Locker Room

By Vash500

Patrick had always wanted to play football. He just never had the right body to actually play it. He new he had a good looking body but he felt that he should be biger.

A few weeks after school started he went to the football coach for some tips on how to beef himself up.

" Coach Petterson, I was wondering if you could give me some tips on getting bigger." The coach turned his head and said, " Why do you want to get bigger son. I mean, you look like you would be great for our vollyball team. Why would you want to be big?" Patrick lowered his head and said, " Sir... I have always wanted to play football. I just don't have the build." The coach started noding his his head saying, " Son, sports are sports. You don't need to play only one." The coach sighed, But if you really wan't to play football... then meet me at the locker room after practice." Patrick looked up with a great big smile on his face. " But don't be late.


Patrick was not late to meet the coach at the locker room. In fact he was very early. The coach said he could wait in the locker room, so, he did.

When he entered the room he saw a bag of jockstraps on the floor. When he picked it up he new something was wrong. It had his name on it. But, seeing as how it had his name on it he figured hed try them on.

After he had put on the jockstrap he realised that they were too big for him. He already felt bad about being too small, this just made him feel worse. He sat down a desided to wait for the coach. But just before he sat down he felt a dull pain in his croch. When he started to reach for the pain his whole body began to ach. He scremed in pain as his body began to swell. His chest started to swell as well. He looked in the mirror and saw what he thought was impossible. He was getting bigger. His abs were chisseled and rock hard. He looked a little bit older but he didn't care. His dick was almost too big for his strap. As he reached up to feel his pecs his only thoughts were, " Now I can play football!" •

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