Bus Ride, The

By MuscleTeen


Getting the bus home was going to be difficult. I realised that as soon as I stepped on. I had just moved to this town, to start a job, and if the bus was going to be this busy, I would have to get a car. After standing for about 10 minutes, I got a seat. The bus pulled up to a stop, and a few more people got off. A group got on - God this bus was busy. I opened up my briefcase - and took out some papers my boss told me to read. My boss was a prick - thought that 'cos I was a rookie on my first job, he could treat me like shit. I don't think I'm going to be staying in this town long.

The people standing in the aisle pushed against me as the bus cornered. I looked up from my papers - to give them a dirty look. Except it wasn't 'them', it was 'him'. This huge guy was standing up against me. He wore sweatpants and you could see the thighs pushing out the material - they were pushing against me. I like to work out - have been for a few years - but never could dream of thighs like that. I let my eyes lift up a bit. The elastic around the waist of his pants showed a really slim waist. My eyes rose involuntarily. Tucked into his tiny waist was a white tee - that wasn't tight, but snugly fitted his torso. You could see thick lats pushing out the side - well at least my side - and big pecs sticking out like a shelf at the top of his torso. The sleeves in his tee just covered his shoulders, nice round delts. From these swung huge arms - one that was holding firmly on to a pole - as the bus cornered, the arm tensed and the bicep would peak a bit more. The other arm was holding a huge gym bag. I didn't dare to look at his face - I would have had to really strain my neck.

I let my eyes drift back down to his legs and admired them for a while. But before I knew it, he was moving. He was getting off. I panicked. I wanted to see his face. I thtought - if he's got a gym-bag - he's going to work out - I'll follow him to his gym and join the gym. I wanted to join a gym anyway - tighten up the muscles that used to look good when I was in school. It was this fucking job… he's off. Fuck - quick. I leapt up, and my briefcase spilt all over the floor. I gathered the papers as fast as I could, but by the time I got to the front, the bus was pulling off. "Mister - let me off - that's my stop". "Next stop - Brook Rd", he said monotonically. At that moment I wanted to rip his throat out - fucking robot. I looked out the back window - I could see him walking back up the road - jesus his back was bigger than I thought. He's turning right - where that shop is. The bus pulled into the next stop. I ran back, clutching my papers and briefcase. Ran up to the shop - jesus I was unfit. I looked down the road he turned off. Left - right - nowhere. Fuck. Fuck fuck - The biggest guy I've ever seen and I let him go without even seeing his face - you stupid fucking ass - THERE HE IS - a truck pulled away from the side of the road - and he was walking behind it. I ran down, was now about 100 yards behind him.He had a great walk - a real bodybuilder's walk. He didn't walk - he strutted along. He OWNED the street.

I followed him along. He turned off again. I ran up to the junction and just saw him turning into a building. YES - that's his gym. I felt my pocket - yip I had my credit card - it didn't matter how much it was - I was joining. Fuck the car - the bus wasn't that bad. I went up to the door, stuffed my now ruined papers in the briefcase, pulled back the shoulders and went in. In front of me were stairs. Must be upstairs. I went up, and pushed the door through. I nearly dropped on the spot. HE was standing there, beside a load of gym equipment, pulling off his pants. Underneath, he had a pair of lycra shorts. The pants hadn't done his thighs any justice. The shorts showed them to their full potential. There were huge and cut - as good as bb magazines - better. This guy was a pro. "Em - hi - em - I'd like to join", I said, flustered, cursing myself for not speaking deeper. I had also forgotten to hold my shoulders back. I'd pull them back slowly - so he wouldn't notice. "Join", he said a bit confused. "Oh - yeah - sure". He moved over to the door behind me. God he was beautiful. He was tall and dark - Hispanic it looked like - dark hair, tanned skin contrasting beautifully with his white tee. He shut the door behind me, and turned the key.

"You can join alright" - I have a great club here. He pulled off his tee. Jesus I wish I could grab my cock. His pecs were delicious - round and huge and skin taut against the slabs of muscle. His lats stuck out to the side, framing his beautiful torso and wonderful 6 pack, which was thick and deeply cut. He stood there in his shorts. Suddenly, he pulled a double bi. I creamed. I creamed so hard, I jerked uncontrollably. His arms were huge, and on flexing, his great bi's rose from their origins to from great mountains on his arm. He saw me jerking and looked at the big wet patch on the front of my trousers. Fuck - I'd fucked up - he was going to fucking kill me.

