Magic Muscle Cream

By tekkenman1132

Jake was surprisingly an 18 year old freshman at college...but you would never know it. He had a tiny body, it made him appear as if he was only 14. Jake loved everything about sports and dreamed that one day he could join the college football team. He worked out day after day, but to no avail...his body remained as small as ever. Jake had run out of options. Still, everyday Jake hit the gym. Jake was gay and spent much of his time at the gym starring at the muscle gods that worked out next to him, hoping that one day he could lay his claws onto one of them.

One day, while Jake was surfing the net, he came across an interesting product. It was called "Miracle Muscle Cream" and it claimed to increase your mass exponentially after one night. Jake figured it was a scam, but decided to go for it anyway. He ordered the product.

10-8 weeks later Jake got the package that contained the miracle muscle cream. That night before bed he rubbed it all over his body. He hit every nook and cranny including his tiny dick and balls. He hit the sack, covered in the translucent goo.

Jake awoke the next day feeling slightly groggy..."No surprise there" he thought. However, he reached the mirror and noticed that his entire body had become more muscular. He could actually feel his biceps and he noticed little ridges where abs should be. He had grown a few inches too. He actually looked 18. Jake continued to anaylize his body...and to his surpirse his dick and balls had also gown. Jake rushed to the gym to show off his new body. Everyone was shocked at the change. Jake had the best work out of his life that day and he felt great...His body finally looked the way he had always wanted it to. Jake returned home, lathered himself up in his miracle goo and went to bed.

Jake woke up the next day to another miraculous change. In the mirror Jake saw that he was a true muscle god. Massive biceps, washboard abs and hard pecs were now features Jake had obtained. He returned to the gym again, to even more shock. He was now getting lots of looks from the girls and some of the guys at the gym. The one man Jake had his eyes on for a while, Mike, the hottest muscle joke in the gym even started to notice him. Jake knew that after one more night he would have the best body in the gym and everything he always wanted. He returned home to lather himself up and go to bed.

The next morning Jake experienced the most drastic change yet. He was perfect. 8-pack abs, humongous biceps, steel plated pecs and a foot long dick. He was truly a sight to behold.

Jake walked into the gym like he owned the place, he was after his prize: Mike, the muscle god that Jake had always envied. Jake watched Mike work out for quite a while. When Mike stopped Jake followed him into the gym showers. Mike was shocked when he saw how much size Jake had gained. Jake cleared all the other men out of the showers, leaving only him and Mike.

"What are you doing, pal?" Mike said. Jake didn't bother talking. He walked up to Mike, put his hand on his crotch and stuck his tounge all the way down the muscle god's throat. At first, Mike struggled a bit, probably out of confusion...but then he just layed back and accepted Jake's advance. Jake massaged the muscle god's giant cock until it grew large and thick. Jake sunk down a bit and slowly removed Mike's tight Tank top, feeling every ridge of muscle that his body had to offer. Jake massaged Mike's nipples as Mike groaned with pleasure.

Mike finally got in on the action and removed Jake's shirt...he was completely shocked by the absolute mass that Jake had put on and couldn't help but go to town on it. Mike got to his kneews and removed Jake's pants and boxer briefs. Mike almost didn't know what to do with the throbbing 12-inch member infront of him...but began to suck Jake off anyways. Jake groaned and groaned...he'd dreamed of this moment for months and now it was coming to pass. Ten minutes later, Jake squirted the biggest load of his life straight into Mike's mouth. Not to be selfish, Jake then resumed massaging Mike's swollen dick until it exploded. The two resumed making out...and all Jake could think of was how happy the Magical Muscle Cream made him. •

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