Uneven Friends (Wiki Version)


By Killerwhale Zeus

Nothing else happened until the following Monday, but Chad had noticed some small changes since that fateful evening. His pants had all seemed a little looser around his quads. At the gym he had been unable to lift his usual weights and had had to settle for twenty kilos less. Also, Jake had seemed a little different. At the football on Saturday, the usually meek player had suddenly found a fiery streak. Sure, thought Chad, the guy was still terrible at the game, but with his new confidence Jake had even managed to touch the ball a few times. Also, Jake's demeanour had changed. He seemed ... Chad wasn't quite sure of the word ... louder. And Chad was unsure how to respond. In fact, he found himself agreeing with Jake more and more often.

That Monday night, things were going along as usual. They were both sitting there watching the television, when Jake said, "Man, I'm thirsty. Can you get me a drink, Chad?" It was a reasonable request, and Chad was going to get a drink for himself at the next ad-break anyway, but it was indicative of Jake's new demeanour. He would never have asked Chad to get him a drink before. "Sure Jake, next ad, okay?" Jake looked at him, "I could really use that drink now, Chad."

Chad felt his anger rising. He was getting a little bit annoyed at this new Jake. If the man wanted a drink so badly, he could it himself. The fridge was only fucking twenty metres away! He looked at his roommate appraisingly and was surprised to see that Jake was not as weedy as he had thought. He had to have been working out recently. He was really filling out his t-shirt.

Chad thought about starting an argument with Jake, but then reason seemed to prevail. Why get Jake mad tonight? It would only send them both off in a rage. Chad stood up and fetched the drink. When he returned, Jake took the drink and said, "Thanks pal."

They sat there for the next half hour watching their show, when Jake turned to Chad. "Look, I've got ten dollars. I want to pay you for another go at the spell."

Chad was shocked. His initial reaction was to punch Jake in the face, but instead he felt ... confusion. He realised he did not want to make Jake angry, which was very strange. As for the pathetic offer: Ten dollars was nothing! It was ... an insult. But even as Chad opened his mouth to say so, he realised that he was going to agree.

"Sure, Jake."

Chad was puzzled at his own behaviour. I mean, ten dollars is better than nothing, he reasoned to himself. Ten dollars is half a school book, almost a CD ... Jake stood up in front of him, and stared down at Chad. Feeling guilty at keeping Jake waiting, Chad hurriedly unzipped the man's pants and extracting the penis. He did it a little too fast and fumbled it: the cock looked a mite bigger than last time, maybe a bit over seven inches. Chad was impressed. "Careful." Said Jake with a frown. Chad instantly felt chagrined. He placed the cock in his mouth and preceded to suck on it long and hard. Chad felt bad that Jake had to caution him, and for some reason Chad wanted to make it up to Jake.

"Ooh, that's good," moaned Jake. The compliment made Chad's chest swell up in pride and he redoubled his efforts to pleasure Jake. Almost as an afterthought, Jake stuffed a ten dollar note in Chad's shirt pocket. Soon after, Jake was ready to come. Except this time rather than just "letting Chad have it", he grabbed Chad's head and pushed it as far down on his cock as Chad's head could go. Chad almost started to choke, and out of reflex tried to pull back, but Jake would not let go. With a cry, Jake came with a force he had never experienced. In that split second, Chad forgot about his struggle and sucked harder. It felt like Jake's dick was enlarging in his throat!

When the spell was all over and the dizziness passed, Chad could definitely feel the difference. He was ... smaller. His arms were still large, but thinner, his shoulders weren't so broad, his jaw not as square and his legs not as strong.

Jake, on the other hand, tore his t-shirt soon after. He had bent over to put down the spell book, and his t-shirt had just torn along the seam. As Chad had watched, feeling weak and ... afraid ... Jake had looked at the tear and just smiled. First he flexed one arm and then the other. The muscles were now almost as big as Chad's, and with every flex they swelled a little bit more.

Chad looked at the ten dollars stuffed in his shirt pocket and suddenly realised his situation.

"Why the hell did you make me do that?" He yelled. His voice had lost a lot of its bass, and it sounded more like a screech.

"I didn't make you do anything, Chad." Said Jake, with what sounded like contempt. "It was a fair trade ... money in exchange for a little bit of your strength. You didn't have to do it."

Chad realised that was true, and yet, he felt that something was wrong, "But ... but I didn't want to do it. You ... made me!" Chad could feel tears welling up behind his eyes. This made him feel even worse. He had not cried for years. He felt feeble and emotional.

"What have you done to me?"

Jake stopped flexing his muscles for a moment and looked at his friend Chad, "Look, it's not my fault you can't handle the magic." Almost casually, he went back to flexing. His muscles still had not leveled off on their growth and, to Chad's horror, the biceps Jake was feeling looked like they might be a little larger than his own.

"It's got nothing to do with me!" By now Chad was starting to feel hysterical. He could detect a lisp in his voice that was not there yesterday. He noticed he was waving his hands like a limp-wristed pansy. And his arms looked skinnier than he had expected. Could Jake be bigger than him?

Jake was starting to get annoyed, "Will you stop complaining? You're becoming a real bore."

Chad felt like his face had been slapped. He had upset Jake! He felt worthless. Chad knew he would not be able to hold back the tears. Jake looked at him for a moment, and then his face softened, "Come on Chad, don't worry, everything'll be alright. I won't make you do this any more if you don't want."

Instantly Chad felt better. Jake was right, Chad said to himself. If Jake said not to worry, then there was probably nothing to worry about.

Chad began to sit back down on the couch to watch tv, when Jack stopped him. "I think I need to stretch out out on the couch. You can sit on the floor at my feet from now on," said Jake. Chad started to protest when he felt himself sliding to the floor. Jake patted his head like a puppy and said, "There's my good boy."

"Now, why don't you go get some sleep, we've got football practice tomorrow, and I've got a feeling I'm going to do quite well." And you don't want to sleep in that lumpy bed of yours anymore. You'll find you can never get to sleep again in a bed. We'll fix up a little mat on the floor next to my bed and you can curl up there from now on."

Chad nodded. Jake was always right. •

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