Shane and his Muscle-Belt

End Of An Error


By Jason Jarman

The hours slowly passed. The three prisoners talked, but there ultimately wasn’t much to chitchat about -- just the subject of Saylor, and about making sure that this day would be the last one of his life. They fell silent, and Kevin dozed off. It got dark. They heard the sounds of crickets. It was a humid summer night. The air was still.

Then the door opened.

It was Saylor. He was naked, except for his sailor’s belt. The buckle illuminated the room with its bolts of wild power. Saylor’s cock was hard and huge. It throbbed and snaked up to his throat. He walked up to Shane. “Hey, baby! ‘Member me?” Saylor’s voice was slurred. His breath reeked of booze.

“How could I forget you?” Shane said with sarcasm.

“Y’know what? You turned me on hella hard ‘safternoon. Yer one hellacious muscle stud when yer yankin on that belt. You got me all hard right now. See this?” Saylor fingered his raging erection.

“Do I have to?”

“How’d you like this up yer ass?”

Shane scowled. “No way, dude.”

“Way, dude.” Saylor laughed and spit in his palms. He rubbed them together. He lubed up his cock, along with the torrents of pre-cum that oozed from its head.

“Leave him alone!” Justin cried.

“Oh, yer next, by the way. Yer dessert!” Saylor laughed and poked his cock in Justin’s face. Saylor turned back to Shane. “Okay, dude, yer gonna ride the rod tonight!” Saylor stroked his enormous cock. “Baby, yer so hella hot! You got the fuckin cutest face I ever did see! I love yer eyes. They’re hella sexy! Yer gonna love getting my works up yer tight butt!”

“How you gonna get to my ass? My arms are cuffed to the pole.”

“Huh.” Saylor weaved slightly as he surveyed the situation. “Hey! What happened to your belts?”

“I broke ‘em,” Shane said.

“Well, this makes it hella easy,” Saylor said. He peeled Shane’s leather pants off and pulled them down to his ankles. He then lifted Shane up by his legs, and pressed Shane’s thighs against his chest. He yanked the jeans off Shane’s ankles and tossed them aside. Shane’s tight ass was ready for the taking.

“Don’t you dare, you Nazi shit,” Shane said.

Saylor smiled. “Go on, call me names. It just turns me on.” Saylor stroked his cock and it rose up hard and high at 20 inches. “See? What other names you got for me?” Before Shane could speak another word, Saylor’s thick cock was in his ass. Saylor’s entry was brutal, and Shane screamed with pain. “Aw, it’s nice an tight. Yer gonna have cum comin outta yer ears when ol’ Saylor’s through…”

“Hey, fucker!” Kevin said. “How’d you like to eat my shit?”

“Yer gonna be the first one I kill. Suck on that.” Saylor pumped his groin, and slithered his cock deep inside Shane’s ass. His thrusts slammed Shane against the metal pole, over and over. Shane tried again to break his handcuffs, but all the strength he’d had was gone. Saylor began to groan with pleasure. “Oh, yeah! Dude, yer hella tight! Jus the way ol’ Saylor likes it!”

Shane screamed with pain.

“Aw, does it hurt?” Saylor asked.

Shane screamed again.

“Well, good!” Saylor pumped harder, ignoring Shane’s cries of agony.

“I’m gonna kill you!” Kevin cried out.

“You fucking bully! I hate you!” Justin said through his tears.

When Saylor was done, his still-hard cock slid out of Shane’s ass. Shane’s body was covered in sticky, smelly cum. Shane had passed out during the fucking. Saylor dropped his feet, and his body slumped down into a heap. Only the cuffs kept him from falling on his face.

Saylor approached Justin. “Well, baby, looks like yer my dessert!”


“What could you possibly do about it?”

Justin pissed in Saylor’s face. His hard, hot stream of urine burned Saylor’s eyes and filled his mouth.

Saylor coughed. “Nobody pisses on me an lives!” Saylor slapped Justin hard in the chin. Justin pissed even harder. “OK, asshole, I’ll make ya wait! Yer gonna get just what your buddy got… only worse. I’ll be back.” Saylor stumbled out of the room. He didn’t bother to lock the door behind him.

