By theardes

When I was younger we lived in a small flat in Chicago. Me, my mother and my father. It was really a very small place and the walls were pretty thin. One of first memories of my childhood is being in my bed, trying to sleep. It is dark outside and I hear my parents in thier bedroom. They donīt have light on there, but I can hear them having sex. Thier bed makes this sound everytime my father drives his cock into my mother. He must have been already well endowed then, because the moans of my mother came claerly audible throw the wall. When they had finished the sound of the moving bed stopped, but I could still hear them: "Oh Sergey, that was wounderful."

Being not able to sleep I got up and peered throw the keyhole. My father was still on top of my mother in the missioanry position. Her hands were feeling over his body, giving approval to his muscular figure. After he climaxed it got quiet and I went to sleep.

Somewhere arround this time my father got a new job. He didnīt talk much about it, all he told my mother was that he worked for a man called Mario Bellatoni. He worked late, dressed up at work and we got more money. I once met his boss, who was introduced to me as Uncle Mario and seemed to be a pretty nice guy.

And so it went on for a couple of month until my mother recieved a call in the early morning. My father had been beaten up and was lying in the hospital. He stayed there for a week, but he never told any one who beat him up and why. The bill of the hospital was paid by Uncle Mario, who also visited him there. When my father left the hospital he went straight back to work. But this time he brought home a box Uncle Mario must have given him. My mother wasnīt at home and I think he didnīt noticed me watching as he opened the box and injekted himself something into his underarm. Then he hid the box in his wardrobe.

I didnīt think much about it, remember I was pretty young. My day consisted of school, homework and playing outside. After a week I noticed some changes. My father was getting bigger, more muscular. When he stepped out of the shower I noticed him beeing slighty taller, his muscles lookd pumped. My mother noticed too, as I could hear through the wall at night:"Sergey, youīre becoming an athlete. Ohhh. I think youīve grown there too. Ahhh" After that her voice made whimpering sounds as my father talked on:"Yeah, oh that feels good. Youīre thighter now baby. You like this, thereīll be more soon. Feel that!" and so they went on for at least an hour.

When I woke up the next mornig I felt pretty tired. My mother had left for work and I though my father to be still asleep until I heard a grunt from the bathroom. When I peered inside I saw my father standing in fron of the toilet, beating off. The muscles in his arm flexed as he manipulated his dick. Soon he put one hand on the wall above the toilt to steady himself as he gruntet one last time and huge waves of thick white cum shoot out of his dick and ínto the toilet. After that he went to work as usual and I went into the bathroom, where I noticed I had a stiffy.

With the weeks passing my father got new clothes from Uncle Mario. Thex were custom tailored just for him, as his muscles seemed to grow every day.

His sex drive increased steadily. Now I was falling asleep to the sound of the moving bed, for I had to get some sleep. But when I woke up in the morning there was the same sound again. My mother walked around like she was on some kind of stuff all day. When she had left my father went to the bathroom to beat off again, jerking his big cock with his thick arms until he released his cum. He dressed and went to work.

It was about two month later and my father had gained about 50Kg when the bed wouldnīt take it anymore. It just broke under the wheigth of this muscle man, which didnīt stop him from finishing and bringing my mother to orgasm. When the neighbors knocked and asked me if we could stop the noise, her screams were heard trough the bedroom door.

Well they got a new bed, one that wasnīt that noisy.

One day I came home from school early. When I entered the flat I could hear noise coming from the bedroom. So I went a peered through the keyhole. Shocking? My father was sitting on the bed in his muscular glory, his arms held Uncle Mario, he was naked too, and impaled on my fathers huge cock. While my father used his strong arms to move his boss up and down his shaft and grunting, Uncle Mario was cursing in Italian, his eyes closed and lost in pleasure.

My father put him down on the bed on his belly and started to drive really into him. I got so hard I could hardly stand it. He started to mutter dirty words into Uncle Marios ear and finally he tensed up and came into him. He puled out and the two men kissed. I rushed into my room as Uncle Mario left.

Suddenly my father was in my room. "Oh, youīre here already."

"Yes, I came home early." My eyes were moving up and down his now clothed body.

"When did you arrive?" He started to get hard."You saw us?"

I nodded and licked my lips. He sighned:"Itīs not what it seems! Iīm not a homosexual, but I have that need. I guess Iīve to explain that. Letīs have a dad-to-son talk. Come here!"

He sat down and patted on his lap so I went to him and sat on his lap.

I didnīt really listen to what he was saying, for his dick went hard under me and I felt his enourmus legs under my ass. After a while I hugged him, I started to feel his muscles, explore them with my hands and we ended up kissing.

He stripped for me and let me feel up all of his muscles. he was a proud man, proud of his body, his growing muscles and his strength. I felt his biceps as he lifted me up with one hand, I felt his pecs as I sat on his back while he did pushups, I felt his legs as he squatted. All that hard muscle made me hard myself and as he excused himself and went to the bathroom I jerked off in my room.

This was our first and only session. Sadly he died soon after, for another "Uncle" shot him and Uncle Mario. My mother and I moved to another town. It was not until many years later when I cleaned up the basement and found the box Uncle Mario had given my father.

The End •

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