Ice Cold Milk for the Growing Boys

By Aonghas

As he stood in the shower, a small smile escaped Joey’s lips. ‘My new family … my family … They don’t want me to work. They don’t care if I am part animal. They are so nice to me.’ As his thoughts continued to whirl through his mind, Joey was absentmindedly running his hands over his clean fresh body. He was going to have to learn to accept himself. Everyone else had. They gave him food when he was hungry. Bruno would hold his hand when he would cry. Joey had many memories now of waking up from a bad dream with Bruno gently holding his hand or stroking his hair, telling him everything would be alright now. Bruno would tell him bedtime stories. That was a real treat. Then he would sing him a song or two that sounded to sweet and nice and Joey would suddenly open his eyes and it would be a new day. ‘All of my family’, … ‘I have a family …’, ‘… they all do things for me’. He remembered Evan asking if he was hungry. He had blushed because he’d just had lunch a little bit ago, but Evan came back with a sandwich he made himself and it had all of the new foods that Joey loved on it. He had a pear cut up for him and a tall glass of ice cold milk. There were potato chips and a couple of cookies. Evan had sat there and chattered away at him while he gobbled it down. Then when he was feeling real bad about having eaten just so much, Evan had come over and gave him a little bear hug and he belched. Evan just giggled and said something about how nice it was to know he’d enjoyed it so much. Did I want anything more? Joey had just been sitting on the couch not knowing what to do next when Evan came back with a big bowl of ice cream, covered with ‘hot fudge’ and whipped cream and peanuts and a bright red cherry on top. He knew he was still hungry, and by now Joey wasn’t going to be afraid to ask for more and then Evan took away the bowl and patted him on the knee, “You better not anything else until dinner, you don’t want to get sick.” It was in that moment that Joey knew that Evan hadn’t been teasing him to see how much he could eat, he just didn’t want him to be hungry all afternoon. On and on Joey’s thoughts spun around in his head. With every face there was a story just like Evan’s. Maybe it was waiting for a shower, or going for a walk. Joey never felt alone. That was it. Everyone made time to be with him. And no one wanted him to do anything other than be happy. He started to cry. He became aware of the fact that he had been touching himself all this time. His new body felt so nice. It was okay. He didn’t have to cum for anybody anymore. He didn’t have to cum at all if he didn’t want to.

Joey was suddenly drawn back from his wandering thoughts. There was a knock on the door … he’d been taking too much time. He was being selfish. Someone had been waiting. He was about to start crying again when he heard a now familiar voice, “Joey? It’s Bruno. Are you okay? Do you need anything? Do you want any help?”

He still had to get used to his baritone voice, and it still sounded like a stranger, but he called out, “I’m sorry .. I was taking too long. I’m okay.” Bruno opened the door and Joey looked ashamed. Bruno’s face showed a deep concern for him, but Joey felt like one of those times he’d had a serious talk with Bruno’s dad. Could everyone see every one of his lies? Still the look of worry on Bruno’s face was beginning to make Joey feel at ease, “Please Joey, … don’t lie to me. I know you aren’t feeling alright. Please Joey, … please just tell me what’s wrong.”

It was getting very hard for Bruno to remember that he was talking to essentially a twelve year old in the body of a man. An incredibly handsome man. Bruno was getting better at hiding some of his feelings but there was no disguise for the woody that was pushing out.

Sliding almost immediately back into the past, Joey was seeing a man that liked what he was seeing and the words of the street hustler just automatically came out, “You like? I make you a real nice deal.” The minute he said it, he hated himself. That life was gone. But he was also torn apart inside because here was a very attractive man who without question had liked what he was seeing. His body had betrayed him. Joey didn’t know what to do, so he slid to the floor and started crying. That’s all he seemed to do well anymore other than eat. He saw Bruno’s face turn white, the look of concern was gone and Joey just couldn’t figure out what Bruno’s face reminded him of. He wasn’t mad, he hadn’t hurt his feelings, and it looked like Bruno ‘wanted’ to hug him like he so many other times before, but he just stood there with a blank expression on his face. Maybe Bruno didn’t know what to do, just like him.

“I’m sorry Bruno’, he chocked out through his tears. “I’m just a dumb stupid animal. I’m not good for anything.”

Bruno’s face turned red and he was standing over Joey in an instant. It looked to Joey like Bruno was going to hit him. Joey started to shake, Bruno was going to start screaming at him, he just knew it. His eyes looked as though they were made of fire. And then in a voice, barely above a whisper, very slowly and purposefully Bruno began, “You are not an animal. You are a very handsome and loving man. I will … Never! … hear you speak that lie aloud again. You are good for everything. Do you understand me?”

Through his tears Joey tried to say, “I’m sorry Bruno. I’ll try. I know you love me”. Unfortunately all that came out was a meager little, “ … okay …”

Bruno knew everything he was trying to say. Bruno was beginning to know everything about Joey. Every time he would touch him, he would deluged with visions of the horrors that had made up Joey’s life. “Come on tiger, let’s dry your hair so you can get your nap. You wanna be nice and fresh for brunch.”

Bruno helped him towel his hair and get dressed. Joey sat there very patiently whilst Bruno combed his hair and when he was done, he stepped back to admire his work, “There. I told you, you are a very handsome man.”

Joey was sitting on a stool in the bathroom and he turned his head towards the mirror and smiled at Bruno. He still couldn’t believe the reflection beside Bruno was him. But it had to be. He was just brimming with pride. It felt just like when one of the ‘other boys’ would help get him cleaned up after a bad man had beat him up. They would all take turns helping him look nice so he could get right back to work and not miss any money. Except this time, he hadn’t be hurt. He wasn’t going back to work. Bruno just did it to make him feel better and he did feel better.

