Anything You Say

By Musclebuff

(Thanks as always to FantTCdude and Absman for the fantastic inspiration I get from their tales and, of course, to ManOfSteel for David and to my friend OpenView for stoking my libido beyond belief)


*Uh, sir! Can I have a word?*

Guess so. What is it?

*Uh, ever since I was fourteen I've wanted to be a bodybuilder. But a big one, like you, sir... *


*Would you train me to be one, sir? Some of the other guys in the class....*

Why a bodybuilder? Why not a footballer, or a wrestler? Make some use of the muscle.

*Sir, I'm nor really into football. Might try wrestling, yeah, guess I'd like that, fighting with all that muscle. But not until I've got big, sir. Really big muscles. Like yours.*

So you like muscle, huh?

*Fuck, yeah, sir! Nothing like it - and I want it like hell, sir!*

You don't use language luck "fuck" around here, boy - at least, not until you've earned it.

*Sorry, sir. How do I do that, sir?*

Guess you got me there, kid. Let's have a look at you. Strip. Uh huh. Not bad. Anyways, better than I expected.

*What did you expect, sir?*

Always thought you were a bit lf a wuss, kid. Guess I'm surprised you want muscle so bad. Or is it just the guys with the muscles you want so bad? Shit, didn't mean to make you blush. But I need an answer.

*Sir, all I want right now is big muscles. As fu- as big as you can get them sir.* *Wanna look like you, sir, and be in contests.*

Ha! And how far are you prepared to go to do that, kid? What are you now, sixteen, seventeen?

*Seventeen going on eighteen, sir. Eighteen next week. And, yes, I'll do anything. Anything at all. Whatever you want. Whatever you say. Just get me big muscles like yours, sir!*

Pretty determined, huh? Tell you what, I'll give you a week's trial to see how much you can take, OK.

*Gee, thanks. Sir! I mean it, sir, anything.*

You can start by calling me Coach, not Sir. And you can start taking this special protein powder two scoops, three times a day between meals and report here every day after classes, OK?

*Fuck, yes! Sorry, sir Coach! Every fu- , every day, Coach. Gee, thanks!*


Well, kiddo, you're doing pretty well. I can see you've put on some size already. Have you weighed yourself?

*Yes, Coach. Gone up eight pounds in the week.*

Hmm. Not enough. Need at least ten a week from now on. And we'll cut back on the cardio for a few weeks, so you don't burn so much.

*But won't that make me fat, Coach? Want muscle, not fat.*

Heck, kid - don't think you'll ever be fat! You can worry about that when you've put some more muscle on. I've been impressed by the intensity of your workouts. I think we'll up them to three on and one off instead of two on, OK?

*Anything you say, Coach. Anything you want.*

Hmm. Anything else *you* want right now?

*Gee, Coach. Mm - mm - would you flex your bis for me?*

Sure, kid - how's that? Big enough for you?**

*[gulp] Can I feel them? **So fucking, big! Gee, sorry, Coach.*

Yeah, they are fucking big, aren't they? Go ahead, feel how big and hard they are. Get your paws on to that big, hard muscle, boy! Want you to feel what real muscle feels like, OK? Shit, kid what's that thick tube in your shorts all about, huh? No, don't stop feeling the muscle. Run your finger down that deep cleft in the middle. Good, huh? Try it with your tongue, you'll enjoy that! Oh, yeah, like that! Don't mind if I feel your reaction, huh?

Pretty fucking hard that boner of yours, kid. Move on to my pecs now. Cup all that muscle in your greedy hands. Yeah, feel around like that. Lick those hard nips - see how excited you're getting me? OK, kid - enough for now - need to keep all that muscle milk inside your balls don't want any accidents, do we?

*Shit, Coach I.....*

Hey! Keep it in, I said!

*Shit, Coach, you're squeezing my balls so hard. Aaargh!*

That's just to keep you from exploding all over me, kid! Save it all up for another day.

*You mean..?*

I don't mean anything, but I gotta see that you've got your mind on building *your* muscle, not lusting after mine, OK?

