School for Studs



By Josef Howard

None of the clothes the men brought with them to the school fit the next day. Not a single shirt. Not a single pair of pants. The barracks advisor handed out oversized thin cotton hospital garments to wear to class. Half the guys put on just the pants. They were too proud of their newly muscled chests and arms to cover them.

The morning started with a weigh-in. There was a lot of shoulder punching and back slapping. The smallest of the students now tipped the scales at 203. Aaron weighed almost 280. Eldon weighed 240 pounds. Unbelievable! None of the size from his pump yesterday was gone. In fact he thought he looked bigger still.

The guys thought they were headed back to the gym today, but instead they were led to a large room with more booths and strange equipment. Their instructor was the guy from day one, the average sized Joe they now all outweighed by at least fifty pounds.

"In today's lab session we separate the potential studs from the horny little boys," he said. "The men a few of you will become will be required to put the pleasure of our clients ahead of their own. Today we test your self control and your endurance." He glanced at his clip board. "Curtis. Which one of you is Curtis?"

A man in the back of the pack of standing students pushed his way to the front. He was shorter than Eldon and some of the others but beefier. Even before yesterday's workout he'd been big. Now he was the widest one of the class even though he was only 5' 8".

"Curtis, I need a volunteer. I want you to come over here to this machine."

The machine was a stainless steel box about the size of a small refrigerator with a rubber rimmed opening near the top. The instructor attached wires that dangled from the ceiling to his forehead and temples with adhesive tape. The wires hummed against his skull. Curtis blinked. In some inexplicable way everything and everyone in the room looked different, even though he couldn't pinpoint the change.

"Untie your pants," the instructor said.

Curtis tugged his loose hospital pants down to his wide muscular thighs where they rested on the wide outward sweep of his thighs. His dick was a brown uncut monster that was the size of formidable banana even when it was soft. It flopped out over the untied waistband.

"You like blowjobs, Curtis?"

Curtis flashed the instructor a dumb-faced grin.

"Put your dick inside the hole, Curtis."

Curtis' dick already sprouted a couple inches just hearing the word 'blowjob'. He slid his fattening cock through the hole. It was warm and wet inside. The machine began to hum. The opening shrank slightly around his dick. Something slick stroked his prick and it instantly expanded to its full length and girth. Curtis fell forward as it sucked his dick all the way inside, then kept on sucking and slurping, tugging like a wet mouthed vacuum. Curtis' eyes and teeth clenched shut. "Oh- ho-ho!"

The other guys in the class were all hard just from hearing him and seeing his face.

"Feel good, Curtis?" the instructor asked.

"Fuck, yes!" Not many women could even get past the head of his monster prick. Occasionally he'd had one who'd gotten more than halfway, but he'd never had the sensation of being completely engulfed by a warm, wet sucking mouth. The machine felt different than a woman's mouth too. Better, coarser, more vigorous, like it might feel to have another guy suck it.

"Now, here's the challenge, Curtis. No matter how excited you get, I want you to resist cumming."

Curtis face was contorting as the machine gave him what was easily the best blowjob of his life. He was already swaying gently, fucking it as it sucked him. He was plainly in another place, perhaps not even able to hear the instructor's voice.

"Do you hear me, Curtis?" the instructor lifted Curtis' tightly clenched eyelids and shouted. "No matter how badly you want to, you WILL NOT CUM! If you cum you will be dropped from the program!"

Curtis's eyes found the instructor's. As the words sank in his expression changed from pre-orgasmic excitation to bewildered fear.

"And don't take your dick out!"

Curtis gritted his teeth and closed his eyes. He tried to think of anything but the intense, sucking sensation on his long thick shaft and the occasional squeeze the machine gave him at the base of his cock. His dick felt like a balloon about to burst. The cum built up pressure like mercury in a thermometer of boiling water. The suction inside the machine grew stronger. Curtis wanted to cum more than he wanted to breathe. Sweat beaded all over his body and rolled down his face and his arms and his legs. A quart of cum was inexorably pushing into the head of his fat dick. When it reached his piss slit Curtis could no longer resist. He shouted and screamed and cried as he fucked his cock into the sucking machine as hard as he could. Cum squirted from his cock so hard it almost hurt. Cream squirted out from tight silky seal around his prick. The more Curtis bucked, the stronger he came, more cum than he had ever unloaded in his life, until the volume almost frightened him. He shivered and shook and shed sweat like a wet dog.

