Pre-trip Conditioning


By Wordshop

The year is 2125 and the world has changed a great deal over the last hundred and twenty five years. There had been problems in the dawning years of the new millenium, but it was discovered that war was not productive and that with the natural resources of the planet growing scarce, the human civilization needed space exploration and resources from other worlds to survive and prosper. In the year 2065 the first Hyper-Drive propulsion units had been developed and this enabled space travel at many times the speed of light. Resources and colonization of many other worlds by the people of earth had also become a reality.

When the world had stopped fighting with itself and started working together incredible advances in medicine had been developed. When it was realized also that Genetic Manipulation had the power to help humanity especially in selected fields, the technology was embraced warmly. Genetic flaws were corrected and some diseases, which had been caused by genetics, were wiped from humanity.

The religious right, had been a consistent problem and only embraced the technology when they thought that homosexuality could be eradicated. It was discovered that in certain types of operations gay men were able to accomplish the jobs far better than their heterosexual counterparts. This was especially true when employment was considered in one of the mining colonies at one of the more distant outposts of the galaxy. Gay men worked far better in the company of other men and for this reason it was also discovered that they made the best soldiers to defend the world. The stagnant thinkers of the late 20th Century had been proven very wrong and after one hundred and twenty five years the military actively sought out and recruited gay men and women.

Gerry Clinton had been happy when he graduated from secondary school. He immediately wanted to join one of the mining operations. He knew that his enlistment with the mining conglomerate would allow him to work for fifteen years and then he could retire with full benefits and a pension at age thirty-three.

He was to report to the Headquarters of Universal Mining Unlimited in the United States State of Montana at 9:30 the following morning.

He left his parents in Florida and said his good-byes boarding the transportation shuttle. The low altitude shuttle took about thirty minutes to reach Universal Mining’s operation in Bozeman. He was greeted and treated very well.

He signed the papers and took his company physical. This was the most extensive physical that he had ever taken. He was scanned and he had samples of his own DNA taken for the pre-trip conditioning he was to receive.

Gerry was Gay and made no secret of this fact to Universal Mining. Because of this, they felt he would most enjoy working on the mining operation at Zeta Reticuli 3418B.

Over the next twenty-four hours Gerry was given a complete tour of ZR3418B and the facilities via the new medium of telediscography.

When Gerry received his packet his eyes bugged out! There on a simple chart were some numbers that did not make any sense. The printout of ZR3418B stated that the location operated at G6! G6! That is impossible he thought! That meant that a person weighing one hundred pounds would weigh 600 pounds on ZR3418B! Gerry thought about it a minute. He weighed one hundred and forty-five pounds on earth, at G6 he would weigh over eight hundred pounds! He calculated the weights of many other routine items and thought that existence in an environment such as this would be nearly impossible!

How could any human work under conditions like that?

The mining conglomerate evidently knew how because here he was getting ready to ship out in a few weeks to an operation, which had, been up and running at great profit for nearly five years. The rest of the location was unremarkable except that the planet had a higher oxygen concentration than the earth did which would actually make breathing somewhat easier under stressful situations. The thing that also seemed strange in the literature as Gerry kept reading on was that there were no pictures of the people. There were pictures of furniture, vehicles, recreation spaces, and even quarters, but the human inhabitants were no where to be seen. Gerry then seemed to notice things. The furniture and vehicles appeared to be designed for very large people. They were obviously designed to accommodate a great deal of weight, and the size and proportion of the furnishings were monstrous.

A few minutes later, Gerry walked in to the doctor’s office and was told that he was totally suitable for the conditioning process. Gerry then quizzed the MD in charge about the process. He was very straightforward and explained to Gerry that he was about to begin a process, which would adapt his body to the new environment.

He was very matter of fact when he said to Gerry that over the next few weeks he was going to gain size and muscle which would make his existence on this planet very easy. He was told that he was chosen for this planet and operation because the company had found that their gay employees seemed to like not only the work and the men on ZR3418B, but that all of the other men assigned there were also gay. This would allow him to develop gay associations and even relationships with others there and he would be at his very best in this environment. The modifications done did have a few side effects which originally had not been planned on, but it was discovered that with the gay men, these effects were generally thought of as a positive rather than a negative and that he had nothing to fear.

