Practical Magic: Livin' La Vida Loca


By Onix

Steve told me to write Some stuff down today- I don't know why. He knows my English is bad and I'm not real good with words. But he knows best and I never argue with him. He just told me that I should write about my life.

Its not that complicated. My name is Julio Santos and I'm a bodybuilder from Puerto-rico. I came to America seven months ago and I live as the houseboy of my friend and Master, Steven. He helps me with my bodybuilding, gives me a place to live and I'm his personal fuck toy and live in servant. I do the laundry and cook when I'm not working out or bent over the nearest surface. It's perfect.

I'm the most gorgeous piece of Hispanic bull meat on the West Coast, or that's at least what Steve and all his friends tell me constantly. I love it when they do that, it get'' my cock hard and makes my boy pussy hungry as shit. I'' 248 lbs. of rock hard solid muscle. And all the mass looks huge on my 6'2 frame. I stand out in every crowd, half because I look like a caricature of every muscle head in all those Health magazines, but also cause I barely dress. I can't help it. I just hate to hide my awesome bod. I mean how are other guys supposed to want to fuck me if they can't see it all? And that's what all this muscle is for isn't it? I'm not stupid. Well I am but not that way. I'm this big and ripped because I want every guy who walks by to look and think..."damn that one freaky huge Latin Muscle beast...god I just wanna shove my cock up that big ass or tit fuck those big pec's." That's why I dress in the skimpiest shit possible, tit clinging shirts that show off my dark nipples and short shorts that leave nothing about my round ass globes to the imagination. Steve likes it best when I'm naked at home so he can constantly admire the shaven and glistening perfection of my body temple. I don't even mind that I'm always naked and he wears clothes. I used to wear a thong....but that's like wearing work clothes on your day off. I like to clean and lounge by the pool completely buff and nude. Steve says I like being that way cause I'm just a savage island boy at heart. I bet he's right.

I spend most of my days liftin down at Venice Beach with all the other big ass steroid boys. Most of them are real nice to me even though they say I dress like a dumb slut. What's so wrong with bein a dumb slut?

Steve says they're nice to me because I'm Hispanic. He says they don't want to seem like racists. It's not like I can talk to them a lot anyway, most of them don't know Spanish. And since my English hasn't gotten much better since I came here it's hard to talk about anything except my body or sex. And they seem to get half offended and half turned on when I call my chest tits or something...but it's not my fault I just don't know how to say it any other way in English. It's hard not speaking English, but Steve is trying to teach me. It's just taking real long cause I'm so dumb. But how can I help it. all I know about it is getting huge and sucking cock.

I work a couple of odd jobs on the side so that I can have some spending money, since I left Puerto-rico with nothing. Some mornings I work down town at a Latin grocer. It's just nice to make a few extra bucks unloading trucks and being with my own people. They understand me and my accent doesn't bother them at all where as all the other people here can'' seem to understand a word I say.

At nights I work the best job in the world. I strip. I love stripping. Just not for women. I work at a club where it's all men all the time. Just my huge body sweating and grinding to the music. It's crazy to see me dance. All this muscle in motion. But I can get straddle a pole with the best little cut dancer boy. This big ass thunder thighs might be as big as most of the other stripper's waists but I still rake in the cash. It's just me with a room full of men with their eyes and their aching hard cocks locked on my sultry red mocha skin.

Steve says they all want me because I'm a big muscle heffer. A big meaty bovine piece of masculine man flesh. And I can let them look at all my massive beef as much as I want and dance but they can't have me because I'm Steve's boy.

I've thought about hustling a couple of times, but I know Steve wouldn't approve. I just feel so bad, since he buys all the massive amounts of Protein and Illegal Juice to keep me as he calls it "his own private tropical muscle mountain." I just love it when he talks about my muscles. Then again I'd never want to make a guy pay for'd take all the fun out of it. Like the other day I was pissing in the bathroom of this restaurant when this waiter came in to use the stall next to me. he was a real handsome college type with nice average tone...nothing like me or Steve but enough man meat to make me flex. So I turned to the mirror and started crunching my Biceps together making them erupt like volcanoes. I love it when other guys watch me pose. He looked a little startled but the way his cock raged against his khakis I knew he wanted a piece. So without even talking I threw the bolt on the bathroom door slid down my daisy dukes and presented my thong covered ass. He fucked me real good. He knew what was up. We never even spoke. I like those best. It's hard when you have to talk to the cock...I mean guy, especially when your English is as bad as mine is. I just like to smile flex and show them my ass. They usually get the point.

Everyone in awhile Steve's Gym buddies and Circuit friend come over for a wild night of fucking. I love that a lot. I spend 8 hours getting fucked like an animal and sucking cock like my life depended on it. It's weird though don't think they can pronounce me name. They always start calling me Jonathon and laughing as they ream my hole or slap my big sensual lips with their oozing dicks. It makes my cock and muscles so fucking happy!

But what I like best about my days are when I cuddle up in Steve's bed with him, and he tenderly takes me like the first night I left my old old life in puerto-rico.

And that's my life. I'm just a body-building, cum addicted Hispanic muscle boy livin La Vida loca! •

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