Boy Next Door, The


By johnd7102000

So Cory and Adam agreed on Cory’s training program for the next two weeks. Cory was already so strong and muscular that he skipped the beginner and intermediate workout programs. He went immediately to the advanced program where he would work out only one or two bodyparts per day, letting them rest and grow for at least three days. He would work out five days per week. Each muscle group would get three or four different exercises and he would do six sets per exercise, with the last set being his absolute maximum — the most intense, heavy, extreme weight his muscles had ever experienced. In all, he would do 18 to 24 sets of exercises for each muscle group. He would warm up with 15-20 reps with a “light” weight (already much more than Adam could lift for his maximums). Then he would start his “work” sets, beginning with a weight which would permit him to do about 10 reps and ending with a weight so heavy that he could do only 2 or 3 reps, with help from Adam as the spotter for the last incredibly intense, excruciatingly painful rep or two. He would blast his muscles beyond the pain barrier, forcing them to grow ever bigger and stronger. By the last set his muscles would be so pumped and shredded that they would be absolutely bursting out of his skin and aching with pain. After those 18 to 24 sets, his muscles would be totally exhausted and ready to grow like weeds in a spring rain. They would suck up all the nutrients from the huge amount of food and supplements Cory was eating. Then for his next workout of that muscle group, those muscles would be so much bigger and stronger they would be able to do 10 reps easily with the weight he could do only 3 painful reps with in the workout before. After agreeing on his workout program, Cory finished his chest exercises. He did three more sets of bench presses, six sets of incline dumbbell presses, six sets of dumbbell pullovers and six sets of parallel bar dips, with Adam strapping a dumbbell to Cory’s narrow waist to add more resistance for the dips. Both Cory and Adam were shocked to see that he could do three reps of parallel bar dips with 25 pounds strapped to his muscular 95-pound body.

As an integral part of his training regimen, Cory ate huge amounts of food and supplements, giving his pubescent body plenty of protein and carbohydrates to grow at warp speed. He always had had a big appetite and a metabolism that converted all his food into pure muscle and energy. Now that he was lifting all those heavy weights, his appetite became voracious. He was like a ravenous young lion ready to eat the flesh of everything he could. He was always hungry. Always wanting to put more nutritious food into his body to feed those growing muscles. He asked his mom to fix him extra big helpings of meat, chicken and fish. He ate three big meals per day, plus three more protein-rich snacks like tuna or chicken sandwiches. In addition, Adam asked his parents to buy 4 times as much Met-Rx and other supplements as he had been using before. They thought the supplements were for Adam. They were happy his weightlifting was going so well. In fact Adam was giving every ounce of those supplements to Cory. Cory was consuming vast quantities of food and supplements and Cory was getting big! And every pound Cory gained was solid muscle.

Two weeks after Cory started lifting for real, he had gained another 15 pounds of muscle. He now weighed 110 pounds and had gained ½-inch in height to 5’ 3½”. Adam couldn’t believe how fast Cory was putting on the muscle. All the heavy weight training and the huge quantities of food and supplements Cory was consuming were adding more than a pound of solid muscle to his body every day. He never put on any fat. Every pound he gained was hard, striated, rippling muscle. Every workout he was stronger than he had been just a few days earlier. His bench press had increased from 135 pounds to 175 pounds, a 40 pound increase in two weeks. His pecs were looking big and powerful. All his other poundages had increased at the same rate. His body was responding to the weights like a young lion — getting bigger and stronger every day.

It was exactly two weeks after Cory started lifting. Cory and Adam were working on Cory’s back. It was back day. Cory was doing pull-ups. It was much too easy for him to do regular pull-ups, so after a set of 20 warm-ups with just his own bodyweight, Adam would strap a dumbbell to Cory’s waist, adding more weight to challenge his big lats and biceps. Cory had just completed his fourth set of pull-ups, doing 10 reps with a 50-pound dumbbell strapped to his shredded waist. In his last workout for his back, just a few days ago, he could do only 3 reps with this weight, with Adam having to help him get up to the bar for the last rep. This time, he did 10 easy reps with 50 pounds and knew he would be able to do several reps with 60 pounds of iron hanging from his waist on his next set. Cory felt strong. Cory felt great. He stood in front of the mirror and hit a lat spread. Adam ran his hands over Cory’s big flaring lats, admiring every bulging fiber of the hard slabs of muscle. Cory smiled as Adam admired his growing muscles.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door between the garage and the house and the door opened. It was Adam’s father. He stood in the doorway and looked at the two boys. “Hi, Adam,” he said. “I got off work early today and I thought I’d see how your weightlifting was going… Jeez… who is that? … is that you, Cory? My God, you look… different. So much different than you did a few months ago. Gosh, I hardly recognized you.”

