School for Studs



By Josef Howard

There were only ten of them the next day when they met in the weight room. Eldon looked around at the faces of the guys left. The two who were eliminated must have been weeded out between breakfast and class. He couldn't even remember what they looked like.

Eldon relaxed a little. His reaction yesterday had to have been normal for a guy like him – for a guy like the ones the school wanted anyway. If you're horny enough any hole will do, Eldon's father used to say. Or maybe they couldn't tell what set him off. But Eldon still boned at the thought of the video of the guys cumming. They were so huge in so many ways. Were they graduates of the school? They couldn't be. They were queers. He kept his hands draped in front of his crotch in a vain attempt to hide his bulge. One of the other guys saw him try to hide it and smiled. He wished he'd been able to whack off this morning. He'd whacked off once during the night, but he was afraid to do it more often because there were so many other guys sleeping in the same room close to him. It didn't help that the gym instructor was as big and well built as the guys in the video.

The only person Eldon had ever seen as muscular as their instructor a pro bodybuilder that visited his gym once from out of town. Only the instructor looked even bigger. The sleeves of his XXXL t-shirt were split to accommodate the girth of his arms, and the neck was split down the front to give his pecs enough room to keep them from tearing it apart at the seams. His waist looked practically waspish in comparison. It was only eight a.m. and he already looked like he had a five o'clock shadow even though his hair was light blonde.

The class began with a weigh-in. When Eldon stepped on the scale he was surprised. He weighed 190. It must have been the big meals here at school. Maybe he was getting fat, although his abs were still lean. They gathered around the flat bench.

"This is going to be the most grueling workout of your life. You're going to hurt so bad tonight you'll be too sore to masturbate," the instructor said. "We're going to do circuit training. Could you put six 45s on each side of the bar?" the instructor asked two guys in the class. "You're going to do every set of every exercise with your maximum weight. You're going to start with a set of flat benches, then a set of inclines, then a set of declines, then a set of flies. Then you'll move over there to the stations for legs and do a set of squats, leg curls and calf raises. Then on to the next area of the gym until you've done every exercise. Then you'll come back here to the bench and start over."

The instructor lay back on the bench and lifted the bar over his chest. It was almost six hundred pounds including the bar. He pumped out fifteen and racked it. He looked at the astonished faces of his students and suppressed a grin. The instructor's face was a little flushed but his breath was shallow. "Who's next?" he asked.

One of the other guys volunteered. Four plates were removed from each side before he began.

"I'm going to be working out with you. If I see you're not sweating and out of breath, I'm going to double your weights," the instructor shouted as he moved to the incline press.

Eldon started with 260 on the bench – his current eight rep maximum. He was surprised at how light it felt. He did an easy twelve reps, so he kept going. At eighteen reps he felt fatigued and stopped. He'd have to err on the heavy side on all his weights.

The biggest of the other guys, Aaron, loaded his bench up with eight plates – over 400 pounds. A couple guys paused to see him pump out 14 reps.

Eldon was stronger than usual on every exercise, and stronger the second time around the circuit than the first. His muscles swelled with blood. His veins squirmed under his skin. He was breathing heavy and sweating, but he wasn't out of breath or feeling weak. On the contrary, he'd never felt more powerful and strong. He grew more daring with his weight increases because it never seemed like he was hitting his maximums. The third time around he was benching 350 and squatting 400 – weights he never thought he'd lift without years of lifting and serious steroid abuse.

He wasn't alone. All the guys were pumped and grinning like Cheshire cats, moving as quickly from station to station as they could.

The stronger he got, the tighter Eldon's clothing felt. It had to be his imagination, but it almost felt like he was going to burst out of his clothes. His t-shirt was as tight as his skin around this chest, shoulders and arms, and soaking with sweat.

As he was doing his fifth set of dead lifts– with six hundred pounds – Eldon felt the material around his shoulders strain and he heard a rip. He rolled his shoulders back at the top of the lift and heard it again. He'd actually torn a sleeve from his shirt. On the next rep his other sleeve tore. Before the set was over he'd torn the wet ass out of his gym shorts too.

Eldon dropped the bar on the cradle, wedged his fist into his shirt collar and tore off his shirt. His soaking torso heaved with his deep breaths. While the guy behind him watched and waited, Eldon flexed. He squeezed out a most-muscular, then a double biceps. A couple other pairs of eyes fixed on his image in the mirror. He'd never looked so big in his life. It was like he'd gained twenty pounds during this workout, but that was impossible! Still everyone looked like their clothing was strained and before they'd completed another circuit half of the guys had their shirts torn off and were getting off on flexing in front of the mirrors between sets.

Eldon was boned and not even trying to hide it anymore. Most of the other guys were boned too. Straight or gay, any guy would get boned at the thought of being this strong, getting this big in one workout, and feeling like this was only the beginning.

On his last bench, Eldon loaded up the bar with 750 pounds. The last circuit, he'd done ten reps with 700. He was past wondering how this could be happening. He was enjoying it all too much to care. What the fuck, he thought, and he put on two more twenty-fives.

Eldon settled in on the bench, he positioned his hands evenly on the bar, dropped his shoulders down and pushed up. The weight resisted. Eldon pushed harder, lifted it over his head and moved it into place over his chest. He lowered. He strained. His chest, arms and shoulders were sore, but the weight moved slowly up. He lowered it again. Somehow it felt easier the second time. The eighth time was harder, the ninth worse yet, but Eldon was determined to do ten. He closed his eyes and lowered the weight. Eight hundred pounds rested on his bulging chest. His delts and his arms were stretched tight. He heaved and the weight rose slowly, his arms locked out and he set the weight down.

Every one of his last sets were the same. He loaded up extra heavy, adding more weight than it seemed possible he'd be able to lift, and every time his muscles came through.

After finishing with a set of 160 pound standing dumbbell curls in front of the mirror and watching the biceps in his arms swell like squeezed water balloons, Eldon set the weights down, walked unobtrusively into the locker room and dropped his pants in the toilet stall. His boner was practically purple. He wet his hands with the sweat from his arms and stroked. He tried to think about the receptionist he'd boned a couple of days ago, but the images of his own body kept crowding those thoughts out. And the higher he felt his thoughts began to drift back to the video from yesterday and the guys with the enormous cocks and huge muscles. If they let them in the gym a few more days, he'd be almost as big as they were. The loop of them cumming started to play in his mind until he felt his whole body tremble, his legs shake and cum erupted from his furiously hard cock. Eldon lost all sense of his surroundings for a minute. He screamed in pleasure and pounded the puss out of himself. When he could see straight again he saw he'd sprayed the walls of the stall pretty thoroughly. He unrolled some toilet paper and wiped up enough of the cum from the walls to pass for clean.

When he returned to the gym the other guys were clustered around the flat bench cheering. Aaron had finished his ten circuits and was doing one more bench . . . with ten plates on either side of the bar -- a finishing weight of 945 pounds. His bare chest bulged obscenely as he grunted through the reps, each one seemingly easier than the one before. Eldon started to get hard all over again. It looked like Aaron was filling out in the crotch too, but not many people noticed. They were too mesmerized by his heaving chest. Half way though the set, they started to chant the reps, "Six, seven, eight, nine, ten…" Aaron breezed past twelve. "Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen…" At twenty-five, with still no sign of fatigue, Aaron racked the bar and sat up, flexing his arms in the crab pose, the striations of his pectorals in bold relief like deep cuts in the muscle. The students cheered and clapped. The instructor patted him on the back and lifted him to his feet.

"That's enough for today. You'll get another shot at the gym later," the instructor told them. •

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