“You just saved your life,” Kevin said to Justin.

“Shane… Shane, are you OK? Speak to me!”


“Shane,” Justin cried out. “Please hang in there. I’m sorry that happened to you. We’ve got to all hang in there, so we can kill that Nazi asshole!”

“Mmm,” Shane said, barely there.

Shane came to a day later. In the time he’d been passed out, no one had come in the room. The threat of Saylor’s return hung in the dank air. The room was cold and damp.

“Ohhhhh,” Shane groaned. “My ass is killin me.”

“Shane!” Justin cried. “You’re still alive!”

“We were worried,” Kevin said.

“Yeh, I’m still here. I dunno if I could take another thrashin like that again…”

“When we get our belts back, we won’t have to worry anymore,” Kevin said.

“If we get our fuckin belts back. Where the fuck is the Doc?”

“We just have to wait, that’s all…”

A large ring of keys dropped outside the door. A voice muttered, and the jangle of keys was lifted up. Then the door creaked open. It was Doctor Z. “Oh. I see it was unlocked…” The Doctor grunted and dragged something behind him.

“Finally,” Kevin said.

“Where have you been?” Shane said.

“Shhhh,” Doctor Z said. He pulled the satchel in the chamber and locked the door behind him. He further bolted the door with a solid steel crossbar. He tugged at the satchel. “Oh, my, it’s heavy. I don’t know quite what happened in here, but Saylor has been in a bad mood for the last day. I’m very fortunate that he’s chosen to go into town with some of the boys. I expect there will be dreadful headlines in the newspaper tomorrow morning. Would one of you help me with this bag?”

“If you’ll let me go,” Shane said with a hoarse voice.

“Oh, yes…” The Doctor dragged the bag as far as he could, then paused to gasp for breath.

“Take off these cuffs so I can get my belt!”

The doctor composed himself and approached Shane. He pulled out a massive key ring and fumbled with the keys. “Oh, dear, which one could it be...”

Someone pounded on the door. “Hey!” It was Saylor’s voice. “Doc, you in there?”

“Oh, dear. I’m busy right now, my boy! What is it?”

“Nuthin. I thought I’d stick around after all. Is that Shane piece of shit still alive?”

“Yeah, I’m here. No thanks to you,” Shane called out.

“Let me in, Doc. I need to kick that shitface’s ass.”

“I’ll be done in just a moment. I’m running some important tests.” In a whisper, Doctor Z added, “We really must get this belt around your waist right now.”

Shane was frantic. “C’mon, dude, hurry!”

“Oh, dear. I don’t have the key…”

Justin thrust himself forward. His cuffs fell off. “Holy shit!” Justin didn’t realize it, but his kindly captors, accidentally on purpose, “forgot” to lock his handcuffs. With his arms free, he unbuckled his belts and leaped out to help. “Give me that belt, Doctor!”

“Hey!” Saylor began to pound harder on the door. The Doctor fumbled with the bag. He zipped it open and, with much effort, uncoiled Shane’s belt. The buckle sparked furiously. Attached to the center of the buckle was a pyramid-shaped device made of heavy copper wire. There were computer chips and battery-like tubes inside the pyramid. It was crudely welded on the buckle.

“You received a 15% power upgrade. That, and the power funnel. It was the best I could do.”

“Strap the fuckin belt on me!”

Justin slid the leather around Shane’s waist. It cinched tightly around Shane, as if it were alive. Justin pushed the notched leather strap through the underside of the buckle. The buckle fired furious bolts of power in the air. Some of them went straight into Shane’s biceps. His guns bulged, clustered with thick veins and striated mounds of muscle. Shane’s body jerked with the impact of the bolts. “Oh, fuck! That feels fuckin GREAT!”

Saylor began to slam against the door. “Let me the FUCK in!” The steel bar began to creak and bend.

“Pull the belt!” Shane cried.

Justin pulled with all his might. The buckle shot out power bolts, but they weren’t enough to do the trick. He groaned with exertion.

“Keep pulling!”