“Hi, Mr. Stein,” said Cory. “Yeah, I’ve been using Adam’s weights here for the last couple of weeks. You noticed a difference, huh?” Mr. Stein’s mouth was still open. He really couldn’t believe what he was seeing. “Well, Cory,” he said. “You’re only 11 years old and you’d better be careful using Adam’s weights. Adam’s 15 years old, you know, and I don’t think a kid your age should be lifting the kind of weights that Adam can lift. You might hurt yourself.”

Cory broke out laughing. “That’s great, Mr. Stein. That’s hilarious. I can’t believe you said that. OK, we’ll see who might hurt themselves. Adam, look at that barbell on the floor there. How much does it weigh?” Adam looked at the barbell and replied, “it weighs 80 pounds, Cory.” Cory smiled. “OK, muscleboy, go over there and do a couple of curls with that barbell. Show your daddy here how strong you are.” Adam grimaced. “Cory, you know I can’t curl that weight.” Cory looked at Adam sternly and yelled, “Do it, wimp-boy! Do it now! Go curl that weight! Move your sorry ass!” Adam looked sheepishly at Cory and said, “Yes, sir, Cory, sir, I’ll go curl the weight.” Mr. Stein couldn’t believe how Cory was ordering Adam around and how Adam was obeying Cory’s orders without a whimper. Adam walked over to the 80-pound barbell, bent down and strained to pick it up. He could barely lift the weight off the floor. He made a feeble attempt to curl the barbell, but it was obvious that the weight was much too heavy. After a few seconds of struggling against the enormous weight, he gave up and gently lowered it to the floor and sighed. Cory said, “OK, lets see what this little 11-year-old kid can do. I hope I don’t hurt myself.” He walked up to the barbell and easily lifted it off the floor. Then he proceeded to crank out 10 steady curls with the 80-pound bar. Mr. Stein’s mouth dropped open and his eyes practically bulged out of his head. Each time Cory did another rep, his biceps pumped up bigger and bigger. By the 10th rep, his biceps were literally bursting out of his skin, the big balls of muscle looking like striated rock. After the 10th rep, Cory didn’t lower the bar gently like Adam did. He let the bar crash to the floor. Then he walked over to Mr. Stein and flexed his biceps right in front of the older man’s face. “Do you think those weights can hurt these muscles, Mr. Stein? Fuck, these muscles push around those weights like they’re toys. These muscles are getting stronger every week. Next week that weight will feel like a feather to me. Here, feel that muscle. Feel it for yourself.” Cory pushed his flexed, right bicep right in front of Mr. Stein’s nose. Adam’s father reached up and wrapped his fingers around the hard ball of muscle. He squeezed his fingers but couldn’t make the slightest dent in Cory’s bulging bicep. Veins were pulsating with blood under Cory’s thin skin and his forearms were bulging and writhing like snakes as he flexed his young muscles for the older man.

Cory looked approvingly at his big, bulging bicep as Mr. Stein futilely tried to crush it. His Henna tattoo was almost washed away from his skin, but you could still see it, and the big ball of muscle was forcing the chain much further apart than it had just two weeks before. That bicep had really been growing. It was now at least an inch bigger than it had been two weeks ago. “Pretty fuckin’ big and hard, ain’t it, Mr. S? That fuckin muscle is way bigger and harder than the flabby little mush on your son over there. He ain’t shit compared to me. Ya know he’s only gained 3 pounds since he started lifting six weeks ago. And that’s been mainly fat. The little dweeb ain’t any stronger than when he started. He’s a total wimp. But look at me, Mr. Stein. I don’t have a wimpy bone in my whole fuckin’ body. I’ve put on 25 pounds of solid muscle in the same six weeks. Fuck, I wasn’t even lifting weights for the first month and I still gained 10 pounds. Since I started lifting two weeks ago I’ve packed on 15 pounds of shitkickin’ solid muscle. I’m fuckin’ strong too and I’m getting stronger every day. I’ve been lifting heavier and heavier weights and have been eating a shitload of food and supplements. Adam here has been helping me get big. He knows he’s a wimp and can’t build any muscle. He knows I’m the stud around here. I bet you’re surprised to see little Cory from next door getting so fuckin’ muscular and strong. Well, get used to it Mr. S., ’cause I’m gonna get huge.”

Mr. Stein’s eyes were still fixated on Cory’s bulging upper arm, which he was now enveloping with his fingers, feeling the size and hardness of both the bicep and tricep muscles, which were rippling as Cory continued to flex them. He gulped as he listened to the arrogant kid brag about his muscles. He realized right then that all those extra supplements Adam had wanted were going right into Cory’s ravenous body to feed his big, growing muscles. He realized that the extra weights that Adam wanted were for Cory, not for Adam. Cory was getting so strong that he was starting to outgrow the weights that Adam had gotten for Christmas. He realized that Cory had completely taken over Adam’s weights and that Adam was now taking orders from Cory, the 11-year-old brat from next door, the brat that Adam used to push around like an annoying pest. He looked at Cory’s flexing bicep and realized that this kid had the genetics to do exactly what he said. He was going to get huge and he was going to be able make his son Adam do anything he wanted. Mr. Stein gulped as he contemplated this dramatic change in circumstances. The boy next door had taken over.

