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This one is straight, yes I'm straight and I come here. There's no actual growth in it, but explinations will be intense and forth coming in later sections. This part is only 30 minutes work so it's only short but the rest of the story should be done soon.

It had been just over 8 months since I moved in with my girl friend Ali. She had a smll farm on the outskirts of Sydney, that was perfect for both of us to get to work easily.

For the last few weeks we were inseparable because we knew she had to go down to Melbourne to be at her cousins wedding. Even though I had already proposed and received her fatherís permission, no mean feat let me tell you, I didnít know her whole family well enough to join her in Melbourne for the wedding.

We headed off to bed early that night so she could get up in plenty of time to get the plane.

It always amazed me, no matter what time she had to wake up, no matter how early, she never once needed an alarm clock, it was almost as if she was tuned into time itself. Me on the other hand, a nuclear explosion would have a hard time waking me up.

As expected I slept until well after she was supposed to leave, even though I had told her to wake me up so I could see her off. I didnít mind too much, the airline had recently allowed passengers to use their mobile phones in flight, so I knew I could talk to her while she was flying down to Melbourne.

I woke up, groggy as normal, at 9:18am. The house was quiet, even for a Saturday, Iím used to hearing the galahs squawking or the magpies carrying on, but this morning, nothing. Even the normal morning fridge sound was absent.

I looked up to the ceiling, missing the warmth that came from Ali while she laid on the bed on the weekend waiting for me to get up. Which did mean she had to lay there for 5 hours, until midday. What my friends had said was madness I found it cute. She would have something for me to eat and drink when I finally got up, but she didnít leave my side until I was awake and out of the bed. Although if I tried to go back to bed after I got up, sheíd bite my head off, but it always turned into a bit of a game, especially on a Saturday night when we ďwereĒ going to go out.

Finally, after a good 15 minutes of thinking about nothing I decided it was time to do something. Seeing as I had no one at home with me, and no neighbors close by I check the clock. 9:33am. Her plane should have left Sydney airport 3 minutes ago.

Thatís when I noticed the sheet was higher than normal on me. Usually the bed close sit on my body and give me plenty of room to easily look to my side and down at my feet. This morning though, the sheet was almost at eye level which made it slightly more difficult to see the clock.

Still somewhat groggy I used my right hand to pull the sheet back down from up near my eye level. It wouldnít move easily, in fact I felt it pulling on my shoulder. The last time I felt something like that was when Ali was trying to get me out of bed by pulling the sheets down off the bed while was still in them.

Still the sheet didnít budge. It sat close to my eye level and pulled down on my shoulder.

That was it. It was earlier than normal to get out of bed, but I had to ring Ali and ask why she didnít wake me up, and the bed sheet wasnít doing what I wanted.

I pulled the sheet off and was amazed at what I saw. My arm was HUGE, Daryl Eastlake huge. My forearm was thicker than any legs I have ever seen. My forearm thicker than any legs, this looked strange. But it was only the beginning.

My eyes continued their journey down towards my elbow. Even my normally average elbow was larger than before the shadow from my forearm making it hard to make out the usually obvious blue vein.

While my elbow was thinner than my forearm it was still thinker than any thigh I had ever seen.

I was starting the freak out just looking at my thick elbow. How could an average mans elbow, usually only just over 30 centimetres end up being well over a metre. It just doesnít seem right, or normal. Especially after just one nights' sleep. Surly I must be dreaming. It couldnít be real.

But it was. My heart was racing, my brain was going in to meltdown. If my fore arm and elbow are this big, what will my upper arm look like.

My questions were soon answered as my eyes headed towards the flesh that was my upper arm. In comparison my fore arm and elbow looked small, but then again they always have looked smaller than my upper arms. Even unflexed the separation between my bicep and tricep was obvious. The bicep was huge and round sitting further away from my elbow than you would expect with its massive size. The same was occurring with my tricep. While it wasnít as close as to my elbow as I thought it would have been, it was obviously sitting closer than my bicep thanks to the straightness of my arm causing it to flex slightly. While it was slightly flexed it was also still round and smooth.

The shadow from the over hang of the bicep made the bruise from getting out of the car yesterday impossible to see. On a human I had never seen a shadow created like this before. Usually light comes from a different angle and lessens the shadow, but on my inner arm where the large bruise was, due to the sheer size and over hang of the bicep, had made light penetration almost impossible.

Seeing as Iím the seasoned skeptic of the relationship, and seeing as Ali wasnít here I decided to just see if it all was real. I tightened the grip on the sheet just to see if my fore arm responded to the movement.

While I still had my normal level of fat covering my arm, I have never been what you would call skin and bones after all like Iíve always been told Iím average, I could see the different muscles in my fore arm jumping around. First the ones close to my still somewhat normal wrist moved slightly, then the movement moved down my forearm, getting bigger as it headed towards my elbow, creating new shadows on my fore arm and elbow where there had been none before. I continued to tighten my grip and watched the movement of muscle moved around my fore arm like a wave.