*Gee. Coach, sorry if I..... but feeling your bis was so fantastic *

Of course it was! Glad you liked it! But there's a time and place etc etc bla bla. You've gotta earn all that with your workouts, see? Think of it as an incentive, OK?


Hey, you're doin' OK kid! Can see some real muscle on you now., huh?

*Shit, yeah, Coach! Look like one of those football studs already!*

Yeah, but that's only a beginning. You gotta work out harder and gharder now. We're upping to seven days on, one off, from today! OK?

*You bet, Coach! Coach?*

Yeah, kid?

*Well, it's been a few weeks now since since well, you know what. Do you think I've earned anything yet?*

Guess, we'll see at the end of this week. You're gonna need some new incentive to get through your new workouts and I don't want you wasting your energies over me. Guess you've not been able to avoid jacking off a few times in the last five weeks, huh? Hey, no need to blush we're all guys here but you gotta remember you're in training, so don't waste it all! You need all that spunk to build up your strength and with it your muscle.

*Sure, Coach. But *

Oh, yeah, I know "but"! You'll enjoy it all the more when you've starved yourself of lusting after me! Maybe it'll put you in the right frame of mind for what I want you to do now.

*Sure, Coach, anything! What is it?*

You sure about that "anything"? OK, well. Gonna stick you with this stuff once a week for the next few weeks

*(Shit - a few weeks?)*

What was that?

*Nothing, Coach. Anything you say.*

Huh! Sounded mighty like a complaint to me! You want all this or not?

*Oh, sure, Coach, Please! Anything? Will it hurt?*

No pain no gain, they say. You ready? Stick out your butt. There! Not too bad, huh?

*Hey, Coach! Didn't feel a thing! Wanna do another?*

Greed gets you nowhere. We'll see how this does you for the next month. Then we'll reassess.

*Hey, Coach, at least flex for me, huh? Let me see those humongous quads flex?*

I guess. So here we go!

*Shit, Coach! They're fucking gigantic! You gonna get mine like that? Shit, Coach, I wanna be as big as you all over! Can't I feel them? Jeez, those lats are a mile wide and a mile thick. Shit, man, you're blowing my mind! Never seen you do this before.... Those tris are driving me crazy *

Hey, kid! I'm gonna stop if you even think of touching that boner of yours. Get that hand off it! How about these hams and the calves? Fucking huge, huh? Ever seen any like this before?

*Fuck, no! Gonna cum------- *

(Wham!) Oh no you're not! You cum and we're finished! You cum when I tell you to cum and not before, or I'll slap your handsome mug again! Got that? Now get down to that bench press and give me twenty! Build those pretty pecs another inch before we finish today!


Very good, kid. Up to one ninety-eight. And all of it nice hard muscle. Soon be as big as me! Ha ha!

*Shit, Coach! I'm already bigger than that bully Boxleitner on the squad...*


*Not big enough yet, Coach. Gotta be bigger than you eventually.*

And you will, if you do as you're told. Then the whole squad'll be wanting to get into your pants.

*Some of them do already. No, no! It's OK! I haven't let anyone touch me! (Yet.)*

I've never known anyone who gets a boner like you do for his entire workout. You must be an extreme case!

*It's 'cos I'm saving myself up, as you told me, Coach. Saving up for that day.*

What day might that be, kid?

*Shit, Coach. Don't have to tell you that, do I? Doesn't this tell you what? *

Hey, out that boner back in your pants! We gotta finish up this delt workout. Need to get you a few inches wider up there.

*And when we've finished??*

We'll see.

(End of workout:)

OK, now strip. Wanna see exactly where we've got to and what you need to work on, OK? Yeah, pretty impressive, though I do say so.

*You stripping too, Coach?*

Oh yeah. From now on we workout together. Everything together.

*Shit, Coach, your boner's bigger than mine!*

*(*All the better to ...... ) C'mon now - first posing lesson. We'll do it together in this big mirror. No, wait! First we need some of this. I'll spray it on you and then you can spray it on me.