Cory put down his arm and looked at Mr. Stein’s arm. Mr. Stein was wearing a short-sleeve shirt, so Cory could see his upper arm pretty well. “Hey, Mr. Stein, flex your arm for me. Let’s see what ya got. I let you try and crush my bicep. Now you gotta let me try and crush yours. Do you think a little 11-year-old kid could crush the bicep of a grown man? Well, lets just find out.” Mr. Stein looked at Cory with a look that said “no”. Cory laughed. “You gonna be a chicken, Mr. Stein? Too chicken to let a little kid try and crush your bicep? What a wuss. You’re a wuss just like your son. He’s a wuss and you’re a wuss. The wuss family!” That was too much for Mr. Stein, so he raised his arm and flexed. His arm was pretty big, but it didn’t have much of a bicep peak. Cory immediately wrapped his fingers around the man’s bicep, placing the tips of his fingers right on top. Then he slowly started to squeeze. Adam could see the muscles in Cory’s forearm bulge as he squeezed his fingers into his father’s white flesh. Mr. Stein was shocked. He thought his bicep was reasonably solid, but it collapsed like peanut butter under the force of Cory’s strong fingers. He tried to flex harder, but it made no difference. Cory’s fingers kept digging into his bicep like a hydraulic-driven vise, digging deeper and deeper into his flesh. “Jesus, Mr. Stein, this feels just like mush. Your bicep ain’t shit compared to my fingers. Look how easy it is for my strong fingers to bust through your muscle. Look at my forearm bulging. Look how those muscles are rippling while they drive my fingers into your fuckin’ candy-ass bicep. This feels really cool — my kid fingers totally fucking up the muscle of a big adult. How does this feel, wuss daddy?”

At that, Cory got an intense look on his face and willed his bulging kid-muscles to squeeze as hard as they could. The young muscles of his forearm responded to his command and bulged like a bowling pin as they powered his fingers deep into Mr. Stein’s bicep. Cory wiggled his fingers as he got close to the bone. Mr. Stein yelled out in pain. “Stop, Cory, please stop. You’re hurting me. You’re too strong.” Cory looked at Mr. Stein in the eyes and smiled. “You’re fuckin’ right, old man. I’m way too strong for you and don’t you forget it. Your wimpy muscles couldn’t even make a little dent in my big, hard bicep, but my strong kid muscles can crush your flabby bicep like a sponge. You’re fuckin’ pathetic.” Cory wiggled his strong fingers in Mr. Stein’s battered bicep one more time, just because he could. Mr. Stein looked pitiful as he pleaded with Cory to stop. Finally, Cory released his iron grip and flexed his arms in triumph. “Cory the Conqueror!” he yelled. He turned towards Adam and smiled. Adam’s cock stiffened under his shorts. The humiliated father rubbed his arm, which was still throbbing with pain. “Like father, like son,” sneered Cory. “You’re both wimps.”

Cory felt great. He felt like a stud. He knew he was a stud. He looked Mr. Stein up and down. “How much do you weigh, Mr. S.?” asked Cory. Mr. Stein looked puzzled and replied, “About 200 pounds, Cory. Why do you ask?” Mr. Stein was a little taller than Adam, at 5’ 11”, and had a lot of fat on his body. “Jesus, you’re just a big pile of flab, ain’t you Mr. S.? Well, you’re goin’ for a ride, wimp-daddy! This will be a piece of cake.” Cory squatted down and wrapped his arms around Mr. Stein’s thighs. Then he slowly straightened his muscular legs, easily lifting the 200-pound man off the floor. His big quads rippled under his thin skin, the slabs of muscle providing enormous force to his legs. The glute muscles in his round muscle butt bulged with power as they helped lift the heavy man. Cory’s quads and glutes had gotten much stronger in the past two weeks. They were already very strong when he started lifting, able to squat with 160 pounds the first time he tried. Now he could squat with 220 pounds for several reps, a gain of 60 pounds of power in the two weeks he had been lifting weights. The muscles in Cory’s lower back bulged out in two solid ridges. Their strength was also critical in enabling him to pick up Mr. Stein. He could deadlift 230 pounds, which is pretty good for a 5’ 3½” kid who only weighed 110. He was all muscle, very strong muscle.

