Olympia Bound

By Steen

Mike had a body most men would die for and most women desired to touch. Yet in the world of competitive bodybuilding that simply didn’t make the grade. At an average height of 5’8 and a competitive weight 225lbs Mike had lingered around the top echelons of the amateur circuit, but knew he wouldn’t be able to break out of the amateurs into the professionals with his current body. After his third place placing Mike felt more dejected than ever as he left the stage. All he wanted to do was grab his bag, get into his car and head home. Mike crossed the dark parking lot, only illuminated by the occasional flickering florescent tube when he felt a tap on his shoulder. ‘Excuse, you are Mike Thompson aren’t you’, said a pretty female voice, ‘I was watching you routine on stage and, to be honest, thought you were robbed.’ Mike turned to see a pretty brunette, around 5’3 looking up at him. Her features and her slender body not only made her beautiful, but somehow she looked delicate, refined…fragile. ‘That’s me…how can I help you Mrs…’ ‘Oh I’m Heather, Heather Jordan. You can call me Heather though. I represent a new supplement company and would like to know whether you would be interested in being sponsored by us,’ she held out a slender, porcelain white hand to shake. Mike couldn’t believe it. This kind of thing only happened to pros, or really successful amateurs. Maybe this day wouldn’t be so bad after all. Belatedly, and a little too vigorously, he responded and shook Heather’s hand in response. ‘What would you like me to do’, responded an obviously excited Mike. ‘Well, we have a new product in the pipe-line and would be very grateful if you could try it out for a few weeks. You see, we’ve developed what’s called an Intelligent Hyper-Protein or IHP for short. Tests so far have shown it increases muscle mass dramatically while lowering levels of bodyfat, all over a matter of a few weeks. It could revolutionize the supplement industry’, she said enthusiastically, ‘I figured, this being your last contest of the season, you’ll now want to pack on some more size. And of course with all the exposure this product will get, we can assure you will be rewarded. All you need to do is try it out and tell us what you think.’ While Mike was more than a little skeptical about the claims made the diminutive brunette in front of him, he could sure use the money, and with the exposure she says this product will get who knows what benefits might come his way. ‘What do I need to do’ he replied nonchalantly. ‘Great, I’ll just get the relevant papers from my car for you to sign’, and off trotted this small, smiling brunette back to her car.

Two weeks later Mike received his package and was reading the instructions in the kitchen. 'Take only two scoops a day. Will increase muscle mass significantly' it instructed. ‘Oh well, here we go’ Mike said. The taste didn’t seem anything out of the ordinary. At least he was getting his protein powder free from now. Hopefully he could reach his off-season target weight of 245lbs on this stuff. A few weeks passed, and Mike was delighted with how things were going. Already he was up to 247lbs and he still looked in contest shape. His training was going awesome as well, and besides being hungry all the time, he felt great. He rang Heather to tell her how things were going, and she too sounded genuinely happy at his progress. She only urged him to carry on with the two-scoops a day dose, since this ensures his body would carry on with this ultimate growth spurt. Besides this would be against his contract and Mike really wouldn’t want to wreck this. Another three weeks past and things had just got better. Mike couldn’t believe what the scales were saying – 295lbs. He had to change gyms several times when people started to get suspicious – even the steroid users – of his phenomenal growth. At this point though, just over half way through the trial period he had promised Heather he would try this product, he thought he would he would cut back a bit. He was already bigger than anything he could have possibly imagined, and if he didn’t take the powder for a few weeks it’s not like anyone will know.

Two weeks later Mike stood on the scales more than a little frightened. He hadn’t taken the powder; he hadn’t even trained for the past week. Yet the scale said 350lbs. At least that’s what he could make out in his long bathroom mirror since he no longer look down. Even if he could move his head as fully as he used to – it was now more or less fused between an ever-rising set of traps – all he could see was chest. If he was over 6 foot maybe he could have gotten away with this amount of mass, but it was simply too much for his relatively short stature. He lumbered off the scale moving slowly out of the room, shuffling sideways out the doorway since this was the only to get out of the rooms in his apartment now. His body was becoming a real hindrance now and he wanted to call Heather to find out what the hell was going on. He dialed the number and put the phone on speakerphone since he could no longer bend his arm enough to bring the receiver to his ear. ‘Good Morning, Heather Jordan speaking.’ ‘Hi, it Mike, Mike Thompson. You’ve got to help me. That product you gave me, it’s working too well. I’m getting too big and it not stopping…I can’t train properly, I can barely shower myself, I can’t even shave. If it gets much worse I won’t even be able to feed myself. Please help’, the panic in his voice was obvious. ‘Did you follow the instructions’ she said rather coldly. There was a long silence. ‘I stopped taking the powder two weeks ago’ Mike confessed. ‘What’, the annoyance in Heather’s voice was obvious. ‘The reason why we call it an intelligent protein was because we have managed to fuse nanite technology with basic nutritional science. If you had continued, like I said you would have leveled out at 300lbs, but because you stopped prematurely the nanite proteins have begun to replicate.’ ‘What! Please there’s got to be something you can give me, please.’ ‘Don’t worry; it’s quite easy to stop the growth. But before I do, and since you’re in gross breach of contract, I just need you to try another product.’ ‘No way, not after this.’ Mike’s reply was peppered with a few expletives. ‘Ok I suppose I’ll just leave you to grow…how much weight can a human carry before bones begin to crack I wonder’, Heather said cruelly. ‘What’s the product?’, Mike said dejectedly. ‘It’s just a tanning cream. All you have to do is model it, I’ll take a few photos and then we’ll see to it that you growth stops. We’ll even make sure that your body carries the amount of muscle you had when you approached 300lbs. You'll make it to the Olympia stage for sure…how’s that sound’, Heather said. ‘Just a few hours, then you’ll fix things...I don’t see what choice I have.’ ‘Great, I’ll see you on Friday.’ Friday was four days away.