“Come on Tiger. Time for your nap.” He obediently followed his ‘brother’ back to their room and as he lay down across his big bed, Bruno handed him the big stuffed monkey and pulled the curtains so the room wouldn’t be so bright. As he pulled up the sheet to tuck in Joey he asked, “Do you want me to tell you a little story?”

“Ahh… no thanks Bruno. I’m kinda real tired right now.” He was right. Before Bruno turned around to close the door on his way out, Joey was fast asleep.

Bruno was organizing his thoughts as he took the short journey down the hall to his father’s room. He knocked softly at the open door and Leo popped his head around the corner, “Bruno!?”. He was genuinely glad to see him. Then he heard the voice of his father, “What’s up son?”

“Dad, do you have a couple of minutes?”

“Bruno … you know … “

“Yeah … yeah … I know dad, but it’s still polite to ask.”

“I’ll see you guys later”, Leo smiled, but Bruno’s hand went out to catch him on the arm, “Please Leo, I’d like you to stay if you could. I need some advise.”

Leo was both surprised and felt very gratified. It wasn’t often that a private chat, or advise from dad included him. It always hurt a little, but now Bruno was specifically asking for him to stay. “Sure Bruno. I’d be glad to help.”

The three of them sat on the loveseat facing the empty fireplace, Bruno in the middle. Bruno started out, “Thanks guys. I … ah … wanted to tell you a couple of things I think you should know and ah … I wanted your advise.”

“Okay son, we’re all ears.”

Bruno started out his long narrative about most of the things he’d seen concerning Joey’s former life. He just couldn’t remember everything. Then he reassured them that his lessons with Tristan were helping him a lot, so he knew what to do with his ‘gift’ and the stuff he saw.

When he was sure he had their full attention, he wasted no time coming directly to his point. When he helped Joey, despite or maybe because of what he saw, he wanted to hold him in his arms.

Brice tried to interrupt and tell him that that was perfectly natural, he was a loving boy and wanted to help his friend.

“No Dad. You don’t understand at all. I want to hold him and kiss him and I want him to hold me in his arms. I get a big stiffy and my heart starts to beat real fast.” Leo was starting to wish he’d closed the door. Bruno was being very graphic and detailed about the whole thing.

“I want to taste his dick and feel his big schlong in my mouth, I mean god dad, the thing is bigger than Leo’s. My arse gets tight every time I see it and I want him to fill me up.”

Brice was totally unprepared for the harsh frankness of his son. Bruno sensed how unnerved his father was becoming so he came right to the point.

“Dad. He’s twelve years old. Is there something I could take to make me, … well… non-sexual a little while longer. I’m not ready to be all grown up and I don’t want to hurt him with one of my mistakes.”

Brice was now back on familiar ground. Bruno needed his dad. Leo was completely lost. Brice smiled at his son, “No Bruno. There is nothing you can take. You are going on sixteen now, and to tell you the truth, you’re kind of a late bloomer. All guys go through it, … well straight boys are a little different, but the hormones and the need for sex is always strong during these years. If you don’t believe me, you can ask your brother Blake.”

Bruno smiled and tilted his head over to the side, “You mean I’m like normal and all?”

“Yes Bruno. You are very normal and all. But I do have a few other things to say.” Bruno didn’t care. The important stuff was already taken care of.

Brice started in, “You are right. If you did do something with Joey, you could hurt him even more than he already is. And, you would feel really bad about it later. It is very important right now that he gets his lovin’s from everybody. He already idolizes you. You understand him most, and he senses that on some other level.”

“Okay. I know what you mean.”

“If it does get too much to handle, you’ve got to let us know so we can rearrange things again.” Seeing his son’s disdain for turning things inside out again Brice interrupted the thought, “It can be done and remember that everyone needs a little change ever once in a while.”

“Thanks for not getting all bent out of shape dad. It really helped. I love you.”

“I love you too son.”

“Thanks Leo”

“But I didn’t do anything.”

“Yes you did. You hung around and listened and you should know by now in this family, that that is what really matters.” Leo was complimented and rebuffed at the same time.

“There is something else and it is very important.”

“What is it son?”

“Joey really believes that he’s turned into some sort of really ugly monster and we kinda just keep him around like a pet. He hates his body. I really don’t know how to tell him he’s wrong. Dad? Leo? What can we do? You’re the adults here. I need answers.”

“Bruno, my son; you always save the hardest for last, don’t you?”

He smiled remembering the day he had his ‘business meeting’ with his father. Then he quipped, “I’m nothing if I’m not predicable.”

They all laughed. Leo finally felt like he could join in. “Bruno?”

“Yes, other-dad? … hehehe”

“Here’s an idea to think about in the meantime, …”


“Back in school you told me you wanted really bad to join the swim team. Why don’t you start swimming with your Uncle Blaise and Matthew every afternoon. If you included Joey, he wouldn’t just be laying around all day, he’d be getting some good exercise and he’d start interacting with older and younger people. You wouldn’t be alone with him and he’d have a chance to do something that was good for him. It’s a win, win.”

“See Leo. I knew you should be here.”

“Well, I guess I get a good idea ever now and again. Probably why your father keeps me around.”

“Nah … I think it’s the sex.”

His dad chimed in, “Bruno … careful there buddy.”

Bruno got an evil grin on his face and jumped up before they could grab him, “Well … ah … I think I’ll go help with lunch or something …” and he began to mimic whistling innocently.

Leo smiled, “I think that’s a good idea … son …”

It was too hard just to leave the room. Bruno had to give each one of them his legendary hugs. “See ya’ at lunch.”

