Iceman Cometh, The


By Lemur

It was a perfect Saturday evening in December, and My best “straight” friend Todd had taken me to a Mariner’s game for my birthday. In case you don’t follow sports they’re the local Hockey team. Todd and I go way back. We were both on the Soccer team at Chawtock University, and have stayed close ever since. Now, despite all my secret wishes - Todd remains a committed heterosexual. I guess Pamela has a lot to do with that. They met in college too, and married shortly there after. I must say I can’t blame him. Pam is smart, funny and makes J.Lo look like Barbara Bush.

Oh, I guess I should tell you my name – Emmett, Emmett Lange.

Anyhow, the Mariners were kicking the Raiders’ asses, and I was having a great time. If it weren’t for Todd I don’t know who’d go to these games with me. None of my gay friends cared much for sports - let alone Hockey. As a sport columnist Todd got free tickets to just about all the games and as an added bonus Todd told me he had a surprise for me afterwards. When the final buzzer went off, I was practically hoarse from screaming my head off, and Todd told me to follow him.

We worked our way through the maze of the sports Arena and soon I began to realize we were headed for the team lockers. “No way!” I said as loudly as I could, but it only came out as a whisper. “Yes, way!” replied Todd. “I figured you’d seen them all from the bleachers enough times to earn an up close look. Anyway, I need to get a couple of Mariner quotes about the game for the paper, so you might as well tag along.” He continued.

Todd held up his press pass and we were both let in with out any questions. Okay, needless to say this had to be just about any gay mans dream to see all the athletes in nothing but a towel, or less. ‘Now, don’t go and embarrass me – okay?” Todd chided. I meekly nodded my head thankful for this wonderful gift. Todd made it all look so easy. He just wandered in making small talk with these mostly (and occasionally completely) naked men. I just tried not to stare. As we went further back the air got warm and steamy as we got closer to the shower stalls.

“Hey Jake!” Todd called out, and in reply this one really big guy turned away from the shower entrance to face us. We stepped closer and Todd spoke. “Jacob Wyzkowski, meet my friend Emmett Lange – he is the Mariners’ biggest fan. Emmett this is Jacob.” I tried to speak, but all I could do was gulp. I meekly held out my hand to shake his, and he grabbed it so hard I almost winced. He pumped my arm several times up and down. “Nice to meet you Emmett – feel free to call me Jake – only my mom calls me Jacob.” He said, his New England drawl as thick as the jet back hair that covered his chest.

“I think you’ll have to forgive Emmett, he’s still a little hoarse from yelling during the game.” Todd inserted trying to make up for my stunned silence. “Oh, so that was you?” Jake said with a smile. “You seem a bit uncomfortable in here Emmett. Do locker rooms bring back bad memories for you? Get tossed in the shower one time too many after dressin’ out?” I remained silent. “Now, you aren’t no Homo or nothin’ are ya?” Jacob said his voice dropping to a disapproving tone.

My heart sank. Here I was in this room full of jocks, and about to get my ass kicked. What the hell was Todd thinking bringing me in here? “Hey boys!” one of the other guys shouted from behind me. “You hear that? We got us a fag-boy in our locker room!” At that point I wanted to run, or at the very least turn invisible. Why didn’t Todd say something, anything? At least help me make a break for it. Then just as I was about to try and make a run on my own I heard. “Aw, Hell – is Jake brining his boyfriends in here again. Now Jake, I thought we had a talk about that?

Jake started laughing, “Aw, come on Chuck – I get so little action as it is. My boy Toddy here is tryin’ to hook me up with this little cutie.”

If my face wasn’t red before that moment it sure as hell was now. I turned to Todd and stared daggers at him. “You could have said something – asshole!” I hissed. He only slapped me on the shoulder and said – “You can thank me latter.” Jake catching on spoke. “Hey, I’m sorry about teasing you – I thought you knew I was gay too. I guess Toddy wanted that to be a surprise.”

“Surprise isn’t the word for it,” I spoke in my raspy voice. I was so beyond embarrassed.