*Hey, it's cold! Shit - look how it shows up the muscles! Wow!* *Even there, Coach?*

Even there. Now do me. That's right. All over. Now we smooth it all in. Yeah, feel all that muscle under this paper-thin skin! This is what you'll be like before long. Pretty good now, but I know you'll never bee satisfied until --

*Until I'm bigger than you! *

If you can get that boner out of the way, give me a bi. C'mon, nice and hard. Yeah, like that

*Shit, Coach! Look at this bi! It's got a bit of a cleft in - and, fuck! There's a vein running over it!*

Soon have them running all over you everywhere.

*Wow! Just great!*

Now give me a good hard flex - harder! Concentrate! Get that vein pumping all that strength into you. Harder! Shit, yeah! *Now* you've got a muscle.

*Gee, Coach! What're you doing with that other hand? Oh, fuck it feels so good! Oh, shit, don't make me cum! Oh fuck! Aww fuck yeah! Coach, you're driving me cra *

After a pause for further action:

*Shit, Coach!....*

Never been kissed before, kiddo? Lots more where that came from!

*Hey, careful! You're nearly crushing me on the mat!*

Like it, kiddo? I know I do! I promised you a reward AND I have to teach you some more. Time you learned how to worship up close and not just gawping at me from a safe distance. Get your head down there for a start.

Mind those teeth!


Yeah, like that! Enjoying it, kiddo? Feels real good to me. Yeah, I can tell you're enjoying by the way you're doing it! Hey, you're pretty good at it, as if you'd had a lot of practice! No? OK well don't stop. Just get your those big quads of yours up here around my head. Yeah. Now enjoy this!

Sixty-nine is joined and many satisfied moans ensue from both ends.* *

*Awwgggh! Shit, coach! What're doin' with that finger?*

Not a finger - it's my thumb. Shut up and enjoy!

*Oh, shit, fuck yeah! Shit, Coach, you've got your fingers on ... ??*

Your prostate, kid - the joy button where all the fun and all the muscle comes from. Now get yours up mine and your face back on my fuckpole! Yeah - we'll roll on our sides so your big pecs can squash against mine! Aww, fuck yeah! You've got it! Here we go!

Some time later a mutual explosion leaves our new muscle-boy shattered.

Shit, kiddo! *Now* you're allowed to say "fuck" 'cos I'm gonna fuck you! You've got nice and relaxed from all that and you should really enjoy it. Get those great quads up in the air - yeah, boy, here I come! (Whammo!) Been waiting unghh for this unghh for weeks and unngh unghh -- I know you have! *Unghh Unghh Unggh! (Etc)*

*Sure, Coach! Fuck me with all that big muscle, Coach! Fuck me hard, man! Show me what being a muscle-dude's all about, huh! Yeah! Like that! Fuckin' fuck me, dude! Two muscle hunks fucking together, huh? Oh oh oh oh! Yeah! Harder! harder! Aww, fuck., yeah! Wanna feel your fuckin' big muscle fucking me, muscle-god! Aww, yeah! Aww, YEAH!*

You wanna feel my muscle? Well, you're feeling it! You wanna get fucked? Well, you're getting fucked! You wanna get big muscle like mine? Well, you're getting it! And fucking how you're gettin' it, muscle-stud junior! Gonna make you REAL big! Do what I tell you and you'll, be fuckin' huge! Gonna fill you with that stuff and watch you grow as you rep out those great big muscles! Gonna fill you with my cum with my DNA so you won't know yourself! I can already see it growing: your pecs are twice as thick as they were a coupla weeks ago, your arms too. Amazing tris, and your quads are sweeping out better than most guys who've been at it for years. As for your back and those giant lats of yours - they're growing all the time! They're fucking great to feel and squeeze already You'll be my big fuckin' brother, kiddo! Then you'll have earned the right to fuck me! Till then, you get fucked whenever I say, maybe every time I stick you with the stuff. 'N that's gonna be once a day from now on, so get ready for all that fucking!

