Full Moon (Original)

By Albatross

After a few beers, the fraternity brothers of Phi Kappa Delta piled into an old Cadillac Seville convertible and headed out to find some trouble. It didn't take long for them to find a pair of men walking down the street hand in hand outside a gay club called Anvil. Steve, the fraternity president, called out, "Hey faggots, want to do some window shopping?"

Steve and his friends in the back seat pulled down their pants and mooned the young men who were caught off guard. The frat boys could faintly hear a curse cutting through the night air and Steve looked back to catch the sight of the dark eyes of the gypsy boy rasing his fist.

"Hey, those little homos are giving us shit. We should go back there and kick their asses," said Jim as he swerved the car around. But an eerie chill was running up the spine of each of them. A fear that they had never felt before.

"No, we should just head back home," said Adam. With his weightlifting build, no one would dare to call him a coward so the rest mumbled in agreement.

"Yeah, you're right," said Steve. "And we've got a ton of work to do on the house before the party with Gamma Kappa tomorrow night."

The frat brothers slept uneasily that night and Steve dreamed of the flashing eyes of the gypsy boy. The next night the boys felt a little more themselves at the party for the girls of Gamma Kappa. The air was hot with a full moon hidden behind some hazy clouds.

Steve had cornered Cindy Polnajek, a hot little blonde in a short skirt and was moving in to unbutton her bra when the clouds parted revealing the full moon. His hands trembled and he saw Cindy in a new light. She repulsed him.

"What's the mater," said Cindy.

"Oh, girlfriend, maybe it's that sweater. It's so last season."

Cindy laughed thinking Steve was playing with her, but Steve was horrified at the words coming out of his mouth. He snapped his fingers girlishly and skipped off to find his friends. They were having their own discoveries in the moonlight.

Adam and Jim were pulling a keg of beer out of the back room when the light of the full moon streamed through the window. Jim, who could easily lift the keg by himself felt himself weaken. Adam watched as the former super-jock shrank down in size to a slender twink. His hips rounded into the perfect bubble butt and his blond hair cascaded over his face.

Adam felt himself growing stronger. His pecs stretched against a tight t-shirt and his biceps were pumping up at a fantastic rate. Jim, who had always picked on him, was about to get a taste of his own medicine. But as Adam looked into Jim's eyes, he felt more that vengeance. He felt power. Adam grabbed Jim and pressed his lips to Jim's.

"What the fuck, dude, get off me," said Jim. "You know I'm not gay." But he could feel the spell washing over him as well. Adam pushed Jim's head down forcing him to kneel on the ground. He pulled out a rock hard cock and slowly slapped it against the side of Jim's face.

"Now, your my bitch, pretty boy. Your going to take all of this and swallow every drop. As Jim began to pump Adam's cock in and out of his mouth, Steve opened the door. He was filled with a mixture of disgust and uncontrollable lust as his own cock tented in his pants.

"What are you fags doing?" said Steve as he unsconsciously fondled himself.

"Looks like your enjoying the show," said Adam. "Why don't you join in?"

Steve eyed Adam's newly-formed muscular butt and felt compelled to follow its every sway. Soon, he had entered Adam from behind for a new form of frat-brotherly love. They went on to explore each other in ways they had never dreamed possible.

As the first sunlight washed through the back room, the boys awoke groggily to find themselves cuddling naked together on the pool table. Their body modifications had returned to normal and they were all very aware and extremely embarrassed of their fleeting gay escapade. None of them could look each other in the eye. Their lives would now take a little detour every full moon. •

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