Everything was going along fine. Bruno was helping Uncle Blaise set out the lunchmeats and bread and was stirring up some Koolaide when he dropped the spoon to the floor and his whole body became rigid. Blaise saw that this was not going to be one of his ordinary episodes and called out to anyone that might hear. He was definitely not going to leave his nephew alone to go get help. Anything could happen whilst he was gone.

Mark and Jeremiah came sprinting out of the family room. Ty came running out of the dining room. They stood there and as soon as Mark was about to ask what happened, Bruno snapped out of it. Blaise asked his nephew, “What’s wrong?”

As he looked into his nephew’s eyes, he had to stand back and catch his breath. Everyone heard him make an audible gasp. Staring back at him, Blaise saw what looked like a mirror filled with rainbows pouring out onto him. He was starting to feel numb when from very far in the distance he could hear Bruno’s voice, “He didn’t run away. He’s hiding. He thinks he’s turned into a terrible monster. It’s like he’s sick, but he’s not sick. I think it’s just that he’s changing again and he’s afraid.”

Jeremiah had presence of mind to ask, “Where is he?” Jeremiah felt stunned when Bruno turned towards him and he looked into his eyes. He felt as though he was drowning in all of the rainbows surrounding him.

“He is nearby. I think he’s just a little older now than right after his shower this morning.” The statement would have been ludicrous to anyone that didn’t live in that house, but they all knew what he meant. “Get me Leo.”

When Bruno closed his eyes and returned to himself, everyone was released from their stupor. Mark ran upstairs and got Leo. A somewhat confused Brice follow his lover down the stairs. Bruno was already standing with the door open waiting and Leo felt as though he was mad at him, but when Bruno’s eyes fell on him, all that Leo could feel was the saddest feeling. It made him feel like he was a young lad, maybe four of five years old and he wanted to crawl into his daddy Bruno’s arms. And then Leo suddenly snapped out of it.

Bruno was completely in command. He reached his hand out to take Leo’s and said, “Come on, we’ve got to get going. The rest of you stay here until we get back.”


Tristan’s hand began to shake. Miles reached over to take the cup and saucer, but it was too late. It had fallen to the floor. With only the mildest concern, Miles asked, “What’s wrong sweetie? What do you need me to do?” The silver orbs of Tristan’s eyes glowed back at Miles as he smiled, “Bruno’s growing up, but he tried too hard. I believe he was just scared and it all overpowered him. Anyways, my love, we need to take a walk down the hill.” As Tristan gazed into his lover’s eyes, there was a golden glow reflecting back to him. The two lover’s embraced and the resulting flash almost blinded Geoffrey. “Man, … you two are somethin’ …” Thai just laughed. “Trust me babe, I’ve seen it a million times and you never get used to it.”


When Joey woke up he felt all warm and snugly. He smiled when he remembered how soft and gentle Bruno had been when he pulled the sheet over him and tucked him in. Bruno really loved him. He hugged his over-stuffed monkey and gave it a little kiss. Then Joey felt that something had changed. He just knew it. His body was different somehow. He started crying, “Oh No! Not Again!” His trembling hands began their examine. Trying desperately to hold back his tears he wanted to see his body. It looked darker to him, but through his tears, he just wasn’t sure. He made a long sniffle and blew his nose and wiped his eyes. His lip began to tremble but he was determined not to cry. He just had to see. He had to know.

Yes. He was darker, but not like he thought. His golden tan had darkened somewhat, but what he had mistaken through his tears was that there was now more hair on his arms and legs and his pecs were now covered in what to him was a thick fur. But even that didn’t bother him as much as it might. As he stood up, he walked over to the mirror that he had recognized his reflection all those weeks ago. Bruno had been standing beside him then and he had felt such anguish at the prospect of having to have his teeth pulled again.

Bruno blinked back his tears. He was wrong. Nobody was going to make him have his teeth pulled. They loved him. What had him going this time was that he had so much hair all over his face and his soft body now showed every muscle clearly. It reminded him of a stretched out Brian but his body was covered in dark hair. He was hairier than either his foster dad or his lover. He went to move and all of his muscles rippled under his skin.

‘I’ve got to think right this time’, he thought to himself. ‘I don’t want to go crying to Bruno. He’s got to let me grow up and start taking care of myself again. But what would Bruno do if he were here?’ Joey remembered how patiently Bruno had gone over his face with the ‘electric razor’. All of the stubble that was there was gone. The razor made all the little hairs go away. He’d show Bruno he could do it himself. He didn’t want to scare anybody – he was becoming such an animal, but he felt that if he could just get all the fuzzy stuff off his face, they might not think he was such an ugly animal. He knew it didn’t matter to them, but he still wanted to feel a little better facing them.

He quietly opened his door a crack. No one was anywhere in the hall. He was very quiet as he tiptoed across to the bathroom. He closed the door. But now, he was going to do something he knew was wrong. Bruno had told him never to use that thing unless he was right there. He fought with himself about it. He just couldn’t let anyone see how ugly he was now. He fumbled with the part you put in the wall but he finally got it in. Then he looked at it. It was supposed to be buzzing. He got really scared now, but then he remembered Bruno had touched it somehow before it buzzed. His finger moved. Joey studied carefully. There were only two buttons on it. One was up by the part that touched the skin, so he reasoned that it must be the other button. His courage was rewarded, the thing buzzed to life. With his hand shaking and tears starting to fill his eyes, Joey ever so carefully brought it up to his face. How did Bruno do it? He touched it to his skin and then brought it up and down from his ear, down over his check to the neck below. He was so proud that he even smiled at the mirror. He had to admit that he was still too scared to get close to his lips. Bruno had warned him that it could hurt him if they weren’t careful. He did the other side of his face instead. Then he started feeling very confident. He began to go back and forth under his chin and then above it. Fighting back every fear he was going to do around his upper lip when his hand began to shake uncontrollably. The thing dropped from his grip and shattered in the sink sending pieces flying in every direction.