*Shit, Coach! Gonna cum! Can't stop it! You're fucking it out of me, man! Fucking me with all your great muscle, you fucking muscle-god! Yeah, flex for me like that! Make me see all that muscle as well as feeling it! Make me lust after all that muscle for myself! I can feel it growing all the time now. I love feeling your huge muscle flesh. Turns me on like nothing else! I'm gonna grab hold of those huge pecs now and cum!*

Yeah, kiddo! Almost there! Yeah, squeeze those pecs o' mine in your greedy paws! Squeeze the cum outa me while I fuck it outa you! C'mon! C'MON! *YEAH! AAAAAARGH AAAAARGH! *

*Fill me. Coach! Fuckin' fill me! Wanna feel that hot muscle-milk bursting into my muscles! Yeah Yeah yeah! AAAAAAAAGH! AAAAAARGH! Fuckin' MUSCLE-CU-U-U-U-U-U-M! * * * * * * * C'n see all those veins running all over your pecs, you arms, your abs! Fantastic, man! Fucking fantastic! Your pecs are like huge cliffs of muscle hanging over me your abs are so fucking beautiful! Your delts are wider than the mat! Fuck, Coach! I want you so bad! I always have! Just wait till I'm bigger 'n you so I can fuck you like you fuck me!*

Do as I tell you, kiddo, and you won't have long to wait! Shit, kid! Look at your fuck-rod! It's still stiff after all that and it's as long as mine already! Look!

*Want it up your ass, Coach?*

When you've earned it, kiddo! When you've earned it! When you're bigger than me an you can tell me where to put it, *then* I'll be glad to have you fuck me! Till then

*Till then?*

Till then it's two work outs a day, six days a week, gallons of protein, gallons of water, hundreds of pills and two kinds of stick every other day. And probably a daily fuck too. OK?

*Anything you say, Coach!*

C'm 'ere, Kiddo!

*Anything you say!*


Good workout, Kiddo. That big back of yours coming along nicely. Yeah, I can feel those lats throbbing under my hands. Even got a good cleft in your lower back for me to run my thumb up. Feel that, boy? Yeah, flex those lats for me pull those delts back, let me see those junior boulders growing! Shit, they feel good in my hands!

*Your hands stroking and squeezing me feel good to me too. Getting you a boner, Coach? Know I am!*

Mebbe it's time for your next worship lesson. Kiddo. Feel like it?

*Feel like it, Coach?* *When would I not feel like it? Lead on, sir!*

I'll lead you on, OK! Let's go up on the roof. Those Boxleitner guys won't bother us there. What I have in mind is too risky down here.

*On the roof, Coach? Won't that be *

Nah - put a couple of wrestling mats up there this morning - case you felt like it! C'mon!

*Wow, it's warm up here, Coach!*

Not as warm as you're gonna get in a half-hour or so, Kiddo. Now strip. Get your ass down on those mats and we'll rassle some first. Get me real warmed up.

*Looks to me as if you're pretty well warmed up already, Coach!*

Nine of your cheek, little boy! Sassy boys get slapped down!

*Ooh, sir! You've sure got me real terrified!*

How about this then?

*Ooh, that hurt! Hey, you're strangling me! Wow! That slap on my butt felt real warm! And real good! Do it again! Yes yes! Ummph! Shit, you're so fucking heavy, lying on top of me! Those three hundred pounds -*

All the better to fuck you with, Kiddo! Open your mouth!

Slight pause for kisses.**

Like that, boy? Like my tongue down your throat?

*Shit, yes! Always feels real good. How about mine down yours - you like that?*

One of these days I'll suck it right out of your head, Kiddo! Yes, I like it real good.

*Nnngh! (*Slobber, slobber)

*Your hand feels so good on the back of my neck when you pull my head up like that means we can go on kissing forever. Oh, yeah! Fucking yeah! Kiss my ear - yeah, lick it like that!*

See, you can learn something new every day, kid. Now get your paws on my pecs and make me feel them.

*Shit, Coach, Worshiping your pecs while you worship mine is fantastic! When you sit up over me like that I can really get a whole load of pec flesh in my hands all at once!*

Time they got hold of a whole load of fuck flesh, boy! Yeah, get those two big paws around my boner and make me feel them! That's right! Shit, you're gettin' to be good at this, boy!* *Aww, fuck, yeah! How d'you like this?

