Live and Learn


By WBHunk

I've always wondered if this part of the story inspired a portion of "Transform" or "Supermen"--at any rate, if it did, I was glad they took it and ran with it!

Dad carried me out the front door and down the porch steps, his breath coming in short gasps as the muscles in his massive legs struggled to hold up our combined bulk. Stepping out into the sunlight, he gently lowered me to the ground, murmuring softly in my ear to put my feet down and stand up.

The world reeled as I straightened up, my brain intoxicated with the feeling of pure power coursing through every portion of my body. Transfixed like a little child, I moved every muscle I could think of, staring at the incredible definition I possessed, almost able to see every fiber move as I flexed. My body looked like a statue cast in solid bronze, beyond the imagination of any sculptor in absolute perfection, a god of muscle brought down to earth. Dad stood off to the side, a smile of pure pride covering his face as he watched me turn and flex, exploring my granite pecs, carved arms, sliced abs, and cabled legs. He had to look up, because I was an honest six-eight, the shadow cast by my back the size of a small car. I felt the wind ruffle through my man-fur like through the leaves of a tree, the rumble of my heart pumping like an immense drum throughout my entire being.

"Are you pleased, Dad?" I said, my voice like the rumble of distant thunder.

"Look and see," he said, the pleasure evident in his voice. I turned my eyes towards his perfect body. "Not that way," he said with a hint of playful annoyance. "Look with your mind."

I looked at him, a slight frown crossing my face...and I felt his reaction to my frown, a little wave of embarrassment, like you might feel heat from an open oven door. I concentrated harder...and suddenly I was in his mind, his emotions as legible as words on a, pride, lust....everything mixed together like a painting in bright colors. I saw myself through his eyes again.....his perfect son, the culmination of years of hope and desire....and we shared the joy that we both felt at how it had come to completion.

"Feels good, doesn't it," he chuckled. "That was a benefit of the complete mental perfection. You not only can access your whole memory, but you can also sense the emotions and sensory images of others. It definitely has some useful value."

"So that's how you managed to break into my data," I answered. "And got you to blow a load when you got home," he replied, a twinkle in his eye. "But I didn't use it to get you out here....I just hoped you would be willing....." The chill of the thought of that disappointment washed over me.

"Like you can lie to me now, " I grinned, moving closer to him, my sweet lips making passionate contact with his, our tongues exchanging hellos. I pushed forward into his mind, projecting that lust I remembered from that afternoon, feeling his cock rise underneath me as I teased him with the memory. The waves of passion we both felt mingled, then amplified as our bodies pressed against each other, cocks thickening instantly, precum leaking and lubricating as they slid over each other, two massive muscle cocks locked together in an embrace as passionate as our arms were giving. We crashed to the ground, rolling over each other, our chests slamming, one's pec fibers working the other's nips. Without thinking, I shoved my cock into his hole, our breaths coming in shorter and shorter grunts as the sensations merged, like fucking and being fucked all at the same time, cock and hole blended as one in perfect harmony. The river of cum rose in flooding fury again, shooting out creamy and white as we both came, the ecstasy of orgasm merged, doubled, beyond mortal description.

With a scream, I came back to my mind, my entire body quivering, every muscle fiber moving and rippling like the waves of the ocean. Dad wriggled underneath me, his body jerking and firing uncontrollably, held in place only by my incredible bulk. "Dad!" I yelled, my voice shattering the windows of the cabin, my mind flooding with the sensations he was feeling. I felt his chest heave underneath me, his already-massive pecs expanding and ballooning outwards, fur thickening even as I watched, the sudden stab of his lengthening cock like a shock through my groin, the veins on his legs thickening, every fiber in his muscles now visible and enlarging. "Dad!" I said, hugging him close as I felt him returning to awareness, his body even more rock-solid beneath me, like a slab of warm marble against my skin.

His eyes flicked open, darting first up, then down. I rolled off him and helped him to sit up, feeling the wonder and surprise he was feeling as he examined his new body, extra- defined and cut, skin almost an afterthought over layer upon layer of pulsing muscle, perfect in balance and symmetry, cock like a thick sausage between his legs, a dynamo hum sounding from his soft-balls. "I must say I didn't expect this," he rumbled, his voice impossibly manly, a big smile crossing his face as he saw my cock stiffen at the sound. "It looks like the process is ongoing each time we give each other cum. I wonder what the end result will be?"

"In the name of science....I think we'd better find out, " I replied, reaching out and holding him tightly, sliding his diamond-hard cock towards my hole as my ass tingled in anticipation.

"You make your old man proud, son" he chuckled as he moved into position. •

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