“Listen Jake, I’m sure you’re a very nice guy, but I have had about enough excitement for one night. I can barely talk as it is so, I think I’ll just be going home.” And with that Jake tossed his towel to a hook on the wall. “Aw, be a sport. Let me just hop in the shower and get cleaned up, and then I’ll take you out for coffee or something. It’s the least I can do for embarrassing you.”

So there I was - mouth visibly hanging open staring at by far the biggest dick I had ever seen hanging off this black haired, hunk of a man with the prettiest, blue eyes and all I could say was, “Okay.” One of the guys around me teased – “Aw Hell Jake, quit showin’ off.”

“Why, don’t you wait for me at the east entrance to the Arena – think you can remember what I look like” Jake asked. “Sure” I said. “You might want to get a better look at my face – just in case. I’ll be wearing clothes then.”

How many more times would I be embarrassed tonight?

I quietly sat and waited on a bench out front for about a half an hour. I almost got up a few times to leave, but my memory of that member held me fast. In my mind I went over every inch of Jake’s body that I saw back there. It wasn’t so much that he had one of those underwear model type bodies all cut-up with definition, or that he looked like some big wrestler type. He just had that natural, corn feed, strapping kind of body. The kind that says he takes care of himself, and could play just about any sport. His shoulders were nice and broad, his legs and ass thick and meaty, showing his obviously Polish heritage. His arms were strong as were the lines of his face. I barely knew him and I was falling hard already.

When Jake did come out the doors of the Arena I knew right then and there why God made blue jeans. I was always proud of the way my own bubble butt filled out a pair after years of playing soccer, but seeing Jake made me realize he was in a completely different league, and the way he made that zipper bulge was almost more than my heart could take. “So, I guess I didn’t completely scare you away back there?” He said as he drew closer. Watching him walk I couldn’t help but notice his limp. “You okay?” I asked, “You mean this” he replied slapping his thigh. “It’s nothing. Sometimes my knee decides to get a little stiff that’s all. I guess it just comes with the territory of turning 40 – playing hokey doesn’t help much either.” He said with a wink.

“You’re 40? No way!” was all I could say, and I meant it.

“I guess it’s like Indiana Jones said; ‘It’s not the years honey, it’s the mileage.’” Jake quipped. “So, would you like to try the Starbucks on East Avenue, Washington Boulevard, Charles Street, or Arlington Avenue?” Jake asked. “Which ones closer?” I said shrugging my shoulders. “Sadly they’re each about two blocks away depending which direction you head.” Jake said.

“Well, I hear the one on Washington has cuter waiters.” I said laughing. “Oh, a funny guy? Just for that I’m taking you to the one on Arlington – nothing but chicks work there.” He said wagging his finger at me. “Big meany” I said. “Well, your half right” Jake shot back.

By the time we had walked to the Starbucks on Arlington Jake’s limp had become worse. I could see him wincing sometimes through his smile, and it made me feel sad inside. Here was this gorgeous guy, this amazing athlete, and a simple two-block walk was killing him. “Are you sure you’re okay?” I asked again. “Yeah, I’ll be fine once we sit down. I guess I hit the wall one time too many tonight during the game.” After getting our coffees we sat down and chatted. I found out we graduated from the same college - only he did so five years before me. I talked a little about how I knew Todd, and how he helped me get through Creative Writing and I helped him through Chemistry 101. I told him about my work at Sphye Pharmaceuticals as a chemical engineer. “Oh a geek,” he teased, but I could tell he didn’t mean it. Despite our tough first, few moments he turned out to be one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met.

Now, normally I am not the super-promiscuous type, but before I knew it; “So, would you like to go back to my place. Maybe carry on this conversation?” I asked. “Pfff, yeah, right – conversation! You know you just want to get in my pants.” He replied. “So is that a no?” I asked. “Not exactly, but I gotta warn ya’ many a size queen has begged me into their boudoir, only to run screaming once this bad boy reached full mast.” He said leaning into me. And, that was it – the gauntlet had been thrown down, so what could I do but pick it up.

