonis boys moved in front of him. He had broken regulations and pulled his muscle- belt to the last notch. “OK, dude, you b-better take off that belt…” The boy made as menacing a most-muscular pose as he could manage.

“Take off yer belt? Sure, dude!” Before the boy could react, Shane reached down, unbuckled his belt, and strapped it on his own waist. “Oh fuck!” Shane cried out, as even more muscle-belt power throttled his glistening body. The courtyard glowed with a billion bolts of lightning. Shane’s cock bulged up past the top of his head and sprayed cum all over everyone and everything.

Shane buckled this second belt right above the first one, at 11 inches. “Fucker! Nazi! Whip me with yer little toy again! It turns my ass ON!” He stood in front of Saylor, his cum flying up into the face of his foe.

Saylor sighed. “How fuckin stupid can one jerk be?” With irritation on his face, Saylor tightened his belt. With no effort, he summoned up a maelstrom of power. He stood before Shane, his massive arms akimbo, his rock-hard cock standing up high. “Now. Take off them belts, or I’ll kick yer ass into next fuckin year!”

“Fuck you, you shit-eatin bully! You can’t make me do shit!” Shane’s body enlarged with his anger. “I’m the number one muscle boy! You shouldn’t even have a muscle-belt! You don’t deserve it!”

Saylor’s response was to lift Shane, with an index finger, over his head. He tossed Shane up in the air, and caught him with an outspread palm. Shane swung at Saylor with both his mighty arms, and landed some hard blows to his face and chest. Saylor yawned at then threw Shane – hard – across the courtyard. Shane landed on the pile of rocks.

“Get up, Shane!” Justin said. “Kick his ass!”

“Pull your belts tighter!” Kevin cried.

“They can’t get any tighter,” Shane said. He leaped up in the air with an enormous spring from the muscle power in his calves. He landed on Saylor and pounded him hard with both fists. He used his cock as a whip, and smacked Saylor over and over in his face. Jets of Shane’s cum splattered in his eyes and clogged his nostrils. Saylor choked on the cum. Shane picked up a huge boulder and leaped up high in the air. He smashed the slab hard on Saylor’s head. Saylor fell to the ground. Shane grabbed another boulder and hammered him again.

“Fuck! That hurt! Now yer gonna eat shit an die, jerk!” Saylor knocked Shane hard in the chin, sending him hurtling hard against the wall. Shane knocked a hole in the wall. He lay in the rubble, dazed and winded. Saylor grabbed Shane by the neck and held him in the air. He approached Justin. “Hi, twink. You got ten seconds to strip them belts offa fuckhole’s waist, or he’s gonna die, an then yer gonna die. I mean business.”

“Do it!” Shane gasped. Saylor was slowly crushing his windpipes. He couldn’t break Saylor’s iron grip.

Justin reluctantly unbuckled Shane’s belts. He dropped them on the ground. He was tempted to grab them and strap them on himself, but if Shane couldn’t defeat Saylor, who could?

Saylor picked up the belts and threw them over the wall. “Take em back to their cell. I’m sick of lookin at em.” His Adonis Corps minions grabbed our three heroes. “Except for this one,” Saylor said, pointing at Justin. “I need me some target practice.”

One of the Adonis Corps boys laughed. They led Shane and Kevin away.

“Shane!” Justin cried out.

“The rest of you, clear out! I want me some privacy…” Saylor smiled a wicked leering smile at Justin.

“Don’t touch me!” Justin still had 20” guns, and he was ready to defend himself… or to try, at least.

“I’ll touch you, babe. All I want.” Saylor’s strong hands touched Justin’s smooth chest, and stroked his arms and torso. “You know how pretty you are? I could get to really like a sweet lookin young thing like you. You remind me of this dude named Russell I knew when I was in jail. We used to fuck in the chapel. The pastor was blind.” Saylor laughed. “He had a sweet face just like you.”

“Well, why don’t you go back to him?” Justin said with disgust.

“’Cuz he has to be 50 years old now. He ain’t no angel no more. Not like you.”

“How old are you?”

“Shit, I dunno. I stopped gettin older when I hooked up with the Doc.”

“Why are you so mean to us?” Justin said, with anger in his face. “And why don’t you just leave us alone?”

“Cuz,” Saylor said, “I been top stud around this place for a long, long time. It was only me for a long time, an I want it to stay that way!”

“The Doctor decided to give us the belts…”

Saylor sneered. “If the Doc don’t stop givin out the muscle- belts, I’m gonna hafta kick his ass into the graveyard.”

As they talked, Justin slowly backed up towards the hole in the courtyard wall. If he could just get through the wall and find those belts, he could somehow bring some help to Shane and Kevin. And Doctor Z…

“Wh-what were you in jail for?” Justin asked.

“I killed a family. There was, let’s see, five of ‘em. They was asking for it.”

“What did they do for you to kill them?”

“They got in my way.”

Justin was within inches of the hole. “H-how did they do that?”