Not a cock in the crowd was limp as the men watched the machine suck Curtis dry. Eldon held his hands over his crotch to keep his prick sticking straight out from his groin and creating an outrageously large ten in his loose pants were soaked with precum. It didn't help that he'd been sexually frustrated for so long.

When Curtis finally collapsed on the top of the machine, his cock still buried inside, still dripping cum, the instructor cut the power. Two men, the same outrageous size of all the assistants at the school, entered the room. Each draped one of Curtis' limp arms around his neck and carried him out.

"The rest of you will hopefully do better," the instructor said. He motioned to the booths along the back wall, each with a machine just like the one that had disqualified Curtis, their former compatriot. The men positioned themselves in front of them, hidden from each other by the walls of the booths.

Eldon untied his pants and let them fall to the floor. His cock was still hard from watching Curtis' orgasm and he doubted he would last half as long. But he couldn't afford to fail. Without his diploma, without the job the school promised, he was doomed to a life of menial labor at minimum wage. If he was lucky he might find a job that allowed him to make use of the strength he'd built up in the gym yesterday, but more likely he'd find himself limited by his appearance in town where big bellies were the norm, and not muscle bellies.

As the instructor connected Eldon the ends of the wires to Eldon's forehead, temple, chest and arms and turned on his machine, Eldon slid his hard prick slowly inside. From the minute the moist ring touched his quivering dick head, Eldon was entranced. The machine was better than any woman he'd ever had, and he'd had plenty. He resisted the impulse to push further inside. Instead he let the gentle sucking of the machine draw him slowly in. The machine seemed to sense his reticence. Warm slick fluid seeped into the cavity that encapsulated the first couple inches of his formidable dick and what felt like the softest tongue in the world began to lick the under side of his cock. Eldon heard several of the others began to groan. The machine sucked deeply and drew inch after inch of Eldon's cock inside.

Eldon's eyes closed and an image of the men in the video from the first day formed in his mind. Though his eyes were shut, Eldon could see in vivid Technicolor the extremely muscular man kneeling before him, his full red lips drawing up and down his cock, the bristle of two days growth of beard scratching the tender skin of his dick. His eyes looked up into Eldon's face with profound adoration. His mouth opened wide and amazingly he devoured the remaining half of Eldon's cock, drawing it deep inside his muscular throat and sucking with a ferocity Eldon had never before imagined. Eldon braced himself on the triangular traps that rose like the neck of a cobra from his huge round shoulders to his ears. Eldon knew he wasn't there, but his warm, sweaty muscles felt as real as his own. Suddenly Eldon saw the other man standing at his side and felt his thickly muscled hand on his chest. The fingers squeezed his rock hard nipple. Eldon turned his head and sucked on his tongue, drawing them together in the hottest kiss he'd ever had.

What was happening? Why was he having these thoughts? What were they doing to him?

Eldon laid both his hands on the sides of his kneeling lover's head and drew his mouth down again on his cock. Nothing had ever felt so good on his young prick. Nothing had ever felt so right, and no one had ever made him feel so excited. Eldon wanted the feeling to continue forever and to stand next to these gods of masculine power for the rest of his life, one of them worshiping him and the other allowing him to worship in turn.

No matter how hard Eldon fucked his lover's face, the man was never fazed. He only redoubled his efforts to please him. Eldon looked down past his stone hard, purple cock, past his fuzzy balls drawn up to its side, anxious to empty themselves into his lover's throat. Inside the hands of his kneeling lover, drenched in saliva that dropped from his sucking mouth, was the largest cock Eldon had ever seen. Was it sixteen inches? Longer? Surely the angle or his excited state was causing him to hallucinate. Wasn't this whole scene an hallucination? Was this a hallucination inside the hallucination?

He looked down at the groin of the stud standing next to him. If the first one was fevered imagination, how did he explain the monster sprouting from the second man? It was even bigger, stretching all the way up his stomach to the edge of the man's pecs and drooling precum like a leaky faucet. His standing lover saw him admire it and smiled. He pulled Eldon's head down by the back of his neck. Eldon licked at the bubbling precum and engulfed the head. It was soft as wet silk and sweet as honeyed sweat. Pure sexual electricity flowed from the connection he'd made, his mouth on one cock, his other lover's mouth on his own, and made his whole body tingle and quiver.

Just as he felt he was about to cum, Eldon felt the sucking stop. The images cleared from his vision and he was back in the classroom. He withdrew his purple, swollen dick from the hole.

"Very good," the instructor said. "You've survived the first round."