After Cory had lifted Mr. Stein off the floor, he took several steps around the garage, bouncing the man in his arms like a baby. “You like your ride, wimp-daddy? Ya know this makes me feel really strong, walking around carrying you like a fuckin’ baby. I feel fuckin’ powerful! I feel like a stud!” Just as he said “stud”, Cory let go of Mr. Stein. As he let go, he bumped the big man with his hard chest, knocking him to the floor. Mr. Stein sat on the floor, totally humiliated, looking up at the muscular kid who had just picked him up and dumped him like a sack of shit. Cory smiled at Adam and flexed his quads. “Cory the Conqueror!” he yelled as the muscles of his legs rippled like shredded oak trees. Adam smiled back and gave him the “thumbs up” sign.

Cory wasn’t done with Mr. Stein yet. He reached down, grabbed one of Mr. Stein’s arms and jerked him up to his feet. “Mr. Stein, I challenge you to an arm wrestling match,” said Cory. “You gotta prove to Adam here that you’re not really such a pathetic wimp. Fuck, you outweigh me by 90 pounds and you’re 8 inches taller. With all that extra weight and height, you ought to at least be able to give me a little struggle. I’m so much stronger than Adam that I can beat the fuckin’ dweeb easy, even when he uses two arms and I use just my left hand. It’s no fun anymore smashing his skinny little arms down on the bench. I wanna test my strength with you.” Mr. Stein shook his head and said “Uh, I don’t think so, Cory.” Cory walked up to Mr. Stein and suddenly jumped up on his back. He wrapped his right arm around the big man’s neck and contracted his bicep, which forced his forearm into the older man’s windpipe with lightening speed and power. Mr. Stein started turning rapidly back and forth, trying to throw Cory off of his back. But Cory hung on easily, squeezing his forearm even harder into his neck. “Hey, give it up Mr. Stein. You’ll never throw me off your back. I can hold on like this for as long as I want. I can do one-handed pull-ups, ya know. My arms are fucking strong. Here, feel this!” At that Cory squeezed his right arm hard into Mr. Stein’s neck. Then he quickly let go of his right arm and immediately wrapped his left arm around the helpless man’s neck. He squeezed his left arm hard against the gasping man’s windpipe until he started to sputter. Then Cory switched back to his right arm and started the whole routine all over again. He did this several times and started laughing. “Shit, this is a pretty good workout. My arms are getting a good pump. How’s that feel to you, pops?” Cory flexed his now-pumped up bicep right into Mr. Stein’s windpipe and he kept up the pressure. Mr. Stein’s face was beet red and veins were popping out in his forehead. He gasped “It doesn’t feel too good. I can’t breathe. Your arm is too strong.” Cory looked at Mr. Stein right in the eyes and said, “If you want me to stop, then you gotta armwrestle with me. I don’t take ‘no’ for an answer, Mr. Stein. When I want someone to do something, they do it or they feel the power of my muscles. Sometimes that power can be very painful. Adam learned that a long time ago. Now he always does what I want. He’s my slave. You wanna feel some more power, Mr. Stein, or do you wanna arm wrestle?” Cory started contracting his big, pumped bicep even harder. Then he reached up with his other arm, grabbed on to the clenched fist of his flexing arm, and started pulling his bulging forearm even tighter around Mr. Stein’s hapless neck. Mr. Stein moaned in pain. God knows what this kid could do if he wanted to, thought Mr. Stein. He realized that he was now under the complete control of this strong, aggressive, uninhibited kid.

