Another Choice

By xythan_shadow

Hey gang, this story is similar to the orignial Choice but different. It's going to be a two parter and I hope you guys enjoy!

Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy's first law of Equivalent Exchange. In those days, we really believed that to be the world's one, and only, truth.

— Alphonse Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist

When you are an avatar of Chaos, you get to see many things. Fate, the bitch she is, can be cruel sometimes, dealing out calamites and blessings as if they were no more than mere pieces of candy. I’ve seen the most deserving individuals treated as scum, and I’ve seen the most evil, vile, corrupted individuals exalted as gods. But one thing I can say about Fate is, she does have a sense of humor. How else would Chaos or Order be able to change things?

Each person has their vice, and when you’ve existed for millennia, you tend to be able to recognize them easily. My favorite vice to work with is the admiration of beauty, more specifically, muscle. Sure, I’ve changed people into great fighters, lovers, philosophers, and learned men, but there’s something about the simplistic nature of a person wanting to be more appealing that makes it easy to manipulate. Besides, the world would be a lot less chaotic if everyone was well educated.

Sometimes, the vices of men overpower them so, they tend not to think rationally. While I will explain the nature of the exchange so that the participant fully understands the gravity of the situation, sometimes I encounter individuals who are so caught up in the chance that they could care less the cost and demand that I do it right then. It gives me what you would call ‘artistic freedom’ on the method I choose to do the exchange. One memorable incident comes to mind that I will share with you.

Lee was a 20 something year old male that had never worked for anything in his life. His parents spoiled him from the moment he was born. He was an only child and had never wanted for anything in his life except one thing, a huge muscular body with a cock to match. Sounds simple right, just work out hard enough and get some cosmetic surgery and you can have your dream. But as I said before, Fate, being the bitch she can be, has a sense of humor. Despite being born prematurely, Lee was lucky to even be around since his parents had suffered through several miscarriages already, but he would always carry the ramifications of a very difficult pregnancy. His parents were very overprotective of him, not allowing him to participate in any sports or do anything that would risk injuring their precious child. So, while his parents gave him every material possession he could possibly want, they couldn’t give him what he truly desired.

But, before you feel sorry for him, let me continue with his early life. Lee, for a kid who was always smaller and weaker than everyone else, flaunted his money and position with reckless abandon. He had most adults wrapped around his finger due to his parent’s wealth. Seeing the hold that money had on the adults, he terrorized his classmates, demanding that they succumb to his will. When they would not, Lee would feign injury and have them suspended or expelled. And this was when he was young. In high school, he had hired some of the largest jocks to do his bidding. While they hated working for such a pompous ass, they loved playing their various sports and couldn’t risk being kicked off the teams. So they obeyed his orders and did whatever vile or despicable act he wanted. From the jocks to the nerds, no one was safe from Lee’s wrath.

After he bought his way out of high school, Lee’s parents got him into a prestigious college. Lee didn’t care about actually learning anything, but decided to use this as a chance to explore his most recent discovery: Muscle worship. Lee moved to San Francisco and spent thousands upon thousands of dollars hiring bodybuilders, athletes and muscle bears to pose and flex for him. He enjoyed ordering around these massive slabs of men around, but in the back of his mind, it always left him feeling empty at the end because he wanted to ‘be’ the muscle man, not just have it do what he said.

Lee looked into all kinds of cosmetic surgery, but each doctor he went to said the same thing. He was in no shape to have this kind of invasive surgery done to him. A botox shot or a small adjustment would be possible, but Lee wanted muscle and penis implants, and that was beyond possible. So, his dream shattered, Lee continued to hire people, pushing them further and further to make himself feel better. He wanted them to suck him off or let him fuck them, anything to further assert his authority over the muscle he couldn’t have. He would have the biggest and baddest guys to do the most humiliating things imaginable. If they were to refuse, an ‘anonymous’ call was made to the police, telling them certain people were in possession of steroids or other illegal drugs that he had a personal team plant in their gym bag or home. Lee had around 17 decent men arrested and convicted before long. Word got around about him and those who couldn’t resist the temptation of the funds he represented were cautious not to offend the little dictator in any way. This is around the point where I stepped in.