How long had the first round lasted? Eldon wondered. In one way it had seemed like only a few minutes. In another way it had felt like hours. However long it had gone on, Eldon knew he wouldn't have lasted if it hadn't been for the scene he'd lived inside his head. Did it come from his own mind or had they put it inside his head somehow? It couldn't have been them. What good was a queer to a stud service? What good would he be to anyone? Yet even now his thoughts drifted back to the two fantastic lovers and the scene in his head. It had been more real than any dream he'd ever had, and he wanted to relive it again and again.

"Ready for the second round?" the instructor asked.

The room was silent. Not many men thought they'd be able to survive another round. One by one, the instructor turned their machines back on and guided them back inside. Eldon moaned in saddened delight. It was all too good to resist.

"The first part of this is easy," the instructor said. "I want you to let go. I want you to cum."

After holding back so long, it was almost difficult to relax. Then Eldon heard the first of his classmates holler. Another one spat an expletive. Eldon felt his wood stiffen as the cum pushed up to the base of his dick. He wanted to cum, but it was almost a point of pride that he not be so easy. Then his mind flashed on his fantasy lovers. He heard the one at his feet whimper and moan and felt hot cum squirting on his leg. Eldon bent down and wrapped his mouth around the cock of the one standing next to him. He tongued it inside his mouth and sucked like a vacuum. It jerked in his mouth and unloaded. Eldon lost his resistance. His toes curled upward and he ejaculated.

Distantly, as though the sound was a voiceover to the scene he was in, Eldon heard the instructor speak, "Feel good? Now I want you to cum again." Eldon heard an erotic howl as his classmates began to comply. "In fact I want you to keep cumming. Over and over and over. Until you're dry. The men who cum the most stay. The man who dries up first is expelled. And the man who cums the least is also out of here."

A shiver ran down Eldon's spine, but it wasn't enough of a shock to shake him from his vivid hallucinatory daydream.

And Eldon didn't feel the least bit sated by his long delayed orgasm. Not that one orgasm had ever been enough to satisfy him, but this time, oddly, he felt even hornier than he had felt this morning. Eldon was briefly suspicious of the school, the things they had put in his veins, the food they had given him, even the training, but then as Eldon put his hands under the arms of his kneeling lover, lifted him to his feet and turned him around, he forgot everything but the sight of the man's broadly muscular ass. It seemed sadly incomplete to him, empty. He positioned his cum drenched cock between the cheeks and poked. His lover pushed back without hesitation and he slid deep inside.

The man's anus squeezed the base of Eldon's dick and Eldon felt an electric jolt. His balls bounced in his scrotum and cum gushed out again. Eldon pumped the hot, slick ass and cum gushed more forcefully. It felt as thought this hard, hairy ass was sucking the cum from his balls. And the harder Eldon pounded the harder it gushed until, drenched with his own sweat his collapsed on his lover's back.

Then he felt a blunt intruder at the entrance to his anus and the broad, thick hand of his other lover on his back. Eldon had never been fucked before in his life. Like most straight men, he had feared even the thought of it. Now he wanted nothing more than to be impaled on the truncheon he had swallowed moments before, and to feel stuffed and complete. As it slid up inside him, Eldon felt it harden. It tugged and pulled at his guts and straightened them out to accommodate it's amazing length. When he felt the man's bull balls brush against his ass cheeks, Eldon gasped and came. As the cum poured again from his balls, the man dug himself deep inside Eldon's guts, familiarizing every inch of his cock with the insides of Eldon's quivering ass. When Eldon's spasms stopped again, the man drew back, pulling Eldon out of the man beneath him, then plunged deep, driving them both back inside. Two more strokes and Eldon was cumming again. This time the volume was even greater. Eldon felt like he would collapse inside from expelling so much of himself out his dick. The pounding continued, more forcefully, faster, and Eldon kept cumming, without pause until he collapsed in limp ecstasy, too weak to move, conscious only of the force of his spurts and the pounding in his ass.

Eldon awoke on the cold hard surface of the machine that had drained him dry. Some of his compatriots were still passed out. Others we finding their feet again and stretching their limbs. The instructor was removing gallon-sized cum reservoirs from the machines. Eldon's was full and over flowing. Most were more than half full.

"Excellent!" the instructor said.

In the cold florescent light of the classroom, Eldon felt sheepish and ashamed, sure than his secret fantasies would be found out and he would be expelled. His eyes stayed on the ground as he filed out of the room with the others and collapsed on his bunk. Yet with one eye open, he couldn't help but watch the other students undress and feel excitement to see them naked. He almost thought a few of them were stealing glances at one another. •

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