He was NOT going to cry!! If he started bawling now, the guys would come running from every direction and he would be caught, having done something else that he knew was wrong. He just couldn’t do anything right. They asked so little of him, well nothing, and one simple thing that Bruno warned him about, he just ignored and now the thing was broken. This was worse than stealing. He could give back the jacket. This he couldn’t fix. He had to get out. He had to leave before anyone found out.

He closed the door to the bathroom as he left. If no one was in a hurry, they wouldn’t knock – so he had a chance to get away before anyone would find out just how really bad he was. He tiptoed down the stairs. No one was around. Ty was asleep on the couch with the TV on. No one else was there. He quickly crossed the family room and snuck out onto the deck. He was free. No one saw him. No one was around.

For a tall, muscular man, Joey nimbly crossed the small amount of open space and disappeared into the trees. His feet stopped moving. His heart was torn in his chest as he recognized this as the place where he had ripped off his outer coating and hid until he had crept into the big house to steal from his family. ‘Maybe if I go back and just tell Bruno how bad I was, he might let me stay.’ He fought with himself about it as the precious seconds slipped away. The longer he stood there, the more likely he was going to get caught and punished. This time they would throw him away. He just knew it.


When Tristan and Miles arrived at the front door to the house by the sea, everyone was standing just as Bruno had left them. Miles nudged Tristan and said, “Doesn’t know his own strength.” Then putting on his best Yoda imitation, Tristan folded his hands in front of his chest and announced, “The force is great in that one.” They both laughed hysterically. After all, no one would know if they didn’t tell them. Tristan walked up the steps and one by one, he put his hands on their shoulders and they were able to move again. Brice however, was beside himself.

Tristan sat down with him and they talked. Bruno had had to make a terribly hard decision, Leo did have the superior strength and Brice interrupted him, “I know all that. I’m just a little bit hurt that he didn’t let me go along.”

Then Brice felt like a little schoolboy being corrected by his teacher, “If Joey saw all of you coming for him again, they he would get into the habit of running away every time he might be feeling neglected. In this way, with just two, he will know that if he runs away again, maybe just one … or maybe nobody will come for him.”

Brice let his eyes fill with tears. Tristan was right and Bruno was right. Miles reached over and put his hand on Brice’s knee, “Yes, but he still desperately needs his father. There is only one person that do that for him.”

The thousands of doubts, fears and concerns were now allowed to leave Brice and he felt much better. Brice looked at Tristan, “Will they come home okay?”

Tristan’s smile twisted into a sneer, “What? Do I look like a psychic to you?”

Brice leaned back and grinned, “Well …. Yes.” They all laughed.


As Bruno quickly crossed the sand, he followed the beach up towards the pier. He could feel the terror beating in Joey’s heart. Bruno knew that Joey who didn’t know how to swim was pushing his nerve to try, so that he could swim away and not come back. Bruno also felt how badly Joey’s heart was breaking – he really didn’t want to go – but he had done something that he thought was really, really bad and he’d rather run away than be thrown away. That was it. Now how was Bruno going to resolve that? What words did he have to say?

Bruno stopped. He put his hand in front of Leo’s chest and said, “Wait here.” Leo stood there like a statue. The next part was not going to be that easy. He could just simply compel Joey to come out from his hiding place; but he also knew that if he did that, Joey would eventually just run away again. He had to want to come back this time. He had to find the courage in him self to do it.

Bruno stopped a few feet from Joey’s hiding place and spoke into the air, “If you want to come home this time, ‘You’ are going to have to stop hiding and come out.” Then Bruno just patiently stood there waiting.

Using the beam for support, Joey slowly inched his way around. As his form came into the light, Bruno saw the tall handsome man. He now had more hair and a mustache. If he would just take a step towards him, and leave the pier behind, Bruno could take his hand and they all could go home together.

Blake pulled out his skateboard and decided he would go down the road again. This time he had his father’s permission … and blessing. He wanted to be alone and Matthew and Bert were still busy with their homework. Blake always hated right after a family crisis. Everything was taken care of, and he just felt he needed to get away to think about things.

Geez, it was only a stupid electric razor. It could be replaced, Joey couldn’t. Blake had to admit to himself that he really liked looking at Joey. His hands were getting sweaty just thinking about him. The man was ripped. He looked like he’d worked out every day of his life and that sexy chest hair was making Blake get a woody. He felt the air whiz past as he gained speed. ‘Geez … if I looked like that I could get any man I wanted. And that schlong. Wow. I could be a porn star.’

Blake was now boarding around the park. He felt free. Everything was okay. The family was … well … his family. He was really feeling great. ‘I’d better get home, maybe Matt and Bert are done now and we can do something together.’


Thai and Geoffrey sat sipping the pink lemonade that Michael had sent up. They were all sitting around the round table in Brice and Leo’s room. Bruno was downstairs practicing the piano and Matt was now out with Blaise for their swim. Joey was taking his afternoon nap now and resting comfortably.

“I did try to warn you Brice. As an adolescent, the mixture was too strong for Joey and it was way too soon after his last change. I wish he hadn’t stolen it.”

“So the changes are going to keep happening. Do we have any idea what might be next? He’s not going to grow old an die is he?”

“Oh no no no no no. It’s unpredictable, but with any luck at all, it may work it’s way out of his system and he’ll just have to start from square one again.”

“He’s been through so much already.”