I placed a special ad for my ‘services’ where I knew he would find it and almost immediately, he called setting up an appointment. I scheduled a meeting at his private penthouse for that afternoon and I began to prepare for the occasion. I decided to go with a hulking 7 foot tall man, wider than any pro bodybuilder. My chest was going to hang out in front of me, pushing my nipples downward. I opted to go with a more exaggerated V-shape, making my chest near 80 inches around and my waist in the neighborhood of 30 inches. I paid specific attention to the arms, which I knew Lee coveted more than anything. I started by extending the upper arms slightly, making them slightly longer than the forearms. Then I applied hair by rubbing my fingers down the length of them, acting as if they were an artist’s brush. The hair flowed evenly along the outside of my arm, all the way down to halfway up the hand. I then applied a tan, making it lighter as it went up my arm, providing the illusion that I wore really short sleeved shirts all the time. I then made the skin on the arms extremely tight and thin, revealing a massive network of veins that pulsed and flowed barely underneath the flesh. Smiling at the base work, I increased the proportions of the upper and lower arms till my biceps stood at a pleasurable 28 inches cold and my forearms measured 24 inches in diameter.

I also increased the size of my hands and fingers, making them massive enough to hold a basketball comfortably while strong enough to palm the heaviest bowling ball with no strain. Going back to the chest, I opted for a hair pattern that would be light, giving the illusion that it was growing back after a recent competition. I drew the outline around the pecs, filling it in with a light layer of cinnamon hair. Pleasure trails always get people like Lee off, so I drew a noticeable one right down the center of my 6 pack. Looking back at the cobblestone abs, I decided to make them a 12 pack instead. I smile as the abs split and separate, marveling at the definition of the solid muscle. I work back up the body, extending the pec shelf a bit and thickening the neck to around 20 inches.

The legs were my next destination. I decided to go with huge columns of muscle, making each quad 34 inches around, exactly 4 inches larger than the waist. Flexing them a bit, I made sure they looked like they could support massive amounts of weight and the body that goes with it. I decided to add two more inches to them, making them 36 inches in total of ripped, throbbing power. The calves were next, and I was sure I wanted them to be cows instead. I started at 20 inches, flexing the diamond shaped muscle back and forth. Feeling that it wasn’t enough, I slowly grew them until I felt they matched the legs and possessed unfathomable power, stopping at barely under 30 inches. I applied the same layer of hair that I had to the chest along the legs and I also gave them a rich golden wheat tan.

The feet were my next project. I opted to go with huge and wide. I started by making them size 15 shoes, but looking at them in conjunction with the rest of the body, they paled in comparison. I immediately jumped them up to size 20 4E. Lifting the foot off the ground and wiggling it around, I saw the veins jump and dance. Thinking they needed to be just a little more, I up them to size 22’s. They were now massive enough that special shoes would have to be made, but they fit the massive mountain of muscle I was creating.

Next was the cock and balls. Obviously they had to be huge, but how much should I go for today I wonder. I start by extending the meat down to around 10 inches. “Nope, not good enough, it looks too plain and normal.” I think as I stretch it even further. I stop when it hangs around 2 inches above the knees. Feeling the length of it, I go to the increase the girth. I think 8 inches around soft should be enough to have an extremely noticeable package, so I stop there. I also give it a special quality which I like to call “compacted meat”. It’s when the cock looks to be once size small, but almost doubles in length and girth when it gets hard. I think this monster should get up to almost 20 inches in length and almost a foot in width. I leave the pubic area clean and smooth but then decide to apply a very very light layer of hair to the balls.

Finally I go to the face. Lee never was a very hairy person, but his most favorite people were the very bearded types. I opt to go for a heavy 5 o’clock shadow of dark cinnamon hair. I don’t feel like having a moustache on this one, so I skip that. I decide to go for a military look, a face that inspires authority. I give myself a clean buzz cut and an exceptionally square jaw. I narrow my eyes as if I’ve been in bright sunshine for too long. I tear off a small part of my right ear as if a dog bit me and I add a scar on my left eyebrow. I give myself a few additional faded scars from years of playing sports and also a nose that has been reset from various injuries. Finally, I include a brilliant smile. But the smile is all me, depicting the cunning and jovial nature of the Chaos I represent.

