My Friend Gets Buff

One day when me (James) and my best friend (Greg) went to the mall. We were average 16 year olds in 10th grade, exept not too popular, but everyone told us we were good looking. As we were walking in the mall we met this one girl. She was in the same grade as us and the same age, just went to another school. We said “hello”. We then asked her if she would like anything to eat. She said id love that. As we sat down for some pizza, we talked. We then came up to the question of “so what do you do for fun.” She said I lift weights. We asked her to flex. She pulled up her t-shirt and we were amazed of what we saw. A huge 14” of rock solid muscle appeared. Both me and Greg took our tiny little hands and compressed her bicep. As we squeezed and squeezed all were left were small little finger marks. She then asked us to flex are biceps. When we did, a 9” soft bump came up. She laughed. She took her musclar hands and placed it on top of our biceps and squeezed it all the way till she felt our bone. She laughed again and left by saying, “im more buff than tow guys.” We then decided we needed to build up. Then next day of school in our 5th period class a group of popular 12th graders hand 10th grade girlfriends. As some of the popular kids flexed their biceps, both me and Greg look at them flex. The popular kids noticed us looking at them and said, hey wimp, flex. We both flexed and once again, a small little 9” soft bicep rose. The whole class laughed. The popular kids girlfriends who were the same age as us put her hand next to mine. She told me to flex again as she flexed. Her arm towered higher than mine and she screemed out, ahhhh, im more buff than two teenagers who are guys….guys. We had found out that there was a weight room class open after school everyday. 7th - 10th graders from 3:00-5:00 P.M. and 11th and 12th graders at 5:00-7:00 P.M. The next day we went. As we entered the room was quite large. We then learned the kings of the room were two 8th graders named Tom and John. Before we got started Tom and John came over to where me and Greg were. Tom and John clearly explain too us that we rule this place, and not both of you beet us in muscularity. They asked us how old we were and we said 16 in the 10th grade. All of a sudden they started to laugh. They asked us to flex our biceps. We did and once again, 9” of soft tissue sprang up. They took there huge hands and placed it over our weak arms and squeezed. As they touched the bone they started to wiggle there fingers in our bicep. Both me and Greg almost cried from hurt. They then both took off their shirts and flexed there whole entire top body and both Greg’s and my mouth dropped open. First there pecs popped up hard. Then their 6 pack appeared so entirely and amazingly ripped. Then….all of a sudden…..they flexed their biceps and a huge 16” of rock solid iron appeared, with veins popping up all over the place. They said don’t mess with these biceps as they flexed it even harder and harder which popped more veins. We couldn’t hessitate to feel them. We really couln’t squeeze the arm due to the small size of our hands which wouldn’t stretch from bottom to top of their arm, so we squeezed what ever we could and smiled exitingly. As they left, we started lifting weights as much as we could.

As 2 hours passed, we found out what our current strength was. We both could lift 5lbs each dumbbell and do 2 sets of 8. We could also bench 25lbs twice, leg press 40lbs once and could also do 10 sit-ups, 5 push-ups. And ½ of a pull-up. After or work-outs we went to the mirror, took off our shirts and flexed every muscle in our body. Although our favorite muscle was the bicep, that is what we concentrated on the most. We both wanted to have the joy of being buff and showing muscle off. As we flexed we looked like skinny dorks buy we had enthusiasm now. Greg asked me to feel his bicep as he flexed it. I took my hand and squeezed it, and yes it was soft but it had gotten harder. Greg felt my bicep and it was still a little bit softer but I felt like a million bux. After 1 week had gone by we were getting use to the weights. I still had the same dumbbell weight but could do now 2 sets of 10. I could bench 35lbs twice and leg press 55 lbs. Although Greg had gotten a little bit farther than I had. A lot farther. Greg could now lift 10 lbs on the dumbbell with 2 sets of 10. He could bench twice what he did a week ago, now 50 lbs. He could also leg press 80lbs. After the work out we took of our shirts, again, which we did about once a week. As we flexed every muscle in our body, I could see little improvement in muscle mass. I looked at Greg’s body and it was so much bigger than mine. He told me to feel this, as he flexed his bicep. I squeezed it and it was hard. Not only was it buff, but the measurement of his arm was now 10”. Mine was now, to be exact, 9 ¼” and still soft. He told me to flex my bicep and he squeezed, and said, man you need muscle like this as he flexed both biceps.