Gerry was then ushered out to another waiting room where another group of men waited. Gerry wondered where all of the others would be going. As Gerry nervously contemplated an as yet unknown fate, a nice female called out: “Will all the recruits assigned to ZR3418B follow me please.” Within moments three other fellows got up from their seats and followed the young woman as well.

The three fellows were all Gerry’s age and were then ushered into a room by themselves. In this room they were told to disrobe and that an attendant would be in to take them on to the next phase.

When they were nude, Gerry noticed that there was really not a great difference in any of their bodies. One of the fellows had a little more hair in the form of a patch in the center of his chest, and the other fellow was hung a little larger than he was, but all four of them were about the same height and weight.

A few minutes later, a male attendant showed up and led the men to a room where five bathtub like structures were lined up in a row. The attendant flipped switches and all of the tubs started to froth and bubble and create the currents of a whirlpool bath.

The attendant never really identified himself, but said that this was the first part of the process. It gave great elasticity to the skin preventing damage when the size and strength of the musculature “and other things” began to increase. The three men then were one by one immersed in the substance, which definitely was not water. It had a rather strange feel to it. Though clear in color it felt more like some sort of lubricating substance that none of the men could identify. They lowered themselves down into the tubs as they were instructed immersing all parts of their body and leaving only their faces above the level of the strange feeling liquid. After a time as the substance circulated around them, the movement really began to feel good and it was difficult to stay awake.

When they were finished, they were then taken to a single room that had some strange looking devices that looked like the old “tanning beds” which they had seen in their health history classes in school. The one thing that seemed weird was the size of these “bed-like” devices. These devices were very large and looked strong enough to support a bull elephant.

A different attendant came into the room and stated that a technician would be in to give some special injections to each of them. Then he left the room after turning off the power on the equipment.

The technician was dressed differently than the attendants. He had on a white medical coat and he carried a tray with some rather strange looking equipment.

He asked each of the young men to lay on one of the bed like structures. He then took a couple of packets and opened them. One by one he swabbed down their balls with these strange swabs. In a few minutes several strange things began to happen. The first one was that they seemed to lose the feeling in their balls and the second was that all four started erecting. The tech said that he was going to go get himself a drink of water and when he returned they would be ready for the next phase.

This was all happening so fast that none of the young fellows really had even been allowed the time to be embarrassed. Gerry introduced himself to the three other fellows. He learned that their names were Tom, Mark, and Matt.

In the absence of the technician, there were many anecdotes and many questions between the inductees.

What seemed funny in Gerry’s mind was that they knew a lot and they knew nothing at the same time. The work at the operation, duties and all of that had been well described, they had even undergone some very minor testing and training regarding equipment, but were then told that the rest had to take place at their job station because of the modification process and the gravity.

The technician returned with four odd looking syringes. He had a code number on each syringe and then he matched the code number to a wrist bracelet that each young man had been given that same morning. He explained that the special injections were custom tailored to each genetic code. If he were to give the injections to the wrong person it would delay them shipping out and the pre-trip conditioning process.

He picked up a small sterile needle and checked each set of testicles to make certain that the pain receptors had been blocked. Then one by one he lifted the syringe and injected one half of the contents into each testicle on each man. He left the room and came back with another tray. He repeated the process again, and then a third and forth time until there were four sets of very swollen balls and scrotums. He then asked each man to roll over on to their stomachs and he placed a transdermal patch at the base of each mans back.