The slamming got harder. The door’s thick steel bar curled under Saylor’s strength. Adrenaline rushed through Justin’s body, and he had a sudden flash of power. He yanked the belt two notches tight. Shane’s body was flooded with berserk blasts of muscle-morphing power. He screamed, and snapped the handcuffs as if they were paper.

“Get a belt on Kev!” Shane’s body bucked and jerked with the intense overload of belt-power. He spurted cum as he yanked the shiny leather tighter and tighter. He pulled the belt to the eighth notch.

The door began to split in two. “I’m gonna kick yer sorry ass in there!”

Kevin was next. Justin hastily buckled his belt on, and cranked it three notches tight. Kevin popped his handcuffs, grabbed the leather, and pulled his belt to its last notch. Furious bolts of power filled the room. “Shane, pull to the last notch! Justin, get your belt!”

“Point away from Kevin, Mr. Hardin!” the Doctor cried.

“Huh?” Shane looked down and saw that bolts of power were siphoning from Kevin’s buckle and soaring into his. Shane groaned and his muscles ballooned. “Shit, I ain’t even pullin!”

“Turn towards the door…”

Shane turned away from Kevin. He screamed as his mighty arm pulled the leather tighter and tighter around his crushing waist. Kevin grimaced and throttled his shiny leather to its last notch. “Holy shit! This belt is full of new power!”

As Shane reached the 12th notch of his belt, Saylor broke down the door. His first sight was of Kevin and Shane, flexing their monstrous morphed guns, with thick bolts of power coursing from their muscle-belts.

Justin barely had time to pull his muscle-belt out of the bag. It sparked in his hands. As he laced it around its waist, it drew itself in tight, like Shane’s had. A blinding burst of power wracked Justin’s body. Justin pulled his belt to its 9th notch with one hard yank.

“Do we have to go through this again?” Saylor smirked. “Look at the big muscle-boys. You can’t do shit to me, an you know it.” Saylor crossed his arms and stood before them.

“I believe we have a score to settle,” Kevin said.

“Oh? Like what?”

“Like, what you’ve done to Shane, and to Justin.” Kevin pointed to his black eye. “And to me, while we’re on the subject.”

“As if. You creampuffs can’t hurt me.” Saylor flexed his massive biceps. He rubbed the buckle of his belt. “Not a chance when I got this belt.”

Shane scoffed. “Yeah, yer big fuckin fancy belt. Why don’cha show us how hella mighty you are?”

“Yeah. Pull on your belt and beat us up.”

Saylor shrugged. “You got it. Just remember, fuck, you asked for it.” Saylor rubbed the buckle of his belt. Bolts of power boomed out of them. He grabbed the leather and started to pull.

The first bolts flew from Saylor’s buckle. They soared towards Shane, who made a super-hot abs and thighs pose as the power siphon did its work. Thick strands of lightning shot from Saylor’s buckle and flooded into the funnel on Shane’s belt.

“HOLY FUCK!” Shane screamed as his body bulged out. He switched to a double-guns pose. His biceps bulged out higher and harder than he could have imagined in his wildest fantasies. They were so big they hurt.

“What the fuck?” Saylor cried. He looked at his own body. His arms were shrinking in size. His pecs deflated, and his mighty wheels flattened out.

“Looks like yer losin air, dude.” Shane smirked.

“Fucker!” Saylor grabbed the leather and yanked his belt tight. Every bolt from his buckle traveled into Shane’s. Shane flexed his guns, and they grew bigger and bigger, as new power flooded his system.

“Keep goin, big boy! I can take all you can give!” Shane’s voice roared like thunder. Kevin and Justin stood watching in shock. What they saw defied sanity. Shane was so huge, so bloated with ballooning layers of muscle, yet it was all so defined, so beautiful…

“It’s working SPLENDIDLY!” the Doctor said. He clapped his hands. “Saylor, my dear boy, it’s about time you were taken down a notch. Several notches… quite literally!”

“What the fuck?”