Now for the clothing. Of course, I pack all this sausage into an extra large jockstrap, making sure it seems filled to the point of rupturing. The pouch containing my meat hangs low and comfortably, bulging obscenely against the fabric of the jock. But the persona I want to convey gives me pause. I could go outright bold in my appearance or I could be more reserved. I decide to go bold today and start materializing clothing on my body. I start with a chain choker, platinum and tight, barely fitting around my thick neck. Every time I flex, the chain is stretched to the point of snapping and with enough pressure, I can cause it to fly off.

Then next is the shirt. I basically paint on a red T-shirt with a logo of a massive arm flexing where the shirt pocket would be. I rip it along the sternum down to the bottom of my pecs so that the shirt reveals the massive crease in my chest. The fabric strains to contain my muscle as I breathe in and out and I smile at the sight. I make the sleeve barely cover a quarter of my massive arms and make sure that when I flex them, you can hear the fabric stretch. The shirt goes down and sticks to my 12 pack like spandex and I make the shirt stop short of my waist.

I then add shorts, starting with a baggy pair that hung low, revealing my sculpted ass and beautiful crack. I tighten them slowly until the point where they begin to tear along the widest part of my leg. That is the point where I rip the bottom off so I have exceptionally short shorts, bursting forth with muscle. I shrink them down a bit more, exaggerating the tearing so that the tears flow up a little along the outsides of my legs. I shrink the crotch area just enough to the point where my package is evident to a blind man but enough room for it to flow freely. I decided not to go for posing trunks on this occasion, opting to let people see the tanned ass I gave myself.

I go next to the shoes. I started with weight lifting shoes, but they didn’t feel right for this look. I then switched to sneakers, but they weren’t good enough. Going with sport sandals though seemed perfect, revealing the massive feet and their musculature. I finish off the look with a pair of sport sunglasses trimmed with chrome and reflective in nature. Conjuring a mirror to gaze at myself, I’m pleased with the work and go off to meet Lee who is unprepared for his meeting with Chaos.

Lee greeted me at the door with a smile but soon his face dropped as he was staring into my stomach. He stood around 5’1’’ high and was frail, almost girlish in physique. He stood there drooling and tenting up in his pants for a few moments before I say in a gruff, deep baritone, “So little man, am I just going to stand outside your door all day, or are you going to invite me in.” My words shocked him back to reality and he stepped away from the door telling me to come in.

I waste no time and begin a little show for him. Picking him up with one hand, I close the door behind me. I walk towards this living room area carrying him like he was mere luggage. I take my massive hand and rub his small bulge and say, “From the looks of it, you seem to really like me. How about this?” I slowly bring my giant right arm to a flex and hear the fabric strain to contain my might, letting the bicep come to a half peak before lowering my arm. Still holding Lee in mid-air, I repeat the process, slowly coming to a full flex, getting a nice pump in the arm. Finally, I flex hard and the biceps burst forth in a mountain of power, rendering the sleeve asunder. I move Lee over to the huge arm and rub him across it as if he were a dish rag. I feel his tongue licking it furiously as I move him along the peak. “Yeah, the little man likes that huge muscle, doesn’t he. How about some more.” I move him away from my arm and hold him out in front of me so he can see the rip in my shirt and the groove of my chest. I slowly do a crab flex, allowing him to hear the shirt give way before the tremendous power of my muscles. With one swift motion, my upper torso bursts free and the tattered remains of the shirt hang around my abs. I bounce my pecs a few times, chuckling as I do so. Again, I use Lee to like a cloth to rub my muscles, slowly drawing him over my chest. I feel a light trail of saliva as his tongue works my pecs. I lean him down to where my shirt hangs onto my abs and I order him, “Remove this!” He grabs onto the shirt and tugs feebly but accomplishes nothing. I put him down on a nearby couch and grunt, “So weak and feeble.” I take one finger and tug the fabric away from my body, easily ripping it apart.