The technician then asked the men to sit up on their respective beds and face him. “What I have done is to give you the genetic material needed to start the conditioning process.” “This material within the next 24 hours will raise your bodies production of certain hormones to over one thousand times the normal values needed for a male living on earth.” “Most of the hormones will have no effect on the way that you feel, but there are several that will.” “Your Testosterone, Human Growth Hormone, enzyme 5-alpha-reductase and several others will start to elevate within the hour.” “Several other components within the injections you were given will accelerate cell division to certain specific parts of your body to over a thousand times normal.” “The effects that you will experience will be as follows”: “Body hair growth will accelerate and within two hours you will begin to see differences”. “Genital growth will take place, some of the men have grown genitals that are world record holders, and before you ask how much, I will tell you that the exact amount even I can’t tell you, but expect quite a bit.” “Expect your sex drive to be abnormally high and your sperm production to require some sort of sexual outlet at least several times per day.” “Sexual acts between all of you are permitted and if you so desire your quarters has access to various erotic materials to help you along if a friendly partner is not available.” “This is one of the reasons that we only permit gay men to be assigned to ZR3418B, in that heterosexual sex is no longer possible for a conditioned individual.” “Some inductees have experienced voice changes, some do and some do not, this is not all that predictable.” “The hardest side effect is the last one I am going to mention, and that is you may find yourself becoming more sexually aggressive towards others.” “I have seen the smallest of men who most of you fellows would consider to be no threat at all become very sexually dominant.” “This does not happen again with everyone, but if you start experiencing things, which seem strange to you, push your control buttons and page one of us.” “We can bring this under control with a simple injection.” “Your hormone levels will not reach their maximum levels for about four days.” “We will not be able to start the next phase until they reach their maximum.” “By the time your hormone levels are ready and cooking for the next phase, the effects I have already described will be about fifty percent of what you will finally have.”

“Oh, I forgot something!” “That patch that I placed on your spinal chord is an anesthetic and pain killer.” “You will need another one in the morning and by tomorrow night your balls will have enlarged and re-generated enough that any discomfort you would be feeling would be very mild at worst.”

“In a few minutes an attendant will show you to your first quarters here at the conditioning clinic.”

“You will be assigned different quarters after the beginning of the next phase”.

“There is a computer terminal with internet communication capabilities in your quarters, you are permitted to converse with your families and if you want you are also permitted to discuss any part of the conditioning process with them.” “We have no secrets here.”

As the technician turned to leave, Gerry asked a question: “By the way, when we were shown all of the literature about ZR3418B, all we saw were facilities and there were no pictures of any one who had undergone the process I guess we are supposed to call “conditioning”.

The technician stopped and laughed. “I have been with Universal Mining now for about eight years.” “When we decided to mine ZR3418B, there was no conditioning process because it simply was not yet needed.” “Because of this, the people at that facility initially had to wear an old fashioned assistosuit in order to even survive on the planet.” “These were extremely cumbersome and were more problems than they were worth.” “The facility there is equipped with an automatic gravity equalizer, but it has been switched off except for it’s monthly maintenance for several years now.” “Modifying the people turned out to be a great deal easier and cheaper than modifying the planet.” “Now, to answer your question directly.” “We did initially photograph the conditioned employees, but the muscle size increase is really quite astonishing and we found that even many gay men who revere and love the look of an inhumanly muscular body became frightened.” “All of you have seen some of the men competing in what used to be called “bodybuilding” competitions.” “All of you will be a great deal larger than that, and possess physical strength in an earth gravity environment which would allow you to lift things weighing many hundreds of pounds. AS if they were as light as my record book.” “The bone structure in your body changes and is replaced with an upgraded structure that has 100 times the tensile strength of enhanced steel.” “When you are finished with this process, breaking a bone will be virtually impossible for you.” “In G6 you would have the equivalent physical strength of a professional weight lifter competing in the world Olympic Games.” “Oh, by the way, part of the deal we had was to place some detectable markers for the conditioning process, so you will not ever be eligible to compete in any sport where artificial genetic enhancements are not permitted.” “Sorry about that guys, that would be too easy!”

“I suggest that you go and enjoy some food at the little cafeteria at the end of the hall.” “There is a full time chef down there and he will fix you a great list of things from a very large menu.”

“Unless there are any problems I will be seeing you fellows in the morning.”

Gerry, Tom, Mark and Matt all looked at each other and thought that this might not be a bad idea.