“You’ve become quite evil, Saylor. In fact, you have always been a black-hearted beast… with terrible table manners. Rude, and raw, and uncaring. I’ve endured it because I was afraid of you. But now I have my own muscle-gods to protect me. Together, their power far exceeds yours. I’m sorry it has to be this way, but…”

“Fuck you, you old bag! Wait’ll I get my muscles back…” Saylor kept yanking his belt tighter and tighter. The more he pulled, the weaker he felt. He felt terrified as he watched Shane, his guns flexed high, his body getting fuller with power…

“That’s enough, you walkin piece of shit! Let’s see who’s stronger now…” Shane flexed his bicep in Saylor’s face. The throbbing muscle peak was covered with a constellation of shiny blue veins.

Saylor dropped the leather of his belt. His own biceps were scarcely 15 inches now. His once-tight stomach was now pot-bellied and anemic. His formerly massive pecs sagged like an elderly woman’s breasts. His face had deep wrinkles, and his dark hair was peppered with strands of gray. His cock dangled limp at six inches. The belt fell off his waist and dropped down to the floor.

Shane sneered. “I’m gonna give you a second chance, dumfuck. Put that belt back on an pull it tight! I wanna kick your ass while you can still put up a fight!”

Shane turned away. Saylor greedily strapped the belt on again. He scarcely had the strength to move the leather, but as long as Shane’s buckle pointed away from his, the belt still had some power. Saylor groaned and pulled the leather tight. He felt some strength course back into his body. His muscles grew out again. He was quickly the size of an average competing body-builder. But the belt didn’t have a fraction of its former power. Saylor felt frightened. He stopped pulling and buckled his belt.

Shane tore the pyramid-thing from his buckle. “Here, Doc.” He tossed it at Doctor Z, who just missed catching the device. It bounced on the floor, and he bent down to pick it up. “I don’t need no more power. It worked fuckin great.”

Shane turned to the quivering Saylor. “Look at me! You see how fuckin huge I am?”


“’Yes, SIR!’”

“Yes, sir.”

“On yer knees, shit!” Saylor did as told, and looked up at the towering, insanely massive Shane. “Who’s the strongest, biggest, sexiest motherfucker in this world?”

“You are, sir.”

“Damn right! An what are you?”

“I don’t know, sir. What am I?”

“Yer nothing. And yer dead meat. Stand up. There’s a couple of things I want you to feel.”

Saylor’s heart pounded. He stood up. Shane grabbed his arms and pinned them tight behind Saylor’s back. “This is the way you grabbed me. ‘Member?”

“Yes…” Shane twisted Saylor’s arms and he cried out in pain, “YES, SIR!”

“An here’s somethin else you done to me. See this?” Shane pumped his massive, veiny cock. The head touched his forehead, and it oozed rich rivers of pre-cum. “This is for fuckin me against my will.” Shane picked Saylor up by his waist and lifted him in the air. Saylor felt like a rag doll in Shane’s mighty arms. “Now I’m gonna return what you gave me!”

“No… don’t.”

“Oh, yeah! Lookit that nice tight ass.” Shane’s cock stood at 46 inches of thick, veiny meat, hard as steel. It spewed pre-cum like a volcano shooting lava. “See what it feels like, fucker.”

Shane shoved Saylor’s ass down on his rock-hard cock. Saylor screamed with pain. Shane moved him up and down, over and over, until he shot gallons of sweet hot cum all over the place. Saylor moaned with pain, and slumped to the floor. He laid on his side.

Now it was Justin’s turn. He stood before Saylor, cold anger in his eyes. Saylor was half-conscious from the harsh fuck he’d just received.

“Hope you liked that. Now watch this. I’m going for the last notch on my belt.” Justin grimaced and struggled, but he pulled the leather around his waist tight, tighter, tighter… he had passed the last notch when he stopped pulling. He buckled the belt and flexed his mountainous 70” guns. “See how huge I am? How big my muscles are now?”

Saylor groaned.

“You can’t pick on me anymore. No one will ever pick on me again. Now here’s a gift from me. This is for jacking off all over me. I hope you really feel it good.” Justin kicked Saylor in the crotch. Saylor screamed with agony. Justin kicked him again and again. When Shane pulled him away, all that was left of Saylor’s once-mighty cock was a withered, bloody pulp. “Enjoy life as a eunuch, fucker!” Saylor made whimpering sounds of mercy. He could no longer form the words to beg for his life.