“OK Cory,” gasped Mr. Stein. “I’ll armwrestle you.” Cory’s eyes lit up and he released Mr. Stein’s neck. He jumped gracefully off his back. “This is gonna be fuckin’ great,” he said. “Man against boy, adult against kid, wimp against stud, nerd against jock. The jocks always beat the nerds, Mr. S., you know that don’t ya? The studs always beat the wimps. I’m a stud and I’m a jock and even though I’m a kid I’m gonna kick your wimpy adult nerd ass.” Mr. Stein couldn’t believe how cocky this kid was. Cory and Mr. Stein kneeled down on either side of the bench. Adam brought over two books for Cory to put underneath his arm so his hand would be even with Mr. Stein’s. The two wrestlers, man and boy, locked their hands together. Mr. Stein’s adult hand was much bigger than Cory’s kid hand. But what Cory lacked in physical size he made up in shredded muscularity. His forearm was rippling as he locked grips with Adam’s father. The two combatants looked at each other’s eyes. Cory looked fierce and courageous. Mr. Stein looked timid and nervous. Then Adam said “go.” Mr. Stein pushed as hard as he could, and somewhat to his surprise Cory’s arm started going down. Cory was kind of smiling, his bright blue eyes flashing with the enthusiasm of battle. Mr. Stein’s face was pained and straining. “Hey, you’re really strong, Mr. Stein,” said Cory. “Look how you’re pushing my arm down.” Adam could tell there was a sort of mocking tone to his voice but Mr. Stein thought he was serious. “Yeah, you arrogant little brat,” said Mr. Stein. “Get ready to feel that little arm of yours hit the bench.” Mr. Stein had his eyes fixated on Cory’s arm. Cory’s muscles were rippling, but they didn’t seem to be strong enough to overcome Mr. Stein’s huge weight advantage. Then when Mr. Stein had pushed Cory’s arm about two inches from the bench something happened. Cory’s bicep bulged like a big hard baseball. All of a sudden Mr. Stein’s forward progress came to a screeching halt. It was like his arm had hit a brick wall. “Oh my gosh,” said Cory, with mock surprise. “Look what happened. It looks like your arm hit a brick wall. Hey Adam, do you see a brick wall under there? … No? … Oh, there’s the brick wall! It’s my fuckin’ bicep. My bicep’s the fuckin brick wall. Look at that mother, Mr. S. Look how big and hard it is. It’sjust as hard as a brick wall ain’t it?” Cory’s bicep was bulging out of his skin. Every fiber of muscle was visible and veins were crisscrossing everywhere. “Party’s over, Mr. S. Did you really think your flabby arm could overpower this big motherfucker? This big muscle wants to show you how strong it is. Here, feel what a real muscle can do.” At that, Cory’s bulging muscles started slowly pushing Mr. Stein’s arm back up to the vertical position. Mr. Stein tried as hard as he could, but he just couldn’t resist the enormous power of Cory’s muscles. When their arms were vertical again, Cory stopped. “Did you think I was straining just then, Mr. Stein? Did you think I was only a little bit stronger than you? Well think again!” At that, all the muscles of Cory’s arm, shoulder and chest exploded with an enormous burst of power as he willed them to apply maximum force to Mr. Stein’s trembling arm. In an instant, the big man’s arm went crashing to the bench. It felt to him like a big, steel bear trap had smashed his arm. Cory held his arm on the bench for a moment, reveling in the sight of his powerful kid muscles crushing the big soft arm of Adam’s father. “I win and you lose,” said Cory. “You’re a pathetic wimp, just like I said.” Cory grabbed the glass of Met-Rx from the shelf and gulped it down. He let out a big burp. Then he handed the empty glass to Mr. Stein. “Go fill this up, wimp-daddy. I need more protein to feed these muscles. These muscles need more protein to grow even bigger and stronger so they can whip your sorry ass even more. Now go get it like a good boy.” Mr. Stein looked at Cory’s buffed, muscular body and his drop-dead handsome face. Cory looked determined and intimidating as he gave that order. Like he wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. Mr. Stein took the glass, said “yes, sir,” and then headed towards the kitchen.

Adam ran up to Cory and the two boys gave each other a high five. “Cory the Conqueror,” they both yelled together. Adam grabbed Cory’s right arm, the arm that had just thrashed his own father in armwrestling. Cory flexed his bicep proudly. “That was totally cool,” said Adam. “What a rush to be stronger than my dad. You’re a total stud, Cory.” Cory smiled and flexed bicep even harder. He knew he was a stud. Adam’s cock was completely hard. It had been hard the whole time he watched Cory dominate his dad. As Adam felt the bulging hardness of Cory’s bicep with one hand, he reached down with his other hand and grabbed Cory’s cock, which was half-hard from the excitement of the armwrestling victory. “Down, boy,” said Cory as he pulled Adam’s groping fingers off his big organ. “You gotta wait ’till after my workout. We still have lots more lifting to do for my back. After we’re done, my whole body and that big dick will be all yours.” Adam’s cock got even harder, if that was possible, as to two boys walked over to the chinning bar. He strapped a 60 pound dumbbell around Cory’s shredded waist and the muscular kid pumped out five solid pull-ups, with Adam grabbing his waist and helping just a little for the last two reps. Adam’s father brought in the Met-Rx as Cory was doing the pull-ups. His eyes bulged out of his head as he saw the heavy weight Cory was lifting and width and muscularity of his lats as he pulled himself and the big dumbbell up and down. He put the glass on the shelf and walked back into the house, kind of trembling. Cory finished his back workout by doing another set of pull-ups with weights and six sets of dumbbell rows, barbell shrugs and deadlifts, all with very heavy weights. He gulped down the glass of Met-Rx and burped. Then the two boys went up to Adam’s bedroom and had an incredibly good time.

