Boy Toyz

By Ultrabeef

This was it ! The day Sean had been waiting for had finally arrived. It was only a week ago that Sean had been approached on his way home from school by a young man. The guy looked to be about 23 and was really built. He explained that he was a casting director with the world famous Boy Toyz Escort Service and wondered if Sean would be interested in auditioning. As he talked with Sean his pecs strained against the flimsy fabric of his white Boy Toyz t-shirt. Sean could see that both his nipples were pierced as were his ears and tongue. On his beefy right arm he had his name tattoed, Travis. Sean knew that the famous company had only the hottest and most built men working for them but was a little skeptical. "What does an escort service want with a skinny 14 year old kid ?" Sean asked. "Why don't you just show up next Thursday and find out ?" the stud replied as he handed Sean a map and wandered off. Sean was interested -- he had been looking for a job for the past few months and if this panned out he could be making alot of money. Of course his mom wouldn't like it, but she worked two jobs and was hardly ever home anyway. When Sean arrived at the headquarters of Boy Toyz he was suprised to find that it was in a really seedy neighborhood and looked like an abandoned warehouse. Cautiously Sean opened the wooden door and walked inside. The lobby was platered with pictures of other Boy Toyz escorts all with piercings and their names tattooed on their right arms. They were all total hunks and Sean felt a little embarrassed to even be there. "Hey dude, I knew you'd come" Travis grinned as he walked over to Sean. "Why don't you go in here and take off your shirt and then we'll see what we have to work with" Travis continued pointing to a locker room door. Figuring he had nothing to loose Sean entered the locker room.

Sean left the locker room carrying his t-shirt and was ushered into a long, dimly lit room. At one end of the room was a small platform lit by a single spotlight with a microphone in the middle of it. "Just tell the judges your name and age" Travis promped. In the darkness Sean could see three judges sitting at a table at the opposite end of the room with a goose-neck lamp lighting them. They were furiously scribbling on their yellow legal pads. Sean shyly walked into the spotlight, cleared his throat and stammered in his girlish falsetto "M.. M.. My names ... S.. Sean, and I uh, I'm uh 14". He felt so stupid standing there without his shirt on in front of judges who were used to seeing studs. What the hell was he doing here -- this was crazy. JUst them a deep voice drifted from the judges table "Tell me Sean, why do you want to be a Boy Toy ?" "Well, I uh ... " Sean stammered "I uh think it's hot being big and muscular and I uh think I'd do a really good job". That was the stupidest thing I've ever said Sean thought to himself. "Very good" the voice replied "You have potential, report to room 7 for the next step". Sean couldn't believe it. Had they just hired him ? He left the room and found room 7. Upon entering the room Sean was greated by Travis. "Awesome dude ! I knew they'd pick you". Travis had Sean sign a stack of papers (contracts and release forms). As Sean was signing his life away Travis was preparing a syringe with a golden liquid inside. "What's that ?" Sean asked nervously looking up from his paperwork. "This, my man" Travis said with a smile, "Is what'll make you a Boy Toy". Sean bared his arm and Travis injected the liquid into his veins. "Come back one week from today for your final treatment" he instructed, "and then you'll be a complete stud". Sean left, still dazed from everything that had happened to him. He decided not to tell his mom. He was feeling a little queasy anyway -- must have been from the injection. So he headed home and quickly fell asleep. When Sean woke up he realized that 4 hours had gone by -- he was starving. He headed to the kichen and started eating everything in sight, it seemed that no matter how much he ate he was still hungry. "Whats wrong with me ?" he thought. Sean also had a burning desire to work out. He had never really worked out much before but now all he wanted to do was pump iron. Sean went to his room and spent the next 5 hours working out hard. A week later when Sean returned to Boy Toyz he was a different guy. Over the past week Sean had continued to workout and eat like a pig and he noticed some suprising changes. He had shot up 3 inches, gained 20 pounds (all muscle) and had seemed to age at least 3 years. He looked like a 17 year old jock. His dick had also grown to a sizeable 6 inches. Sean couldn't wait for Travis to see how different he looked.

"Fuck, dude ! Look at you" Travis grinned as Sean entered the Boy Toyz Headquarters. "Lookin awesome man!" "Thanks dude" Sean replied his voice deeper than it had been a week ago. He was almost eye level with Travis now and he felt awesome. "All that liftin is really starting to show ain't it, man ? Sean grinned as he flexed for his mentor. "You ready for your final dose ?" Travis asked. 'Hell yeah" the teen stud eagerly replied "make me into a total Boy Toy". Travis injected the serum into Sean's arm and then took him to another room where Sean had his name tattooed on his right arm. 'It's company policy man" Travis replied as he flexed his own tattoo. Sean was told to report back in a week for his first paid assignment. Sean returned home and felt really horny. He continued to work out and eat everything in sight. He couldn't help but jack off every time he saw himself in the mirror and watched his body continue to grow and change. He was quickly becoming a total stud. Thursday night Sean mom came home from work early and almost called the police -- she didn't even recognize her own son. Sean had aged another 3 years and was now 20 years old, he had gained another 2 inches and 30 pounds of muscle and his dick now hung a flaccid 12 inches from his big tennis ball sized nuts. Friday had finally come and it was time to go to work. Sean put on a pair of cargos and his official white Boy Toyz tank top and headed off to headquarters. He couldn't wait to see Travis and start working. Sean entered the building and came up behind Travis. "Hey dude, this enough of a Boy Toy for you ?" he growled in a deep sexy voice. Travis turned around and gasped. "FUCK dude ! You look awesome". Sean's 12 inch cock had started to strain against his cargos at the sight of his friend. "How about the world's newst Boy Toy show you what he got, stud ?" Travis couldn't control himself and the two started going at it with each other. Sean was truly a Boy Toy. •

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