“Nobody knows that better than I do Brice. I feel for the boy. I’m just so glad that he has such a loving family to support him and help him as he goes through these changes.”

Brice felt embarrassed. Thai was preaching back to him what he’d been saying all along. Leo nudged him and smiled, “You ‘Are’ a very good father. I don’t tell you that often enough, but you need to remember it.”

“Yes Mr. Young. You are right. Thank you,” and he winked.

“You are welcome Mr. Buchanan”, and he blew his lover a kiss.

Geoffrey broke out into laughter, “Will you too stop it? Save the foreplay until you’re alone. There are kids in the house.” Even Thai laughed.

Thai started, “I think that maybe if he starts exercising more, that will help him.”

Brice interjected, “I think Bruno has a plan to get him to swim with him and Blaise and Matt. Bruno was telling me the other day that he thought he looked pudgy …” They laughed. “Well anyways, he wanted his body to look more like Blaise’s. He really goes for those guys with swimmer’s builds.”

“I think he has a good idea. It is such a blessing to see these boys growing up right, they finally have a chance at life.”

Brice looked very seriously at him, “I know that if they knew, they would want to thank you, so I will tell you for them, Thank You Thai. There is nothing more I can say, anything else would be terribly inadequate.”

Thai had a small tear in his eye, “And if I could answer them, I would say ‘You’re Welcome’, but we both know why that will never happen. And it shouldn’t. Tristan told me that even now, Bruno sees that dark little boy in the mountains as if it were he in past life. It’s so hard to believe that there are still superstitious places like that.” The tear rolled down his cheek and Geoffrey put his hand on his lover. Thai continued, “If I had been any later, they would have burned him at the stake and none of us would have ever known him.”

Brice’s tears escaped, “But that didn’t happen. He’s here. He’s loved. He has a family that loves and needs him.” He just couldn’t continue.

Geoffrey spoke up, “Every one of them is like that. And now they have you and they have each other. That’s what matters. Nothing else does.”

Even Leo joined the veil of tears, “We are truly blessed.”

Thai caught the flitting shadow of Evan’s form as he scurried by toward his room, “Evan? Can you come here a minute? And bring Brian too will you?”

The two appeared at the door in a matter of seconds. They looked worried but Thai quickly put them at ease, “You two boys have certainly grown … I mean shrunk … hehehe … into some pretty nice lookin’ guys.”

The muscle elves grinned and blushed. Thai smiled and continued, “I’ve had a talk with your father and we’ve decided that it will be okay now for you to come up the hill for visits. You’re both eighteen now. But I have to have a promise from you.”

“Okay.” “Yeah.”

“I am going to trust you not to drink any of the alcohol – and not get into too much trouble. Deal?”

The lovers were overwhelmed. Brian almost shouted, “Thanks Uncle Thai. We will.” Evan hit him, “He means we won’t.” Brian was rubbing his arm, “Yeah … what he said.” Then they all laughed again.


Blake whizzed down the driveway and made a perfect stop on his skateboard. It came up spinning around in the air and he caught it and put it back in the garage where it belonged. He knew he was getting good. It felt great to be back home again. He smiled to himself, no matter how short a time he was gone, or how short a distance, there was just something in his heart that made him feel good when he got home.

Matt and Bert were done. He saw Matt swimming with Blaise. Bruno was practicing the piano and Joey hadn’t gotten up from his nap yet. Blake decided not to say hi to his pops – they had guests. He decided to get some clean clothes and a quick shower before dinner and went over to his room.

As he entered the door, he was shocked. He quickly closed it behind himself. He didn’t want to scream out – everyone would come running, but he was really pissed off and kinda complimented at the same time. Bert was standing there with his shirt off sniffing a pair of Blake’s tighty-whities. He looked as though he were about to cream his pants.

“I missed you man, we got done and you were gone.” He definitely had tears in his eyes.

The twins were starting to get used to it now. Every morning they would wake up and Charles would be sitting in front of the window watching them sleep. Together they would say, “Morning Charles.”

“Morning guys.”

He had been doing so well now that he felt Bruno wasn’t as mad at him as he was before. But somehow this morning he didn’t sound as chipper as he usually was.

Charles tentatively started out, “I was thinking …”; but Benjamin interrupted, “I thought I smelled smoke.” Barnabus hit his brother, “Stop that. He’s being serious.”

“Ouch. I’m sorry. Go on Charles.” Benjamin looked up as he started rubbing his arm.

“I didn’t really want to be a girl but there are some things I really miss.”

Trying to make up for before, Benjamin offered, “Dad’d get you a dress if you wanted one”, “Will you stop interrupting? he’s trying to say something”, “Okay okay … please just don’t hit me again. I’m sorry Charles.”

Charles had learned to let the two go on, he would have his turn, eventually.

“Well anyways. No. That’s not it. I don’t think I want to dress up in dresses anymore. I only did that to be with guys and … well anyways … I’m livin’ with a buncha guys now … so I don’t have to … like before.”

Barnabus gave his brother a warning look and then started out, “then what is it then?”

“It’s probably gonna sound kinda funny and all, but I miss putting on the nylons and makeup. It made me feel so sexy and attractive.”

Benjamin couldn’t hold it in anymore, “But you are sexy and attractive.” Barnabus looked okay, he hadn’t gone too far.

Charles let himself smile, “Thanks guys. But I just ‘feel’ it more when I’m all dressed up.”

Barnabus looked up at him, “If you don’t want to talk to dad, I will for you. I’m sure he’d let you get that stuff. I know he’d get if for you if he knew how much it meant to you. You were too afraid to ask him right?”

It was too late. Charles started to cry, “You all have done so much for me I hated to bother him for something so stupid.”