Cory continued lifting with Adam’s help and encouragement. During the next two weeks of heavy lifting he put on another 10 pounds of solid muscle. He how tipped the scale at 120 pounds. He had gained another ½-inch in height and was now 5’ 4”. In the last two months, he had gained 35 pounds of muscle, 25 pounds of it after he started lifting the heavy weights just four weeks ago. Adam just couldn’t believe it. Cory was gaining almost a pound of muscle every day. His upper arms were now 14 inches of rock-hard baseball-sized muscle, a gain of 4 inches. His chest now ballooned out to 40 inches when he flexed those big pecs and lats, a gain of 9 inches of solid muscle in six weeks. His thighs had grown to 22 inches, an increase of 7 powerful, shredded inches of pure brawn. Yet his waist had only grown one inch, now measuring 25 inches. That one-inch gain was all solid, corrugated, rippling muscle. Cory still didn’t have one gram of fat on his buffed-out body. There was a 15-inch difference between the size of Cory’s chest and waist. What a taper his muscular torso made when he hit a lat spread! Cory was always a very strong youth. But after he started lifting weights, he became a young superman. He could now bench press 250 pounds for several reps, more than twice his bodyweight. He could squat with 270 and deadlift 295, both for three reps. He could press 175 pounds of iron over his head and curl 140 pounds, both in strict form. And, most amazingly, he was still 4 months away from his 12th birthday. Cory was an 11-year-old powerhouse. Adam’s father had to buy hundreds of pounds of additional weights as Cory’s growing muscles outgrew the weights in Adam’s garage. Mr. Stein never complained about buying the weights. He knew that what Cory wanted Cory got. And deep inside he enjoyed seeing the kid from next door getting so big and strong. He was intimidated and excited by Cory at the same time. Meanwhile Adam was still struggling with a 50 pound bench press and a 25 pound curl. Cory was now so much stronger than Adam that he could throw around the older boy like a toy.

And that’s exactly what Cory did. As a warm-up to his heavy lifting, Cory took Adam outside every day and wrestled with the older kid. Cory the Conqueror tried out all of the Viking Warrior’s wrestling moves on Adam. Just like he had used Adam as a tackling dummy for football, he used Adam as a guinea pig for practicing his wrestling. Adam really didn’t have any choice in the matter. Cory just dragged him outside and attacked. He grabbed Adam’s arm and threw him around. He did body slams, scissors holds, bone crushing bear hugs, and arm twists that were so powerful that Adam thought his arms were going to be pulled right out of his joints by Cory’s incredibly powerful muscles. Basically, he did anything he wanted to Adam. Adam was like a rag doll to Cory, a rag doll he could twist and punch and pulverize. Cory wanted Adam to fight back more, but the weaker boy just couldn’t compete with Cory’s overwhelming power. “Come on, wimp,” yelled Cory. “You gotta try harder than that,” as he applied enormous force to Adam’s arm in pushing it up the poor kid’s back. “I can’t even feel you trying to fight back!” Adam grimaced in pain. “I’m pushing as hard as I can, Cory. You’re just so strong that you can’t even feel my puny resistance.” Cory laughed. “You’re just such a fuckin’ wimp I can’t believe it. I could beat you up with one arm tied behind my back.” Adam knew it was true as he looked at Cory’s muscular 14-inch arm bulging as it applied bone-breaking force to his skinny little arm. Then Cory let go and picked up Adam by his armpit and crotch. He hoisted the 140 pound kid over his head and pressed him up and down five times. Then he tossed Adam on the grass and fell on the battered kid’s sore body, pinning his arms to the ground. Cory was done with wrestling for the day. “Good warmup,” he grunted. “My muscles got a good pump. You OK, wimp?” Adam nodded his head and Cory smiled. He was rough and he inflicted a lot of pain. But he didn’t want to permanently injure his slave. A good master doesn’t want to permanently injure his slave.

“Ya know I’ve been thinking,” said Cory as he held Adam’s arms pinned to the ground and looked him in the eyes. “I’ve been thinking that I wanna wrestle with some real strong kids, some kids that will be more of a challenge for these fuckin’ muscles than your puny body.” Cory dropped down onto Adam’s body, bashing his hard chest into the skinny boy’s little torso. He rubbed his pecs into Adam’s chest and then covered Adam’s nose with his sweaty armpit. “These muscles wanna do some serious damage to some real big, strong kids,” said Cory as he flexed his bicep right in Adam’s face, crushing his cheeks with its bulging mass. “I gotta find some bigger kids to fight.” Cory sat up on Adam’s waist and flexed his biceps. “These mothers want some real action.” Adam looked up at Cory’s incredible upper body and nodded. Cory went on. “And the kids at my school are totally weak and puny too. None of them will fight with me. Two of the biggest kids in our class challenged me to a fight a couple of weeks ago — I think they were really jealous of how much muscle I’ve put on — and I totally pulverized both of their asses. They tried hitting me with some punches and I just let them hit me for a minute. Fuck, I couldn’t even feel their punches. My muscles were so hard their punches just bounced off. Then I hit their guts so hard they started vomiting. It was really funny. I was fighting both of them at the same time and they were like little girls. I tried some wrestling holds and totally crushed their bodies. I got one of them in a scissors with my big thighs across his chest and then I flexed these monster quads and almost cracked the fuckin’ kid’s ribs. His face got all red and he started drooling. That was totally cool. Then when the other kid tried to grab me I wrapped my arm around his neck and totally crushed his windpipe. He started gagging. I was crushing two kids at the same time. That was really fun. When I let go of their bodies they were both passed out. Fuck that was a blast! But now I wanna find some bigger kids ’cause all those kids at my school are total wimps.”