Heather pulled up outside Mike’s apartment just as the September sun was setting. All she carried was a small black briefcase. She rang the bell…nothing…she rang it again and waited. Just as she was about to turn away she heard a deep voice inside bellow it was open. She opened the door, and the first thing she noticed was the smell. It was like a men’s locker room only much worse. She made her way to the living room and found the room in semi-darkness. All she could see was a huge silhouette in font of the north window. ‘Please, you have to help me. I haven’t been able to eat or drink since yesterday evening and I’ve been standing up since this morning…if I try to sit or lay down I won’t be able to get up again.’ Just then she flicked the switch. What she was presented with was grotesque yet fascinating. The thickness of Mike’s thighs splayed his feet out wide and the thickness of Mike’s lats made his arms stick out at a 60 degree angle. It was obvious from the thickness of his abs he could no longer bend forward and his traps trapped his muscular head in a perpetual forward glance. ‘Can we just get this over with’ he said angrily. ‘OK, ok’, said Heather, ‘but first we’re going to need to clean you up a bit.’ I’ll wash and shave you where you stand. She produced I bottled of liquid soap, a razor and some hair clippers from her brief-case. First she proceeded to clip every last bit of body hair of the naked bodybuilder before her and then proceeded to wash down his ruddy colored skin. Her light touch sent shivers through Mike’s body and in different circumstances this would have been a dream come true. But this was not the time to get horny. She then covered his rough beard in foam and dragged the razor deftly over his hyper-masculine chin. Again her touch sent wave upon wave of erotic pleasure surging through his body, but at the same time he realized he could do nothing to stop her except maybe fall on her and that would kill them both. With this body, the strongest human body in the world, he could fling her across the room for what she had done to him, but all he could muster was a few inches of movement in his arms. ‘There almost done’ she said and spiked up his dark brown hair withsome gel, ‘now for the product. I’ll be back in a minute.’ Mike saw her leave the room and a few minutes later came back with what looked like a large metallic looking disc, six feet across and half a foot thick. She plopped it on the floor and beckoned Mike to get on it. This was easier said than done. After a number of futile attempts Mike managed to get some kind of half waddle-half walk going and eventually after about half an hour got on the disk. It was dark outside now and Heather closed the blinds. ‘Are, almost forgot’, said Heather, ‘we can’t have you naked. I’ve brought some posing briefs specifically for your unique size. They fasten with velcro at the sides so not even you will have a problem getting into them.’ Swiftly she placed them on Mike and all he noticed was how snug they were and how they were the same color as the disc he was on. ‘Right, now we’re ready’, she produced what looked like a spray can, ‘this will allow me to apply the tan evenly…I won’t be even touching you. As I’m spraying can you flex more for me? I know you're too musclebound to get into any poses but can you try and flex you body while I’m spraying. Mike was silent but responded. Then it began. She started around the feet and worked his way up the monstrous calves and thighs. It took a good half an hour to cover everything up to his navel before she was satisfied, but he didn’t care. The spray felt cool and remained so which was not a problem since it had been an exceptionally warm September and at his size he had been sweating profusely. She carried on ever upwards. Next came the arms, then abs and chest and finally the next. She gave one quick spray over his closed mouth and then stopped. Just then he wondered where the photographic equipment was. However his thoughts were interrupted when Heather asked, ‘Can you wiggle you toes for me?’ This was an odd question but Mike responded without thinking. Nothing happened. He tried again and still nothing. He tried to bend forward the few inches he could but nothing. Fear gripped him and sweat appeared in his heavily ridged brow. Just then he saw Heather bend down and caress his feet; he felt it all but there was nothing he could do to stop her. He was immobile. He tried to say stop but his jaw was just as disobedient…unyielding as his feet. Just then Heather came into direct view and traced a delicate white finger along his still slightly rough square jaw. Mike was powerless to stop her. Then playfully she tapped his huge chest. His ears were greeted by an unfamiliar sound…a dull, metallic thud. Again she came into view and the fear in his eyes was obvious. ‘See I told you I could easily stop the growth’ she said. Mike only now realized how cruel her eyes looked. ‘You see I’ve made quite a name for myself. I produced bronze sculptures for various clients. In this instance it was the IFBB. They wanted a new trophy for this October’s Olympia that reflects the musclebound physiques that now stride today’s bodybuilding stage. They think I’m just a talented sculptress. No one knows that I’ve managed to marry the very different worlds of nano-technology with ancient Greek magic. You see you never asked the name of the company I represent. Publicly I’m an employee of GS Designs, but we go under the much more ancient name of the Gorgon Sisterhood and I use my talents to further my own prosperity – the completed commission…I mean you should fetch me a tidy sum.’ Mike now realized he was now looking up. He was now level with her beautifully curved breasts. ‘You see Mike,’ she continued, ‘you were perfect, a virtual unknown who was desperate to pay any price to get onto the professional stage. Well you wish is granted. In just two weeks you’ll be on the greatest bodybuilding stage on earth.’ And with that, she finished spraying.

Ronnie was so proud. Yet another win. Locking his display case, he looked up proudly at yet another Olympia trophy. He liked the new design as well. Impossibly muscular with a determined look on its face. Made him want to push himself harder for next year. He lumbered off to get some well-deserved rest, not realizing the gaze of the tiny bronze pupiless eyes of his latest triumph followed him across the room. •

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