Barnabus stood up and walked over to put his hand on Charles’ shoulder. His morning woody almost poked him. “You made a little mistake, you screwed up, that just make you one of us. I know if dad knew you felt so strongly about it, he’d get you the stuff. I’ll talk to him if you want.”

Charles looked up and smiled. He was getting excited, “Do you think he’d get me some stuff to do my nails? I mean, just plain polish so they would shine … I don’t want any colours or anything like that.”

Barnabus sat down next to him and put his arm around his shoulder. “Maybe I’ll ask him to get me a couple of pairs too – so I can see how it feels.”

Benjamin was really pouting now. “Hey! What about me? I think my legs would look nice in nylons.”

Charles started to laugh, “You guys are too much.”

By the time they were all ready to go down to breakfast, Barnabus had already talked to his dad about it. It caught him off guard, he was so startled to see one twin without the other. After he had gone back to his room, Leo rolled over and said, I used to shave my legs back when I was a trainer. Since you’re at it, get me a couple of pairs too. I know a place that make them especially built for men.”

“Okay Leo my Love. Since you have decided to stand in solidarity with my sons, I’m going to get a couple of pairs for myself too. We can slide around on each other for a while.”

Leo laughed, “Sounds promising. I wish Charles would have said something sooner.”

At breakfast, Brice stood up and announced, “I’m getting an order ready today. If anyone needs clothes replaced or wants something new, let me know before lunch. I want to call it in this afternoon.”

Bert couldn’t help but overhear the twins and Charles. The twins were trying to convince him that he could ask for the shoes he wanted. “I don’t need them. It’s totally unnecessary. I shouldn’t have said anything about the other stuff. I don’t want him wasting money on me. He’s getting me enough already.”

The twins were exasperated. Bert leaned over, “What is it Charlie wants?” Barnabus scowled. “I mean Charles.” Barny told him about these bright blue shiny basketball shoes that Charles wanted to go with a particular outfit. He knew the rest. Bert stood up and went around Barnabus and looked Charles right square in the eye. “I will buy them.”

Charles couldn’t believe it. Bert continued, “I have a little money stashed away from … ah … when I was working.”

“But you shouldn’t waste your money …”

Bert squared his shoulders looked like he was about to attack, “Look Charles. You all took me in and gave me a family. Now I want to do one nice thing and you won’t let me. Some Family.”

The table grew very quiet. Charles had to look down, “I’m sorry. Thank you.”

Bert almost yelled, but he caught himself, “You’re welcome.” His face was red but he went back over and sat down next to Matt and finished his breakfast.

Afterwards he went up to his room, picked up his backpack and went and tapped on Brice’s door. He explained the whole thing and his pop was glad to help. But he wasn’t going to get off the hook that easy.

“You should be saving that money for when you really need it. You never know what’s going to come up.”

Bert felt as though his foster-father was baiting him. That was of course, because he was. Bert had kept it in case he needed to make a ‘quick getaway’. But the funny thing was that ‘now’ he really didn’t think he’d ever want to run away. Still, a substantial amount of his stash was about to disappear. The shoes were going to be very expensive.

Bert’s face screwed itself into a mask of anger, very forcefully he said, “You’ve ruined me. Damn you.”

Brice leaned back and became very serious. He raised one of his eyebrows, “You look pretty healthy to me.”

“No man. You screwed with my head. You treated me nice. You made me feel wanted. Fuck it!”

“And that was a bad thing?”

“Screw you man. I can’t just ‘have sex’ now. I wanna suck Blake so bad it hurts. But I fuckin’ can’t. He’s not ready and then I’d feel bad Matt was left out. Before you came along and fucked my brain, I would have just done them both, taken my money and moved on. I can’t even go out and fuck somebody. All I can think about is Blake. I was so lonely the day he went boarding without me, I was pathetic man. He came into the room and caught me sniffin’ out his briefs. Do you know what it’s like not to be able to even think about sex except with just one guy?”

A voice behind him answered, “I have reason to think he does.” Bert turned white. He looked. Leo was leaning across the doorway, his massive masculine body filling it.

Bert stammered on, “Well it’s nice that you two old guys found each other and all but you don’t know what it’s like to be young and get anyone you want, anytime you want.”

This was getting interesting. Brice went over to his desk and opened one of the little drawers. He pulled out the picture of Leo leaning against the school wall with nothing more than his red bandana and his tight royal blue workout shorts, definitely pushing out his substantial package. Bert gawked at it. Then Brice pulled out his picture. He was standing there naked, with a very proud ‘package’, the smirk on his face accenting his chipmunk cheeks and that cute necklace he had on announced, I’m the only clothes this stud is wearing.

“Okay Bert. Tell us that we couldn’t get anyone we wanted, whenever.”

Poor Bert was now tripping and stumbling all over his words, his woody showing clearly that he would have wanted to do them. He would have paid to do them. “You were studs. I mean … well you’re still handsome and all … I’d pay … “, and he stammered off into silence.

“Forget it kid, I have to keep a loaded BB gun under the bed to scare away all the twinks that keep chasing my husband’s tail.”

Bert couldn’t help himself. He burst out laughing. Anyone who knew them would know there was no firearm under the bed, even an almost harmless one. He was finally able to stop laughing and looked back at the prime-beef that his foster-father was. “You hurt my head. I’m so confused. I’m so horny. I can’t even think straight anymore.”

Leo smiled, “That’s because you’re thirteen and gay”, Bert interrupted, “I’m fourteen now.”

Brice continued, “You’re supposed to be confused right now. You’re starting to grow up. You’re feeling all that testosterone flooding your system. You want to go on?”