Either I had too much to drink last night and Iím seeing my forearm react normally, all be it with some sort of optical illusion, or my arm really is creating itís own shadows and explanation of muscle movements in a human fore arm.

I closed my eyes and shook my head trying to clear the image I had just seen and trying to make sense of it. When I reopened my eyes there was my arm, larger than life, literally, laying next to me on the bed.

I lifted my arm up once again and decided to continue to try and workout if it really was mine.

Once my arm was completely off the bed, which made it close to 60 degrees from the bed I looked at my upper arm once again. The bicep and was once again not sitting as close to my elbow as I thought it should. I turn my arm around lightly and the bicep kept it round shape and fell slightly to the side of my arm, allowing me to now see the outside of my arm and the round bulging side of my tricep as it sat, once again slightly flexed.

I thought it was strange that a muscle, if it was muscle, could fall to one side when an arm is moved. So once again it was experimentation time. I kept my arm at the 60 degree angle off the bed to keep it completely free of all obsticals. I then started slowly twisting my arm around. Both my bicep and tricep moved physically towards the bed. When I had the inner arm pointed towards the ceiling, I could finally see the bruise which had also become larger, when I twisted my arm the other way I watched my bicep almost roll over my arm and slightly hang towards my bed. As I sped up the twisting I become almost hypnotized by the movement of my bicep and tricep, it was like watching 2 cars heading towards each other, you just canít help but see the final result.

The final result was obvious, fine large muscles will have a large weight, and unflexed canít support themselves against gravity, so it was time to see it they really were muscles. While still twisting my arm I completely straightened it to get my tricep to flex. To my amazement, even with the arm unmoved from its 60 degree angle, I felt the bed sheet on my tricep as it hit the bottom on the twist. That was unexpected.

At least I now knew my tricep was, one actually part of me, and two was actually a muscle.

I relaxed my arm and once again started twisting it, focusing this time only on the bulbous bicep, watching it move slightly from side to side as my arm twisted.

While the back of my hand was still facing me I quickly bent my elbow to a 90 degree angle and was surprised to watch my bicep move from hanging slightly towards the sheets to spread back down my arm towards my elbow, closer to what Iím used to seeing my arm, at the same time it grew out towards the side of my arm and grow upwards off my arm.

The lowest point my bicep fell to was still the inner edge of the muscle. Instead of being the obvious point of maximum mass, it had morphed into the round and solid edge of the short head of my bicep. The shadow that was formed under the muscle and the size itself obstructed the view of my now slightly relaxed tricep.

From the inner edge the bicep slowly rounded towards the peek which was closer to my eyes than I had anticipated. Moving my attention from the peek which was itself wider than 30 centimetres I tried to see the outer side of my bicep. I had decided not to move my arm at all to keep my perspectives the same, and the way the muscle was looking.

Try as I might the sheer wide of the peek made it difficult to see anything behind it. Well behind the peek on the outer side of the bicep I could make out the slight bump of the brachialis near my elbow, moving into a second slight bump further behind the peek which I guessed was my over sized tricep.

I twisted my forearm to get the palm of my hand to face me. I continued to watch the bicep, watching the peek move once again away from my elbow, but instead of moving closer to the sheets as it had done with the arm straight it moved further away from the bed at the same time as getting wider again as well as becoming closer to my face.

The peek, which had been more than 30 centimetres with my palm facing away from me, had now become close to 50 centimetres wide, even without fully flexing my arm. With a peek this wide, it was now impossible to see anything past the bicep, the side of my arm had now become nothing more than a memory while I looked at the round smooth surface that was now close to filling my field of vision.

I looked, just out of interest, back towards my forearm and elbow. The bicep rounded off and headed quickly towards my no quiet as large elbow. The forearm was as thick as every with no major shadows covering any of the skin. When I twisted my hand to once again have the back of my hand facing me, my fore arm came to life. With muscles moving out creating peeks and valleys on my forearm, that werenít there recently. At the same time I watched the bicepís peek once again move closer to the elbow and lose some of its width and height.

I kept on twisting my hand back and forth, hypnotized by the shadows as they danced around my forearm, one second they were they, the next they were gone replaced by a smooth round forearm. Mean while always jumping into view was my bicep as if it wanted to be the centre of attention.

After about 15 minutes of amazement and hypnotization from seeing my right arm look so huge for the first time, I released, I hadnít felt any different. Apart from the strange sensation of my tricep touching the sheets when my arm would normally have been more than 15 centimetres off the bed I had no other touch sensations that were different than normal. My left arm felt normal. Was it as massive as my right one? •

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