*Jackin' each other off together, Coach? Just great! We should always do it like this. Aww, shit, yeah! Feels fucking awesome, Coach!*

Nice using my other hand to feel out your pecs - gettin' to be big, too. Nice and thick. Good sweep to 'em. Abs are pretty sensational too - but they were before you started all this.

*You mean you noticed? Even when I was a wuss?*

You bet, kiddo!* *If you hadn't come on to me, I wouldn't have waited much longer to get you into my net. How d'you like this?

*Ow, wow! Yeah! Suck those nips! Bite them, Coach! Oh fucking yeah!! Nice nibble! Your huge delts feel so good.... Gonna make me cum if your go on *

*Oh, fuck! Not my abs! I can feel your tongue mountaineering over them - goin' on down? Aww shit! Inside of my thighs so darned sensitive! Oh fuck! *

*You're torturing my dick by not touching it!*

Want me to touch it? Like this? Want me to jack you off? Nah! Too soon, kiddo!

*Shit, sir! You're too heavy for me - oh, yeah! Suck those bis! Get that tongue in that cleft! Oh yeah! run it over those thick veins, boss! Yeah, like that! Makes me feel real good when my muscle god appreciates my muscle, I can tell you! Oh, fuck! That's something new my chin in your mouth! Oh, oh! Just let me got my hands on those big glutes - feel that? Shit yeah, you feel it, don't you, big guy?! Oh, yeah! Sit up!*

Think your dick needs some alternative training, kiddo.

*So you're whacking it against your gigantic pecs? That turn you on, boss?*

*It's dangerous, I warn you!*

Not as dangerous as this, boy! Yeah, feel the tip of it rasping against my beard stubble! Like that?

*Oh, oh! Fuck! Stop! No, go on! Shit - too fucking much! Fuck, stop! Naaaah, don't! Driving me crazy -OOOOOOOH!*

Yeah, you can like it or hate it, it'll stop you cumming too soon, I guarantee. Here, have some more!

Rasp, rasp, rasp. Screams of agony. Screams of ecstacy.

How about this?

*Feels sooooooo good when you suck my balls and jack me at the same time, Coach.*

That's 'cos I got your fuckpole so sensitized on my beard! (Slurp, slurp) No I'm gonna stick my thumb between your balls, like this gets you real hard, huh? Then I'm gonna suck the sides of your dick like this....

*Oh, oh! Yeah, suck it! Suck that dick! Deep throat it, man! Yeah, like that! Feels real good when you squeeze my balls at the same time....*

I'll squeeze them real hard if you look like cumming. Gotta learn to control, OK?

*Control? (Gasp gasp) Guess so, Coach. If you say so. But when you nibble my dick like that........*

OK, time out.

*When you sit over me like that it's pretty impossible to control myself. Gotta take it outa you somehow *

Yeah, hit my pecs like that! Slap 'em hard! Twist my nips! Get your anger outa me so that I kin get excited, boyo! Yeah, harder! Squeeze my balls, or I'll cum too! YEAH!

*But it just made you drop your 300 on top of me again. Can hardly breathe! *

How's this then, if we roll on to our sides?

*Yeah, better! Shit, your huge quads feel good when I stroke them like this. You've got such a big sweep on them. Wanna feel those glutes again. Yeah, turn around.*

Slap and squeeze them as much as you like, kiddo. Feel just how huge they really are. All those squats'll soon get yours as big too you want that?

*Shit, Coach! I want everything! You know that!*

This too, boy? Yeah, get your fuck-face into my butt, boy! Not gonna let you out of this hold till you get your tongue deep in my hole! Good boy! Yeah! Fuck that hole with your long tongue. Yeah! Yeah! Get in there deep! Shit, yeah! You're too fuckin' good at this, boy! Go on doin' that and you'll force me to fuck you! Hey, I said "stop", not "faster"! OK, you've asked for it!

*Shit, Coach! Thought you were gonna fuck me! But you're sucking my ass now! Fucking teasing my crack! Can't you get it in?*

Oh, yes!* *I can get it in whenever I want, but I gotta get you ready too!* *So sit back against me, boy, and let me grab your pec-flesh. Those nips need some extra treatment.