By now a month had gone by and we haven’t tooken off our shirts for 3 weeks now, an was wondering how strong Greg had gotten. I thought of me being more buff than he was. The next day at the weight room after we were done excersizing, I asked greg to flex. He took off his shirt and flexed his whole upper body, and my stood in complete awe. The first thing I noticed was Greg’s 6 pack. It had been really defined now. Almost ripped. His legs looked like monsters, and his bicps were huge, towering now at 13”. As he flexed I put my hand over his arm and squeezed it and it felt, yet it was complete steel. I flexed my arm and a whole 10” popped out. He said, dude im more buff than you are. Greg could now lift 35lbs with each dumbbell and doing 4 sets of 12 reps. Greg could bench now 100lbs twice and leg press 220lbs. My dream of me being of bigger than Greg was amediatly wiped away. Although I felt kind of good because Tom and John (the 8th graders) glanced at us a few times durring our work-out. It had been 3 months after we started to work-out now, and haven’t tooken off our shirts since then. I didn’t want to ask Greg and humiliate myself in front of him, but I just needed to feel some muscle. I asked Greg to flex for me. He took off his shirt, and I almost fainted of what I was looking at. Greg had gone totally buff. He was now bigger than Tom and John. As he flexed his entire body, you could see his totally ripped 6 pack as it bulged almost one inch outward off of his stomach. His leg was more than a monster. As I saw huge buldozers of muscle I couldn’t help to take my hand and just sqeeze it and feel it. Infact I tried punching it with my knuckles and ended up hurting for about 30 min. As his leg was almost 100% pure muscle, he could now leg press 1125 lbs. He could bench 425lbs now and the best part, his biceps. As he flexed I took my thin little hand and squeezed it as hard as I could and it didn’t move, not even a print was made. I couldn’t hesitate but I took a measuring tape and measured it. As I blinked it showed 22”. He could now take a 150lbs dumbbells and do 10 sets of 50reps. He was now the biggest kid to attend that class and the 11th and 12th grade class, ever. My measurements were now a little below average for my age. Regular legs, an ok 6 pack, and 12” biceps. Greg walked twards Tom and John ( whose bicepts were now 17”) were and as he had his shirt on said you weeklings, I am now bigger and stronger than you are. As John backed off, Tom went up to Greg and put all his force and punched him in the stomach. Tom almost screemed. He did say owe. Greg said, oh what you think you can beet me up. Well lets wresstle in the “Ring”, which was located in the middle of the room. Tom said ya, im going to beet you so bad, you will be crying you little idiot. Greg asked him, what did you call me. Tom said idiot. As they both got in the “Ring”, Greg was mad. They were both in opposite corners. Both of them took off their shirts. As Greg flexed all he could, Tom just stood in amazement. Tom said, oh god, im getting the hell out of here. As Tom starts climbing out of the ring, Greg runs up to him, and pulls him twards the middle. Greg said his last words before battle, “you dead”. As Tom is screeming noooo, help meeee.

Greg took Toms his whole body and threw it up 5 feet from Greg’s head strait up in the air. Greg catches him. As he did with his hands you could see Greg’s biceps ripping from the strain of a 190lbs body being thrown up 9 feet in the air from Greg’s hand. Greg throws him another time and does not catch him. As he fell he tries to speak of saying, stop, in a weak voise. After 10 min, when Tom regains strength, Greg then took Tom’s head (as his whole body was laying on the floor) and placed it on top of his arm, with the bottom of his chin facing twards Greg’s bicep, and the top of Tom’s head or his air going upwards. Greg placed his hand on top of Tom’s head, holding his whole right arm in a flexing mode. Greg flexes his bicep to 15” and is now squashing Tom’s head. As he screams out, ahhhh, heelp. Greg then flexes his bicep to full strength now measureing 22”. Tom is now yelling with so much hurtness. Even Greg startes soaring from all the power he was putting in his arm. After a full 60 seconds Greg relaxed and Tom fell to the floor. Greg tells me “this is so much fun.” Greg flexes his 22” bicep and wipes it across Tom’s face. Then Greg said, “one more wrestle, count this as the fanaly.” Greg was planing to squash Tom’s whole body like as he did with the head from his bicep. Except Greg was not going to use his arm, he was going to use his powerfull leg which he could now leg press 1125lbs. Greg gets in possition as he kneels down. With Greg’s toes touching the floor of the ring, his bottom part of his leg is laying flat on the floor of the ring, and his top part of his leg going upwards, having a joined beetween the bottom part of the leg and the top part of the leg which is the opposite side of the knee. Greg places Toms body oh his calf muscles. As Greg brings the bottom part of his legs to reunight with the top part of the legs, Tom screems as he is being squashed in the middle. Greg first puts about ¼ of all his leg power to squashing Tom and already he is screeming his lungs out. Greg then remembers Tom calling him names. Greg then becomes pissed and squashes Tom with all his power. Tom now speeking softly owe, owe. Greg just puts more and more force. After 2 min and 36 seconds of horror, Greg relaxes as Tom gaspes out air. Greg said to Tom “well that was fun wasn’t it. Me and Greg then left. The next day in school during 5th period, Greg screems out hey everybody, check this out. Greg flexed and 22 1/8” of bicep popped out. Everyone gaspes. About 3 buffed up 12th graders who had failed, asked Greg if all of us can armwrestle you at one time. Greg said, sure I could use a pumping up. As they get in possition Greg holds out his hand and as the three 12th graders put their hands on top of each other and then on top of Greg’s, I said GO. As the 12th graders pushed all their power Greg sat their almost going to sleep and said add 2 more people. Greg’s bicep now skyrocketed upwards. Yet he still beat all five 12th graders in arm wrestle together. Greg turns to the girls and flexes for them. About 3 girls out of 10 walk up to Greg and start feeling him and touching him. One girl even pulled up his shirt and started to touch Greg’s muscular ripped abs. As Greg flexed his 1 inch deep abs, the girl gets her finger stuck betweet two of them. Then Greg looked at the the 12th graders boyfriends and said, I got all your girls now. Then the girls pocked out their tounge at them and started to feel more and squeeze more of Greg. I then asked Greg, how did you get so big so fast, he said softly, from genetics, steriods, protien drinks, and energy bars. •

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