“What’s that?” Kevin said. “You’d like a black eye? Why, sure! But first… Justin, take this fucker’s belt off. I don’t think he needs it any more.”

Justin popped the buckle and threw the belt to Shane. “Hey, Doc, gimme that pyramid thing back. I’m gonna drain all the juice outta this belt.”

“Oh, yes!” the Doctor cried. “It should be voided.”

Kevin picked up Saylor’s limp body. He raised Saylor’s head so that they could make eye contact. “Do you have any idea… even the slightest idea… how PISSED I’m feeling right now?”

“No… don’t…” Saylor cringed. “Funny, that’s what I said to you. And here’s what happened to me.” Kevin struck Saylor with the full force of his mighty fist. Saylor soared through the air and crashed through the wall. This time, it wasn’t an illusion. A sickening thump came from below. Kevin strutted over to the gaping hole and looked down. Saylor’s lifeless body lay, impaled through the heart by the sharp edges of a wrought iron fence. The three muscle gods gazed on Saylor’s corpse. “Holy shit!” Shane said.

“I can’t believe it,” Justin added.

“We did it!”

“Thanks to you, Doc. Yer a fuckin genius!” Shane smiled and patted Doctor Z on the back. He forgot his strength, and the Doctor endured a coughing fit.

“Oh, dear… you really must be more careful.”

“Oops.” Shane felt the last feeble strands of power escape from the buckle of Saylor’s belt. The buckle became cold and sparked no more. “It’s done.”

“You must destroy it!” Doctor Z said.

Shane ripped the buckle from its leather strap. He crushed the beautiful buckle into a mangled scrap of metal. Then he tore the wide shiny leather into random strips. Shane’s body had settled down somewhat, since he was no longer focusing on the fight. But his size and strength were still unbelievable. “Hey, Doc, how strong am I now?”

“Hmmm…” The Doctor silently made calculations, using his index finger on what appeared to be an imaginary calculator. “I’d say you must have about 7,500 manpower in your body. Twice the strength of Saylor in his prime. I’m so glad that device was a success!”

“Dude! That’s awesome! Shit, Doc, I sure owe you one!”

“Well…” the Doctor smiled shyly. “If there is something you wouldn’t mind doing for me…”

“Just name it, dude…”

The Doctor leaned in and whispered in Shane’s ear: “I’d like to perform oral sex upon you.”

“A blow job?” The Doctor looked mortified. “Why, dude, it’d be an honor. After all you done for me!” Shane turned to his partners. “Hey, dudes, could you, like, give us some privacy? Just for, like, ten minutes…”

“Sure,” Kevin said. He guided Justin out of the room. They pulled the door shut behind them.

“You’re too kind,” Doctor Z said. “First, you help me with the worst crisis I’ve ever faced, and now…”

“Dude, it’s a pleasure. I could have never got this hella huge without this muscle-belt you made for me!”

“Flex your muscles for me, Shane! Show me what I’ve given you!”

Shane posed for Doctor Z, causing a bulge to grow in the scientist’s Perma-Prest slacks. “OK, Doc, I think you’re ready to show me a good time.” Shane concentrated and got his penis to reduce to 15 inches in length. “Let’s see what you can do with a cock this size.”

The Doctor kneeled and took Shane’s throbbing cock down his throat. Shane was in instant ecstasy. Doctor Z knew what to do. “Lie down on the floor, you beautiful muscle god. I want you to really enjoy this.”

Shane did as told, and his groans reverberated in the dark room. Shane closed his eyes, and drifted along the waves of glorious, endless deep pleasure. He felt the raging river of spunk surging through his cock, and Doctor Z swallowed it all, gasping for breath but not wasting one precious drop of Shane’s magic cum.

Shane came hard for three minutes, and when he was done, he looked up at Doctor Z. Only it didn’t look quite like him. This man’s hair was fuller, and streaked with brown. His face was lined, but seemed younger and tighter. And his frame was much sturdier than the Doctor’s had been. “Ho-lee shit,” Shane said.