Because of the extensive blood work, none of the men had been given a chance to eat and all were hungry.

Without thinking, all dressed back into their civilian clothing and a few minutes later walked down the hallway in the direction of the cafeteria.

The menu looked sort of like a monstrous version of what one might find if every fast food restaurant on earth combined their menus. There must have been over a hundred things to choose from, and most were sounding pretty good.

The counter person looked at the fellows in their street clothing and held back the laughter because he knew what was coming, and how soon it would come!

The selections from the menu ordered by the men were varied and as they carried their trays over to the table, all were impressed with food that looked to be of exceptional quality.

What they did not know was that the food was laced with additional drugs and supplements to start accelerating the process they were about to undergo. It was also laced generously with an appetite stimulant because as their muscle size increased so would their nutritional requirements!

All of the men dug in to the food with gusto, and it was strange in that it seemed the more they ate, the more they wanted to eat. Gerry had gone back for thirds and fourths and the counter person was only too happy to keep the portions coming!

When the men were finally filled up it was indeed an unusual scene. Gerry was so full that he was almost having difficulty in breathing, and his belly bulged outward from the sheer volume of what he had consumed! The other three were in exactly the same condition! They were stuffed to the max! It was in fact a matter of a few minutes before they were able to move.

As if there was almost some sort of clairvoyance after they had rested, an attendant seemed to appear out of no where and showed them to their quarters.

The area used for their quarters was actually three rooms, it was sort of like a large bathing area with multiple toilets and showers and then there was a living area which had multiple entertainment devices and then there was a sleeping area which had four beds and was very nicely appointed. One of the strange things that Tom noticed was the number of mirrored walls. The sleeping area had not only mirrors on the walls, but mirrors on the ceilings too. This was communal living for all four, but it was actually rather luxurious. In fact, the sleeping area looked like it was designed for sex!

The food, which had stuffed them to the bursting point, was digesting at a lightening speed, and all were starting to feel more energized and more alert.

There was a holovision, stereo equipment and many great things in the entertainment area. Tom went over and logged on to the computer first and out of courtesy and remembering the words of the technician he sent an e-mail to his family stating that he had arrived, had undergone an extensive physical and was now resting. Gerry, Matt and Mark thought a minute and then did exactly the same thing. It was not that all of them were that anxious or home sick, but it was a polite thing to do and it allowed them a little get acquainted time with the terminal they would be using.

It was Matt who first noticed that he was feeling a bit strange. This was not a feeling of being sick or anything like that, it was a feeling that was almost like he was being infused with some sort of nervous energy. The other thing that seemed initially odd to Matt was that he was beginning to pick up the scent of the other men which were present and each one was distinctly different from the other. It was like his senses were being somehow sharpened.

Mark was looking not so much at the holovision any more, but into the mirrors at the other three fellows and noticing for the first time that all of them were better than average looking young men. He was wondering a little why he should notice this now. Maybe it was just that he had been tired before.

Tom had to go to the bathroom and take a leak. He had consumed a great deal of iced tea with his mammoth dinner and the liquid was starting to make it’s way on through and needed to be drained.

Tom dropped his zipper and fished his dick out of his pants as he had always done except that this time something was different. When he put has hand around the shaft to aim at the toilet bowl it was as if his dick had suddenly become connected to his nipples. He could feel the nipple tissue swelling and the sensation was not at all unpleasant! AS he continued to dump the excess water from his system he looked up and noticed that the swelling around his nipples was not just a feeling or a perceived illusion, but it was easily noticeable in his shirt. This was weird.

Matt reached down and scratched at his chest noticing for the first time that there was a bit of a sensation there. It was not really an itch, he did not know how to describe it really, it was a sensation as if some very light thing was present there that had not been before. He opened the buttons on his shirt and looked. He was shocked! He had been the fellow with a little patch of hair in the center of his chest, but now it had lengthened considerably and had started to spread out. A few more hairs could be seen around his nipples than in the past and there was a strange tingling sensation in his crotch. •

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