My Flexing God

By muscleboi20

Hey guys!

This is my first attempt at a story. Any feedback that you have would be greatly apprecaited! (If you happen to come up with a title, let me know! ) Thanks!

In between flexing he would stroke his cock some more. Using each tiny bit of precum he lubricated his dick, swollen, massive, and pulsing with veins. It glistened with the masculine lube, as he pushed the dick through his fingers, all the way down the shaft to the bottom of the thick pole, squeezing the base where it emerged from the opening in his jeans. Feeling the load rising with each stroke, he would wait until that critical moment and stop, controlling his cock to retain all its glory for an even more massive buildup.

“Oh yeah” he said. “Between looking at this cock and flexing my muscles I can cum without even strokin’ it.” I watched without knowing what to say, letting my rock-hard cock speak for me, fully erect as it emerged from my pants, tempting me to stroke it, but I knew there was no point in starting now. The show was only beginning. “I’ll bet you can’t.”

“Oh no?”

“You’re gonna have to show me what you’ve got.”

With that, he smiled, that square jawed smile I knew meant this guy, the epitome of ambitious goal setting, was about to outdo his limitations. He stood back let out a roar, which shook the glass table lamp and sent a tingle down my spine. His cock stood erect from his pants, brushing up against his huge sleeveless shirt, already stretched comfortably around his huge torso. His pecs lept from his chest and filled the middle of the shirt. Huge veins formed a road map across his chest, down to his abs and legs, and up to his shoulders, where they became even more numerous and crept down his enormous arms like vines clinging to an ancient building, feeding his muscles in anticipation of what was about to come. He spread out his legs even further than he needed to and showed off their massive bulk, each individual muscle stretching the jeans to their breaking point.

I could feel my cock growing bigger just looking at him. He looked at me and started flexing. First his arms, which were already too pumped to comprehend that they could possibly get larger. He made a fist with his right hand, and pivoting his hand, began expanding his forearm. Up and down he moved his fist as more muscles pushed their way to the surface, veins exploding everywhere in his arm, visible through his dark arm hair. He did the same with his left, slowly balling his hand, and raising it up and down, swelling his forearms.

My hand shot to my cock as I started stroking it as fast I could, needing to cum, fearing that I couldn’t let this image pass but I slowed down as I knew it was only going to get better. “Save your load boy,” he said. “You haven’t seen my biceps yet.” And with that, he balled his fist as hard as he could, drew in a breath that filled his chest, just about popping through the shirt material, and began to flex his biceps. Like stone relief, they immediately burst into place, their split peaks reaching higher than his clenched fists would allow, pushing his hands higher and demanding to be flexed harder. He sucked in another breath, and pressed down harder than he thought possible, as his biceps peaked an even higher level and swelled thicker, forcing so much blood to his muscles that veins appeared on every square inch of his biceps, visibly pulsing. He grunted as the air demanded to be released from him, and he slowly let it out, dropping his arms and staring at their incomprehensible bulges and strength. He stood there heaving, his muscles shimmering with a new layer of sweat, and I realized I was jerking my cock. Looking at this guy, I couldn’t get my hand to stop, so I shut my eyes and drew my hand away in one quick movement. Hey, you gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

But before I knew it he was at it again, flexing his biceps, feeling each peak with a roaming hand which engulfed each individual muscle with a heated drive, rubbing over his arms, his pecs, and landing on his cock where he, too, couldn’t help stroking it after seeing his arms so fucking pumped.

“Hurry up man, I’ve gotta cum!” I cried

“Hey, this was your bet, not mine. I’m not worried about you.” His deep voice continued “It’s about time to get rid of this shirt.” He flexed his massive biceps one more time and smiled at the veins and sight of them covered in sweat. “This is gonna be easy.”

He slowly anchored his hands at his waist and began to do a lat spread when he stopped and laughed. “Still too easy. I’m gonna use only my pecs for this one.”

My cock throbbed at this comment and I knew I was gonna blow my load on this one for sure. I sat on my hands. His slowly started to bounce his pecs, left, right, left right, together, together, left, right. In a pattern of almost mesmerizing quality, he began to speed up, a little bit faster and faster, until it looked like two animals fighting underneath his shirt. The bottom of his shirt began to rise up as his pecs expanded, showing off the bottom abs of his 8-pack and the v-shaped lines disappearing down into the top of his jeans. He began to grunt as he pushed his pecs harder and harder to grow, flexing them and pumping them unrelentingly. His shirt, now taut over his giant pecs, began to stretch thinner and thinner as he flexed harder. “rrrrrrggggg!”…..fleeeeex……rip….... His hard nipples started breaking through the shirt. “Arrrrrggggg”………fleeeeex…..rrriiiiiipp.. “One more fucking….GRRRR…rrrrrriiiipppp…powerful……..AAAAAAHHHHHGGGGGGGG!!!!!!” And with that, his pecs burst through the material of his shirt, heaving out into the room, pumped beyond belief, and flexing with every slight movement. His cock had grown so large during this last flexing routine that it now pushed its head in between his pecs, dripping its precum into the deep crevasse of this chest and slowly dripping down the side. He flexed his pecs and caught the head of his cock in between, massaging the precum out of it, and stroking it with both hands.