“Was that good for you?”

“Oh, yeh, Doc… I got more on the way. You ready for another go-round?”

“Oh, yes. Your sperm is so sweet and rich.”

Shane’s cum-drizzled cock was harder than ever. “I’m ready!” Again, Shane writhed in holy ecstasy. He climaxed quickly, and shot another gallon of his spunk down the Doctor’s throat. Again, the Doctor took in every ounce.

When Shane opened his eyes, Doctor Z was in his early 30s. His full head of brown hair framed a wiry but wise and handsome face. His body was getting too large and muscular for the old man’s baggy clothes.

“Dude, you need one more dose. You ready?”

The Doctor nodded. “I feel so wonderful!”

Shane’s cock was like warm steel in the Doctor’s mouth. This time, the Doc deep-throated Shane’s cock, and Shane let it grow out longer and thicker. Shane screamed with utter bliss as he shot his endless load down the Doctor’s hungry throat. He came for five minutes, and each second felt better than the one before it.

The young man kneeling over him was gorgeous. His muscles were huge and thick. They had split the seams of his clothes. His face was beautiful, with thick, full lips, warm enchanting eyes and a square, lean jaw. “OK, dude, you should really check yerself out right now.”

“I feel like I was 18 again!” The Doctor felt his bicep muscle and gasped. He ripped off his lab coat and shirt (what remained of them!) and flexed his 25-inch biceps. “Oh, my word!” His heaving 60” chest led down to a rocky 26” six-packed waist. He peeled off his slacks and unsheathed a 16” rock-hard cock, throbbing with youthful vitality. “I must see myself in the mirror!”

There was a small mirror in an adjoining room. The Doctor could not believe his eyes. The youthful muscle Adonis in the mirror was himself! “Wh-why, this is impossible! Your semen has reversed the aging process! We have discovered the fountain of youth! Oh, Shane… how can I possibly thank you for this incredible gift?”

“Well, dude, it ain’t like you didn’t give me somethin incredible.” The buckle of Shane’s muscle-belt sparked. “Hey, dude, you ever try one of yer belts on?”

“Oh, no… my aged body couldn’t take the intense power.”

“Well, dude, that ain’t an issue no more.”

The Doctor flexed his muscles in the mirror. “No, it most emphatically is not! If you’ll pardon me for one moment…” Doctor Z left the room and raced down the hallway. Shane got up, stretched, and flexed his biceps. He felt great. He had reached the pinnacle of muscle power, and he had repaid the Doctor’s kindness in a way he’d never imagined possible.

Shane walked out into the hall. He saw flashes of intense light coming from a room at the end of the hallway. Doctor Z was making himself a muscle-god with his own invention! Shane remembered something… “Oh, shit,” he said out loud. “Fuckin Rich!”

Shane looked in the rows of small rooms that lined the hallway. “Rich! You there, dude? It’s Shane. Everything’s safe now…” He heard a cough come out of the last room on the left.

Shane ripped the door of the room off its massive hinges. Rich Boyce lay huddled on the cold stone floor. He was bruised, but he was alive. “Shit… is that you, Shane? I thought I heard your voice.”

“Dude! Are you OK?”

“I think so. I kinda hurt, but…what the fuck is going on here?”

“There was some pretty bad shit happening, but it’s all history now. We got to get you outta this cell.”

Rich groaned as Shane tried to lift him. He looked bad. Shane did some thinking… if his cum could make people strong, and make old people young, then maybe it could fix Rich’s problems…

Shane whipped out his cock. It was hard and ready. Shane pumped his cock. He bent down over Rich’s face. “Dude, when I say ‘open,’ open yer mouth. Got it?”


Shane felt the rush in his gut. “Open yer mouth, dude! Wide!”

Rich caught the first spurts of Shane’s cum. He kept swallowing as Shane shot his load down Rich’s throat. Shane felt like he could keep jacking off forever.

Rich sat up, cum drooling from his lips. He smiled. “Wow! I feel great!” He stood up. His muscles had filled out noticeably. “Damn! You got any more of that stuff on ya?”