Adam’s cock started getting hard as he listed to Cory’s matter-of-fact description of how he had beat up the two biggest kids in his class. Cory continued talking. “Hey Adam, I think I remember you talkin’ about some big dudes in your class that pick on you all the time. Beat you up a lot. You know who I’m talking about?” Adam got a terrified look in his eyes. “Yeah, I know exactly who you’re talking about. It’sDoug and Jake. They’ve been picking on me and beating me up since third grade. They’re my worst nightmare. Every time I walk by them they hit me in the gut or twist my arm or fuck me up some other way. They’re the main reason I started lifting weights. I was hoping I could get big and muscular like they are so I could fight back. But as you can see, I’m still a wimp.” Adam started getting a tear in his eyes as he thought about how pathetic he was and how Doug and Jake were going to keep picking on him and kicking his ass until he graduated from high school.

“Well, they’re history,” said Cory. “They’re the kids I wanna fight. I wanna fuck ’em up so bad they’ll wish they never laid a hand on you in third grade. I’m gonna pound their sorry bodies for every punch, every arm-twist, and everything else they’ve done to you for the last 7 years. I’m Cory the Conqueror, and I’m gonna conquer Doug and Jake!” Adam’s eyes lit up at the thought of his two tormentors getting their butts kicked by Cory. But then reality set in. “Jeez, Cory, I don’t know. These guys are both really big. They’re both 16 years old and they’re on the football team. Doug is a defensive tackle and Jake is a linebacker. I’ll bet Doug weighs at least 190 and Jake probably about 175. These guys are total jocks. Totally crude and totally mean jocks. You only weigh 120. And yeah, you’re fucking fast and strong, but I’m not so sure you can take those guys.”

Cory fell on Adam again and wrapped his muscular arm around Adam’s neck. “Do you doubt me, slave? Do you doubt that I can beat up those fuckin’ jocks?” Cory flexed his bicep and the 14 inch ball of muscle rammed into Adam’s skinny neck. Cory looked at Adam with fierce intensity, his sky blue eyes penetrating Adam’s eyes like a laser. “No I don’t doubt you, master,” said Adam as he stared into Cory’s deep pools of blue. “You’re going to totally fuck up Doug and Jake. I can hardly wait. You are Cory the Conqueror!”

“Damn straight,” said Cory. “Now lets plan the attack.” Cory let go of Adam and the two boys walked to the garage. They planned the attack during Cory’s arm workout, which was totally brutal.

The next day, Cory met Adam at the high school right after classes were over. Cory cut his last class so he could meet Adam on time. He didn’t care what the fucking teacher thought. He was wearing a baggy sweatshirt and sweatpants. He met Adam outside the schoolyard and the two boys walked back into the yard. Adam saw Doug and Jake on the playing field talking to each other. Both of the jocks had shaved heads and they looked pretty intimidating. They were tough looking skinheads. They were wearing tight white tee-shirts and shorts that showed off their big, buff muscles. They looked just like the aggressive football studs they were. Adam and Cory walked over to the two big thugs, who looked sort of surprised to see Adam approaching them. Usually Adam tried to get out of their way and now he was walking right up to them with this little kid at his side. “Get the fuck outta here, runt,” said Doug. “We’re havin’ a private conversation. No dweebs allowed.” Adam smiled. “It’s a free country, Doug,” he said. “Me and my kid brother here can go anywhere we want. He’s only 11 years old and he told me he wanted to meet some real assholes so I brought him here to meet you guys.”

Doug looked down at Cory and then looked at Adam. “He sure don’t look like your brother, dweeb. If he is your brother he sure got all the looks in the family.” Then it hit Doug. He was a little slow. “Hey, runt, did you just call me and Jake assholes? I can’t believe you just said that. We’re gonna fuck you up so bad you’re gonna wish you were dead. I don’t care if your little brother’s only 11. We’re gonna fuck him up too. If he’s your brother he’s a pathetic wimp just like you and deserves to get beat up. I bet the kids at his school kick his ass just like we kick your ass. The dweeb brothers! The dweeb brothers get their asses kicked by the jocks and there’s nothing they can do about it! Lets go, Jake. Let’s fuck up these little wimps so bad they’ll never forget who rules their sorry asses.” Doug and Jake raised their fists, ready to start a vicious pummeling of the two little nerds. Adam looked at Doug and said, “Oh I forgot to tell you my brother’s name. It’sCory. Cory the Conqueror.”