“I see what yer tryin to do, twink. Give it up.” Saylor grabbed Justin and held him up with one mighty hand. Justin looked at the hole, and saw the two belts sprawled in the debris, only a few feet away.

Saylor looked Justin right in the eyes. “Well, you get an ‘A’ fer effort, you pretty little shit. I thought you was gettin to like me a little.”

“I could never, ever like you,” Justin said. “Not after what you’ve done to Shane.”

“So, yer sweet on that jerk? I shoulda figured. Well, does he have him a set o’ guns like mine?” Saylor flexed one of his 100” biceps. Justin’s cock got hard from the sight of it, despite himself. “An check out my set of wheels.” Saylor flexed his enormous, rippled thighs and his sharp, engorged diamond-shaped calves. Saylor split the seams of his skintight black leather shorts as he flexed. “Well, these are toast.”

Saylor ripped off his shorts. His hard, juicy cock sprang up, ready for action. The tattooed shaft throbbed. “An you ain’t gonna find a bigger cock anywhere in the universe. I’m hella better than that pitiful fuckwad!”

“Your body is better,” Justin said, “but the rest of you makes me sick to my stomach. You’re mean and a bully and you’re a killer. You can go to hell for all I care!"

Saylor stroked his pulsating cock. “Tell me some more, baby doll. I like it when you talk that way to me.”

“You’re the fucking scum of the earth. I hate you! Put me down! I can’t stand to know that you’re touching me! Touching me with those filthy hands. Hands that have killed and raped and hurt and…”

Saylor groaned, and his thick spurts of cum splattered all over Justin. Saylor moved Justin’s body around so that every shot of cum would hit him hard in his face or chest. Justin gagged on Saylor’s foul-tasting sperm.

Saylor stopped cumming and dropped Justin on the ground. “That’s all yer good for,” Saylor said. “Target practice.” He walked away and left Justin alone, covered with spunk and dirt, coughing up Saylor’s bitter seed, retching onto the cement. Justin lay on the ground, tears falling from his eyes, feeling trapped, wishing that some kind of providence would rescue him from this horrible fate.

After awhile, two Adonis Corps boys came out and helped Justin up. “Sorry, dude,” one of them said. “That asshole is gonna get his someday.”

“Yeh,” the other boy said. “We hate his fuckin guts. We hafta do what he says, dude. He killed Chet yesterday for talkin back to him. Everyone is just waitin for the day when he bites the dust.”

“Well, you can tell them that day is coming really really soon.” Justin coughed.

“C’mon, dude, we’ll get you washed off. He’s gone out for awhile.”

“Thanks,” Justin said. “I’m glad that you guys are nice.”

“Dude, we ain’t all like him,” the first boy said. He smiled at Justin, and his smile made Justin feel a little bit better.

Justin was able to take a shower, get dried off, and then he was led back to his cell. Shane was conscious. “Hey, dude. You OK?”

“Shane! It was awful. He jacked off all over me -- again. He wanted to fuck me.”

“You didn’t go for it, did you?”

Justin scoffed. “Never! But I could barely keep him off. He’s going to rape me… I can just tell.”

“That shit-eatin bastard. I’ll kick his sorry ass!”

“With what?” Justin asked. “We’ve all used up our power.”

“Not me,” Shane said. He flexed out his chest and broke the belts that had bound him.

“Try to break your cuffs!” Kevin cried.

“Hell, yeh. I feel hella full of power from them belts I kiped.” Shane struggled to break the cuffs. He concentrated, and rivulets of sweat dripped from his brow. Veins stood out like electric cables on his arms and pecs.

The cuffs almost broke. Shane’s strength fell just short of snapping them. Without the power of the belt around his waist, he couldn’t sustain his strength. “Damn. Well, least I got them belts off again. That’s gonna piss them off, ainit?”

Shane’s cock was fully erect again… 18 inches of massive, veiny magnificence. “I’m hella horny. Wish one o you dudes could suck some cock from where you are…”

Shane concentrated on his cock, which grew harder and redder. It bulged out to 20 inches of throbbing steel. As Shane focused on his cock, it kept growing, and he was jolted wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure. “Oh, fuck!” Shane kept focused on an image of his cock spurting cum like a wild volcano.

His cock grew out to 24 inches, and began to throb hard, harder, harder… “Holy shit!” Shane groaned and moaned. And, without a hand (or mouth) on his cock, Shane shot hard bursts of his magic spunk all over the ceiling to the room. A few blasts hit Kevin in the face, and he caught the last few in his throat. Kevin felt a surge of strength in his body, but it wasn’t enough for him to break his bonds.

“Oh, dude! You should try that sometime. That was hella awesome!” Shane gasped for breath.

“You’re amazing, Shane!” Kevin grinned and tried to lick the remaining jets of Shane’s cum off his face.

“Yeh, I know it. Just wait ‘til we get them belts back…”

“Yeah, if we can just hold out ‘til then…” •

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