“Lots. But we gotta get the Doc to look you over, buddy…”

“Oh, Shane, it’s a miracle!” Doctor Z stood in the doorway, a muscle-belt pulled tight around his waist. He looked just like Shane had looked, the first time he strapped on his belt. “I feel so strong, so brave… I’ve never felt so powerful in all my life!”

“Congratulations, dude. You deserve it. Now we got to check out Rich, here.”

“Oh, my word! I had forgotten about him. Are you all right, my boy?”

Rich shrugged. “I guess so…” Then he fainted.

“Oh, dear…”

“He’s been through a lot today,” Shane said. Shane cradled Rich in his arms and the three left the room.

Chapter Fourteen: Dawn of Paradise

Shane, Kevin and Justin were greeted with applause when the elevator returned them to the main floor. The Adonis boys rushed up to them and hugged and kissed them. “Dudes, you rock!” “You did it! You kicked his ass!” “Now we can have fun!” The number of sexual propositions the three were given would make any rock star envious.

“You ain’t seen nothin yet,” Shane said. “Check out the Doc!”

The Adonis boys gasped as they saw the young, strapping, muscle-morphed Doctor Z. “Dude is hot!” cried one Adonis boy.

“There will be some changes made around here,” Doctor Z said. “Changes for the better, I’m sure all will agree. We shall begin our emigration to Adonis Island within a week. Right now, I have this young man’s medical needs to attend to. We shall have a mass meeting tomorrow at noon, and if everyone could please be awake and present, we’ll plan our exodus! We have survived, and we are stronger than ever. Congratulations to you all, my lovable and beautiful Adonis Corps!”

Applause and cheers followed the foursome as they entered Doctor Z’s private laboratories. The humming of reactors filled the room. There were muscle-belts everywhere, hanging from hooks and arranged by waist size. “What are all the belts for, Doc?” Shane asked. He tried one on, but it was uncharged.

“Soon, each member of the Corps will have his own muscle-belt. This will guarantee the propagation of the Adonis Corps, since each user will become charged with the growth cells, just as you have…”

“Hell, I could charge ‘em all by myself, if they like to suck cock…”

“I don’t doubt that one bit, my beautiful friend. Set Mister Boyce down on that examination table.” Shane carefully, delicately placed his friend on the table. Rich looked at peace. “Thank you. Now, if you’ll step back just a bit…”

Doctor Z bumped against a shelf, sending several thick volumes of papers scattering to the ground. “Oh, dear, it’s difficult, being so much bigger than I was before…” His semi-hard cock bumped some equipment off a gurney. Doctor Z laughed. “I suppose I should get accustomed to this new condition!”

While Shane and Justin helped to pick up the chaos of paper and metal, the Doctor examined Rich for signs of broken bones, deep wounds, or anything that would require serious medical attention. “Oh, dear. This young man came very close to having a broken rib cage. But it has begun to heal! It’s miraculous.”

“I came down his throat,” Shane said.

“Most fascinating! I must obtain a sample of your sperm for study.”

“You want it now?” Shane stroked his erect cock.

“First things first. I must complete this examination.” Dr. Z peered over Rich. “He is nearly healed! The worst of the lot is this bruise on his cheek. Now comes the difficult part, Shane…”

“What’s that?”

“Do we induct him into our little group, or shall I clean his memory?”

“Do what?”

“As we discussed… I can make a cybernetic scan of his brain waves in about two hours. We can, quite literally, download his thought patterns and responses into a computer’s hard drive. The computer will analyze these patterns and highlight the areas of his brain that are affected by his recent memories of you.” Not much of this made sense to Shane, but he nodded in agreement.

“After that,” the Doctor continued, “it’s a simple matter of using a very fine laser beam, and all of this will be wiped clean, like a chalkboard being erased. I developed this technique for the FBI in the 1970s. They used it on a number of ‘undesirables.’ Not that Mr. Boyce represents any such problem… the decision is entirely up to you. You’ve known him far longer than I.”

