Bully, The

By Spectre

Zack was a High school student, he was a sophomore, and he was 16 years old. He was 5’5” 130 lbs had blonde hair and green eyes. Zack didn’t mind school that much except for this one kid name Brian. Brian was a bully, he was the biggest kid in school, he was a senior, and he was 6’6” at 200lbs of muscle. He always picked on the smaller kids but had a liking for Zack. He loved to pick on Zack for everything, he would put him in lockers, push him over, punch him out, and even embarrass him in front of the whole school sometimes by ripping his clothes off and having him run naked in the hallways. Zack always wished he could get him back but he knew it was hopeless because there was no way he was going to grow that fast in one year. He tried supplements but they didn’t work out, he tried basically everything all he could get was more tone not muscle. He also wish he could be taller.

Well one day Brian did something that pissed off Zack majorly, Brian was picking on one of his friends, his best friend, Nick. He felt so helpless though because he couldn’t do anything, but he tried anyways. He said to Brian “Stop hurting him, you fucking dick!” After he said that Brian turned around, took Zack, and proceeded to beat the shit out of Zack. After he beat Zack up, Zack said, “You know one of these days, you are going to regret doing this, and I think your day will come sooner than you think.” Brian just looked at him and laughed, “ I just beat the shit out of you, I mean look at the shear size of me, and I’m the biggest kid here.” As Brian flexed his huge biceps, must have been as big as his head, he said, “Remember this I will always be the biggest kid in school as long as I am here.” The bell rang so everyone had to go back to classes. Zack being all beat up had to go to the nurse.

After school Zack went up to his room, he saw his brother who was working on a new sports drink; he asked, “What’s that?” His brother who’s name was Kevin, said “I’m making a drink that can make a guy get ripped and tall, just by drinking it.” Then Kevin saw his brother badly beaten up said “What the Hell happened to you?” Zack said “There is this guy at school Brian who keep picking on me and his beatings keep getting worse and worse.” Kevin always felt bad for his bro but there was nothing he could do since he was 22 and not in High School anymore. Zack asked if he could taste some of that drink, Kevin said sure let’s see if this works, because I want to be big too. Zack took a sip, and waited a few minutes but nothing happened, “Oh well” said Zack. I didn’t expect it to do anything anyways. Kevin said “I’ll work on it more tomorrow.” As Zack was going back to his room, he started to feel dizzy, when he entered his room, he lay down for a minute, and then he felt fine. However something was happening to him that he did like, he was growing. He started to get more definition on his arms, they were expanding and starting to fill the sleeves, his chest was getting bigger also, it was filling his shirt more and more, and he was getting pecks! His legs were growing too, he also shot up in height a few inches, and he was 5’10” now. “All this from a little sip?” he thought. He began to think up a plan tomorrow to get Brian back. He emptied out his PowerAde bottle, snuck into Kevin’s room, put in the drink and filled it to the top. Then snuck back out. Kevin was asleep as it was 2am now, Zack waited until night to steal it. Also Kevin didn’t know that Zack grew bigger. Zack’s clothes were so tight on him now he loved it.