Bert stood there in silence for a moment and decided he was confused enough. “Nah … I’m already baffled.”

As Bert was turning to go Brice stopped him, “That was a really nice thing you did for Charles, both times.”


“He is afraid to ask for any help. He didn’t want to ask for anything, even if it would make him feel better having it. Do you understand?”

“Kinda. Charles doesn’t feel that anything good ‘should’ happen to him. So he won’t ask for something that would make him feel good about himself. Just like me. Right?”


“What was the second thing?”

Brice smiled, “You confronted him on it and he had to admit to himself that you’re part of his new family – that it’s okay to let other people help you or give you gifts and stuff just for no particular reason at all, other than you love each other.”

“What’s the big secret anyways? Can you tell me?”

“You’ll know soon enough. He wanted a couple of pairs of nylons so he’d feel more sexy. He misses that from his past.”

Bert giggled, “Okay … then … would you … ah … get me a couple of pairs too so I can wear them and he won’t feel like he’s the only one?”

Brice laughed, “If you hadn’t asked, you’d be one of maybe three that haven’t asked me the same thing.”

Bert smiled and laughed, “We’re one strange family.”

“Yes we are. Oh. And by the way, Leo knows of a place where they make them just for men, so they will fit right for guys.”

“Leo?” Bert looked surprised.

Brice smiled, “Yes. Leo. My husbear. The man who used to have to shave his legs because he did all that bodybuilding and training. Even swimmers and cyclists shave their bodies.” Then he smirked, “Some of them even pretend to be straight.”

“Well I kinda knew that … anyways … thanks pop.”

Brice looked at him seriously, “Someday I hope you’ll feel enough at home here to at least call me Dad.”

Bert realized how much it meant, “Thanks … Dad …”

“Thank you son.”


A few days later when the boys all got home from school, Bert and Blake got permission to board down to the park. “Don’t be late for dinner.”

The two would pass each other back and forth and they were really having a great time. When they got to the really nice paths in the park, Bert miss-stepped and went rolling into the grass taking Blake along for the ride. The two rolled down the little hill together and ended up laughing in each other’s arms.

Yes, they were both laughing, but Bert felt his heart start beating very fast. Blake was in his arms. He felt like he was a fuckin’ stupid virgin. He wanted ‘to do’ Blake, he wanted to plant ‘a big juicy one’ on his lips, he wanted to feel Blake take him in his arms … no wait … they were in each others arms. Bert could feel his woody fighting with his boxers. He started to shudder. Why couldn’t he just poke his tongue in Blake’s mouth and let things start to happen?

In a futile effort to free himself of the situation, Bert tried to push Blake off of him and he pushed at him. “Faggot!” But Blake’s arms surrounded him with Bruno’s legendary grip and Blake whispered back, “faggot.”

Seeing that he now had the upper hand, Blake smirked. “Okay. We have established that we’re both faggots. Are we going to do anything about it?” Bert started blushing.

Blake pulled himself even closer and gently began to kiss Bert. The poor previous parkboy was so confused he didn’t know what to do. The flood of emotions and raw sex were drowning his brain and all he could do was submit meekly to Blake’s advancing. He could feel the warmth of his lover’s chest against his own. He could feel Blake’s racing heart. He could feel Blake’s woody pulsing next to his own as their bodies wriggled together.

Bert knew that his aggressor was frantically trying to figure out what to do next – but he just didn’t have the experience to know.

“Stop!” Bert cried out.

Then Blake shrieked through his anguish, “Bertram!!”, and then the family curse struck, tears began to fill his beautiful blue eyes and he was leaking all over Bert. “Why?”, Blake cried.

Bert couldn’t push him away. He just ‘had’ to hold him closer. “Blake …”, he started but couldn’t finish.

Blake lay there, sobbing in his lover’s arms. Bert couldn’t do anything but hold him. When the tidal wave of emotions had passed Blake looked deeply into his lover’s eyes and asked again, “Why?”

Bert was truly thankful for the long time he had had to prepare his thoughts, “If we did it, first off, your father would know. Bruno would know. You don’t really think that we would be able to pull it over on either of them, do you? Then there’s Matt. And how he would feel. And then you would start acting all goofy at me and your dad would have to throw me out and then …”, he had to give into his tears. “… I just don’t think I could leave you all now. I don’t know where I’d go or what I’d do. I can’t go back to what I was before. I just can’t.”

The tears were gone. They were done. Blake knew they would Never be able to hide their feelings from the whole family. Still, in back of both of their minds, or maybe hidden in their hearts, they knew that Brice probably would never ‘throw out’ Bert. No matter how bad he might have screwed up.

Blake finally broke the silence. “We’d better get back.”


Whilst Bert was getting his shower and changing into clean clothes for dinner, Blake was hanging out in the hall outside the bathroom door. He was patiently waiting his turn when Bruno went by and shoved him, “I see you’re still a virgin.”

Blake was so mad at his brother he blurted out, “Fuck off man!”

Bruno took a deep breath and sighed, “If only I had a boyfriend”. Blake couldn’t help himself, he had to laugh.

Then Bruno looked seriously at his brother, “I won’t tell dad, … there’s no reason.”

Blake looked down at the floor, but he smiled, “Thanks Mr. Wizard, I owe you one.”

And then Bruno cackled, “And I always collect my debts,” as he nudged his brother and grinned his best ‘evil grin’.


As the days went by on their steady course, Bruno had noticed that Joey was really starting to begin to accept his ever changing body. He would have to hold back his smile when he’d catch Joey ‘touching himself’ or catch a glimpse of him grinning at the mirror in their room.

