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The periods between sessions were occupied by training of the growing boys. With the larger volumes of semen available, their growth finally took off, and with the increased height and muscle mass their powers grew accordingly. They were therefore fortunate that AlphaMan had taken on their training. These sessions took place in the nearby desert where they hadtrained with their father, but once their flight powers developed, they could travel farther afield to avoid better the danger of being observed. After their first training session with AlphaMan, the boys reported back to their father, excited and energized with the rush from the use of their enhanced physiques. AlphaMan had accompanied them to make his progress report.

AlphaMan: You have trained them well, Professor. They use their powers as if they had been born to them, almost.

DeLeone: Well whatever you did, it was hell on their tracksuits. They're in tatters! Perhaps you should strip before training with AlphaMan.

Ben: Well, that is a temporary solution, but sooner or later we will need sort of suit.

DeLeone: Actually, AlphaMan, how do you deal with this problem?

AlphaMan: It's not easy. I do go through lots of suits, actually. I work with DuMont, the chemical company. They produce a kevlar-type product and together we have developed a spandex-like product from this material. It is the most highly-resistant elastic there is, and they produce it solely for me for the 30-year period of the patent we hold together. I will have them make some suits up for the boys.

DeLeone: They cannot go by themselves now. They have yet to perfect your hypnotic effect to hide their true identity.

AlphaMan: Yes indeed. I suppose that for these first training suits I could provide a wax mold of each of them. •

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