The next morning Zack couldn’t wait to go to school, he had to hide from Kevin because he was afraid that if Kevin knew then he would be suspicious of any plans or that if he stole any of the formula. So when Zack entered the bus, people did notice that he was taller and more muscular, but Brian was still bigger. When he went to school, Brian walked right up to him and said “Oh so the little fucker went through a growth spurt, I’m still bigger than you and don’t you forget it!” He proceeded to beat the shit out of him, although Zack did actually get a few punches in, because he was much stronger now, Brian was still bigger and more powerful than him. “Now” Zack thought “How am I going to get him alone so I can grow?” Zack knew the perfect place, “The Locker Room!” he exclaimed. So after school he gave Brian a note, he said “You know you think you’re so tough Brian, why don’t you come down here and beat the living shit out of me again? Or are you too afraid, chicken? Only come alone, I don’t want anyone else there.” Brian though this could be the perfect time to get that little runt back for saying that. As Brian walked down to the locker room, it was totally empty as it was 4P.M. He looked around “Where are you Zack? I want to get you and beat you!” He couldn’t wait to pulverize him. Zack said, “I’m here!” he yelled. As Brian walked over, he saw him drink half a drink, “What the fuck are you drinking runt?” Zack said, “This is going to be your worst nightmare.” As he said that Brian said “for you maybe” and Brain grabbed Zack, and before he could throw the first punch, Brian felt something odd, “Dude, what is going on” as he let him go. Zack was growing. He let out a grunt, “Ah yeah!” he moaned. Brain watched as Zack was gaining muscle and size. His arms were beginning to tear the sleeves, Zack was in love with his growing size, his sleeves were torn revealing his massive arms, his chest ballooning outward ripped the front of his shirt off, he was getting an 8-pack, Zack was growing and all Brian could do was watch in fear. Next came his legs, they became tree trunks, they ripped his shorts right off, Zack was enjoying this so much “Fuck Yeah” he moaned. He also shot up in height, he went from 5’10” to 7’2” in no matter of time, when he was finished, and Brian was only up to his chest. Another part of Zack also grew, his cock, his cock grew from 6” to 11”. Zack was amazed at how big he grew. Brain was in fear of what he might do, since all the pain and torture he went through. Zack turned around and looked at Brian with a huge grin and his massive frame. He said “My Turn”. He took Brian and said “you know how you made your size prevalent on me? Well it’s my turn NOW!” He also had a much deeper voice now. “What are you going to do?” Brian asked in fear. “Well I want to show you how much strength I have gained since, I’ve grown” Zack walked over to the weight set, he must have put 1000lbs on the bench press. He lifted it with ease “Fuck Yeah” he moaned. “Look at that power I have now! These weights are pointless since I could destroy all of them because of my brutal strength.” He was getting horny from all this power, “come over here Brian, I need something from you right now”. Brian looked in disgust. “Get over here now fucker! I want you to suck my cock, I’m so horny from all this new power!” Brian did as he pleased since he was the one in control now. Zack let off the hugest moan ever, it shook the whole building. He shot his load, which must have been a lot of cum.

Brian then looked over, he saw that there was still half of the drink there. He thought he could sneak over and grab it, while Zack was in ecstasy. He was foolish to do so. He was almost there when Zack noticed, Zack rushed over there, and said “What are you doing, little man? OH I see you want to be bigger than me again, huh? Well guess what? I’m drinking the rest of this!” he said gleefully. “What? Please don’t I’m sorry for what I have done!” “Too Late!” Zack Exclaimed. “I can have more power than I do now, and I want it!” as Zack drank the rest of the formula. “No!” Brian exclaimed. A few minutes went by, then all of a sudden it happened, Zack grew, but unlike before, he grew at a faster rate, it must have been from all the rage he had against Brian, his arms must have doubled in size in minutes, Zack loved the power, his chest ballooned right in front of Brian, he said “How do you like this FUCKER!” His legs thickened too, but what worried Brian the most was his height, he went from 7’2”, to 8’4”, to 9 feet, and he hit the ceiling and he wasn’t stopping, he ripped the ceiling open, with his muscles growing on top of his height, he was in heaven. When he finally stopped, at 15’2” and 1200lbs of muscle, he looked at himself, he said, “Fuck Yeah, thanks Kevin” He did a double bi, they must have been mountains. His back was so huge. He was so huge he almost forgot about Brian, until Brian opened his big trap, “haha” he said. Brian was an idiot, and he was going to get a huge punishment. Zack took him onto his pecks, and jumbled him for a few minutes, Zack was fully enjoying his naked muscle body. Brain was exhausted from the peck fun, but Zack had more for him, He then put him on his bicep and flexed over and over again, Brian Said “Please stop!”.”Why?” Zack asked. “All you did to me was show me your size, now I’m showing you mine.” “Remember when I said you would regret it?” Well guess what, you are, haha.” His voice was so loud it broke windows. “So what are you going to do with me?” Brian asked. “Make you my slave, I would kill you but that’s too easy.” Brian was afraid of him now, what was he going to have him do. Brian wished he could change the past but he can’t Zack did get revenge on him. Zack then placed him on his shoulder “Where are we going now?” Brian asked. “We are going to my brother’s house now.” Zack walking down the road with his huge body and everyone watching. “Why are we going there?” he asked. “To tell my brother that the formula worked.” Why?” Brian asked. “I want to show him you, the bully, and I want him to grow too.” Zack smiled. Zack knew he was in control too, he couldn’t wait to see his brother grow, What would the two of them do? Would they grow more and more? •

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