Uneven Friends (Wiki Version)


By Killerwhale Zeus

The follow day, Chad tried to go about his business as usual. But he felt haunted. He could taste Jake's jism in his mouth all day, and as the shadows lengthened it got worse and worse. He felt run down and worse, he felt dirty. When he arrived home he went straight for the shower.

He stripped naked and stepped in to the hot shower. He instantly felt the rushing water calm his nerves and loosen his tension in his back and neck. Chad had not realised how wound up he had been. After ten or fifteen minutes of soaking, he began to rub himself absent-mindedly. He was semi-hard and decided to encourage it. In the calm of the shower it felt good to stroke his dick, but he couldn't seem to get a full erection. He felt hard, but not quite as big as normal. After about five minutes, he neared completion when all of a sudden the water turned freezing cold. With a yell he fell backwards and out of the shower, landing on his naked backside. Chad cursed under his breath, got up and turned the shower off. The old water heating system in this run down house had run out of hot water as usual.

After Chad had gotten dressed and done some study, he left his room and went to the kitchen to get something to eat. Jake was in the lounge room watching television and when he saw Jake, he swallowed involuntarily at the memory of the previous evening.

Chad whipped himself up some two minute noodles and sat himself down on the couch.

"Hey Jake, what's on?"

Jake picked up the television guide and had a quick glance at it. "Not much, a repeat of the X-Files, Star Trek's on in about five minutes." Chad nodded and started to eat his noodles.

They had watched television for a few hours and it was getting late. Jake turned to Chad and was about to say something, when Chad interrupted, "I know what you're about to say, Jake, and I agree ... we shouldn't have done such a stupid thing last night. But you're not getting your money back."

Jake laughed, "I wasn't about to say it was a mistake. I'm happy with what happened last night."

Chad looked at Jake like he was crazy. Chad was sure his black-haired friend had blown one hundred dollars. If it was Chad's money, he would've been furious. Jake paused for a minute before continuing, "In fact, I want to do it again, except I've only got fifty dollars."

Chad stared at his friend in amazement, "Are you crazy??? There's no way I'm ever going to suck anyone's cock again, let alone for anything less than one hundred dollars! I'm beginning to think you're a poofter, Jake."

Jake was taken aback. "I'm not a queer, Chad. It's just, that, all today I've been feeling a little bit ... energised, with more vitality and, well, manly. I want to try it just once more to be sure."

"No fucking way," Chad was really getting angry now. "It was a mistake to do it in the first place. Even putting aside the sexual stuff, we shouldn't be messing around with the occult anyway."

"Come on, Chad, just once more ... I'm willing to pay fifty dollars."

Chad grabbed Jake by the collar. He was twice as large as his scrawny friend Jake and he was using every muscle to intimidate him, "No way ... and if you mention this to anyone else ever ... I will beat the shit out of you and your magic book. Do you understand me?"

Jake turned pale and stuttered, "I understand ... I'm sorry. I won't mention it every again."

Chad let go of his friend and turned back to face the television. They both lapsed in to silence. As Chad sat there fuming he thought about the events of the previous evening. What was so wrong with what he had done? He had explored a possible source of magic with a friend and gotten paid a lot of money for it. I mean, he reasoned to himself, if the magic had really worked (and it hadn't), then he would have had access to a real book of magic spells. Women gave men oral sex all the time, and he'd heard many stories from his friends of mutual masturbation. Hell, it wasn't something he hadn't read in a million porno stories. In fact, the more Chad thought about it, the less important the whole thing seemed. In fact, fifty dollars was still a lot of money. A hell of a lot of money. With the hundred dollars from last night, he would almost be able to pay off his entire rent bill. His anger faded away and was replaced by regret. He had probably blown his chance to make a quick fifty dollars! Chad glanced across at Jake, perhaps it was not too late.

"Hey, Jake. Is that fifty dollars still on the table?"

Jake looked at him with surprise, "I thought you ... sure!" Chad grinned and gestured to his friend, "Well, stand up, open your wallet, I don't have all night."

Jake practically jumped up. He snatched his wallet off the table and grabbed a fifty dollar note out. This one was all crumpled and dirty, but Chad didn't care. Fifty dollars was fifty dollars.

In a near exact repeat of last night, Chad sat on the couch while Jake stood in front of him. Chad unzipped Jake's pants and moved his mouth in to position. Chad put Jake's dick in his mouth and started to mouth the cock carefully. It felt a bit bigger than last night; he guessed he was turning Jake on. Chad could smell the same musky smell from last night and he realised how distasteful he found the whole situation. This was definitely the last time he'd do this, Chad thought to himself, it's just not my thing. Chad remained fairly inert while Jake moved himself in and out.

"Yeah, suck it," Jake said softly.

Chad let him put the cock in and out of his mouth faster, and found to his dismay that he was getting hard himself. Oh well, he thought. It's probably just me remembering the last time I have gotten a hot blowjob myself from a girl.

"Unh, unh, unh," Jake moaned. It wouldn't be long now. "Here it fucking comes man, oh god, oh FUCK! YEAHHHHHHHHHHH..." he moaned, shooting his hot, creamy mansauce into him.

Jake repeated the incantation and once again, Chad felt weak as a wave of dizziness washed over him. Jake groaned and after a few spasms, fell down on the couch, spent and satisfied. He looked over at Chad and smiled, "That was great." Chad felt pleased, "Thanks, man. But that was the last time." Jake appeared not to hear him, but then said, "Sure man, whatever you say." •

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