Shane stood before Rich and thought it over. It was a hard decision to make. “Well, geez. Dude’s been through some pretty rough shit. And me and Justin been taken from our folks… I think he should go back. His folks don’t need to freak out…”

“Yeah,” Kevin said. “Besides, with three disappearances in a row, the cops would be searching big-time. They might find us out. Shit… I gotta get back to my house and clear things up…”

Kevin turned to Shane. “You know, I hate to say this, but I don’t think I’ll be going to this island thing. I’ve got too much going on back home… too many ties and obligations. It’s been fun, but I believe I’ve had enough adventure for one lifetime.”

Kevin removed his muscle-belt and set it on a nearby counter. “You can have this back if you want it, Doc. Thanks for letting me use it.”

“Oh, it’s yours to keep, Mr. Thorson, I assure you.” Doctor Z pushed the belt back into Kevin’s hands. “You have more than earned the right to keep it and to utilize its power.”

“You don’t have to do this…”

“I insist. It may come in handy someday.”

“Yeah, I guess so.” Kevin loosely strapped the belt back on his waist. “Sure as hell will make it easy to win bodybuilding shows. I can even take the drug-free contests with this!” He laughed.

“The judges wouldn’t recognize the strains in your blood cells. It’s far beyond anything they could possibly detect.” Doctor Z smiled.

Kevin put his arms around Shane. Shane looked in Kevin’s eyes and felt a deep sense of friendship and love. “Shane,” Kevin said, “you’ve been like a son to me. More than a son. I love you so much, and I desire you so much, and my heart will always be yours. Maybe I can come and visit you on this island. If anyone can explain where it is.”

“Oh, you could go there right this moment,” Doctor Z said. “Simply by exiting via the hole Shane made in the wall upstairs. That spot is one of the temporal transfer points to the island. But I must get this computer work done. I’ll need a few hours of privacy to work on this. Why don’t you get the boys to start preparing some food? A victory feast is in order!”

The Doctor’s words didn’t quite register with Shane. “I love you too, Kev. You showed me a lot, and you been so nice to me. I’m gonna miss you.” Tears fell from Shane’s warm eyes. Shane and Kevin exchanged a deep, passionate kiss. Kevin gently stroked Shane’s hard cock as they kissed and embraced.

“Well, we can have tonight together, and I’ll go back home in the morning. Is it OK, Justin? I hope your feelings aren’t hurt.” Justin smiled. “There’s too much of Shane for just one person to love. I’m glad he loves us both. I’ll have plenty of time to spend with him on Adonis Island.”

“You should see it, dude,” Shane said. “It’s hella beautiful. Hey, Doc, can we take him there now?”

The Doctor was having some trouble setting up his neural scanner. His manner was a bit testy. “Oh, yes, yes, whatever you wish. I’m quite busy with this, so if you’ll please excuse me…”

Shane laughed. “Jeez, dude, now that yer all young an hot, you gotta lighten up some.”

Doctor Z cleared his throat and glared at Shane.

“I think that’s our cue to exit, stage left,” Kevin said.


“Come on…” Kevin walked out, his arms around Shane and Justin, as the doctor’s mutterings filled the vast laboratory.

“Oh my God,” Kevin said, as he waded in the warm surf and smelled the delicate scents of a tropical dawn. “This is real! This can’t be an illusion! This is fucking with my head… but it’s so beautiful…”

He and Shane walked in the surf, hand in hand, naked, their belts coiled in the sand. “You should think it over, dude. No more work, no more worry… just chillin on the beach, 24/7. What could be better?”

Kevin gazed into the placid deep blue sky. Gulls circled overhead, and the delicate roar of the ocean filled his senses. “This is too much! You know that? It’s just too much…”

Justin sat in the sand, staring out at the ocean, at peace with his feelings, as Kevin and Shane walked down the beach. Life was going just the way he’d always wanted it to. He’d never have guessed things would turn out this way, but he was glad to be right here, right at this moment, feeling so alive and powerful and capable… it was a miracle to him. And the best part was this: the miracle had just barely begun, and a new one was about to start. Justin smiled and lay on his back. The warmth of the sun caressed his nude body. He closed his eyes and let the sounds of the birds and the rolling waves fill his head.


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