The Future Of The Betaboys


By ParisPhoto

Ethan's recovery was indeed rapid and within days he was back in action. During his convelescence he had time alone with AlphaMan, strengthening their special relationship. As for AlphaMan himself, his regeneration was progressing well. He was itching to go on duty again. He had Ethan fetch one of his old suits to show DeLeone that he could work again.

DeLeone: Looks a bit loose to me. Give it a week or so more.

AlphaMan: Look, I can fly, my strength is at least as great as that of the boys. I can't let them continue to take these risks.

DeLeone: You really are becoming a comedian. Do you think that when you return to duty they are going to go back to their training sessions with you, to give up their patrols, their crime fighting and rescue operations? And you know they will be giving testimony in several cases, including that of the Baron. Ethan, come in here please.

Ethan: Yes, Father?

DeLeone: AlphaMan will be going back to work next week, so you can cancel your appointment with Monsieur Duval for the renewal of your Interpol authorization.

Ethan: You're kidding, Father!

DeLeone: If you will recall, your activities were meant to be temporary, just until AlphaMan regained his muscle size. As you can see, he will soon be up to snuff, and your work can end.

Ethan: But we have made so much progress in these weeks. Are you dissatisfied with our work, Father? AlphaMan, I know we haven't been as efficient as you, but I can't believe you don't trust us to continue.

DeLeone: You see, AlphaMan, I told you it would be hard to put the genie back in the bottle.

AlphaMan: Then it looks like I have four team mates. Welcome to the superhero game, young man!

Ethan: Father, you must let me tell the others. I insist. And you'll come with us, AlphaMan, to see Monsieur Duval and you'll ask him to give us permanent authorizations, won't you?

Ethan did have the privilege of telling his brothers the good news, and AlphaMan did join the BetaBoys for their regular visit to Interpol. A pleasant surprise was that before even hearing AlphaMan's request that the boys receive a permanent authorization, Interpol had already decided to do so. The aging hero and his young proteges flew up toward the sun, each elated for his own perfectly legitimate reasons. AlphaMan had survived the worst experience of his life. He had lost his muscles, his strength, his raison d'etre. Now he was back on the job, and was able to work with and help these young men he had come to grow so very fond of. The boys were taking advantage of their own abilities, the education and training given to them by their father, and the splendid joint gift from their father and their mentor of these muscles, this strength, this power. They were doing the job they were bred to do, and doing it with a man they had come to love. •

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