Lee sat on the couch mesmerized by my divine physique and I knew he was almost prepared. Through his pants I can see the beginning of a wet spot and I decide to push it a little further. I slowly draw my hand down the contours of my chest and abs, moaning slightly to further arouse him. He fumbles to take off his pants but I stop him. Picking him up again by the waist, I grunt, “Allow me.” Taking two meaty fingers, I rip off his shirt, his pants and his boxers revealing his pale frail physique. I stifle a laugh intentionally to goad him on then drop him back on to his couch.

Seeing his tiny prick throbbing for release, Lee tries to order me to suck it. I bellow a huge laugh and say, “No, I think this would be easier.” Raising my massive arms over my head, I look at him and smile. In one smooth motion, I combine a squat with a double biceps pose. My shorts, which were straining to contain my pillars of muscles and my extraordinary cock, lose their battle and fly off with the fury of a hurricane. This performance causes Lee to cum violently, spurting his insignificant load all over himself. I continue to chuckle at him, seeing his pleasure intermingle with his self enforced need to dominate.

“I want to fuck you,” Lee states.

I laugh at him and say, “You little man, want to fuck me? A god?” I slowly draw down my jock, letting my beast free. “No, little man. I think I have a better idea.” I smile and stare at Lee as blood begins to course to my massive cock and Lee’s face turns white with horror as he realizes my intent.

“You can’t do this!! BILL!!” Lee screams.

I bellow a laugh and say, “Sorry Lee, no one is here to save you. Not Bill or Greg. I told them I would take care of you tonight, and they were happy to hear what I had in mind.” If Lee could look any more scared than he was right now, I’d be surprised to see it. By now, my tool was raging and pouring pre and Lee was as frightened as a small animal trapped by a bear. He tries to run but I reach out and pick him up by the waist. He flails wildly trying to break my iron grip, but I squeeze a bit tighter, showing him who’s in charge.

“You see Lee, while your money can do many things, like get you what you want and even make some people do what you want, they can’t give you this.” I flex my massive arm, “Or this.” I tug on my steel-like meat. I walk him over to his bed which is big enough to fit even someone of my exaggerated size. “Nor can your money do this.” I toss him on the bed and hold him down with my index finger. He thrashes about trying to move under the enormous mass and pressure of my hand. My other hand rubs his pale ass and he immediately realizes what’s coming. He clenches his butt as hard as he can and I laugh. “You think your weak and insignificant muscles can stop this? You can’t even move this one finger with your whole body, what makes you think you can bar entry to your man pussy. This cock can and will ravage you.”

Lee whimpers and cries and I don’t even bother about lubing his hole or my cock. I use my free hand to spread his cheeks apart and he starts screaming and pleading for me to stop. I laugh and state frankly, “Did you ever listen to the pleas of everyone you’ve walked over in your years of living? Did you even hear them ask for you to stop? I bet you can’t even remember them, can you? Well, let me show you a small taste of the pain you’ve caused.” I know my meat would kill him if I were to insert it even partially, but the mushroom head is more than enough for me to get my point across. As violently and uncaring as I possibly can, I ram the head of my cock into his ass. His scream would be music to the ears of the people who made him suffer, but to me it’s just a means to my end.

He passes out shortly after and I smile. I materialize the same clothing I was wearing when I came in. I materialize a chair to fit my mass and I sit down, waiting for him to recover. He comes to in about an hour and sits up on the bed gingerly, his ass still red and sore from my entry. He sees me sitting comfortably across the room in the clothes I had destroyed and jumps back.

I smile my brilliant smile and say, “So Lee, now do you see that money isn’t everything?” Lee nods his head yes. “I’ve known that you’ve wanted to have a body to be proud of for years, and I can do something about that.”

Lee mutters, “I can’t lift or have surgery, what could you possibly do?” I smile again and clap my hands.