At that, Cory ripped off his sweatshirt and then quickly took off his sweatpants. He was now wearing only black shorts and black sneakers. Around his right upper arm there was a new Henna tattoo of the broken chain. The tattoo artist had to make the chain much bigger since Cory’s upper arm had filled out with so much muscle in the last month. His whole body was rippling with muscle. He had been standing there listening to Doug, getting madder and madder. Adrenaline was now coursing through his veins. He was ready to fight! Doug looked down at Cory’s tensed, muscular body and said “Holy shit.” Those were the last words he spoke.

Before either Doug or Jake could react, Cory unleashed two incredibly powerful punches. His first blow hit Doug square in the mouth, breaking three teeth and tearing some flesh away. Blood started flowing from the thug’s mouth. Doug got a look of absolute horror in his eyes. Almost simultaneously Cory unleashed a devastating punch with his left arm to Jake’s gut. That strong arm, capable of a 110 pound incline dumbbell press, drove Cory’s hard fist deep into Jake’s gut, causing the big kid to buckle over in pain. Then Cory proceeded to absolutely maul the two big jocks. He punched their heads, their chests and their guts. He was so fast and strong that they were absolutely defenseless against his unrelenting aggression. His 120 pounds of sheer muscle completely overwhelmed their big, heavy bodies. After he had pulverized them with punches, he started twisting their arms and legs, stretching their joints beyond their thresholds of pain. All the moves he had practiced on Adam he now used for real, applying the incredible force to each hold that would have broken Adam’s bones. Now that force was almost breaking Doug and Jake’s bones. Their pain was so great that it might have felt better to have a broken bone.

Cory grabbed Jake’s right arm and forced it up his back. Jake tried to resist but Cory’s pressing power was too great. The big 16-year-old’s arm moved higher and higher up his back. He was crying out in pain. Cory didn’t care. He wanted these two thugs to feel more pain in 10 minutes than Adam had felt in 7 years. He thought of military pressing a huge weight, more weight than he had ever handled. He forced his arms up Jake’s back using Jake’s right arm as a barbell. Cory’s delts bulged with shredded muscle as they powered his incredibly ripped arms higher and higher. “Fuckin’ strong!” yelled Cory as he pressed Jake’s arm so high that he heard the kid’s elbow and shoulder joints break. Then he let go of Jake’s arm and it fell limply to his side. But Cory wasn’t done with Jake. He wrapped his arm around Jake’s neck and squeezed. His big 14 inch bicep jumped up under his skin and smashed into the jock’s neck. Unlike when he crushed Adam’s neck, Cory didn’t hold back this time. He let his muscles go. He let them be as strong and forceful as they could be, like he was doing curls with the heaviest weight he had ever used. Jake’s windpipe started to crackle. Cory liked the sound of his big muscle busting through Jake’s windpipe. He relaxed his flex for a moment and then blasted his bicep into Jake’s neck again. He did 10 reps. His arm felt great. It was totally pumped. When he let go of Jake, the kid fell to the ground gasping. His neck looked like it was crooked and his right arm was hanging helplessly to the side.

Just then Doug was coming to after being knocked cold by a solid punch to the jaw. His face really looked pitiful, all black and blue, bloody, no teeth. As he stood up, Cory looked at him and said “Oh, I missed a place.” Then he landed an incredibly hard punch to Doug’s nose, breaking the cartilage in six places and flattening his nose like a pancake. Doug fell to the ground in total pain. Cory wrapped his legs around the kid’s chest and squeezed hard. All the air was immediately forced out of his lungs. He was gasping, but he couldn’t draw a breath with Cory’s vise-like legs wrapped around his chest. Cory started to squeeze harder. He thought about squatting with the heaviest weight he had ever tried. He knew he could do it. He always conquered the heaviest weights he attempted. He was Cory the Conqueror. As his quads bulged to an incredible pump and hardness, he heard two loud cracks as two of Doug’s ribs broke under the enormous power of Cory’s scissors hold. Doug cried out in pain. Cory gave him one more powerful squeeze for good measure and then released his grip.

Finally Cory stopped his beating. The two big kids lay on the ground in abject pain, looking up at the 11-year-old musclekid who had just beaten them to a pulp. How could they admit to anyone that they had been beaten up by an 11-year-old? They knew they’d have to keep quiet about this. Adam and Cory knew they would. Cory looked down at the vanquished thugs and said, “You guys lay a hand on my brother again and I’ll make that little beating seem like a garden party. My name is Cory the Conqueror and I kick ass. Anybody’s ass I want.”

At that, Cory gave Adam a high five. The two boys turned around and walked through the gate. Adam was so happy he was jumping up and down. “That was fun,” said Cory. Adam looked at his hero in awe. He wrapped his arm around Cory’s muscular back and grabbed the young stud’s cock with his other hand. “That’ll be more fun,” said Cory as the two kids walked towards Adam’s house. •

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