Bruno hadn’t been able to stifle a giggle yesterday when he caught himself watching Joey strutting down the hall. There was a definite swagger in his steps now. Joey was watching his muscles ripple under his skin as he walked. He was going out of his way to accentuate it. He had even learned how to bounce his pecs up and down from his many hours of watching Leo do the same thing for Brice.

This morning, Bruno couldn’t help but to laugh out loud as he watched Joey doing it for the mirror. He certainly was practicing hard. When he realized that his foster-brother was awake and watching, he immediately started to blush. He felt like he had been caught wanking. He sputtered for words, but they just wouldn’t come.

Bruno felt his foster-brother’s embarrassment and quickly paid him a compliment, “Lookin’ mighty fine there bro. What would you like to do today?”

It had worked. Bruno’s comment had shifted his mind to the ‘surprise’ he had, “I wanna show you somethin’.”

Bruno tried to look surprised, as if anyone could hide anything from him anymore. “Oh?”

The 6’ 7” muscle stud had grabbed Bruno’s hand and he was dragging him down the hall before Bruno could even pull on his shorts. Bruno’s morning wood was bouncing back and forth as he struggled to keep up with his excited foster-brother. Leo just smiled as the two went bouncing past him in the hall.

When they got to the bathroom, Joey motioned for Bruno to sit down on the stool and he carefully closed the door. Bruno smiled up at him, waiting with great anticipation. He strutted over to the sink, opened the medicine cabinet and pulled out the nice new shiny silver electric razor. He was grinning from ear to ear. As he confidently plugged it in, his finger pushed the on button and he began to shave himself.

It had long ago been decided that he was going to have to keep the moustache. They’d tried several times for the clean-shaven look, but even with him having to shave four to five or even six times a day, it always looked scruffy and uncomfortable. Bruno had told him, “I like your moustache. It makes you look more rugged and handsome.” The inevitable blushing the ensued did make Joey feel better about himself. His brother’s really did seem to think he was handsome, even if he did feel differently about himself.

Just as he flipped off the razor and was turning to his foster-brother, Joey started to shake. Bruno knew that it wasn’t a fear that he might not like what he was seeing, but he also felt that Joey was a little sad that Bruno wasn’t going to have to help him anymore. Bruno really did like helping him; but even that wasn’t it.

Joey started shaking, “I think I’m changing again.” Bruno jumped up and said, “Why don’t you sit down – I don’t think it will last long.” He had meant for Joey to sit on the stool, but he just folded up his legs and sat down on the floor, leaning his back against the wall.

Bruno was trying to clear his mind and he had to let his brother know that it was going to be alright, so he asked, “You’re not going to run away this time?”

Joey’s eyes filled with the tears of his previous fears, “I … I … I promised you I wouldn’t …. You don’t think I’m going to get real old or something do you?”

Bruno closed his eyes and there was a flash. “No Joey. I don’t think you’ll get old or anything like that. It’ll be okay. I promise.”

Joey seemed to be satisfied and allowed himself to calm down. He knew in his heart that no matter how he ended up, they were his family now, and they would like him no matter what. This time the change wasn’t as frightful for some reason. Maybe it’s because he wasn’t going through it alone. Maybe it was because his brother was right there, and maybe nothing would go wrong.

Watching Joey’s subtle change released a torrent of testosterone into Bruno’s system. Standing there naked there was no way he could hide his stiffening woody. Joey couldn’t ‘not see’ Bruno’s pulsing woody. He looked up into his face and grinned, “You really like me, don’t you.”

Bruno blushed, but he was not going to give into his feelings. His voice cracked when he tried to answer, “Yes Joey. I really like you.” Then changing subjects as fast as he could he asked, “How are you feeling?”

“Kinda funny, but it doesn’t hurt like it did before.”

“That’s a good sign.”

In an effort to try to hide his lust towards his foster-brother, Bruno sat back down on the stool and drew his legs together so that he could try to hide his tattle-tale dick between them. It took every ounce of his dwindling self-control to keep-at-bay the rising raw animal lust that was drowning him.

As Bruno watched, Joey’s previously muscle-bound body began to bulge even more. His arms began to expand whilst the skin around his thighs looked shiny because it was pulled so tight. His hairs on his legs were standing straight on end as the muscles continued to expand. His calves began to look like over-inflated footballs, his Achilles tendons like a steel straps. Even his feet looked like those of a muscle-god. And of course, they were. Bruno felt a little sad as he watched his foster-brothers previous effort with the razor disappear into a thick, fine bush of a week’s worth of whiskers. Even his manly moustache was shaggy and long, hanging there over his upper lip, tantalizing Bruno, mocking him as he sat there absorbed in his brother’s hyper-masculine metamorphosis.

Bruno knew it was done. Joey’s chiseled chest heaved as he let out a very deep breath. Joey smiled, “I think I’m done.”

Bruno’s voice cracked again as he responded, “I think so too.”

Joey’s lips erupted into a very suggestive smile, “You really like me now, don’t you … I mean the way I look …” His eyes were clearly focused on Bruno’s engorged penis.

Bruno fought for words, “You are a very handsome man Joey.”

For being the massive man that he now was, Joey nimbly jumped off the floor and paraded over to the sink to examine his latest change.

“Dammit”, was all he said. Without wasting a second, the razor buzzed into action. And then, suddenly it snapped off. When Joey turned around Bruno saw that he had expertly shaved his entire neck, making a perfect semi-circle just above the collar bones. Joey had left the newly formed stubble on his face and let his shaggy moustache wantonly hang over his upper lip. He slowly backed himself against the dark wooden paneling on the wall and pulled his denim vest to the side to show his brother his nice new pecs.

The level of lust and desire in Joey’s eyes disarmed his foster-brother, “You really like me, don’t you?” •

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