*Sitting back on your lap feels real good, Coach. With your hands mauling my pecs and your dick dry-fucking my glutes. Is this just a warm-up or what? I'm gettin' to feel real frustrated!*

That's good, boy! Just gettin' you nice and hot for me, OK? Now, get your head down! Yeah, like that! Here it comes!

*Oh, fuck, Coach! Yeah, get that huge fuck-rod up me! Get those twelve inches in deep!* *Yeah, let me help!*

When you ram your butt back like that, boy, I feel like my dick's crashing against the end of the tunnel! This hard enough for you?

*As hard as you can go, Coach! Oh yeah! NOW I can feel it! Shit, yeah! Aww, fuck yeah, Coach. Fill me up again gimme your DNA! Nah - don't come out yet!* **

Shit, Kiddo! You're just too fuckin' good at it! You've fucked it out of me yourself and now it's all over your back! Gallons of it. Hey, wait!

*Oh, shit, Coach! That wasn't nearly long enough. So fucking good, man!*

Not finished yet, boyo, Plenty more where that came from.

*What're you doin', Coach? Lickin' it all up off my back. Geez, that tongue of yours gives me goosebumps!* **

Turn around boy and take this from me!

*What you mean, Coach? Swallow your *

All objections temporarily stifled by two pairs of locked lips and a lot of mutual slurping between them.

On to your back, boy. Get your legs around my waist. Your turn next! How d'you like this?

*Ugh! Your finger's almost as thick as your dick! Oh wow, yes! Feels real good. Specially when you wiggle it like that! Fuck yeah - you've found the joy-button OK! Oh, man! Driving me crazy! Shit, the callouses on your hands feel so good on my dick. Oh shit! That three fingers? Oh wow! Oh yes!*

*Jack me off good, Coach! Shit, my balls feel sooo good in your mouth! Suck 'em hard, Coach! Fucking three-way attack! Oh oh oh! Gonna cum! Gonna cum!*

Yeah, boy! Cum for me! Cum for your MuscleCoach! Yeah! Good fountain of cum all over you! Shit, yeah! Seem to have milked the cow* *out of you! You're covered in it!

*Oh shit, Coach! Stop jackin' me! Stop, PLEEZE! Shit, it's torture! Oh oh stop!*

(Whispering in the boy's ear) No it ain't! It's perfect! Just gonna make your balls churn some and then make more muscle-milk for you. Just feel those hard callouses worshiping your dick, boyo! Feel them rasping that thick fuck-tube of yours! Yeah, that's right! Knew you had more in you! Yeah, a few more good spurts! That's right! Not feeding you all that protein for nothing boy! And those sticks do wonders for the splooge factory in your nuts! Now, just see what we're gonna do

*Using my splooge to lube yourself, Coach? But......*

Very good lube it is too, boyo. Nice and slimy. See how my dick's enjoying it? Gettin' real hard again, see? Must have good chemistry between us. Legs up! Yeah, squeeze my delts with those quads, boy! DEEEEEP breath, yeah, and in we go!

*Uh uh uh uh uh uh! Can you stop with my dick now, Coach? Just fuck me! Can't take any more from your jackin' me!*

Oh, yes, you can! As much as I say you can. Gonna go on till I cum again and this time it'll take much longer! You'll see! You'll wanna cum so much very soon and you'll be beggin' me to cum too. But that's not gonna happen till I say so. I need to see those muscles of yours swelling and swelling while I fuck us both. Then soon you'll be bigger'n me, boyo! Big fucking muscles - great *unnh *big *unnh *huge *unnh *fucking *unnh unnh unnh *muscles

Grab my pecs or my tris, kiddo, and we'll fuck each other to the moon and back. Yeah, I can see your delts gettin' bigger with every thrust of my dick. Guess your quads and hams are too 'cos they're squeezing me harder 'n harder. Soon be your pecs. Can't see you back

*But I can feel it, Coach. Lats swelling, neck getting thicker shit, Coach, feels so good! Soon be able to top you and fuck you to the moon, yeah?*

Anything you say, Kiddo! Anything you say! •

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