"Yes - I think we've room here", he said. Then he fucking started licking his biceps. Jesus, this guy was so sexy. He looked up again - looked at me deeply with his dark eyes. "STRIP", he said. If he had said slit your wrists, I would have done it. I pulled off my tie furiously - stupid fucking thing wouldn't come off. I tugged at it. He came up to me and grabbed my shirt with his huge dark hands. He ripped it open. It fell to the floor in tatters. He grabbed my trousers and ripped them off. He fingered my abs lightly, and moving his finger down pulled the elastic on my jocks until they snapped off. I was left standing there in my shoes and socks. "Can you manage those?", he asked, with some derision. Jesus I was a fucking ass. Can't even undress. I kicked off my shoes and socks. As I was doing so, he was licking his arms again. I could feel a scent - his scent - wrapping itself around me and pulling me towards him. I obeyed. I was up close now, my face looking into his marvelous pecs.

He grabbed my head firmly with both hands, and pushed it down. On my descent, I pulled down his pants. A huge cock flopped out. "HARDEN IT", he ordered. I fingered it lightly, massaging it into an erection. When it became erect, it was 10 inches long, but thick - really thick. I moved my mouth over the top, gently rolling it around the entrance to my mouth. He stood rock solid. I moved my mouth further down the musclerod - right up to the back and swallowed it. I sucked for all I was worth. He grabbed my head and started bucking his hips - face-fucking me. It was ecstasy. I came twice - in quick sucession. Then he came. I felt the cock reel up and explode at the back of my throat, and release a huge wad of cum into my gut. I didn't have to swallow it - it was there. He pushed me back - I fell to the floor stroking my cock to come for a third time. He flexed and posed as I did it.

"Now you can join", he said, grinning. With that, he opened a set of doors to another larger room. Inside were 4 or 5 guys - huge - but not as huge as HIM. "GET IN", he said. I stood up, awkwardly. As I went in, I could feel my chest pump a little. I looked in the mirror - it seemed to be pushing out. Jesus - it was - it was obviously pushing out. I rubbed my pecs with my hands. I could feel them growing with under my palms. It wasn't only pecs, my arms were growing too. While I was looking, he pushed me in and locked the door behind me. The guys came up to me. "Come on man", one said - "keep going". "What's happening", I asked - although it was plain. I was growing - I was turning from a pear shaped dumpling into an athletic shaped stud. I didn't grow big - just changed body shape. As sudden as it started, it stopped. I looked in the mirrors that surrounded this room - which seemd to be some sort of gym. I had broad shoulders - good szed chest - slim waist - jesus I even had a v-shape to my torso. My legs had a nice curve out up the thighs - I had completely changed - from an unfit blob to a stud - I was like a sexy model. The guys around me were rubbing me all over now, feeling my new muscle. "What happened", I asked again. "The Master has honoured you", one of them said. I looked confused - or must have, 'cos he kept explaining. "He led you here - took you in as His slave". "Slave - what do you mean slave. He didn't lead me here - I followed him here - he didn't know". "You saw Him on the bus - didn't you?". I was shocked. The whole thing was planned. "Your old life is over now - your life is now to serve Him - if you please Him, He will reward you and make you grow." With that he flexed his big pecs. This guy had obviously pleased Him a lot. "How, how do I please Him?", I asked. "It's quite simple", the guy said. "We fight - and whoever wins gets to worship the Master, and will be rewarded". He flexed his bi's now. This guy was obviously a good fighter. "But I can't fight you - you're fucking huge", I protested. "How much do you want to receive His gift". "more than anyhting", I said without thinking - but meant it. I thought of that cock - that body - how beautiful He was. "Would you kill for it?", he asked. I gulped. The answer was yes, but I was hesitant. "Yes - yes I would", I said finally. "Then you can fight", said pulling a most muscular. With that, he turned around, and went to the bench press. I went over and started bicep curls - I'd need strong arms to fight for the Master... •

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