Full Circle

By Ultrabeef

"Hey Fuck-face !" the words echoed through the crowded hallway and sent a chill down poor Tommy's spine. He knew, without even turning around who it was --

Derek Hensel, the big defensive end on the school's championship football team. Tommy Shaw, the scrawny, geeky, pimply sophomore was a favorite target for the entire football team but especially for big Derek. "Hey shithead, I'm talkin' to you !" Tommy gulped and tried walking faster as through the hallway. Students seemed to part in front of him sensing his terror and the danger that loomed overhead. Suddenly Tommy felt himself tumbling to the ground in a heap. Someone must have tripped him. "Sorry, dude" the stoner who tripped him mumbled as he sulked away. Tommy felt a big meaty hand grab him by the collar and lift him off the ground. "Well, what'a we got here ? Looks like a little fuckin' runt who don't hear too well". Tommy's eyes widened with terror as he gazed into the angry eyes of this massive high school stud. "Pl .. pl .. please ... d .. d... Derek ..." Tommy stammered, "Let m ..me go". Derek just roared with laughter. "Don't think so, you need to be taught to respect your elders". Derek turned and kicked open the doors to the boys bathroom shoving the helpless Tommy inside. Derek then proceeded to kick the shit out of the weaker boy finishing his beating by shoving Tommy's head into a nearby toilet and slamming the stall door. Tommy could smell the smoke from Derek's victory cigarette. Through the blood that was covering his face and streaming from his nose Tommy's eyes began to see double. There in the toilet bowl under the water were some red words that seemed to be floating just below the surface. "What the hell ?" Tommy thought "Damn, Derek must have hit me so hard I'm hallucinating". As Tommy's eyes adjusted he saw that the words read ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE. "What the heck does that mean ?" he wondered. Just then the words shifted and changed reading YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND. As pain throbbed through Tommy's forehead he simply, without even thinking, mumbled the words "I wish I was 10 times bigger and hotter than Derek Hensel so I could kick his ass". Suddenly a warm sensation washed over Tommy's battered body and the searing pain that Tommy felt began to subside. It was replaced with a feeling of euphoria -- Tommy started to feel better than he ever had in his life. He had never felt such energy and confidence. Suddenly the sensation stopped and Tommy stood up and kicked open the door to the stall. It ripped right off it's hinges and landed across the bathroom in a crumpled heap. Tommy didn't seem to notice, he had only one thing on his mind -- kicking Derek Hensel's ass -- which was kinda strange because he had always been terrified of Derek before. There in the corner of the bathroom stood Derek smoking his cigarette. As Tommy approached Derek's eyes grew wide with terror and the cigarette fell from his mouth to the floor. "Wh .. wh .. what the fuck ?!" Derek mumbled. Rage coursed through Tommy's veins, he had never felt so powerful and alive. He would get his revenge once and for all. Then all went black. A few minutes went by and Tommy snapped out of his haze. "What happened ?" he wondered. There was blood all over the bathroom leading to the end stall. Tommy walked over to the stall and found the broken, bloody body of Derek Hensel shoved into the toilet. "What the hell ?" Tommy went to the sink to throw some cold water on his face and make sure he wasn't dreaming. Just then Tommy then caught sight of himself in the bathroom mirror.

Weak, scrawny little Tommy was gone, there in his place stood massive, musclebound stud, Tom. "Oh, fuck yeah !" the hunk smiled an arrogant smirk and flexed his massive bicep in the mirror. "Fuckin' look at me" Tom growled in a deep bass voice that resonated throughout the bathroom. "Fuckin' muscle-freak". The massive teen stud then sauntered sexily out of the bathroom and into the crowded hallway. Girls giggled as he passed and mumbled about how hot the new guy was. Just then Tom saw a nerdy little freshman walk by with a stack of books. He put out his big muscular leg and tripped the geek. "Hey fuck-head, what where you're going !" he snarled. •

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