My own cock was beginning to drip precum and I couldn’t help rubbing it onto my shaft with this glorious sight in front of me doing the same.

He placed his hands in back of his head and crunched his abs. His cock rode up and down as he pushed his abs harder and harder into each other, forming an 8-pack that was visible even without flexing. He growled as he crunched his abs harder and harder, shaking the floor more and more with every powerful crunching movement. As he flexed his abs, he began to spread his legs wider, stretching his jeans to their greatest possible limit. Hands still behind his head, he pumped his biceps as hard as he could. He could feel the sweat on his muscles as his pecs and abs rubbed up against each other. Flexing everything but his legs, he looked like a god, muscles harder then marble, denser than stone, and pumping bigger with each flex. His abs began to take on the form of concrete slabs, more veins snaking their way over them as he flexed them still harder. At last, he began flexing his giant legs, forcing huge muscles to quiver beneath the jeans. His cock had continued to grow thicker the whole time as he turned himself on with his own muscles, so that it swelled from the hole in his jeans.

He began to moan as he continued to flex all his muscles at once. Through gritted teeth, he cried out “You ready boy?” And as I looked on speechless, he sucked in a deep breath, heaved all his muscles at once, and “AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!” His cock thrust forward from the pathetic jeans, exploding from its torn confinements as his thighs burst the seems, his diamond calf muscles quivering as they tore right through the rest of the fabric. He stood there before me, torn fabric around his ankles, a naked muscle God worthy of worship. His cock, which had now grown so thick and pumped pushed itself further between his pecs. He groaned at the sight of his body, dense muscles packed upon dense muscles. His deep brown eyes looked past his body and cock to me, and he walked toward me and stood in front of my own muscular body, my cock fighting not to cum. His hand wrapped itself around my cock. I tensed as I tried to hold back the cum. He lowered me gently to the floor and began kissing me with those full, moist lips that cap off his Italian charm. Using his hands, he grabbed my shirt at the collar and pulled, tearing the fabric and exposing my torso. His cock hit my abs with a thud as he kissed my pecs, licking my nipples hard and sucking on my abs. My cock pressed hard against his and they rolled over each other, always on top or side by side. I could feel his pre cum lubricating my dick. His hands found the waistline of my pants and Pop! The button went flying as he ripped my pants from my waist, tugging until all the material had been torn from my body. His mouth engulfed my throbbing member, his tongue caressing it in his mouth. He pulled me toward him and I reached out to feel those huge biceps I needed to touch. He flexed them as my hands felt each stone fiber and protruding vein.

“Oh yeah, suck it,” I groaned as I could feel the cum building up as he sucked my dick with his perfect pressure and rhythm. He turned around on his back and let me lay on top of his muscle-packed body as he sucked faster and harder, lifting me to pure ecstasy. “Flex your muscles!” I cried “I wanna fucking feel your power!” With a huge push, he flexed his whole body of muscles, raising me up with his flaring pecs, my face on his cock and abs, I felt the cum rush to the pounding point…. “Uuuunnnnnggg!!.... and with a thrust, I could feel the cum explode from my cock, wave after wave, filling his mouth and overflowing to his face and neck. He lifted me back up when I was done. This was it. This was what I was waiting for.

“You’ve seen my muscles boy, but you haven’t seen me cum.” I quivered upon seeing his body once more flex into the biggest array of veins and striations I could have imagined. He furiously hit a most muscular pose, hitting it harder and harder, flexing everything so vigorously that I could feel the floor vibrating with the intensity of his flexing. He groaned as he pushed and pushed, to expose every last fiber, every last striation and vein in his body. The veins in his neck began to bulge as muscle layered itself upon muscle. His cock started to elongate itself again, becoming thicker and heavier. “RRRGGG!!!” he groaned as his lats flared beyond control and his biceps began to swell larger than his head, his forearms bulging bigger than before. The muscles in his quads stood frozen as he pushed harder. “AAAARRRGGG!!” His cock pushed itself up into his pecs as he flexed them bigger then ever, pounding his cock to cum, frantically squeezing it in between his veiny pecs to shoot its load. My cock began to cum all over again at the raw muscle God, gushing its juice all over my abs and to my neck. With one final movement, every muscle flexed to their ultimate limit, he pushed his pecs so hard into his cock that he cried out in half pain half pure ecstasy as cum shot up to the ceiling, and onto his pecs. Each throb of his cock sent more cum onto his body, wave after wave of beautiful cum, casting his pumped, sweaty body in an even more glistening display of inhuman power. He rubbed the cum into his pecs and abs and flexed them one more time, squeezing the cum back out of his abs, and looking at his biceps with contentment.

He grinned, breathless and wanting more. “Now wait and see what these muscles can do.” •

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