We left our half drunk coffees and managed to hail a cab. Jake was walking a little better now after having rested his knee. We were practically heavy petting by the time the cabby dropped us off in front of my brownstone apartment building. The heavy kissing continued through the elevator ride and all the way to my front door. Once inside I lost all inhibition and started peeling off my clothes as fast as I could – leading Jake to my bedroom all the while. As Jake pushed me down onto the bed I reached into the nightstand and pulled out a condom. Jake pulled it out of my hand. “I’m afraid this won’t do” He said as he reached into his back pocket. God, I love a man who comes prepared. “Why don’t you help me put his on?” I took the package labeled XXL (geez they actually make these? I thought to myself) and tore it open.

Jake had already removed his sweater and un-did his belt and top button on his jeans. His cock needed no further prompting to spring forth - the head slapping against his stomach just below the sternum. I stretched the condom over the cock-head as big as child’s fist, and pulled it down as far as it would go – only three quarters down the shaft.

“It’s not to late to back out fella – you wouldn’t be the first.” Jake said. “Are you kidding,” I replied. “This is a fantasy come true – you aren’t going anywhere.” I said with all the bravado I could muster. Jake gently moved me to the center of the bed and began needing my eager ass with his meaty palms. He slowly rolled us both over so I was on top of him. He spit on his fingers and began to work them into my twitching hole. My own cock was rock hard now, and while hardly half of Jake’s length I was proud of its thickness. As I began to leak pre-cum in anticipation Jake reached around and grabbed my cock hard.

“Mmmm, a nice thick one you got there Emmett.” He said as he squeezed it even harder forcing more pre-cum out – taking it and spreading it on his own cock-head. As he pressed into me it felt more like an arm trying to penetrate me than a cock. Despite his size and strength Jake kept his movements gentle and slow until his cock-head was in me. I let out a gasp and bit my lip trying not to scream. “You okay?” Jake asked. “I’m fine, Jake, just fine – I want all of you inside me.” I begged unsure if I could even do it.

It took some time, but finally I felt Jake’s balls press against my ass. The pressure inside me was as strong as him, but I loved it. As he pulled back out I felt emptiness, and was eager to ride back down Jake’s monster tool. Slowly we built a rhythm and soon Jake was pounding my ass so hard I began crying out in ecstasy. The constant force against my prostate became too much to bear and I exploded like a broken fire hydrant. As the muscles in my ass convulsed it was apparently all Jake needed to reach climax too. It was with shock I felt him erupt inside me – he came with such force the condom didn’t stand a chance – so much for caution.

After finishing the long ride I collapsed on to him, exhausted. Jake held me tight and whispered; “Now that’s what I call workin’ it like a pro.”

“Told you I could do it,” I whispered back as we nestled together and fell asleep his cock still inside me.

My slumber was broken by the sunbeams warming the skin on my face. I decided to quietly roll out of bed and make breakfast in bed for my newfound hunk. Naked, I scurried about the kitchen when I heard Jake stir in the bedroom. “I’m in the kitchen making us some breakfast.” I called out to him, “All right!” Jake replied with a slight groan. I went back to the bedroom to find him standing naked in front of the window – stretching - letting out one groan after another. “You gonna be okay big guy?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine – nothing a little Vioxx won’t cure.” Jake said. “I guess it would if it were still on the market – are you taking it?” I asked. “Not anymore. Now I just have to put up with this shit!” Jake grumbled.

“Listen Jake, I realize we barely know each other, but maybe I can help you.” I said. “What? You a doctor too? I thought you where a chemical engineer or something?” he asked. “I am, but at Sphye we’re in beta testing for a new drug that will do away with the need for products like Vioxx. It doesn’t just mask the pain of illnesses like Arthritis, it repairs the damage caused by them. It has the potential for rolling back the body clock for some patients. While you’re a little young compared to the rest of our test group I think I can make a case to test it on younger patients – would you be interested in giving it a try?”

“Emmett, if it will take away this pain and let me play hockey like I was ten, twenty years ago - I’ll try anything.” Jake said with a sound of resolve in his voice.

“Good then, it’s settled. I want you to come to Sphye offices tomorrow and fill out the paperwork. Now, how about some breakfast?” •

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