Instantly we’re transported to my dimension. He appears in a leather lounge chair while I sit in a huge chair. “My name is Kaos, and I am an avatar of Chaos. I’ve come to offer you a once in a lifetime chance. Watch this.” A television materializes and plays a little snip of Fullmetal Alchemist. The voice I’ve come to enjoy of Alphonse goes through the concept of the Equivalent Exchange as Lee listens intently. I grab his attention again and explain the full process.

“That is how I work. In exchange for a body that you can only dream of having, I ask in payment your most prized possession.”

Lee says to me, “Whatever you want, my car, my hotel, my money, it’s yours.”

I chuckle again, “You foolish foolish mortals. Always feeling that your most prized possession is something tangible. Come now Lee, even you must realize that you care nothing for those material trinkets.”

I walk closer to him, “No Lee, your most prized possession is your lofty pride. There’s nothing you wouldn’t do to make sure your image stayed intact. And that is the cost of the exchange. You will have a muscle god’s body in exchange for your pride.”

“Whatever the cost, I am willing to pay. Just do it!” Lee commands.

I look at him with a grin and a glint in my eye, “Are you sure you don’t want to hear the full details of the exchange?”

“No, just fucking give me that body and take what is owed for it.” Lee screams before I can even finish my statement.

I smile and clap my hands. Instantly he falls over in a coma like sleep. This gives me freedom to think about how the terms of the exchange will play out. I decide that he should learn humility instead of having his pride stripped away. Running my fingers through my beard, a wonderful and amusing idea pops into my head. I clap my hands once more and Lee’s body begins to shrink and grow younger. I watch him with a mischievous grin as he reverts to an age of 8. I then look at his body. It’s even more frail and sickly than before. I give him the body of a healthy kid, but keep him slender. I give him a darker skin tone, change his face and hair a bit. Floating him up into the air, I examine my work. He seems a bit short, so I stretch him out a bit, laughing as he extends vertically and becomes a beanpole. He stands as tall now at 8 years old as he did when we started. Nodding my head, I come to the conclusion that this will be a good start. I laugh aloud as I clap my hands once more.

“Carl! Wake up! It’s time for school!”

Lee rolls over in his bed. Moaning aloud, he pulls the covers over his head. A woman walks into the room and places her hands on her hips. “Carlos Demetri Sanders, if you don’t get out of the bed right now, I swear I will whip you until you can’t sit down.”

Lee moans and thinks, “God I wish whoever she was talking to would get up. Wait, why is she in my room? What bed is this? Where am I?” Lee jumps up and looks around. He sees a room he’s never seen before, posters of sports players scattered about the wall, ragged clothing lying across the floor and a woman of around 40 standing in the door.

“It’s about time you got up. Hurry up, you’re going to be late for school.” Lee looks at her like she’s lost her mind, he hasn’t went to school in a few years now. He continues to glace around the foreign room when he catches an unknown reflection in a nearby mirror. The image shows him as he’s never seen himself. He’s still short, but that’s the only thing that’s the same. Where he used to be a pale, sickly kid, he looks healthy and vibrant. But where is skin was always smooth and unblemished, now stands a few scars and bruises. As he touches one, suddenly images and memories rush into his head. Suddenly he remembers a life he’s never lived, being a fairly active kid in a poor neighborhood, going to school being teased and called ‘Carla’ and other memories . But his logical mind starts conflicting with these new memories. “No, I’m Lee. This can’t be me. This can’t be my life,” he screams to himself when I pause the whole scene. Appearing before him in the same form I was in before, I say, “Oh, but yes Lee, this is your life now. You should’ve listened to the details. There’s no instant gratification here. I am bound my agreement, but you have to learn humility for yourself. I’ve left you with your memories of your past life, and even given you a head start on your new life. I hope you enjoy your new life as much as I’m going to enjoy watching you. I chuckle and smile him my grin as I fade from view. The last thing I hear before I resume time is, “No! It wasn’t supposed to be like this!!!”

I project my voice into his head before time resumes, “You never asked how it was supposed to be.” •

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